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Best Curtain Steam Cleaner – Top Steamers for Hanging Strapes

There are different brands of curtain steam cleaner available to purchase. Six of the leading steam cleaners are reviewed to ascertain, which one is the best in terms of cleaning performance, ease of use and value for money. The steamers can all be used to effectively clean curtains though some may be better than others. Let us dive into the best curtain steam cleaners!

Top 6 Best Steam Cleaners for Indoor Curtains

Reviews of the 6 Best Curtain Steam Cleaners in 2021

#1. Best Sale – FFDDY Steam Cleaner for Curtains and Upholstery

best rated curtain steam cleaner
Best Sale Steam Cleaner for Cleaning Curtains

The FFDDY curtain steam cleaner produces a high amount of steam from a small (280 ML) amount of water. That produces enough steam to be used for 5 minutes continuously.

Steam cleaner for use on multiple surfaces, and can use on more surfaces due to the 9 piece accessory that comes with it. Quick heating and high pressure mean this cleaner cleans surfaces effectively without the need for chemicals.

This cleaner comes with a child safety lock and lid to make it safe to use even with children in the household. The FFDDY is a lightweight and portable steam cleaner, with a powerful steam jet for effective cleaning of multiple surfaces.

Brilliant Features
  • Produces a high volume of steam from a small amount of water so more water-efficient
  • Enhanced child safety features added from the last version of this product of a cap and a cover
  • Powerful steam cleaner that heats up quickly without the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Lightweight and handheld steam cleaner that can continuously clean a surface for up to 5 minutes
  • Steam hygienically cleans all surfaces with the 9 piece accessories kit allowing to clean hard to reach areas too
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It takes longer to clean a large area compared with heavy-duty steam cleaner

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#2. Runner up – PurSteam Multi Purpose Handheld Steamer for Curtains and Blinds

PurSteam handheld curtain steamer
Handheld Steamer for Curtains

This curtain steam cleaner from PurSteam is used to clean both blinds and curtains effectively without the use of harsh chemicals. Easy to use and store handheld and portable steam cleaner, it is easy to clean as well.

Cleaner is part of a 9 piece set that allows for multiple types of surfaces to be cleaned. And, 9 piece kit makes it a handy multiple surface cleaner of fabrics, floors, granite and ceramic tiles.

You can get household chores faster done with this steamer since the fast heating will normally produce enough steam within 3 to 4 minutes.

Brilliant Features
  • Completely portable handheld multi surface steam cleaner
  • Thorough steam cleaning without the need for using harsh chemicals
  • Steam hygienically cleans all surfaces removing dirt, grime, grease and germs
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Too small to be a carpet steam cleaner but it is effctive on carpet stains

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#3. Best Cheap – Masteam Portable Garment Steamer for Curtains

steamer for curtains and upholstery
Portable Mini Curtain Steamer

For people who do not want to break the bank, this could be the best curtain steam cleaner to purchase.

This mini size clothes steamer produces steam within 70 seconds of being switched on and has enough steam to last 8 to 10 minutes before it needs to be refilled (it has a capacity of 140 ML). Steam cleaning power means there is no need to use harmful cleaning chemicals to thoroughly clean surfaces.

The Masteam cleaner is powerful and it removes stains from carpets, clothes and curtains. This cleaner has automatic shut off if the steam happens to be too hot, or the water is about to run out. For a steam cleaner in the lower price range, it packs a powerful cleaning punch.

Besides, travel size steam cleaner weighing only 1.05 lbs useful for vacations and business trips.

Brilliant Features
  • This item is easy to put together and simple to use
  • Seller includes a 2-year warranty with this product
  • Deep steam cleaning with no need to use harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Lightweight mini clothes steamer that can clean curtains as well as clothes
  • Improved safety features, automatic shut off once the steam is too hot, or when the water level is too low
  • Quick steaming – produces steam within 70 seconds and can last upto 10 minutes before it needs to be refilled
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • For larger items, it will take one lot of water to clean each item

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#4. Best for Stain Removal – Comforday Handheld Steamer for Curtains and Windows

Comforday steam cleaning curtains at home
Multi Purpose Curtain Steam Cleaner

This lightweight curtain steam cleaner from Comforday is designed for cleaning curtains and windows, plus multiple surfaces if the 9 piece accessory kit is used.

It is a portable multiple steam cleaner with chemical-free cleaning. Along with the safety cap and covers, it is safe to use. Quickly heats up to 1050 W and can produce steam for upto 15 to 20 minutes will save more time and get a long continuous steaming.

As is produces steam for longer it easily removes dirt, grease, grime as well as stubborn stains in fabrics and curtains. It effectively cleans floors, tiles, furnishings, and curtains, it even makes light work of removing grout.

Brilliant Features
  • Uses quick steaming technology to produce high volumes of steam within minutes
  • Highly effective stain removal due to powerful steam jet and chemical free cleaning
  • Cuts through dirt, greese and grime, providing excellent stain removing performance
  • This cleaner has a larger capacity and can produce enough steam to last for 15 to 20 minutes meaning more items can be cleaned
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Although it is useful for removing stains in carpets, it would be more effective to buy a larger steam cleaner to clean large carpets

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#5. Best for Home and Travel – Housmile Steamer for Clothes and Curtains

Handhled steamer for clothes and curtains
Garment Steamer for Curtains

The Housemile is a curtain steam cleaner that is a small and lightweight cleaner good for home and travel use. It is useful for travel as it is in a very compact size, yet can produce steam within 30 seconds and can last for several minutes using only 120 ML of tap water.

It features an automatic shut off when it gets too hot that prevents it dripping or leaking. And it can steam clean without using extra brushes or other accessories. Serves a dual purpose, it can clean curtains besides ironing clothes. Use this product to iron out wrinkles from curtains. Good cleaning results and stain removal without using cleaning chemicals can be achieved.

Brilliant Features
  • Ideal product for travel use – light yet powerful
  • Includes 1-year warranty backed up with a customer service team
  • Effective cleaning results and stain removal without using cleaning chemicals
  • Cleaner includes automatic shut off when it gets too hot preventing dripping / leaking
  • Lightweight travel steam curtain cleaner / clothes iron that produces steam after 30 seconds
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Does not provide long bursts of steam so not good for larger items

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#6. Best with Extension Hose – McCulloch MC1230 Steamer

McCulloch compact steam cleaner
Portable Steam Cleaner for Home Use

The McCulloch curtain steam cleaner comes complete with a 11 piece accessories kit plus a 34 ” extension hose and a 15 ft power cord that allows even the hard to reach areas to be cleaned effectively. This cleaner is suited for larger rooms as it can reach more places than other steam cleaners.

It heats up in 3 minutes or less, and produces steam for as long as 10 minutes. It is effective for deep steam cleaning and stain removal without using chemicals.

Brilliant Features
  • Product includes a 11 piece accessories kit
  • Quick heating in 3 minutes and it produces steam for 10 minutes
  • Cleans away stains on multiple surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals
  •  The cleaner has a longer reach as it has a 34 ” extension hose and a 15 ft power cord
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It doesn’t feature a variable steam

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How Do You Freshen Up Dry Clean Only Curtains?

It is the steam cleaner that allows you to freshen up the dry clean only curtains. Steam not only removes stains it can also make curtains smell fresher as steam can make musty or stale smells go away.

You should only use short burst of steam to freshen up these curtains to reduce the risk of the steam causing lasting damage to the fabric. Before even attempting to do this, you should check the fabric to see if there is any mention of the maximum temperature that the material should not be exposed to.

Can You Use a Steam Cleaner on Curtains?

Yes, you can use steam cleaners to clean curtains, and generally, these cleaners will successfully steam clean curtains without causing any damage to the fabric that curtains are made out of. Steam is actually a really good thing to clean curtains with as it cleanses deep down into the fabric without the need to hand wash it or to wash it in a washing machine. Steam gets curtains clean without getting them wet.

Before using a curtain steam cleaner on any of your curtains check the labels to check the washing instructions in case steam could damage the material if it exceeds specified temperatures.

How to Steam Clean Curtain While Hanging?

Curtain steam cleaners are well-designed in terms of how they can be used to steam clean curtains, which are hanging.

  • The best method is to use the nozzle, hose ending, or brush and of the cleaner to direct the steam into the fabric.
  • Move the cleaner up and down the curtain, moving from the top down to make sure that all areas have been cleaned by the steam.
  • Once the whole curtain has been cleaned have another look at the fabric and apply more steam to any parts that are still dirty, or that are stained.
  • Do this until the whole curtain is spotlessly clean.

Do Curtains Have To Touch the Floor?

There are no set rules on whether curtains need to reach the floor or not. It is up to the homeowner or whoever does the decorating whether redundant the curtains to touch the floor, or to hang above the floor.

Whether the curtains touch the floor or not, it has no impact on the performance of curtain steam cleaners though curtains that touch the floor could risk getting dirtier at the bottom than those curtains that do not reach the floor.

How Do You Unwrinkle Curtains ?

curtain steam cleaner reviews

The steam is how the curtain steam cleaner is the key thing for unwrinkling curtains. In this respect, a curtain steam cleaner works in a very similar way to a steam clothes iron. It is best to move the steam cleaner up and down the fabric to use the steam to remove the wrinkles, just like an iron removes creases from clothes.

How Can I Use My Garment Steam Cleaner to Clean Curtains?

Garment steam cleaners can be used as curtain steam cleaners as they also produce steam. You would use the steam garment cleaner like you would use a curtain steam cleaner. Simply move the steam cleaner up and down the curtain using the brush or nozzle at the end to spray the steam over the fabric.

The garment steamer would normally iron the creases out of clothes but instead, use the steam to clean curtains. Steam effectively cleans curtains and it can even be used to remove stains from the fabric as well.

Does Karcher Make Curtain Steam Cleaner?

Karcher does not make specialist curtain steam cleaners. However, do make general steam cleaners that can be used to clean curtains depending on the accessories included with cleaners, or brought as extra attachments. For example, the Kärcher SC5  EasyFix Cleaner can be used as a curtain steam cleaner, mainly because of the accessories that are supplied with this product.

The Easy Fix Cleaner cleans curtains by combining steam with a quick blast of hot water to cleanse the curtain using just steam and heated tap water. The blast of hot water combined with steam makes it a curtain steam cleaner that will certainly kill 99.99 % of all germs.

Buy Karcher SC5 Steam Cleaner

Karcher sc5 steam cleaner reviews

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You could also use the Karcher WD5/P Multi-Purpose Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner to clean carpets or curtains. However, it would not get the curtains as clean as a steam cleaner and you would also have to make sure that the curtains could be dried properly.


What is the best steam cleaner for curtains? After evaluating the different curtain steam cleaners, it was decided that the FFDDY steamer was the best performer in terms of cleaning curtains and windows. The FFDDY was such a good curtain steam cleaner because it provides a thorough cleaning that also removes stubborn stains. It is easily the most consistent and reliable of the steam cleaners reviewed here.

best rated curtain steam cleaner

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Please note that due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic there is a higher than usual demand for curtain steam cleaners as steam is proven to hygienically clean surfaces. Products will either take longer to ship out, or are not sent to specific territories or states.