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Best Handheld Steam Cleaner for Grout in 2022 – Reviews and Steps

Grout is never really easy to take on. This is given that it encourages the growth and proliferation of mold and other unhealthy contaminants. Also, grout is too rough to clean simply and easily. Of all the various pieces of equipment you might use, the handheld steam cleaner stands taller.

The best handheld steam cleaner for grout generates a gush of steam which eliminates the hardened dirt at high speed while at the same time kill the germs between the tiles. Finding the most suitable one for the job is crucial to appreciating and making good use of the same. We prepare this review-cum-buying guide to help you out.

Top 4 Best Grout Steam Cleaners with Hand Held


Do Steam Cleaners Work on Grout?

YES, they do! They eject a powerful stream of steam that penetrates the cracks and crevices to eliminate all the unwanted dirt. This is not to mention that they do not want to have you scrub or use any physical means of cleansing to have your way or eliminate the dirt.

Unlike your standard cleanliness items, the steam cleaners will also not damage your structures. They are less intrusive and are for a large part usable over a longer length of space. For all practical purposes, it is they that should rank at the very top of your cleaning devices.


Are Handheld Steam Cleaners Any Good for Cleaning Grout?

YES, they are! Below are some of the reasons that make stand out:

the best handheld steam cleaner for grout reviews

  • Portable

They are generally portable. That is because they tend to weigh less and are as such pretty easier to carry around and deploy to a remote location of use. Thanks to this portability, the gadgets will hardly impose any strains on the users concerned even when utilized for too long.

  • Agile

These items are wholly agile. That means they do not impede your smooth and free movements out and about a given area of use. Owing to their highly maneuverable nature, these gadgets also hardly restrict your movements but instead enable you to move about freely as you so wish.

  • Compact

For a large part, these items are compact in size. Their overall dimensions are smaller than those of the non-handheld steam cleaners. Because of this, they are convenient to handle and carry around. Also, they demand negligible storage space whenever they are not in use.

  • Simpler to Use

Compared to the many alternatives that exist, handheld steam cleaners are simpler to use. They are devoid of those parts and components that are too complicated. Moreover, they are straightforward and hence do not demand that you put in too much of your effort to comprehend them.


Reviews of the 5 Best Handheld Steam Cleaners for Grout

#1: Best Cheap – FFDDY Handheld Steam Cleaner for Grout and Upholstery

Short in cash? Worry not! This FFDDY handheld steam cleaner will truly come to your rescue. That is due to its relatively affordable nature coupled with its ability to perform all the standard tasks of great equipment of its kind.

cheap handheld steam cleaner for home grout cleaning


Brilliant Features:

  • Impacts larger areas above the floors
  • Able to impact clothing and upholstery
  • Melts away the stubborn stains with maximum efficacy

What People Have Said?

“Inexpensive and useful steamer!”

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  • 350ml Carrying Capacity

Is capacity is an impressive 350 milliliters. Being sufficiently large, this capacity is able to serve you for an uninterrupted duration of 5-7 minutes per full tank. This produces steam that measures 175 liters. The output is sufficiently large to tackle all kinds of furniture.

  • Powerful Hot Steam

The quality of the steam output is also sufficiently potent. It bears a 10,50W rating. Thanks to this high pressure, you may be certain to enjoy exceptionally cleaner outcomes. Have we also stated that the operations are expedited thanks to the easy-to-press trigger? You have the maximum convenience of use to leverage!

  • Multipurpose

With this steam cleaner, it is possible for you to tackle many cleaning-related tasks. Also, it is possible for you to take on numerous surfaces. Top examples of these are hardwood, marble, granite, vinyl, and ceramic surfaces to name but a few! These lead to an elevated sense of convenience on your part.

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#2: Best Rating – Dr. Purifier Multi-purpose Steam Cleaner

Intent mainly on quality outcomes? You have to similarly work with a steam cleaner that bears a quality rating. We draw your attention to this Dr. Purifier handheld steam cleaner. As you are about to note, it has every trapping you might need for the job.

best rated handheld steam cleaners for cleaning grout and sinks

Brilliant Features:

  • Able to fit and serve many areas
  • Lighter and convenient to carry around
  • Delivers some smooth and gentle cleaning outcomes

What People Have Said?

“Great to have to eliminate stains, grime, grease, and all dirt!”

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  • High-pressure Applications

This steamer is mainly useful and relevant for high-pressure applications. That is due to its ability to eject steam at a pace that is exceedingly high and powerful. Closely connected to this is the lack of harsh chemicals that have the impacts of interfering with the safety of the impacted surroundings.

  • Highly Versatile

In all, this steamer is highly versatile. Count on it to impact and reach out to many tools, items, and surfaces you may have. Chiefs among these are the floors, walls, sinks, and just about any other surface. Moreover, it also disinfects over and above merely eliminating dirt.

  • Safer Operations

All factors considered, the gadget does operate smoothly and safely. For one, it is completely devoid of any harmful chemicals that such cleaners possess. Then again it is structured to discharge the steam output smoothly and freely. That prevents scalds and burns from arising as well.

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#3: Best for Kitchen and Bathroom Grout – Vapamore Compact Steam Cleaner

Searching for a grout cleaner for your kitchen and bathrooms specifically? Choose to work with this Vapamore hand held steamer. Its makeup, accessory-fit, and other attachments are all geared to the attainment of this sacred end.

Vapamore compact handheld grout cleaner

Brilliant Features:

  • Kills all allergens as well
  • Built for lifetime use and operations
  • Portable enough to take to the desired area of use
  • Cleanses and sanitizes without the use of chemicals

What People Have Said?

” It is easy to use and can accept many attachments for multiple surface clean.”

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  • Brilliant Engineering

Its makeup features truly brilliant engineering. As part of this engineering is the ability of the gadget to accommodate many accessories and other vital attachments that are necessary for its proper working. It similarly breaks down less and hence cost less also to maintain.

  • Versatile and Powerful

Overall, the gadget is versatile and powerful in equal stature. Thanks to this wonderful mix of elegance, it is less likely to let you down. Instead, it maintains your structures and working in the best traits, shades, and forms all the while. It particularly tackles high-performance applications well!

  • Truly Durable

When all factors are taken into consideration, the gadget is truly durable. Its parts and overall stature last truly longer and are also able to resist all forms of damages particularly fine. This is over and above the superior backend customer services that accompany this item.

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#4: Best for Long Reach – McCulloch Handheld Steam Cleaner with Extension Hose

Could it be that the surface or the area you intend to impact is pretty large? Choose to work with this McCulloch handheld steam cleaner which has an extension hose. Its telescoping handle is able to get farther and wider than that of your ordinary steam cleaner.

McCulloch hand held steam cleaner for cleaning grout

Brilliant Features:

  • Pairs with 11 versatile accessories
  • Guarantees greater reach and impact
  • Eliminates all forms of dirt and grime
  • Tackles just about every other kind of surface

What People Have Said?

“Excellent! Its extension hose helps deep clean my corner where my old Bissell can’t reach!”

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  • Lockable Steam Trigger

A lockable steam trigger is the first and by far the most notable of all the awesome traits of this gadget. It ejects the steam longer without necessarily demanding that you keep holding the trigger all the while. Simply put: you hold the trigger for on-demand steam.

  • Powerful Jet Nozzle

Attached to this is a powerful nozzle that performs the actual act of releasing the steam output. This nozzle is sturdy and reliable also to focus the flow of the steam to the desired direction or area of impact. Being extremely powerful, it is sure to release all the dirt and grime reliably.

  • Direct Fill Water Tank

Its water tank comes in the form of the direct fill. The capacity of this tank is the impressive 6 ounces whereas it does have the ability to jettison the water output for up to 10 minutes of continuous steam. This arrangement is no doubt reliable in the long run.

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#5: Best with Detachable Handheld Steamer – Light N Easy Steamer for Floors and Grout

If all you want is to leverage maximum convenience while cleaning surfaces, you have to pick a steam cleaner that is similarly able to manage convenient applications. We suggest this Light N Easy steam mop cleaner.

Light N Easy handheld steamer with steam mop cleaner for grout and floors

Brilliant Features:

  • Mops the surfaces as well
  • Cleanses the crevices of all the dirt
  • Takes a paltry 30 seconds to heat up
  • Safer for the children to make do with
  • Eliminates all grease and the sticky residues

What People Have Said?

“Perfect mop cleaner! Beside the grout, I can also clean with my floors!”

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  • Excellent Steam Setting

An excellent steam setting ranks first among the topnotch features of this gadget. It is the one you use to alter the speed and other vital parameters of the cleaner. This, it allows you to do via some three intensity settings that are available for use.

  • Touch Sensor

A touch sensor comes in next. As its designation implies, this one is operable at the simple touch of the necessary controls. All you have to do is place your finger over the sensor and there you activate the steaming process!

  • Smart Switch

Lastly comes the smart switch. Unlike your ordinary switch, this one does not demand too much effort or skill on your part. Instead, it only wants you to tilt the handle and commence the activations process. How simply is this? Gone are the days when you will need to put in too much effort to have your way!

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5 Benefits of Using a Handheld Grout Steamer

Several benefits accrue from the use of the handheld grout steam cleaner to get rid of dirt from surfaces. In this section, we are going to look into some of these potential benefits and discuss their relevance:

On-demand Cleaning

These appliances make for on-demand cleaning. They enable you to clean the surface of your interest whenever and wherever the craving may strike. That is due to their compact nature and relative ease of use. With them at your fingertips, you do not have to worry about how to keep your room clean.

Minimal Hassles

As explained above, these appliances are simpler to comprehend and make use of owing mainly to their equally simpler stature and scope. You hence won’t struggle too much to have your way with them at your fingertips. Instead, you will get what you want right at your own comfort.


Thanks to their simpler and straightforward nature, these gadgets are affordable and easier to come by. Even a household that is not really financially well-off will find the gadgets a bit within their own reaches. This of course leads to greater savings on the part of the users and households concerned.

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Other than being cheaper to afford, the cleaners are also cost-saving in the sense that they require less money from you to be able to operationalize. They hardly demand frequent repairs and maintenance not to mention consuming negligible volume of utility expenses. This again leads to huge savings on your part.


Many of these gadgets are also multipurpose in the sense that they may be used to tackle a variety of tasks and surfaces at a time.

These include steaming, moping, and just about every other kind of floor. For this reason, they cut down the inconveniences you would most likely have to contend with when attempting to clean your surfaces.

Buy Light N Easy Steam Mop Cleaner with Detachable Handheld Steamer for Multi Purpose Cleaning

Light N Easy handheld steamer with steam mop cleaner for grout and floors

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What Is the Best Way to Clean Grouts with a Handheld Steamer?

You will first and foremost have to gather the necessary tools and materials for the job. Then, you shall follow the laid down step-by-step procedures. We touch on them here below:

Tools and Materials Required

Bucket; Mop; Sponges; Broom; Handheld steam cleaner; Specific grout brush nozzles; Relevant attachments.

Step-by-step Procedures

After all the tools are prepared, follow the concrete steps for cleaning grout:

Step I: Clean the grout first

Clean the grout normally like how you would without a steam cleaner. Use water and detergents and be sure to eliminate all the goo, dirt, gunk, and grit from off the surfaces.

Rinse the surface thoroughly to eliminate water, soap, and other forms of residues from the surfaces concerned.

Step II: Set the steam cleaner up

Next, set the steam cleaner up for the job.

  • This entails filling the tank with the necessary water.
  • Follow the instructions stipulated in the manual or on the packaging of the tank to do this.
  • Attach the hose to the tank and finish off by placing an appropriate brush size on the gadget.

Step III: Scrub and Steam

Scrub the grout surface and then go ahead to steam it. Turn the steam cleaner to the recommended rate of spray.

Pass the nozzle back and forth the surface to spray the steam consistently atop the surface concerned. Make several passes to be able to accrue maximum impacts. Work from top to bottom in case you are tackling a wall.

Step IV: Rinse and Repeat

After you are through with steaming, you should rinse and repeat the exercise several. Then, mop and rinse the surface or the section clean. Use only clean water to do that.

You may have to refill the tank and reheat the same surface a second or third time if need be. The best result is a sparkling grout. Leave to dry thereafter!



Our look into the best handheld steam cleaner for grout comes to an end there. We do hope that you can now go ahead and appreciate these gadgets well and even make good use thereafter.

Just read our reviews and the corresponding explanations and there you have it!