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Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Under $200 – Top 8 Carpet Steamers Reviews in 2022

Carpet steam cleaners are a great way to clean and sanitize your carpets at home without spending the time or money to hire a professional. They use the power of steam and the suction of a vacuum to achieve a high level of clean, making your carpets feel brand new again.

This article including 8 best carpet steam cleaner under $200 will help you to determine which carpet steamer is best suited for your personal needs. All of the products listed below are made from high-quality materials and easy to use, and only require water unless you choose to add additives such as carpet shampoo or fragrances.

Top 8 Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Under 200 Dollars

Reviews of the 8 Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Under $200

#1. Best Sale – Hoover Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

best sale carpet shampooer under $200
Hot Pick Carpet Shampooer

With 8 options to choose from all under $200, the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe is a great buy that will allow you to maintain a level of clean in your floors that others will be sure to comment on.

This is an easy-to-use carpet cleaner that uses the power of steam to clean and sanitize your carpets and rugs, and thanks to the spinscrub brush system you can count on your floors looking and feeling great.

This carpet cleaner deep cleans easily and without a lot of effort on your part, and the dual V nozzle evenly cleans surfaces with a lot of suction power. The water tank is easy to refill and empty, and weighing in at less than 19 pounds, this is easy to store and operate.

Brilliant Features
  • Lightweight enough to carry around to all the rooms of your home with ease, even up staircases
  • Heated drying means that you won’t need to wait hours for your floors to be dry enough to walk on
  • The water tank is easy to fill as it is detachable, and there is a quick pour spout making it easy to clean up after the job is done
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Some of the metal interior parts are not completely rust-resistant, and over time may start to break down or corrode

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#2. Best Portable – Bissell Professional Carpet Cleaner

Bissell professional carpet cleaner under $200
Bissell Carpet Cleaner for Area Clean

A great portable option that is easy to transport and move around your home, the Bissell SpotClean is a professional grade carpet steam cleaner that is easy to use and does a great job at cleaning your carpets and upholstery.

This cleaner does not take up a lot of room when it comes to storage and includes a flexible hose accessory that enables you to clean hard to reach areas such as drapes and around corners. Other accessories are included in the purchase of this product, such as the stair tool and have a long power cord so you won’t be constantly looking for a closer outlet while you are cleaning your home.

Brilliant Features
  • Multiple accessories included so that you can reach areas that other cleaners are unable to
  • Lightweight and portable, allowing you to carry it with you easily to all areas of your home that require a deep cleaning
  • A great all-rounded steam cleaner that you can use on a wide range of surfaces such as carpets, stairs, couches, and drapes that will both clean and sanitize easily with little effort on your part
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The water tank is not the largest, and you may find that you will have to refill it before the job is complete

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#3. Best Compact – Bissel Steamer Cleaner for Carpet and Upholstery

Multi Purpose Carpet Cleaner under 200
Compact Cleaner for Carpet and Upholstery

Another quality product from Bissel, this is a great multi-purpose steam cleaner for your carpets that features both strong spray and suction to get the job done easily and hassle-free. This cleaner is compact yet powerful in design, meaning that it is easy to store and deep cleans your carpets exceptionally well.

The water tank is large enough to clean most rooms without refilling it multiple times, and the tank is removable so that when you do fill it, it’s easy to do so. There are a few attachments that are included in this purchase, making it easy to tackle a variety of stains and messes, and the suction allows you to penetrate deep in the fibers of your carpet or rug, sanitizing as it cleans

Brilliant Features
  • The water tank is easy to fill and empty, as it is removable and is large enough for larger cleaning jobs
  • Easy to use, the suction and steam from the hose allow you to get in deep to clean areas that have deep-set stains
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Because this is a portable spot cleaner, it is better suited for concentrated areas that need to be cleaned, such as set-in spills and for upholstery.

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#4. Best Heavy Duty – McCulloch Canister Steam Cleaner with 20 Accessories for Multi-Purpose

McCulloch heavy duty carpet steam cleaner
McCulloch Canister Carpet Steam Cleaner

A great heavy-duty carpet steam cleaner that fits right in the budget, this cleaner from McCulloch is a great cleaner that is highly portable and sanitizes as it cleans without the use of chemicals or additives. Included in the purchase of this product are 20 accessories, adding extra function and versatility.

While not traditional in design, this steam cleaner is every bit as powerful as others and is easy to transport or store when not in use. The large 48-ounce water tank allows you to clean most large rooms without needing to be refilled constantly, and there is a large amount of reach on this unit.

Brilliant Features
  • A very high powered steamer that can clean and sanitize without the use of harsh chemicals or additives
  • The compact design of this steam cleaner is easy to store anywhere, and has wheels that make it easy to use
  • Very easy to use, the accessories that are included allow you to reach areas that would be otherwise inaccessible
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Unlike upright steam cleaners, you will need to use the attachments to fully utilize this steam cleaner, and for larger spaces, this can cause a strain to your back

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#5. Best for Pet – Bissell Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner

Best carpet steam cleaner
Bissell Pet-friendly Carpet Cleaner

A fantastic option of pet messes and stains, this upright cleaner from Bissell is moderately priced, coming in right under $200. Designed with pets in mind, the brushes on this cleaner are very thorough and features a lot amount of suction. There is a dual tank system; keeping the dirty water separate from the clean water.

Multiple accessories are included in the purchase of this product, and trial sizes of Bissell’s cleaning solution. You can expect professional cleaning power with this model, and at a fraction of the price; the drying time is a vast improvement from previous Bissell models as well.

Brilliant Features
  • Lightweight and easy to use, the water tank is easy to fill and keeps the dirty water separate from the clean water
  • The multiple accessories that are included allow you to clean hard to reach areas that would be inaccessible with other models
  • This is a very budget-friendly option that does not sacrifice on power or cleaning capabilities, giving you a professional clean experience
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Although there is a much shorter drying time with this model, it is still not on a par with other steam carpet cleaners

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#6. Best Cheap – Hoover Lightweight Carpet Cleaner

Hoover cheap carpet cleaner
Best Price Carpet Cleaner

A great option for those who have less surface area to clean yet have pets, this cleaner from Hoover does a fantastic job of cleaning and sanitizing carpets and rugs. It is lightweight enough to use around your whole home without much time or energy spent on your part.

Although this is considered to be a cheaper option that is lightweight, it does not sacrifice cleaning power and will be able to get the job done regardless of how dirty the surface area was. Unlike some other steam cleaners out there, this model features a faster drying time thanks to the HeatForce technology. A perfect option for pets, and great for a general-purpose all over-clean of your home.

Brilliant Features
  • A great option that is designed with pet messes in mind, the brushes won’t clog easily or need to be cleaned often
  • Easy to use and transport, it won’t take up a lot of space when it comes to storage and has a large enough water tank to complete most cleaning jobs
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • There is not a lot of versatility that comes with this model, not a lot of accessories included

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#7. Best for Multi Floor – Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover carpet vacuum
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets

One of the best vacuums available for transitioning between flooring on the market, the Hoover Pet Max Complete features a bagless upright design that comes with multiple attachments to clean a wide range of surfaces including carpet, upholstery, hardwood floor, and rugs.

Easily transition from flooring to drapes and other surfaces with the Quick Release Wand and attachments; including the pet tool kit that makes cleaning up pet fur and dander a breeze. With Alltergenblock, you can rest easy knowing that the allergens in pet dander will be trapped and contained within the large capacity dust bin.

Brilliant Features
  • A great option for pets that is easy to use while maintaining a level of durability and versatility
  • The detachable hose attachment has a very long reach, which is nice for cleaning drapes and cobwebs from around your ceiling
  • Easy to switch between flooring types, as well as when using the hose attachments; the option to keep the bristles from spinning is a nice additional feature
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Considered to be heavy for a vacuum, it may be a hassle to carry this upstairs and around less traveled areas of the home

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#8. Best with Automatic Control – Hoover Auto Clean Carpet Cleaner

Hoover automatic carpet cleaner
Automatic Carpet Cleaner

Unique in the sense that it has automatic control, this carpet cleaner from Hoover is a great option that is under budget, and has a high durability rating. While automatic control does not mean that it will clean your floors for you, it is nice not to have to hold down a button to use; when pushing forward, it will clean your floors and when pulling back it will dry your floors.

This also cuts down on the amount of time needed to dry, which is a nice additional feature to have, all thanks to the HeatForce technology that is only available with Hoover models. Included with the purchase of this product are accessories such as the pet tool, accessory bag, and small bottle of Hoover’s cleaning solution

Brilliant Features
  • Easy to fill the water tank, dual tank system will keep dirty water separate from the clean water
  • Multiple attachments make it easy to have an all-over clean that is professional quality at a fraction of the price
  • Easy to use, this cleaner will leave your floor clean without much effort on your part; leaves floors drier than previous models
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Pricier than the other 7 machines

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What Is the Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method?

To get your carpet and rugs as clean as possible, you will want to use both a vacuum and a steam cleaner.

The carpet vacuum will be used to remove surface dirt and debris before using a steam cleaner, and going over your floors with a steam cleaner after vacuuming will perform a deep clean that removes embedded dirt and sanitizes your carpet.

Should I Vacuum before Steam Cleaning?

To achieve the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation, you should vacuum the area that you plan to steam clean. This will allow for the vacuum to remove the surface dirt and debris, making it easier to steam; this also will make your steam cleaner last longer, as it makes less work for the machine.

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Hoover carpet vacuum

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How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

As a general rule of thumb, and not regarding using a vacuum cleaner, you should clean your carpets with a steam cleaner at least once a year for high traffic areas such as your living room and dining room. For areas that are less foot traffic such as bedrooms, it would be a good idea to use a carpet steam cleaner every 2 years.

What Do Professionals Use to Clean Carpets?

Professional carpet cleaners will generally use a highly durable and professional-grade carpet cleaning steamer that uses steam and a bristle brush mechanism to clean and sanitize your carpets. Many of them will use a type of shampoo or light chemical solution that is scented to achieve an additional level of clean as well.

How Do You Steam Clean a Carpet?

Steam cleaning your carpets or area rugs is easy to do, and can be done in a few simple steps listed below:

1. Get out your steam cleaner and detach the water tank to fill it with warm water (some machines will ask for hot water, while others state to only use lukewarm water).

steam cleaner for carpets under 2002. (optional) If you would like to add any type of shampoo, vinegar, or other additives such as fragrance to the machine, now would be the time to do so. Most carpet steam cleaners will specify what is recommended for use with that machine, and you should follow the recommendations for the best results.

3. Some machines will need to pre-heat the water to produce steam and have the water be at the ideal temperature for that specific steam cleaner. If your machine requires a time to pre-heat, allow this to be done now.

4. Once the machine is ready, you can begin to steam clean your carpet. Most machines will have a button on the handle to press to release the steam and shampoo. Get into position and begin to press this while slowly moving backward with the steam cleaner. Make sure to do this section at a time, so that your carpet or rug gets cleaned all over.

5. Once you are satisfied that you have cleaned the entire surface, allow time for the carpet or rug to dry; attempt to avoid walking on it during this time. For help with the drying process, it would be ideal to open windows or doors, if possible.

Which Is the Better Carpet Cleaner: Hoover or Bissell?

Both Bissel and Hoover are quality manufacturers that make exceptional products, especially when it comes to carpet cleaners and steam cleaners. Although each one does have aspects that they excel at, and some areas that could be improved upon.

In this section, we will go over the differences in these two product lines to help you in making an informed decision regarding your next steam carpet cleaner. Both are great brands, and determining which one is better suited for your needs and situation ultimately comes down to personal preference.

  • Hoover

Generally more budget-friendly in price, the Hoover cleaners utilize spin brushes similar to what you would see in a car wash, but for your carpet. These are great at removing ground-in dirt or stains that have penetrated the carpet deeply. A lot of these carpet steam cleaners also have a dual tank, which means that what is dirty will remain separate from the clean water that was added into the tank.

These are also large capacity water tanks, which allows you to clean large rooms without needing to refill the water tank over and over.

However, the Hoover line of cleaners are typically known for leaving your carpet damp, and it will be required to air dry for a few hours before replacing any furniture or walking on.

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Hoover cheap carpet cleaner

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  • Bissell

Bissell carpet cleaners are also great machines that will clean your carpet with the use of steam and suction, easily and effectively. They will generally include multiple accessories that allow you to reach other areas in addition to your carpet, such as drapes and upholstery.

The brushes are easy to clean, and rarely have stains or messes stick to them; and the carpet cleaning path is exceptionally large, especially when compared to the Hoover line of cleaners.

That said, there have been reports of leaky water tanks on some of Bissell models and their warranty has a lot of holes in it; leading to them not covering a lot of issues that can arise with simple use.

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Multi Purpose Carpet Cleaner under 200

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With this buying guide and reviews of the top 8 steam carpet cleaners under $200, you should be able to make an informed decision on which carpet cleaner best suits your needs, and how best to make the most out of it. All of the products listed above are made from high-quality materials and are budget-friendly.