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Best Dry Steam Cleaner – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The best dry steam cleaner works just like other steam cleaners only that it absorbs a lot of water on the floor for the fast drying process. These types of cleaners are ideal for a variety of surfaces, including the carpets, because they don’t leave much wetness on the floor.

The dry steam cleaners are equipped with water tanks that heat up at a high rate and releases steam to clean the floor. This article features the top best 5 dry mop cleaners you will find on amazon.

Top 5 Best Dry Steam Cleaners in 2021

What Is a Dry Steam Cleaner?

A dry steam cleaner is a cleaning apparatus that uses steam rather than chemicals or disinfectants to get rid of dirt from off surfaces.

It is more thorough than the conventional cleaning methods as it eliminates the stubborn stains that have fixed themselves into the interior of items and fabrics.

To do the use, it employs heat to convert water into hot vapor. The use of this process enables it to impact all manner of surfaces and items. Top examples of these are the utensils, floors, carpets and other household paraphernalia. Many items of these kinds can eliminate 99.99% of all germs.

Reviews of the 5 Best Dry Steam Cleaners

#1. COSTWAY Vacuum and Steam Mop – Dry Floor Cleaners

COSTWAY Vacuum and Steam Mop

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This is an all-round mop that you can use for either vacuuming or mopping different floors. This mop provides both dry and wet cleaning option hence can be used for both hard and carpeted floors. If you have pets in the house, this mop can help remove all the hair and fur from the floor with the help of the 14 kph suction. Cleaning with this mop is quite easy and can aid you in removing all sorts of stains, including oil or mud.

It works at high pressure and in a swivel motion to remove all the dirt and debris on the floors. Controlling this mop is super easy, and thus, anyone can clean the floor with it. It features a smart touch mechanism whereby with just one click of a button, you will get the mop moving. The water tank on this mop is quite large for long mopping processes that can last you for 30 minutes.

Brilliant Features
  • Using it is quite easy
  • Provides dry cleaning ideal for carpets
  • Its head collects and cleans all the dirt, including animal hairs
  • This mop cleans and filters out germs and bacteria for up to 99.9 percent
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The power cord on this mop is not long enough for extensive area cleaning

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#2. Bissell Wet and Dry Carpet Claner for Pet Stains & Hair – Cordless Machine

Bissell Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains and Hair

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Apart from the excellent cleaning power on this mop, it is cordless; hence there is no restriction of movement when cleaning around. It vacuums and cleans the floor to ensure proper cleaning and fast drying as well. The equipped lithium battery is quite powerful since it can last for up to 30 minutes when the appliance is used non-stop.

If you have pets in the house, this mop will help you keep the home free of pets’ hair and fur since it collects all the debris, including the animal furs stuck on the floor. The mop offers versatility in cleaning as it suits a wide range of floors such as laminate, wooden floors, tiles, and even carpeted floors. There are two tanks of water to ensure you have enough water for cleaning and avoid constant refilling.

Brilliant Features
  • Using it when cleaning is convenient
  • The cordless design offers free movements in the house
  • It has a self-cleaning mechanism for easy maintenance of the mop
  • Has a WFI connection so you can download helpful apps like Google Alexia
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It’s only the manufacturer’s center that can replace the battery

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#3. Sargent High Pressure Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner – for Multi-purpose

heavy duty dry steam cleaner for multi purpose

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There is no limit to the type of areas to clean with this mop as it has a powerful motor and great cleaning accessories to use. You can use it to clean the floors, windows, furniture, kitchen, and even furnaces. The mop is shipped with a total of 17 cleaning accessories to fit different surfaces and items for cleaning. You can comfortably clean even the sensitive surfaces with this mop because it has a safety system that protects the floor when in use.

It is both human and eco-friendly because you don’t need to add any chemicals when cleaning with it. The high-pressure steam release from the mop helps remove all kinds of dirt, including the stubborn stains on the floor. Note that one is issued with a warranty on buying this mop.

Brilliant Features
  • Features a lightweight form
  • It is FDA certified for safety
  • Versatile for cleaning different areas
  • The mop safely cleans even the sensitive floors or surfaces
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • This steam cleaner takes long when joining the parts together

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#4. Vapamore Wet-Dry Handheld Steam Cleaner for Upholstery & Bed Bugs – Portable Steamer

Vapamore Wet-Dry Handheld Steam Cleaner for Upholstery

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One of the outstanding traits of this mop is the lightweight design for comfortable maneuvering around the house when cleaning. The mop vacuums the house and leaves it dry, thanks to the equipped suction part. The mop head moves in a swivel motion while releasing water in high pressure to remove all sorts of stains, including the stubborn ones.

This mop can be used for cleaning different floors like tiles, carpet, laminate, hardwood, and other upholstery services as well. This mop cleaner suits families with pets because it removes the animal messes and furs from the floor and the chairs. It does not utilize harsh chemicals when cleaning to ensure the safety of people in the house.

Brilliant Features
  • Helps remove pests such as bed bugs in the house
  • Compatible with a variety of floors and upholstery
  • Easy to carry around due to the compact and lightweight
  • Features a slim handle for easy holding when cleaning around
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Takes longer time to clean large rooms

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#5. Vapamore Cleaning Machine for Bed Bugs and Germs – with Large Tank

Vapamore Cleaning Machine for Bed Bugs

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If you are looking for a mop to clean large rooms, then this is a recommendable model to buy. This Vapamore cleaning mop has a large water tank to enable you to clean up large areas in the house. The base of the mop has wheels for easy moving the appliance from one room to the other. There is a variety of cleaning accessories to enable you to clean different floors, even the sensitive ones.

The large head on the mop covers a large area and makes the cleaning two times faster than when using other mop cleaner models. Other than cleaning the floor, this mop also sanitizes by eliminating bacteria and other germs on the floor. You can use it to remove all sorts of stains, including grease. The large tank equipped on this mop cleaner can run for about an hour when used non-stop. It has a long power cable to allow you to clean large areas without a lot of restrictions.

Brilliant Features
  • The mop has a large water tank
  • Moving it from one area to the other is easy
  • The large mop head cleans two times faster
  • This mop cleaner is a deal for eliminating molds, mildew, and pests like bedbugs
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • This mop cleaner is not suitable for small rooms since the cleaning head cannot reach small corners.

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Keep your house clean and dry with these fantastic reviewed steam cleaners. They offer dry cleaning options to ensure the room does not take a lot of time drying up. These mop cleaners provide excellent cleaning power and can be used for cleaning a wide range of floors. If you have a large room area, consider the large models to save time on cleaning.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Dry Steam Cleaner?

When choosing an effective dry steam cleaner, there are some serious considerations that need to be emphasized. With so many dry steam cleaners in the market, it can be confusing when choosing the best.

To make your search easier, the following is a clear guide for some of the features that you should consider when buying a cleaner.

dry steam cleaners reviews

•    Capacity of the water tank: This is the amount of litres the reservoir can hold. If a tank can hold more water, it will give you more time to clean between refills.

Some cleaners can last up to 45 minutes, while others can only do a 10-minute cleaning before the next refill.

•    The time it takes to heat up: This is the duration which the cleaner takes before using it after switching it on. As you choose the best dry steam cleaner, look for a heat-up time of less than a minute to start cleaning immediately.

•    Steam pressure: Cleaners that have high pressure tend to clean faster and more effectively. Choose the steam cleaner with at least 4.5 bars/ 60 psi

•    Weight: This is the general weight of the cleaner, which is relative to the size of the tank. The bigger the tank, the heavier it is. As we had note earlier, when the tank is bigger, it will hold more water. Therefore cleaning for longer. Always choose the one with a bigger tank.

•    Adjustable button steam: This lets you control and adjust the pressure depending on the different surfaces. Buying a cleaner that is adjustable is more convenient and effective.

•    A continuous trigger model: A steam cleaner that has a button that allows continuous cleaning is more comfortable, especially when cleaning large areas.

•    The length of the cable: It is easier to clean large surfaces when using a long cable. Always choose the cleaners that have the longest cables as you will not need to swap plug sockets.

•    Cleaning cloths: Some dry steam cleaners come with cloths that can be washed. These pads will need to be replaced. Consider checking the price of the pads, and the availability before choosing which model to buy.

•    Attachments: The best dry steam cleaners come with different attachments for a wider range of use. Some of the attachments are;

1.     Scrubbing pad
2.    Carpet glider
3.    Grout brush
4.    Window squeegee
5.    Upholstery brush

What Are the Different Types of Dry Steamers?

When choosing the best cleaner machine, it is advisable to remember there are four different types of steam cleaners.

The four categories are: Handled units, cylinder cleaners, steam mops, and 2-in-1 steam cleaner. The type of cleaner you choose will largely depend on the tasks that need to be completed.

*Handheld steam cleaners: these are mostly used in small areas like in the kitchen, bathrooms, and cleaning tiles.

* Steam mops: they offer effective and fast cleaning. They look more like the normal mops, but they have a water tank attached to the handle.

*2-in-1 steam cleaners: these are the best since they are multifunctional types. They are highly recommended as their versatility makes them easy to use.

*Cylinder steam cleaner: they offer longer steaming time, and fewer refills.

What Surface Can Use with a Dry Steam Cleaning Machine?

Most of us love our dry steam cleaners for their endless uses. Little did we know that apart from the common uses we’ve grown up knowing, there are many more places you can clean with your steamer.

how to choose the best dry steam cleaning machine

1.    Wiping the ceiling fans. Cleaning the ceiling fans can be a difficult task, but thanks to the long wand that come with the cleaners, it is now easier to clean without the need of a ladder.

2.    Cleaning grout. Grout are lines between the tiles which help to stabilize them. It is a very tiresome job to clean the grout since they are always dirtier than the tiles. The latest models of steam cleaners can easily clean the grout because it will blast away the dirt instantly.

3.    Cleaning grills. Scrubbing grills after burning meat or cheese can be tricky, as it requires disinfectants and chemicals. But with a good steamer, you can clean it within minutes since the vapor is hot.

4.    Cleaning the oven. To remove stuck and burnt gunk is very tedious, but with a steamer, cleaning your oven is much easier.

5.    Removing refrigerator gunk. High temperatures and pressure easily blast away the bacteria and oily walls. If left unchecked for long, the stains become permanent, and later they prove to be tricky to remove.

6.    Baseboard cleaning. Deep cleaning the baseboard is probably the last thing in your mind, but if you try using steam cleaner, it will be cleaner than you ever thought.

7.    Sanitizing your toilet. Also cleaning your toilet may need a lot of scrubbing using chemicals. That has changed since bathroom steam cleaners became readily available in the market.

8.    Removing hard water buildup. Hard water often brings white stains on water fixtures. Using a small brush or pipe to blast away the stains.


#1. Is Chem Dry Better than Steam Cleaning?

NOT REALLY! In fact, the opposite is true. Steam cleaning is the more effective of the two options available. These are the reasons that underlie this fact:

Efficacy. A typical steam cleaner is able to eliminate a whopping 99.99% of all germs as we have already hinted out. This is a far cry from the chem cleaning whose impacts largely remain at the surface level.

Penetration. The steam is able to penetrate deeper into the fabrics and surfaces better than the chem cleaners. In light of this, it is able to do a comparatively better job overall. This, in fact, allows it to eliminate hard and settled grime and grout too!

Applicability. With a steam cleaner, it is possible for you to tackle all kinds of materials and surfaces. The carpets, fabrics, floors and household appliances are the top examples of these. Chem cleaning is limited in scope to floors and hard surfaces only.

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Bissell Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains and Hair

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#2. What Can the Dry Steam Cleaning Machine Clean?

As we have already hinted out, the dry steam cleaning machine is able to eliminate dirt from many kinds of surfaces. These include but are certainly not limited to the following:

Carpets. When the steam outflow is appropriately varied, it is also able to impact the carpets and other heavier fabrics with absolute ease. In this way, it eliminates all settled and hidden dirt with maximum efficacy.

Household Utensils. A range of household utensils may also be cleaned using the dry steam cleaner. The kitchen cutlery, boilers, steamers, and plumbing features are some of them.

Floors. They are powerful enough to impact the floors. In this regard, they get rid of the hard and settled grout, grime, mold, and mildew. They do so in a matter of minutes and leave long-lasting impacts.

what is a dry steam cleaner

Surfaces. Other than the floors, the cleaners are able to impact many other kinds of surfaces. Some of these are home walls, bathroom tiles, urinals, kitchen countertops, sinks, and patios.

#3. Who is the best Dry Carpet Cleaning Company?

The field of the manufacture of the dry carpet cleaners is awash with numerous players. Below are the top players at the moment:

  • Bissell

Officially known as the Bissell Homecare, this is a privately-owned manufacturer of cleaning items and homecare products. It specializes in smaller and cost-effective machines that are similarly easier to make use of.

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  • Mr. Clean

This is a brand that mainly concerns itself with the manufacture and distribution of all-purpose cleaners. Thus, it is one that you want to lay your hands on if all you want is to keep your interiors cleaner every day.

  • Oreck

Oreck is an American manufacturer of all kinds of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. Its gadgets are mainly famed for their long-lasting quality and exceptional endurance levels.

  • Hoover

Rounding up the list is the Hoover that is similarly a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners. The company is known to produce tougher and more resilient products that similarly endure the test of time.

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#4. How to Use a Dry Steamer for Industrial and Commercial Cleaning?

  • Step I: Gather the essentials

Start off by gathering the necessary essentials. These include the protective attire, the steamer and any other piece of equipment you may need to do the job. As you do so, see to it that you adhere to the specific requirements of the job. Of particular concern should be the place where you are at that time.

  • Step II: Prepare appropriately

Move on now to prepare appropriately for the job of cleaning. This entails putting on the right protective attire for the job. Then, you also have to cordon off the area to prevent unsuspecting passersby from intruding in the area.

Some of the ‘must-have’ items are the pair of gloves, aprons, overalls, face mask, and the gumboots. They serve to shield your whole body from direct contact with the heat. If you have children in your household, you may ask them to excuse you by getting out to play as you work.

  • Step III: Identify the surface or material to be cleaned

By now you already have the material to clean in mind. Each material is generally unique in the sense that it requires a completely different approach to get rid of dirt from it. For instance, how you tackle wood may not really be the same way you tackle plastic and so on.

It is only by identifying the uniqueness of the item at hand that you will be able to vary your cleaning parameters appropriately. To be able to achieve this feat properly, you may need to peruse the user manual as it contains some insight to that end.

  • Step IV: Set the desired cleaning parameters

After identifying the kind of surface or material to be cleaned, you now have to set the desired cleaning parameters. As we have already hinted, a different piece of equipment requires a unique approach. That means you have to study it and find out the kinds of approaches that may be useful for that course.

  • Step V: Spray the item with the steam conclusively

Get down now to the core of the business. It is at this stage that you perform the actual task of cleaning the item or surface at hand. Activate the nozzle to release the vapor output. Then, channel the same to the various parts and components of the item at hand. Be sure to make several passes to achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • Step VI: Impact all areas or portions of the surface

Needless to say, you have to impact all areas of the surface you have in mind. This may mean turning the item sideways, back and forth, or upside down. Yet again, you have to make several passes to be able to leave behind the longest-lasting impacts imaginable.

how to steam clean your floors

#5. Can Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning Improve Allergy Symptoms?

YES, IT CAN! It is indeed capable of eliminating all the common allergens like dust, pollen, mildew, molds, pet dander, and mites from the various surfaces and pieces of fabrics.

This way, it cuts down the possibilities of these allergens from inflicting the respiratory issues that they ordinarily bring forth.

As a matter of fact, many people use it to cleanse mattresses, carpets, upholstery, and rugs as they are the chief targets of these allergens we have mentioned above. The consistent use of the steamers is a sure way of making your living spaces more habitable.

how to clean grout between tiles

#6. What Is Dry Steam Cleaning?

Dry steam cleaning is the process where you use heated vaporized water in dry form to clean surfaces.  It entails heating the vapor up to 250 psi, then using a vacuum cleaner-like machine, place it on the surface.

Immediately the heated vapor lands on the fiber, it weakens the stain and dirt that is stuck on the surface.

After weakening the bond, the dirt is picked by the hot vapor. The vapor hits deep into the surface, therefore proving a thorough cleaning than the normal hand washing.


The use of the steam to cleanse surfaces and rid the same of any contaminants is one sure way of achieving awesome outcomes. By adopting this approach, it is possible to eliminate redundancies and cut down the time taken to achieve the desired ends. That is why it pays to get to know more about it.

Alright! We truly believe that you have had all that you may want to in order that you may get started out well in the search and find of the best dry steam cleaner. We believe that the information we have furnished above is an important foundation stone for further work and search missions. Do make use of them!