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The 7 Best Floor Steamer for Tile – Reviews & Tips in 2022

Best floor steamer for tile is a cleaning appliance that uses steam to clean the floor. These cleaning gadgets are recommended because they clean up the floor quickly, and the floor takes little time to dry.

This article features the top 7 best steam cleaners suitable for tiles and other floors.

Best Floor Steamer for Tile – Top 7 on the Market

Why Buy the Steam Mop for Tile Floors?

Steam mops, considered as one of the most versatile cleaning tools for tiles, come with several advantages.

Other than helping you to remove stubborn stains and dirt from your tile floor, steam mops, a preference for most homeowners – especially those who own pets and toddlers – aid in disinfecting germs and bacteria on your floor.

#1. Perfect for Dry Cleaning

Tile floor steamers are known for leaving little to no water on your tiles after cleaning. Basically, they are a perfect choice for dry washing because they utilize hot steam to clean.

For this to happen, water, which is stored in the reservoir, heats up and evaporates, releasing hot vapor that passes through a cleaning pad, penetrating your tiles to eliminate grime, bacteria, and dirt,

#2. Convenient to Remove Stains

If you want a mopping tool that is able to remove stubborn stains easily, consider a tile floor steamer. During the cleaning process, hot steam penetrates deep into your tiles, loosening dirt.

In essence, you do not need to use too much power or pressure when cleaning as opposed to an old-fashioned cleaner.

#3. No Dirty Water Emptying

Mopping with a manual mop is tedious because you have to repeatedly empty dirty water, but this doesn’t happen with floor steamers for tile because they use steam instead of water to clean.

You will only come into contact with water when emptying your reservoir or refilling it.

#4. Uses Normal Detergents

Steam cleaners are your ideal choice if you are allergic to strong scents because they eliminate dirt and stains completely, without requiring a strong detergent.

You only need to refill your mop’s tank with clean water. If your cleaner has a solution container, just use a normal detergent.

#5. Easy to Use

Floor steamers for tiles aren’t complicated to use. Just fill your tank with water, fit its cleaning pad, and plug it to power to start mopping.

The 7 Top Rated Steam Cleaners for Tile Floors Reviews

#1. Hot Sale – Bissell Steam Mop for Tile and Hardwood Floors

top rated Bissell steam mops for tile floors

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This is the leading steam cleaner brands on the market today. The device is recommended for all floors, including the hard ones because it has high cleaning power.

There is no need to use harsh chemicals to sanitize or remove stubborn stains on the floor as it cleans the floor leaving it 99.9 percent sanitized. The steam cleaner features a scrubber that extracts the stubborn stains and mud from the floor, hustle free.

Bissell steam cleaner has different cleaning options ranging from low to high to choose, depending on the level of dirt or the type of floor you are cleaning. It is easy to operate as it has a digital control button to choose your cleaning settings.

The available swivel steering moves the device swiftly around the house and in different corners. It is electric powered and has a long cord that allows one to cover a large area when cleaning.

Brilliant Features
  • Setting it up takes less time.
  • This steam cleaner is easy to operate.
  • The device is recommended for all kinds of floors.
  • Bissell cleaner leaves the room smelling nice since you can use your preferred fragrance detergent when cleaning.
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Some customers may find the cord not long enough where you end up plugging it in multiple outlets.

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#2. Best for Ceramic Tile Floors – Oreck Commercial Floor Steamers

steam mop for tile floors

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When it comes to versatility in cleaning different types of flooring, Oreck Commercial floor cleaner is the best choice. The cleaner can be used on all tile, including the delicate ones, and the carpets.

The cleanser has a powerful cleaning mechanism that loosens all the dirt, including the stubborn ones; hence, leaving your floor all clean and smelling fresh.

The cleaner is compatible with other cleaning items like the brush or pad ideal for buffing, cleaning, polishing, sanding, scrubbing, and waxing the floors.

The machine has a long cord measuring around 50 ft long so one can be able to cover a large floor area. With its extreme lightweight design, moving it from one room to another when cleaning is quite convenient. The steam cleaner has a digital cleaning mechanism where you choose your cleaning option and speed. One can connect it with other cleaning accessories like brushes, pads, bonnets, and shampoos for effective cleaning various floors.

Brilliant Features
  • Connecting it with other cleaning accessories is possible.
  • Working with this floor cleaner is accessible to everyone.
  • The device has a long cord for efficient cleaning in large rooms.
  • The lightweight designs make it easy to move to different areas.
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • This machine doesn’t cover a brush

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#3. Best Cheap – LIGHT N EASY Ultralight Steam Mop for Cleaning Tile Floors

steam floor mop for deep clean

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When it comes to versatility, this cleaning machine can be used to clean all types of floors, such as vinyl, carpets, woods, grout, and tiles, among others.

This steam mop has a long and adjustable handle to ensure people with different heights are comfortable when cleaning with the device. This steam cleaner cleans the hardwood floor by providing deep cleaning without damaging it.

It features a lightweight form for comfortable holding and carrying when shifting to different rooms in the house.

The electric cord has a reasonable length for convenience in case you want to clean a large surface area of the floor. Whether the floor has mud or stuck dirt, this steam mob will completely clean off all the dirt thanks to the high degree cleaning power that helps to clean off any form of dust.

It provides a dry cleaning effect, so the level takes a few minutes to dry up. This feature also protects the delicate floors that are easily affected by wetness.

Brilliant Features
  • The steam mop is light in weight.
  • The steam mod fits all types of floors.
  • One is provided with a warranty for buying it.
  • It takes a few minutes for the floor to dry up after cleaning.
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The cord is not long enough to clean a large area since it only measures around 20 ft long.

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#4. Best Heavy Duty – Dupray Multi-purpose Steam Cleaner for Tile Floors and Grout

multi-functional steamer for all the floor

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If you are looking for a heavy duty steam cleaning device, this is a reliable model to buy. Other than cleaning the house floors, this device works magic in cleaning other floorings like car floors, among others.

It is safe to use at home, especially with small kids, as not only does it leave the room looking clean, but it also sanitizes it. The cleaning device comes with a fragrance case where you can add your preferred fragrance when cleaning the house.

There is no need to use expensive cleaning accessories with this steam mop because it is compatible with regular cleaning kits like towels or even clothes.

The cleaner is ideal for commercial places such as hospitals, restaurants, and offices because it features a large cleaning tank that can last for up to 50 minutes.

Brilliant Features
  • This cleaning steamer is easy to operate.
  • The handle is adjustable for comfort when cleaning.
  • Has powerful steam to remove all stains on the floor.
  • This steam cleaner is suitable for heavy duty cleaning.
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • You have to wait for 20 minutes to refill the water tank, which is annoying and time-consuming.

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#5. Best 2 in 1 – Bissell Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Tile Floors

Bissell vaccum steamer for tile floor

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This is a 2 in 1 cleaning steam that gets the work done twice as fast as other cleaning steamers. The cleaner scrubs off the debris from the floor while steam cleaning it to save time.

It has a relatively large tank that can last for a while when cleaning. It is recommended for homes with small kids since it sanitizes the floor, leaving it free of germs for up to 99.9 percent.

Using it and changing the cleaning settings is straightforward as it has digital control buttons. There are a total of four mop cleaners which releases easily from the device to wipe the floor.

The machine does not take long before heating up.

Brilliant Features
  • It takes less time when cleaning.
  • It has four vacuum mops for cleaning.
  • The steam cleaner works fast and efficiently.
  • One is provided with a warranty for quality assurance.
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It doesn’t include a replaceable mop pad. You have to buy one if you need.

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#6. Best for Hard Floor – Shark Steam Mop with 3 Control Settings

best shark steam mop for tile floors and hardwood floor

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This is another heavy commercial steam cleaner on the market today. It has a large water reservoir tank that lasts for a while, especially when cleaning a large area.

The steam mop comes with a dirt grip pad that is double-sided to eliminate the dirt on the floor completely. It is super light for convenience when moving it from one room to the other to clean.

The steam cleaner has three digital settings to choose from low to high cleaning power depending on the dirt and the floor to clean. Operating it is quite easy as it features a touch control mechanism.

Maintaining this steam cleaner is easy since the double-sided cleaning pad is washable after every use.

Brilliant Features
  • 3 control settings.
  • Using this steam cleaner is quite easy.
  • The device is super light in weight for comfortable carrying around.
  • The device suits people with pets as it quickly collects all the fur from the floor.
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The cord length is 22 feet.

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#7. Best for Laminate – Hoover Floor Steamers for Deep Clean

Hoover lightweight steam mop for tile and hardwood floors

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If you need a steam cleaner for a variety of flooring, this is a great model to consider buying. The floor steamer is compatible with hardwood, vinyl, and tiles, as well. The steamer has a spin brush that swivel around the floor to remove all the stuck dirt and debris hence leaving it clean.

There is a dual tank technology to provide enough cleaning water and to rinse the floor.

This steamer provides dry cleaning mechanisms to safeguard your floor and facilitate quick drying. The brushes clean the floor while the machine sanctions the excess water left on the floor.

Controlling the tool is quite comfortable with the digital control buttons. The steam cleaner is also light in weight for convenient transportation.

Brilliant Features
  • Quite affordable.
  • Using it is easy for all.
  • This steamer is safe for all sealed floors.
  • The steamer provides a dry cleaning mechanism to suit commercial areas.
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • When brush is installed, the machine is incapable of cleaning corners well.

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How to Choose the Best Floor Steamer for Tile?

Your choice of floor steamer for tile will be influenced by different things, especially how you intend to use it.

Here are a few factors you need to consider when making your selection.

#1. Size and Weight

From handheld units to commercial, tile floor steamers are available in different shapes, weight, and sizes.

So, make sure you look at each unit’s dimensions and weight, which varies on each individual model and type.

Choose a unit you can comfortably store. A portable and lightweight cleaner is also an ideal choice for home use.

– Reservoir Size

Like iron boxes, these types of cleaners will only produce hot vapor if there is water to hear it from. If you choose a smaller unit, you will have to refill your reservoir more often, probably while mopping your tile floor.

Conservesly, water tanks with a large capacity will serve your purpose longer, reducing refills, but takes more time to heat up.

Best Portable – Hot Sale PurSteam Lightweight Steam Mop with Detachable Handheld Unit

#2. Attachments & Accessories

Most tile cleaners have basic attachments, but some renowned brands come with additional accessories and attachments. You can also choose to buy additions separately.

Make sure what you get is well equipped for its intended purpose.

Best with 23 Attachments – McCulloch Steamer for Tile Floors and More

#3. Pressure & Temperature

It is also important to consider what amount of pressure is generated and how hot it gets.

If your cleaner has a higher temperature, it will generate more force and hot vapor that is dryer, providing a deeper clean for your tile floor, which kills germs too.

If a unit cannot maintain these levels, then it is unlikely to wash your floor tile as efficiently as you would like.

#4. Noise Levels

Although steam cleaners produce less noise as compared to vacuum cleaners, there are some models that are quite loud. For those who want quiet cleaners, consider looking at a model’s specifications.

Some brands list decibel levels, giving you a clue of how loud it will be.

#5. Cost

The type of cleaner you choose significantly influences the cost. Most handheld floor steamers are reasonably priced, although some models of cylinder and vapor cleaners are a bit pricey.

If you plan on using your unit regularly, then it is recommended that invest in a nicer unit, instead of simply getting one that is most affordable.

Best Cheap – Light N Easy Electric Steam Mop for Home Use

steam floor mop for deep clean

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How to Deep Clean Tile Floors?

Most of your homes have tile flooring, especially on areas that can get wet quickly, more so sitting room, bathroom, and kitchen. Tiles should undergo cleaning more often to keep them free from germs.

Therefore, you have a big task of making sure you have a perfect home by ensuring you do a deep cleaning on your floor.

Deeping cleaning is usually necessary at your home. For you to achieve it, you need to implement deep cleaning techniques. These techniques apply to both faux and ceramic tiles.

However, it is recommendable that you do not overuse cleaning detergents.

The following are deep cleaning techniques recommendable for your use at home:

how to deep clean tile floor and grout

Step 1: Remove rust spots from your tile

During cleaning, it is advisable you wear safety gloves on your hands. Deep a clean rag in your Kerosene fuel and thorough rub the rust on your flooring. After you are through, rinse the place with hot water.

In case it is not well done, you should repeat the process several to obtain a perfect result. This is specifically for rust removal at home as well as stain removal from the tile floor.

Step 2: Stains can be tough for you to remove

Therefore, it is advisable you prepare a paste using warm water plus scouring powder, then making use of a clean cloth apply the paste on the stain and rub it off, giving it an allowance of 10 minutes.

Use a soft scrubber brush to brush your tiles, afterwards rinse your tile with warm water to achieve a positive result, that is, eradicating the mildew from your floor

Step 3: Prepare an equal amount of ammonia and water solution

Apply your solution on the affected area, using a soft brush scrub the area, after erasing your mildew rinse your tile with warm water.

During the whole process, you should remember to have your gloves on and keep your house well ventilated due to ammonia smell.

Step 4: Clean your floor using vinegar solution with warm water

A gallon of water plus a half cup of vinegar is enough to give your tile floor a thorough cleaning. In case you are not well-satisfied, use other cleaning detergents to clean your house again.

After you are through with the whole procedure, rinse your tiles with warm water to make sure it is perfect and well cleaned. However, do not dare to use vinegar on marble flooring, as this could cause damage to your house.


#1. Can You Steam Clean Ceramic Tile Floors?

YES! In fact, you are even encouraged strongly to use the cleaners on the ceramic tile floors.

They have the distinctive ability to get rid of the sticky residues that often remain behind after the use of a traditional cleaner. These steamers do a better job on any floor not to mention encouraging faster drying.

#2. How Often Should You Steam Your Tile Floors?

The exact frequency largely depends on the amount of dirt that the room in question suffers and the kind of materials that make the surface up.

All factors considered though, you are strongly recommended to do so every fortnight. This will eliminate the buildup of germs and allergens. Wood surfaces, however, require less frequent cleaning.


Keep the tile floor clean with these reviewed floor steamers for tile.

They are super easy to operate as well. Note that some steam cleaners are only recommended for particular levels, and therefore, check out the floors that the steamer can clean to see if it is compatible with yours.