Best Commercial Steam Cleaner: Top 7 in 2020

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steam cleaner for commercial use

Who needs a commercial steam cleaner? Of course, a commercial operator. And it is also suitable for a housewife who owns a large room. Finding a common steam cleaner for your home use is not difficult. Choosing a commercial for the company, however, is not an easy task. But don’t worry, we are here to help you.

In this article, we are going to introduce you the 8 best commercial steam cleaners in 2020. Besides, you can also learn some choosing tips and knowledge about the commercial steam cleaning machine. Now, come with us and find the right one for your use!

Many people ask me, “what is the best commercial steam cleaner?” Actually, there is not an absolute standard. But after considering all kinds of factors, we also selected our top pick, and we believe it is the best commercial steam cleaner.

2020 Best Commercial Steam Cleaner on the Market
Bissell commercial cleaning machine


  •   Professional for Carpet Cleaning
  •   Safe & Easy to Use
  •   Multi-Purpose
  •   Deep-Cleaning
  •   Steam and Vacuum at the Same Time

  Top-Rated Commercial Steam Cleaners on the Market

commercial steam cleaner

McCulloch Deluxe Commercial Steam Cleaner

3.8 out of 5 stars

Bissell commercial cleaning machine

Bissell Big Green Commercial Cleaning Machine

4.7 out of 5 stars

Dupray steam cleaning machine

Dupray Powerful Commercial Steamer

4.4 out of 5 stars

Dupray steam cleaning machine

Rug Doctor Mighty Cleaner for Upholstery Use

4.3 out of 5 stars

Bissell steam mop

Bissell 2-in-1 Steam Mop and Vacuum

3.6 out of 5 stars

commercial steam cleaner

Pure Enrichment Commercial Steam Mop

4.2 out of 5 stars

Vapamore commercial steamer

Vapamore Commercial Steam Cleaning Syste

3.9 out of 5 stars

  Reviews of the 7 Best Commercial-Grade Steam Cleaners Online

Below we are going to give you more details about the 7 best commercial steam cleaners, click to find out more details on Amazon.

1. Best for Floor – McCulloch Deluxe Canister Commercial Steam Cleaner

commercial steam cleaner

Quick Facts

  •   Weight:13 lbs.
  •   Heat-up time: 12 minutes
  •   Max steam time: 120 minutes
  •   Tank size: 64 oz.
  •   Power cord length: 18 ft.
  •   Attachments: 23-piece

Perfect Steamer for Floor: This McCulloch commercial steam cleaner is a perfect choice for floor cleaning. It can be used on a lot of surfaces like sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, and more. Besides, this steam cleaner comes with various attachments, so except for floor cleaning, it also can be used on other kinds of surfaces like upholstery, showers, auto interiors and more. what you need to do is connect the different attachments for different surfaces use.

Longtime Steaming: As you can see from the quick facts, the size of the steam cleaner is 64 oz. It needs 12 minutes to heat-up, then offering over 120 minutes steam. Compare with the traditional steam cleaner, it eases you from the refilling during the cleaning process.

Lightweight & Compact: The net weight of this cleaning machine is 13 pounds. It is really light and compact, right? When you facing a large room cleaning job, these features are very necessary and important. It can be easily moved around and save your energy.

2. Best for Carpet – Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell commercial cleaning machine

Quick Facts

  •   Weight: 48 lbs.
  •   Item dimensions: 20.5*11*42.2 inches
  •   Power cord length: 25 ft.
  •   Hose length: 9 ft.
  •   Tools included: 6 tough stain tool
  •   Warranty: 5-year

Professional for Carpet Cleaning: This Bissell steam cleaner is a commercial cleaning machine for carpet use. It may not have a compact and lightweight body, but offers great performance. First, it owns an extra-large power brush, enabling you to remove all kinds of tough stains and grease. Second, it has a removable dual-tank, permitting you to empty and fill pretty easily. And it also separates the dirty water from the clean water. Third, it can suck the dirt and odors from your carpet, leaves your carpet with fresh smell. Besides, it comes with tough stain tool and a 9 ft hose, allowing you to clean areas hard to reach.

How does it Work: Before do the cleaning job, many people will vacuum the debris firstly. With this commercial-grade cleaner, you need not do it anymore. Then, how does it work? First, it sucks the debris and residue from your carpet. Second, it sprays your carpet with water and cleaning formula. Then, the powerful brush will give a deep-cleaning to your carpet. After cleaning, we are sure that you will be amazed by its excellent performance.

3. Best Portable Cleaning Machine – Dupray Hill Injection Commercial Steam Cleaner

Dupray steam cleaning machine

Quick Facts

  •   Weight: 28 lbs.
  •   Detergent tank: 20 oz.
  •   Temperature: 345°F
  •   Pressure: 121 psi
  •   Attachment: 27-piece
  •   Water tank design: Dual tank, refill while in use

Best Portable for Commercial Use: This is a commercial-grade steam cleaner created by Dupray. As you can see from the picture above, it is pretty compact and portable. The net weight of the small body is 28 pounds, so you can lift it easily no matter indoors or outdoors.

Powerful: It comes with 27-piece attachments, allowing you to clean a lot of floors like ceramic, marble, sealed hardwood floor, and more. Besides, it is also suitable for kitchen, bathroom, furniture, auto interior and more. The high temperature and pressure can easily eliminate the tough stains and grease left on your floor and other kinds of surfaces, protecting your company from any hidden harm.

Unique Design: There are some unique designs in this cleaning machine. First, it equipped with dual-tank, so that to fill water and deterrent at the same time, allowing you to do the deep cleaning. Second, it can be refilled while in use. You need not stop the cleaning process and can add water at any time and anywhere. Besides, the high temperature over 300°F is also outstanding design.

4. Best for Upholstery – Rug Doctor Mighty Cleaning Machine Paired with Upholstery Tool

Rug Doctor commercial cleaner

Quick Facts

  •   Brand: Rug Doctor
  •   Weight: 50.3 lbs.
  •   Item dimensions: 22.5*11*26 inches
  •   Tank size: 3.9 gallon
  •   Warranty: 5-year

Perfect for Upholstery Use: This is a cleaning machine created by Rug Doctor and professional for upholstery use. It is suitable no matter for common household or the company. It can remove the tough stains, pet smells, or other kinds of stains and odors. It equipped with a rotate brush, enabling users to do the deep cleaning.

Unique Design: This steam cleaner is an all-powerful machine. First, it is versatile. The attachments it carries with allow you to clean all kind of surfaces, including mattresses, stairs, couches, car seats and more, and it is especially perfect for upholstery use. Second, it equipped with a suck function. Before rinsing your floors, you may need to vacuum it firstly, lift the debris and lose the tough stains. With this cleaner, you can free from this step, for it can vacuum and clean at the same time. Third, the large tank also eases you from refilling. Besides, it also has a humanized design. It provides users a 5-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return or change it.

5. Best with Vacuum: Bissell Symphony Vaccum and Steam 2-in-1 Cleaner

Bissell steam mop

Quick Facts

  •   Weight: 9.74 lbs.
  •   Tank size: 12.8 oz.
  •   Steam control: steam on demand
  •   Power cord length: 25 ft.
  •   Heat-up time: 30 seconds
  •   Surface type: sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, marble

With Vacuum Function: It is a steam cleaner, also a steam vacuum. Before doing any rinsing job, we think it is necessary to vacuum the debris on your floor. It is a little tiresome, but necessary. If you own a steam cleaner like this, you need not do that anymore. It can vacuum and clean at the same time.

Versatile: This steam cleaner can be used on a lot of surfaces like sealed floor, ceramic, linoleum and more. Different surfaces need different steam amount, so you need to select the steam level. The steam level is adjustable, so you can choose the amount according to your own needs. Besides, the 25 ft cord permits you to lift it conveniently no matter indoors or outdoors.

Unique Design: First, as we said above, it owns the adjustable steam, allowing users to choose from high to low on their own needs. Second, it equipped with a dry tank technology, keeping your dirt tank drying all the cleaning process. Third, it has a detachable mop pad, allowing users to change it pretty easily.

6. Best Commercial Steam Mop – Pure Enrichment Cleaner

commercial steam cleaner

Quick Facts

  •   Weight: 15.8 lbs.
  •   Tank size: 1.5 liter
  •   Max steam time: 45 minutes
  •   Power cord length: 16 ft.
  •   Attachment: 18-piece
  •   Warranty: 5 year

Powerful Steam Mop: This is a mighty steam mop produced by Pure Enrichment. With the net weight of 15.8 pounds and the design of the wheels, it is pretty easy to hold and move around. Though owns a compact body, it has a large tank, allowing users to fill water over 1.5 liters. Besides, the triangle mop heads enabling users to clean the hard to reach areas like corners, crevice, under furniture and so on.

Multiple: As you can see from the quick facts, this steam mop carries with 18-piece attachments. So, it is suitable for a lot of surfaces, not only on the floors. For example, it can be used on the window, auto interiors, upholstery, and can remove all kinds of stains, grease, mold, and bed bugs. The large tank allows it to steam over 45 minutes, easing you from the refilling during the cleaning process.

Safe and Humanized: It is a steam cleaner, allowing you to choose the amount of steam and need not add chemicals. So it is all-natural and eco-friendly, protecting your family from any harm hidden in the common household. It is also humanized product. It provides you a 5-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with it, you can change or return it.

7. Best for Tile: Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System

Vapamore commercial steamer

Quick Facts

  •   Weight: 20.5 lbs.
  •   Item dimensions: 13*14*15 inches
  •   Temperature: 210°-230°F
  •   Flow rate: 40 gallon/minute
  •   Tank size: 1.6 liter

Perfect for Tile Cleaning: This Vapamore steam cleaner is a perfect machine for tile use. As a steam mop, it is compact and lightweight, allowing users to hold and use pretty easily. It can reach the temperature over 200°F, so that to kill literally 99% of the bed bugs, germs, dust mites, and mold, protecting your family from the hidden harm. It need not any harsh chemical added, so it is all-natural.

All-Powerful Attachments: This steam cleaner comes with a lot of attachments, enabling users to clean all kinds of surfaces. For example, it is suitable for sealed hardwood floors, marble, windows, showers, and especially perfect for tile cleaning. No matter the tough stains or sticky grease, it all handles well. The steam amount is adjustable, so you can choose the steam level according to your own needs.

  Commercial Steam Cleaner VS Common Steam Cleaner

vsYou may have noticed that the price of a commercial steam cleaner is higher than the common steam cleaner. Why is that? Below we give you some essential reasons.

More Powerful

A steam cleaner for commercial use is more powerful than the common steam cleaner. A commercial-grade steam cleaner can reach a temperature over 300°F and a pressure over 60 psi. Such high temperature and pressure enable a commercial steam cleaning machine to eliminate literally all stains and bacteria in the floor and carpet. On the base of you can afford, choose one that offers the highest temperature, and you will be amazed by its performance.

More Durable

Many steam cleaners for home use are made of plastic, which can not be used for a long time. While a commercial steam cleaner always made of stain steel metal, which offers you a long time using.

Steam Continuously in a Long Time

A commercial steam cleaner always has a larger tank capacity than the common steam cleaner. A small water tank cleaning machine requires users to refill the tank during the cleaning process. With a commercial steam cleaner, you need not worry about this question anymore. The size of a large tank is often over 50 oz., enabling users to steam continuously over 50 minutes. The steaming time is closely related to the tank capacity. So, on the basis of you can afford, choose a steam cleaner with a larger tank.

More Professional

If you intend to clean large areas, you’d better choose a professional steam cleaner. And a commercial steam cleaning machine will be one of the best professional cleaning machines. They provide more professional and mighty cleaning performance than the common cleaning units.

  What to Look for in a Commercial Steam Cleaner?

considerationsAs we said in the beginning, choosing a suitable commercial steam cleaner is not an easy task. In the process of selecting the 8 best commercial steam cleaners, we accumulated many experiences. Below we give you some choosing tips about how to buy a suitable commercial steam cleaner.

Size & Weight

Compare with the common steam cleaner for home use, a commercial steam cleaning machine is larger and heavier. So, sometimes it looks bulkier. Before buying it, you should be clear the room size you intend to clean. And then to choose one and make sure it is comfortable and easy to move around in the area.


A well-known offers you better product quality and warm after-sale service. So, we suggest you choose a famous brand such as Rug Doctor, Dupray, McCulloch and so on.


The price of a commercial steam cleaner ranges from $100 to $3000. If you just need a normal steam cleaner for commercial use, you can choose a relatively cheap one. But if you are a commercial operator and seeking for a professional commercial steam cleaner, on the base of you can afford, an expensive cleaning machine will be better. Don’t be penny wise pound foolish.


No matter common home steam cleaner or a commercial steam cleaner, most of them carry with a lot of attachments for multiple uses. Such attachments include brush, extension hose, bent nozzle, squeegee and more. Do you need a commercial steam cleaner for specific use like cleaning carpet or for multi-purpose use? If you want to clean a lot of surfaces, you’d better choose a steamer with attachments.

  FAQs about the Commercial Steam Cleaner

1. Is Steam Cleaning Good for Upholstery?

commercial steamer FAQsYes, it is. As we all know, when you clean upholstery with the common cleaner, you have to add harsh chemicals to eliminate the tough stains. But if you have a steam cleaner, you need not add it. The high temperature and pressure are enough to remove the stubborn stains. Also, it protecting your upholstery from the harsh cleaning formula.

2. Can you Steam Clean Microfiber?

Yes, you can. Steam cleaning is a perfect method for refreshing microfiber. The high temperature and pressure kill almost 99% of the germs and bacteria hidden in it, also free it from any harm.

3. Does Steam Kill Bed Bugs?

Yes, it does. You may not kill the troublesome bed bugs just with a common cleaner. But with a steam cleaner, you can kill all bed bugs. The temperature of a steam cleaner can reach 200° to 300°F. It is enough for killing them.

4. What are the Advantages of Steam Cleaning?

There are many advantages of steam cleaning. First, it is all-natural. It need not add the harsh cleaning formula, keeping your family an eco-friendly environment. Second, it is cost-effective. A high-quality steam cleaner is more durable than the common mop. It can be used over many years. In the long run, it is cost-effective. Third, it is mighty. Most of the stubborn stains and sticky grease can be removed by a steam cleaner easily, easing you from the exhausting labor. So, a steam cleaner is a really good helper for your home.

5. How to Rinse Kitchen with a Commercial Steam Cleaner?

It is right that a commercial steam cleaner is professional for company floor use. But, it also offers great performance when using on other areas like kitchen, bathroom in the common household. Below is a video about how to use a commercial steam cleaner to rinse your kitchen, click to see it!

  Final Words

All in all, buying a commercial steam cleaner is a worthwhile investment. After reading this article, we hope you can find the right steamer. But, if you are still hesitant, just try our top pick.

 Top Pick: Bissell Big Green Commercial Steam Cleaner

Bissell commercial cleaning machine

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