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Best Compact Steam Cleaners You Can Buy in 2022

When you are cleaning up your home, you need to realize you cannot bring all of the cleaners to each part of your home. This is when you should know about some of the features that are present in the best compact steam cleaners.

By knowing about these features it will be easy to pick out the right one for your home and know it is going to help you in getting all of your cleaning done. Let us get it!

Top 7 Best Compact Steam Cleaners List

Why Buy a Steam Cleaner with Compact Size?

#1. Easy for all to clean

If you need a steamer that everyone can be comfortable to clean with, a compact model will always be the right choice. Considering these steamers are light and small in size.

Most people in the house, including teenage kids, can be able to clean with it. Such models of steamer cleaners are crafted in a simple operational manner for ease use by all people.

#2. Easy cleaning different points

The large steam cleaners cannot reach when cleaning, and the compact models can conveniently reach such areas.

These cleaning devices are super small and light in weight for easy bending to get even the room’s remotest areas.

They are also the best cleaning option appliances for people living in small spaces like in condo or apartments since they can easily clean all point areas in the house.

#3. Portability

Although the compact steamers may not clean large areas instead of the canister models, these models of steamers are quite a convenience when transporting them.

The steamers are light in weight, making it easy to shift them from one area to another when cleaning.

You can conveniently carry a compact steamer cleaner when refilling the water and when moving to clean different parts of the room. The majority of the compact steamer cleaner weighs less than 10lbs.

#4. Space saver

If you have limited storage space in your house, or rather you live in small areas, the compact steam cleaner is the best choice for cleaning appliances.

Such cleaning devices are crafted in small sizes to minimize the required storage spaces.

#5. Affordable

The compact steam cleaners are also the perfect choice for cleaning appliances of people in a budget.

These appliances retail at cheaper prices considering they have fewer features and cannot clean large homes.

Top 2 Best Compact Steam Cleaners with Light Weight Reviews

#1. Best for Home Use – Hoover Compact Carpet Steam Cleaner with Light Weight

Hoover compact carpet cleaner


  • This steam cleaner suits all homes
  • It is versatile as you can clean hard floors and carpets
  • Carrying it around is easy due to its lightweight form
  • The steam cleaner has both clean and dirty water tanks


  • Not suitable for large industry

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If you need a simple lightweight steam cleaner that will get the work done well and fast, then consider this amazing steam cleaner from Hoover.

It is a reliable cleaner that leaves the floor clean and does the work 2 times faster as compared to other lightweight cleaners. This device fits the majority of floors and homes with pets as not only does it clean the floor well, but it also eliminates animal hairs and fur on the room.

Note that this steam cleaner can also be used in upholstery cleaning as it has a fast and effective drying power when cleaning carpets and seats. Anyone including elderly and teenage kids can comfortably clean up with this device.

It is light in weight and also, gets the cleaning done quickly as compared to other models. It also features a small design ideal for storing in small rooms around the house.

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#2. Best Portable – Rowenta Compact Garment Steamer to Wrinkle Clothing

compact garment steam cleaner


  • It comes with a long cord
  • This steam cleaner is quite versatile
  • Filling the water tank takes like a minute
  • It is super light in weight for comfortable holding


  • It is designed with a small water tank

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This steam cleaner is designed in a unique design as it features a handheld design. It is mainly recommendable for people who need to focus on pressing or ironing sections of the garment as it allows one to closely focus in small areas. The steam cleaner is also quite versatile since you can utilize it for pressing the clothes and beddings.

Working with this handheld steam cleaner, it is easy and fast as it features a lightweight design; Hence, you can easily iron or press your clothes by holding it with one hand. The size of the gadget is also small so, it does not require much storage space, a good feature for people living in small homes.

This steam cleaner is equipped with a relatively long cord so you can comfortably connect it to an electric source equipped further in the room.

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How to Choose the Right Compact Steam Cleaner?

#1. The Tank Size

The steam cleaning devices are equipped with water tanks that hold water for releasing steam when cleaning. The tanks vary depending on the size and even the model of the steam cleaner.

Even if you are looking for a compact steam cleaner, you still need to consider the tank’s size as it will determine the area you can conveniently cover when cleaning before refill.

With that said, make sure to choose a compact steam cleaner that has a reasonably large tank to clean large areas before the need to refill.

If you need a cleaner for a frequented area, maybe in the office or at home, ensure the tank will supply enough water to get the place clean.

Best with Big Tank – FFDDY Compact Steamer with 350ml Water Tank

#2. The Cleaning Power

Regardless of the cleaning appliance size, the cleaning power of the steam cleaner determines its reliability in use.

A powerful steamer should be able to absorb and lock away dirt when cleaning the floor to save the cleaning time. It should rinse the floor efficiently for quick drying and removal of dirty water from the floor.

Powerful cleaning steam should also handle any tough stains on the floor and eliminate them.

Note that some compact steam cleaners do a great job cleaning dirt and stains instead of the extensive models.

#3. Corded vs. Cordless

The steam cleaners come in two different categories, whereby some are corded while others are cordless.

The cordless steam cleaner is powered by a disposable or rechargeable battery, which you have to replace or recharge for continued cleaning.

These steam cleaners are convenient when it comes to moving around since there are no power cables to distract you.

The cordless compact steam cleaners are suitable for cleaning the areas without a power connection or a power outage in your area.

However, these types of mops are not ideal for cleaning for long or large areas since you may need to keep on putting hold the cleaning process to recharge the battery or charge the batteries.

On the other hand, the corded steam cleaners are directly powered by electric power, which you have to connect directly to the power socket. They come with different sizes of power cords depending on the model.

These cleaners are convenient when cleaning large areas since they provide a continuous power supply to clean the place.

However, they are not reliable in cleaning such large areas if the power cable is short, and they do not function if there is a power outage.

So, choose a model of cleaner that suits you best from these two categories.

Best for Carpet – Bissell Rechargeable Pet-friendly Cleaner

#4. Floor Compatibility

Do you need a steam cleaner for a specific floor model or a model that can clean different floor types? This is another crucial factor you need to consider when choosing a compact steam cleaner.

These cleaning appliances offer various cleaning methods that are wet and dry.

The dry cleaning method is suitable for sensitive floors that can easily get damaged when it comes to contact with wetness, while the wet cleaning method is safe for other floors.

So, consider your floor or floor types to choose a compatible model.

#5. Capacity

The capacity of these machines is going to vary, but they are generally going to be more than the portable steam cleaners. However, it is also going to be less than the full sized cleaners.

With that being said, it is important to note that these cleaners will generally have enough capacity to use and know it is going to work for the job they have.

#6. Attachments

Of course, there are other features we should pay attention to. The ability to use different attachments is something else you will like with these machines. Sometimes you will think because these are compact that you cannot use the same tools.

However, a lot of times the plugs the tools and attachments go into are the same size. This makes it easier for you to get the tools and know they will fit into the same exact area that is present. Without this, you could have some problems in getting the right tools attached because you do not think they will fit.

Mc1385 is a functional steam system with various attachments. The 23 versatile accessories including floor mop attachment for use on sealed flooring surfaces, compact design on-board storage is convenient to store accessories.

Try this amazing steam system and you will LOVE it after your first use:

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System

MC auto steam cleaner

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#7. Easy to Move

Ease of moving the compact models versus the full-sized models is another thing you will enjoy.

When you are looking at these models you will generally find they are light enough that you can move them around, but you will also find that they are easier to handle. So you do not have to be concerned about the models being so large that you cannot move them.

When you are looking at a steam cleaner, you are going to find that there are so many different models and brands that it is not funny. This is when you should know more about the features that you are going to want to know about in a compact steam cleaner.

By knowing about a lot of these common features it will be easy for you to find the right cleaner and know it is going to do the job for you.

Steamfast SF-370WH is which one we like to recommend, it has wheels easy to move, compact in size and easy to handle, try it now!

Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

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What Can I Do with a Compact Steamer?

1. Sterilizing

The steam cleaners are the best choice of cleaning appliances for people with small kids or even pets. Other than leaving the surfaces clean, these cleaning appliances are also reliable for sterilizing the surfaces.

The steam released penetrates through the cleaned surface to kill germs and other bacteria on the surface. Note that you can use the compact steam cleaner to sterilize other areas like glass shower doors other than fixing the floor.

#2. Sanitizing

Do you have common areas in your house that are used by multiple people? Well, you need to keep these areas sanitized all the time for the safety and hygiene of your family.

A compact steam cleaner is the perfect sanitizing appliance to use in such areas. You can use the steam cleaners to sanitize the plumbing fixtures, sanitizing pet and people beddings, doorknobs, among others.

#3. Cleaning

And the primary function of these appliances is cleaning. The cleaning compatibility of these appliances differs depending on the surface you want to clean and the cleaning accessories.

Some compact steam cleaners are safe to clean both sensitive and standard floors using the wet and dry cleaning modes. They are equipped with varying cleaning accessories to clean these floors.

Other models are recommendable for cleaning different areas like the wall and ceiling, and fixtures such as ceiling fans.

There are some models of steam cleaners that can also clean furniture, pet houses, and other external areas.

#4. Removing stains

The compact steam cleaners are reliable for eliminating floor stains that you cannot eliminate using hands.

The hot steam penetrates deep to the stain to loosen it for easy wiping with water to clean.

Final Verdict – What Is the Best?

In fact, with most of these machines, they are going to perform just as good, if not better than some of the other machines.

The main difference is the compact size is going to make it easier for these to get into the different nooks and crannies that many people have trouble getting the full sized machines into.

As we know, the best selling and rating compact cleaner on the market should be Bissell 14529, it does not exactly “steam” cleaner, but it uses built-in hot-water heater for enhanced results, separate clean/dirty water tanks and spraying crevice tool included.

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner 14529

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner 14529

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