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Best Bathroom Grout Cleaners to Buy & Cleaning Steps in 2022

Cleaning the grout of the bathroom is never a walk in the park really. The bathroom is sensitive in the sense that it sustains dirt of all kinds. These range from grime, soap stains, molds, and mildew. You have to similarly employ cleaners that are specially designed for the said roles hence.

We have prepared this article to let you know about this cleaner. To do this, we shall review the best bathroom grout cleaner that money can buy at the moment. Then, we shall take a look at some of the issues that surround this topic, all for you to understand properly.

Top 6 best grout cleaners for bathroom list

Reviews of the 6 best bathroom grout cleaners

#1. Best cheap – Hoover FloorMate bathroom hard floor and grout cleaning formula

Wanting to impact your hard floors? Look up to this cleaner. Its special solution formulation is indeed able to tackle and impact such floors with absolute zeal. What’s more? It also impacts the smells and other unnecessary hazards with absolute efficacy.

Hoover 32oz and 64oz cleaner for bathroom grout and hard floor


  • Has a new fresh linen scent
  • Works on any natural stone
  • Leaves behind no waxy buildup
  • Deodorizes the interiors as well


  • Requires excessive scrubbing when used

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  • Powerful clean

On the whole, this substance delivers a powerful clean for your grout and tiles. When applied on the said surfaces, the cleaner eliminates dirt while at the same time revitalizes the grout and the tile surfaces. The impacts it leaves behind also last longer overall.

  • 2X concentrated

Its formulation is twice as stronger as that of your ordinary cleaner. With this double strength comes double power. It hence negates the need to apply too much of onto the surfaces. Instead, you only have to apply half of the said quantities to give rise to a better finish.

  • Fresh linen scent

A fresh linen scent also comes along. This scent lets you enjoy some light, clean, and fresh linen fragrance that adds some vitality to your rooms. With this awesome scent, you are sure to enjoy a heavily comfortable interior at all times.

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#2. Best Sale – Skylarlife home mold & mildew remover cleaner for bathroom

Are you intent on eliminating mildew and mold from the grout of your bathroom? Alright, this could as well be the cleaner you have been looking for. It is capable of tackling this chore accurately. That stems from its comprehensive formulation.

bathroom tile and grout cleaner for mold and mildew


  • Devoid of any odors or fragrances
  • Less harmful to the hands and skin
  • Its impacts persist for a longer duration of time
  • Good enough for tiles and many allied surfaces
  • Tackles numerous areas and portions of the walls


  • You have to wait 6-8 hours to enjoy the attendant outcomes

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  • Simpler applicability

For all practical purposes, this cleaner is simpler to apply on the targeted surface. All you have to do is apply it on the targeted surface and leave it for some time to settle. Thereafter, simply rinse and wash out the cleaner to eliminate the dirt.

  • Concentrated gel formula

The formulation of the cleaner is concentrated and subsequently powerful enough to eliminate the hardest stains with absolute ease. Thanks to this concentrated formulation, the cleaner works faster and also delivers the necessary outcomes within the shortest time possible.

  • Easier cleanup

All factors considered, the get does allow for a simpler and expedited cleanup exercise. It undercuts the need to scrub and also takes minimal effort on your part to implement. With it in your hands, you may be certain to enjoy unimpeded operations and applicability all the while of use.

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#3. Best value – Clean-EEZ cleaner for heavy-duty tile and grout with free stand-up brush

Other than merely eliminating dirt from your bathroom grout, a good cleaner ought also to be able to whiten the surfaces altogether. We ask you to attempt your luck on this one. As you are about to note in the proceeding review, it embodies the two traits in one package.

2 pack bathroom grout cleaner with brush


  • Destroys dirt and grime
  • Safer for all kinds of grout
  • Negates the need to kneel down
  • Comes as a comprehensive package


  • Costly than the other 5 cleaners in this list

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  • Heavy-duty professional strength

The formulation of the cleaner is super strong, heavy-duty, and professional in stature. It dissolves the hardest stains and other contaminants faster and effectively. The super-strength character also negates the need to expend excess effort to be able to eliminate the stains.

  • Seamless connectivity

Its brush component enjoys seamless connectivity. Because of these, it is capable of impacting the grout thoroughly. That is due to its ability to attach to many vital accessories. With just one swoop, you may be sure to eliminate all dirt and other issues that may prevail on the surfaces.

  • Easy pouring spout

The containers that dispense the cleaner comes along with an easy pouring spout. It requires that you open the lid and simply tilt it to dispense the contents out. You are not required to bend the container excessively as is the norm with the normal items.

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#4. Best for Tile and Grout – Black Diamond Ultimate cleaner for home and family

If the walls of your bathroom are made of tiles, this is the cleaner to set your eyes on. It is specially designed to take on such walls and the dirt that are found therein. This stems from its ability to handle such surfaces well without the risk of posing any damages to the same.

Black Diamond bathroom grout cleaner 1 gallon review


  • Tackles many surfaces comfortably
  • Good enough for commercial applications
  • Used alongside the steam cleaners as well
  • Pretty potent and well able to eliminate all dirt


  • Cannot tackle Calcium surfaces, mold or water spots

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  • Labor-saving

The cleaner is overall labor-saving as it does eliminate many kinds of dirt in one swoop. These include soap deposits, oil, dirt, and grease. Thanks to this labor-saving trait, the cleaner cuts down the time and effort you would expend to generate a cleaner bathroom.

  • Acid-free formulation

Its formulation is completely devoid of any acid. For this reason, it cleans the marble, porcelain, and ceramics with a fairer degree of efficacy. Then again it hardly eats away these parts owing to its non-corrosive nature.

  • Super safe

Overall, the cleaner is super-safe to handle and eventually make do with. It is gentle on the hands and will hardly corrode or eat away any surface on which it is deployed. Count it good enough to use with maximum confidence and peace of mind.

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#5. Best for stains – Goo Gone cleaner for mold and mildew grout

Targeting soap scum and mildews? Choose to work with this cleaner. Its special formulation is well able to impact these twin issues carefully and diligently. Moreover, the cleaner itself is powerful enough to work well on the porcelain, tiles, and ceramic surfaces.

Goo Gone 28 ounce bathroom and shower room grout cleaner


  • Safer for use on your hands
  • Breaks down the toughest stains
  • Safer on all the surfaces concerned
  • Slows down the buildup of dirt and stains


  • Its carrying capacity is not sufficient, just 28 ounce

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  • Super tough

The detergent is super tough. It is capable of breaking down the toughest stains that are brought about by the hard water, soap scum, mildew, and molds. All these it does with minimal effort and brawns on your part. Thus, it also serves to save your time while working out.

  • Excellent cleaner

For all practical purposes, this is an excellent cleaner indeed. It not only tackles the dirt but also slows down the buildup of the stains and the other residues. In this way, it prevents the same from posing unnecessary stress later on.

  • Comprehensive impacts

When used on the various surfaces, it delivers comprehensive truly impacts. It cleans the mold, combats mildew, and eliminates all forms of stains from off the surfaces. This is not to mention that it works on the tile and the grout alike.

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#6. Best for deep clean – Rejuvenate non-toxic cleaning formula for bathroom grout

Short on time? You want a cleaner that works faster and brings about the necessary outcomes within the shortest time possible. This is the one we would ask you to set your eyes on. It works instantly to eliminate all forms of dirt and their agents.

Rejuvenate tile and grout cleaner for tile and grout


  • Safer and non-toxic in nature
  • Eliminates hour-long scrubbing
  • Rejuvenates the surfaces exponentially
  • Delivers the necessary outcomes instantly


  • 3 options of 24 oz./32 ounces/1 gallon

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  • Restorative

This cleaner is restorative in the sense that it can restore the grout to its original color. As such, it brings about much more than you may actually bargain for at any given time. Is it not a great item to consider making use of?

  • Acid-free formula

Its formulation is completely devoid of any acid. That makes it safer on your hands and less likely to impact your hands and skins severely as is the norm with the ordinary cleaners. Have we also said that it impacts all the surfaces equally and leaves behind longer-lasting impacts?

  • Maximum impacts

The cleaner yields forth maximum impacts in the sense that it works on all kinds of surfaces with maximum efficacy. Among these are the marble, tiles, porcelain, and concrete. To add to these, the cleaner does not take too long to bring forth the desired outcomes.

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In this segment of the discussions, we now examine the questions that are frequently asked with regards to this subject matter:

Q1. Is OxiClean Good for Cleaning Grout?

A. YES, it is! It stands taller to the other cleaners in the sense that it is friendly to the environment. Thanks to the eco-friendly nature, it is unlikely to hamper the surfaces wherein it is deployed.

Moreover, it eliminates stains, sanitizes, and impacts surfaces without necessarily harming the same.

Buy OxiClean Pet-friendly Carpet Rug Cleaner

OxiClean carpet cleaner for grout cleaning

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Q2. How do you clean bathroom grout without scrubbing?

A. Follow these steps to do that:

Step I: Choose to work with a powerful cleaner. These are cleaners that are potent and require no scrubbing to undertake. You have to read the labels of the cleaners to find out whether they indeed measure up to that expectation or not.

Step II: Apply the cleaner on the surface. While at it, be sure to reach out to and impact the cracks and crevices as well. Then, leave the same to settle for some time to be able to have or attain maximum impacts. This should take no less than 3 hours.

Step III: Use sufficient clean water to wash off the detergent and the residual dirt. Make several passes to be able to accrue maximum impacts and clean washes. Then, leave the room unattended for some time to give the area time to dry.

Q3. What do professionals use to clean grout?

A. It depends on the strength of the stain.

Moderate stains demand a similarly moderate detergent like the Hydrogen peroxide.

Those that are tougher nonetheless require tougher cleaners like the mixture of the hydrogen peroxide and the baking soda. The oxygen bleach comes in for those stains that are too enduring.

Q4. How can I get my bathroom grout white again?

best bathroom grout cleaner reviews

A. You have three main methods/approaches to try out. These are:

a.) Baking Soda, Ammonia and Vinegar

A mixture if the vinegar, Ammonia, and baking soda is known to be extremely thorough at eliminating dirt and restoring the elegant appearance of the surfaces on which they are used. Follow these steps to have your way:

  • Apply generous amounts of the mixture to the surfaces
  • Leave to settle
  • Scrub off gently with sufficient water

b.) Lemon Juice or White Vinegar

White vinegar or lemon juice also has some bleaching properties or whitening effects. To leverage this end:

  • Saturate the grout using either substance
  • Allow the mixture to sit in for 10-15 minutes
  • Scrub off the surface using a small brush or old toothbrush
  • Rinse thoroughly after you are through

c.) Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach has been known to possess potent bleaching capabilities indeed. You want to tap into these benefits by similarly using it to cleanse your grout. The steps below will certainly be of help to you:

  • Mix powdered oxygen bleach and warm water in a bowl or spray bottle
  • Stir the mixture thoroughly until all the bleach dissolves completely
  • Shake the bottle or bowl thoroughly to mix the mixture fully
  • Spray this mixture onto the grout
  • Let the sprays settle for no less than 15 minutes
  • Scrub out using an old toothbrush or small brush
  • Rinse the area with sufficient clean water and dry using a rag or a towel

Q5. Can vinegar ruin your grout?

A. Grout that has not been sealed or is awaiting re-sealing should never be cleaned using vinegar.

That is because the substance does penetrate the air spaces and weakens the same in the course of doing that. Thus, the condition does deteriorate with time. You are nonetheless free to use the vinegar on other grout surfaces though.


What clean tiles and grout the best? We conclude our long and in-depth look into the best bathroom grout cleaner there.

Having done the much we can, it is our pleasure to now ask you to utilize the insight we have freely given. Simply skim the reviews and explanations above to narrow your choice. We wish you all the best in your subsequent choosing.

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