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Best All Purpose Steam Cleaner – Buyer’s Guide in 2022

An all-purpose steam cleaner is a cleaning appliance that cleans, sanitizes, and dries the surfaces quickly by the use of steam. Mostly the best all purpose steam cleaner does it effectively, efficiently, and as thoroughly sterilizes the cleaned surfaces while poor machine doesn’t.

And it is, therefore, we are here to provide you with a detailed guide on choosing the best all purpose steamers.

Top 8 Best All Purpose Steam Cleaners List

What is an all-in-one steam cleaner?

This is an appliance that provides hygienic cleaning conditions by use of steam to remove stains and dirt from surfaces like tiles floors etc.

This gadget does not need detergents; hence it is kinder to the environment. A multipurpose steam cleaner can be hand-held steam cleaners, steam mops, or cylinder steam cleaners.

An all-round steamer is the best solution for tough stains and spots on the surfaces that are supposed to be worked on as it produces strong spray plus powerful suction.

Generally, most all-purpose steam cleaners are light in weight, able to be transported from one place to another with a foot cord that one can use it both indoors and outdoors.

It produces natural pressurized steam that can eliminate grime, grease, stains, molds, and all kinds of living parasites in your carpet with no harsh chemicals.

Therefore, it is suitable to use it on a wide range of surfaces like; both laminate and ceramic tiles, granite, waterproof wood floors, both cotton and wool carpets, and wallpapers that are washable.

Among so many all purpose steamers, the Dupray machine ranks the best. It is a heavy duty machine with up to 50 mins of continuous steam cleaning.

Best of the Best – Dupray Canister Steam Cleaner for Home Use

Are all-purpose steam cleaners worth it?

All-round steam cleaners are always worth as it is able to trade heat effectively than the use of chemicals with no sacrifice on strength when working with it.

When it is being used appropriately, it has the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs on the surface being handled, making the condition safe, eco-friendly, healthy, and naturally clean.

The use of steam cleaners is effective for you to handle cleaning in your home from top to bottom.

They work by producing tiny vapor molecules under pressure that have the ability to penetrate into the surface worked on, then forcing dirt, grease, stains, and any other micro-organisms out of the surface.

It uses ordinary water, and the steam produced cleans effectively and sanitizes surfaces worked on and saves on pets and other living things within the room.

This product has the capacity of cleaning various surfaces, including upholstery, rugs, stairs, auto interiors, and more surfaces.

Best Cheap – Comforday Handheld All in One Steam Cleaner with 9-piece Accessories


What are the benefits of buying an all-purpose steam cleaner?

The following are some of the benefits of a multi-function steam cleaner.

#1. Clean and Sanitation

The key reason for using the all-purpose steam cleaners is that the machines help you in such activities, such as thorough cleaning sanitation together with other health benefit s to the family.

The multi-function steam cleaner provides steam with great levels of heat that enable the cut down of grease and other harmful micro-organisms and allergens.

#2. Multiple Function and Ease of Use

They are multipurpose; the multifunction steam cleaner can come in handy to clean many surfaces. This equipment is in a position to handle a lot of cleaning effectively within a short period of time.

They can offer cleaning to different forms of surfaces hence meeting many demands. All you need to do the cleaning with an all-purpose steam cleaner is adding water and allowing the machine to handle the rest of the work.

#3. Environmentally Friendly

This machine cleans properly and kills and removes all kinds of germs and dirt as they use steam when handling cleaning, offering a perfect sanitized surface, leaving the worked out surface to be environmentally friendly as it does not involve chemicals and detergents.

Water used can be recycled for any other useful means as it is free from chemicals.

#4. Portable

All-purpose steam cleaners generally come in numerous designs, and they are easily portable and can clean and sanitize all kinds of surfaces. They as well come with attachments that help in conducting cleaning exercises in different areas.

Best for Deep Clean – Pure Enrichment Portable Household Steamer with Wheels

What can you use in your all-round steam cleaner?

All-round steam cleaner is applicable in most surfaces in your home, and there is a need for one to use specific attachments designed to handle given tasks.

The steam produced can warp open floors, can melt plastic-made materials, or cause floors that are laminated to swell, so one should be careful when doing cleaning near such places.

Ensure that you have got appropriate attachment when you want to handle thorough cleaning in your home.

When handling large areas, ensure that the water is filled in the tank as it enables you not to stop cleaning due to inconveniences brought about by making a refill or reheating issues and it is important if possible to come with back up the water tank to enable you clean for a longer period.

Bissell Little Green is the most appropriate equipment to clean wool rugs, carpets and upholstery as it cares for the wool to maintain the natural wax coating in the wool rugs that prevent dirt from being absorbed.

Best for Carpets – Bissell Handheld Cleaner for Carpet and Upholstery

How to use your all purpose steam machine?

The right procedure that you can follow for steam cleaning the surface using an all-purpose steam cleaner can involve:

1. First, you add water to the steam cleaner and close it tight.

2. Then put the accessories and plug in its power cord and allow it to warm up.

3. After ‘the red LED’ has gone off, drive the safety lock, and start applying the steam on the area of the rugs that need cleaning while the power is still on.

4. The steam will melt away any stubborn spills on the surface of the rugby, focusing the nozzle directly on the surface as steam removes grime, stains, and dirt on and under the rug.

What are the types of all purpose steamers?

1. Steam mop

This is mainly used for cleaning hard surfaces. It has a cushion-like mop gat uses steam to clean hard surfaces effectively. One can easily wash its padding or cloth after every use.

Best Sale – PurSteam Multi Purpose Steam Mop Cleaner with Handheld Steamer

2. Handheld steam cleaner

As the name suggests, handheld steam cleaner is held on hands when using it. Handled steam cleaners offer the best option for cleaning hard surfaces.

This is simply because one can press it against hard surfaces, thus removing stains or dirt that could prove difficult to remove.

Best Portable – Dr Purifier Compact Steamer with Hand Held

3. Upright steam cleaner

This is another type of all-purpose steam cleaner that is also liked by many people. It is just like a vacuum cleaner, but the only difference is that it does not use suction for cleaning. Its shape is the only thing that’s similar to a vacuum cleaner.

An upright steam cleaner is mostly used for cleaning carpets, rugs, mattresses, or floors.

Best for Carpets – Bissell Upright Full Size Cleaner for Pets

What to look for when buying the most powerful all purpose steam cleaner?

Perhaps you are planning to buy an all-purpose steam cleaner and wonder about which features you have to look for before making a purchase.

It is not easy to get one that meets your desires with the perfect feature if you no clue what you should be considering; therefore, it is important to pay attention to specific features to get the best powerful machine.

#1. Cost

Cost of all-purpose steam cleaner is very important to look at as different types of machines that does steam cleaning vary in prices from different manufacturers.

Best all-purpose steam cleaners normally perform very effective and efficient cleaning and have relatively high prices attached to it.

Consider the product working effectiveness, heating and working technology, work rate, size, and cleaning capacity.

These features differ in different models and are considerate as you make comparisons among the alternatives to get the best for you.

#2. Produced pressure and temperature

The pressure and temperature produced by the steam cleaner is a feature that should keenly be observed before picking a steam cleaner. Know the amount of heat a product produces and the heating capacity.

Steam cleaners that produce very high temperatures tend to produce very dry steam and high pressure, which is more sanitary, do very deep cleaning, kill germs effectively and are very efficient in cleaning the areas and surfaces you need.

#3. Flexibility

Flexibility and sophistication of the cleaning machine are very important for steam cleaners as it will be advantageous for the user. Steam cleaning needs that might arise with time can be attended if the product is flexible enough.

When buying a cleaner, know how flexible it is in terms of moving or transportation, work-rate, suitability and effectiveness, adjustability, and attachments contained.

Also, consider machines that can easily be mounted and operated if changes in cleaning different areas arise; this helps to save the time of operation.

#4. Brand

Steam cleaners that have insurances cover from the manufacture should be considered as one can rely on producers that provide cover to their products during and even after the project has reached its completion.

This is important in case one faces challenges on the product he can be assured over the product.

Best Powerful – Sargent High-Pressure Cleaner for Large Areas

Sargent steam cleaning machines are made from high-quality materials have the ability to lift and remove all kinds of dirt, stains and mites that may be present by use of chemicals or heat that kills germs and all other necessary things not seen but present on or in the surface effectively within the shortest time possible.

It simply involves running the steam cleaner over the surface to get rid of them. The main purpose is to restore hygienic condition of the affected area in order to avoid throwing your furniture, carpets or rugs and without damaging or ruining your carpets.

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The best all purpose steam cleaner vaporizes water, and it comes out from the attachments of the machine that resembles a vacuum cleaner, the steamed heat weakens the bonds between the surface and the stain or dirt and hence can easily be wiped and collected in a towel that is steam moisture.

As well if you have large areas, pick the one that contains a big water tank and one that has an auto-shut feature.

When choosing a type of a steam cleaner you need to consider features like: designed in a way that can easily be carried around, has different steam settings to suit various surfaces, adjustability, capable of cleaning and drying for the shortest time possible and is made of durable materials and one that comes with all necessary accessories for effectiveness.