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Best Hoover Steam Cleaners for Home and Carpet Clean

Having your home floors and carpet clean is a target of every homeowner. No one wants always to have dirt and other particles on the floors. When you have pets and children around, you will always get stains and a lot of dirt on the floors. Luckily there are hoover steam cleaners which will enable you to deal with the mess in a short time.

They are effective in cleaning the floors and carpets, making them spotless. You will also be able to sanitize the floor using the steam, making it safe for children and pets to play around. Next, you will navigate to the top 8 best Hoover steam cleaners and a guide.

Top 8 Best Hoover Steam Cleaners List in 2021

Reviews of the 8 Best Hoover Brand Steam Cleaners

#1. Best Sale – Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Hoover powerful steam cleaner for any home


  • Comes with a long hose and upholstery tools.
  • It uses the spin scrub technique that ensures the surface is well cleaned.


  • 19 pounds body and 1 gallon water tank capacity

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It is always everyone’s wish that you have spotless floors and carpets. Cleaning is not an easy task always. With this machine, you will have an easy time cleaning. This machine is light, thus enabling anyone to be able to use it comfortably.

With the two water tanks, it makes it easy to fill a tank and empty the one with dirty water without wasting any time. The machine is fitted with the spin scrub technology that the scrubber rotates 360 degrees and effectively cleaning the carpet or the floor.

It has a dual V nozzle, and this ensures that the Hoover performs effectively in suctioning dirt and water from the floor or carpet surface for quick cleaning.

This machine has a long hose and the upholstery tool that will ensure you have an easy time cleaning the stairs and the areas that are difficult to reach.

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#2. Best Cheap – Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner

hoover carpet cleaning machines reviews


  • It can get dirt of any hard places to reach.
  • Good for small areas and high traffic carpets.
  • It has two tanks to hold clean and dirty water.


  • 1-year warranty.

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We all want a clean carpet that is free of dirt and stains. This machine ensures that you achieve the said task by enabling you to clean the carpet in your living space and other rooms well.

It is a simple machine that can be operated by anyone, plus it is compact and light that can be stored easily after use.

With this machine in your collection, you will have more cleaning powers compared to other machines out there.

It uses the power spin technique where the brushes fixed in this gets any pets mess cleaned easily. It also gets bacteria and germs off any surface, making it good for cleaning any carpet.

The machine is small in size but very powerful and can get the dirt off in just a short time. You can also detach the nozzle, and this will enable you to get rid of dirt and grime easily and make it easy to rinse the nozzle.

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#3. Best with Wet-Dry Technology – Hoover Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

hoover lightweight floor steam cleaner


  • Some of its parts can be cleaned easily.
  • It has two water tanks that are used to hold clean and dirty water.


  • Not cordless ones.

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Having your floors clean is always important. You do not want your friends and family stepping on the dirt around the house and spreading it everywhere.

It is fitted with the spin scrub brushes that are responsible for getting any dirt out of the floor surface.

You will always be cleaning your floors with clean water. This will leave your floors clean always. With the spin scrubbing, the floor can be cleaned at any angle to ensure you achieve deep cleaning of any floor surface always.

This hoover steam cleaner is used to clean and dry. In one motion, the machine can clean the floor and also suction the dirty water leaving any floor surface shiny and dry.

You can easily disassemble some parts like the nozzle, brushes and the tanks. This will enable you to effectively clean them, leaving your machine clean and enabling it last longer.

It also can be used in hardwood, vinyl, tile, marble floors.

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#4. Best with Automatic Cleaning Technology – Hoover SmartWash Upright Carpet Cleaner

Hoover carpet steam cleaner with automatic system


  • The hot air is effective in drying up any surface.
  • The automatic cleaning techniques make the cleaning work effortless.


  • It uses warm tarp water.

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With the advance technological concepts, some have been adopted in these cleaners, making them cool to own.

This cleaner has the automatic cleaning technology where for you to clean you push it forward and to dry up the floor surface you will pull it back.

It has sensors that will always mark the cleaned spaces, thus uniformly cleaning the whole floor without skipping a place.

You can easily do the deep cleaning of any surface, and it is easy as vacuum cleaning.

The powerful brushes on this cleaner are responsible for getting stick stains and dirt off any surface. With the heated air, you will be able to dry any floor surfaces faster.

After your cleaning process, you have a single step to remove the nozzle and clean it up. This will ensure the machine is always performing at high standards.

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#5. Best Handheld – Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

hoover rug cleaner


  • It is easy to use.
  • The compact size makes this cleaner portable and easy to store.
  • It has the self-cleaning technique that prevents dirt accumulation on the hose.


  • May not the ideal machine for cleaning floors

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If you are looking for a cleaner that is compact and can do your cleaning work without any problem, then this is your machine.

It is a light and compact machine that you can carry around easily to use in the cleaning of any surface. It can be used to remove dirt and stains from any surface in your house.

This cleaner will easily get rid of any dirt, and with powerful suction, you will appreciate having it in your collection. It is fitted with a self-cleaning feature that enables it to clean the hose after every cleaning. This will remove any dirt stuck on the hose.

Moreover, with its antimicrobial tool, it will prevent bacteria, moulds from forming inside the cleaner.

With its five feet hose, you can clean anywhere in the hose easily to remove all dirt and stains.

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#6. Best 2 in 1 – Hoover FloorMate Hard Floor Steam Mop Cleaner

hoover upright carpet cleaner


  • It is a light cleaner; hence you can use it anywhere.
  • Comes with 12 cleaning accessories to let you have an easy job cleaning.
  • Has two tanks to hold water and other detergents for fresh floor cleaning.


  • You may need to refill it when clean extra-large house

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With the new concept of using steam to clean, it can get floors and carpets spotless. With this machine using the steam, you can get ant stick stain and dirt off any surface.

This cleaner has 12 different cleaning accessories that make your work easy in cleaning any surface.

It has two tanks where one holds the water as the other tank is for other solution like the detergents. This will always give you the flexibility of cleaning with or without the detergents.

There is a steam indicator to show you the water levels hence enabling you to monitor your cleaning well. The cleaner is a lighter machine, and you can carry it anywhere around your home to clean any surface.

With this cleaner, you will be able to kill over 99% of the germs and bacteria on any floor surface and get rid of the sticky, tough stains.

The controls are at your fingertips, and you can easily control the amount of steam used to clean any floor surface.

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#7. Best for Pets – Hoover Elite Lightweight Floor, Rug and Carpet Steam Cleaner

Hoover upright carpet cleaner


  • Powerful in getting rid of dirt and stains.
  • Has two large tanks to keep clean and dirty water.
  • It is light making it easy to move from one place to another.


  • Pricey.

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We all want a cleaner that can get the cleaning work done in a short time without having to worry about leaving some dirt spots.

This cleaner is fitted with the spin scrub system. The system ensures that you can remove the tough and sticky stains and dirt from any surface very easy. While it performs this task, the cleaner will still be gentle on your carpet, not damaging the fibres.

Using the hot air from the cleaner after deep cleaning the carpet, it can get it dry in no time ready for use.

It also has two water tanks that are of large capacity. One tank will hold clean water as the other holds the dirty water.

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#8. Best Cordless – Hoover Rechargeable Wet Vacuum Cleaner with Microfiber Brush Roll

Hoover vacuum cleaner for Home


  • Performs cleaning while vacuuming at the same time.
  • It is powered by batteries enabling you to clean a wide area.


  • Doesn’t equip steam function

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When you get a cleaner that can clean while vacuuming, I will make your work very easy. This machine is the kind that will vacuum while cleaning.

It is a cordless cleaner that is powered by a battery. This enables you to do heavy cleaning without worrying about the space you are to limit yourself cleaning.

It can be used to clean multiple kinds of floors, and with the spray clean controls on the handle, you have control of what the machine does.

You can mix some detergent with the water and use to clean the carpets and leave them smelling good.

The cleaner is a perfect tool to use in getting rid of any pet’s mess. After use, you will have to clean and rinse to remove dirt and grime, enabling the machine to stay for long with you. This will be done by removing the nozzle and brush rolls for easy cleanup.

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Reviews of the 7 Best Hoover Cleaner Solutions

#1. Best Sale – Hoover CleanPlus Concentrated Solution

best sale Hoover 64oz cleaning solutions

For good cleaning, we always want to have solutions that can assist in getting rid of the stains faster. This is one of the concentrated solutions that can assist an individual in getting rid of stains, odour, dirt on a carpet, floor, or car interior.

It should be used with Hoover pretreated spray that will ensure you achieve good cleaning results.

Additionally, if you continue using it will extend the lifetime of your carpets. The deep cleaning machines can be used for a good cleaning.

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#2. Runner up – Hoover Multi-Floor Plus 2X Hard Floor Cleaner Solution

Hoover cleaning solution for all floors

This can be used for cleaning purpose of any floor surface. This solution will assist in the cleaning exercise to ensure that it gets rid of dirt and grime on any floor surface.

It is two times concentrated, making it effective in dealing with any stains and dirt. You will also use half compared to other cleaning solutions for the same deep cleaning.

It contains the fresh linen scent that will leave your cleaned surface smelling nice the whole day. It can be used on the vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood, marble, and laminate floors.

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#3. Best for Pets – Hoover Expert Pet Carpet Cleaner Solution

Hoover carpet cleaning solution for pets

When you have pets at home, they always tend to make a lot of mess around. This solution is great for dealing with pet mess to remove the pet stains and any other on the carpet and the floor.

It is effective in getting rid of stains, oils, and urine and can be used with any cleaning machine, and it will be effective in cleaning work. It is safe for use, and there will be no harm afterwards.

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#4. Best for Full Size Deep Cleaning Machine – Hoover Paws & Claws Deep Cleaning Carpet

Hoover cleaner for deep cleaning

Your carpets should always be clean without any spots. This solution is used to deep clean your carpets.

It contains the stain guard technology that after cleaning the carpet, it will protect it from future stains. It contains enzymes that assist in cleaning.

They are responsible for breaking down the stains left in the carpet, making it easy to clean a carpet.

When used with a Hoover cleaning, you will achieve spotless cleaning.

The solution can be used with the deep cleaning machines, but you must follow the instructions. It contains the cotton breeze scent that will leave you cleaned surface smelling fresh always.

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#5. Best for Tile and Grout – Hoover FloorMate Plus Hard Floor Cleaning Solution

Hoover tile and grout cleaner

When you have the tough stains on any surface, it can be a hard task to remove them. This solution is made with a new formula that makes it effective in dealing with stains and spots on any floor surface.

It contains the fresh linen scent that after being applied to any surface, you will enjoy being around it.

It is highly concentrated that allows you to use a little amount but clean a large surface. Any cleaning machine can use it, and it is safe for humans and pets.

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#6. Best for Stain and Odor – Hoover PetPlus Remover Solution

Hoover 32oz solutions for stain and odor

Pets will always create a lot of mess in your house. To clean the mess, you will need a strong solution, and this can work. It is highly concentrated and contains enzymes that will break down any mess by the pets giving you an easy task to clean.

The solution contains the fresh linen scent which will leave your floors and carpet smelling good. It can be used with pretreated spray for best cleaning action and ensure your carpets can last long.

It can be used with any cleaning machine out there, and it is safe and will not cause any harm if you touch it.

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#7. Best for Multi Floor – Hoover WH00015 Hard Floor Cleaning Solution

Hoover hard floor cleaner


This solution can be used on any floor, and it is 100% biodegradable. It is safe for use, and the solution is two times concentrated that will ensure you have good cleaning results anytime you are using it.

It is a multipurpose solution for any surface in the house. It contains the aromatic scent that will leave your surfaces smelling fresh every time you use it.

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Basic Introduction about Hoover Brand

Hoover is an American company that was founded by William Henry Hoover on June 2, 1908. It deals in the manufacture of floor care materials. It has established itself to a big company all over the world, and it is mostly associated with vacuum cleaning appliances.

The Hoover company make products that include vacuums, carpet cleaner, handheld steam cleaners, steam mops and more.

The company has some machine for carpet cleaning, and they range between 100 dollars and 300 dollars.

There are carpet cleaning solutions sold, and you can get them on a range between 10 dollars and 30 dollars.

There are hardwood cleaners that you can get from them.

How to Use Hoover Carpet Cleaner?

To use a Hoover cleaner, these are the steps to follow:

  • Prepare

This is an important step in ensuring you have all materials required for cleaning. It also involves covering other items to avoid soaking them with steam.

  • Start Cleaning

You are needed to the first vacuum to get all dirt and particles out. After vacuuming, you will mix your detergent and water for cleaning. After this, you will start steam cleaning the carpet. Ensure you go over a spot once or twice to remove all the dirt.

  • Rinse

After cleaning, remove the dirty water and fill in the tank with clean water. After that, go over the carpet the same way you did while cleaning it. This water will remove the excess detergent and water out of the carpet.

  • Dry

After rinsing you turn on the hot air and pass the steam cleaner over the carpet. This will assist in getting rid of excess water and making your carpet dry up faster. This concludes your cleaning task.

Compare Hoover and Bissell Carpet Cleaners

Comparing these two brands is not an easy task as they are big brands.

1. Carpet Cleaner’s Types

The difference between the two brands in the range of products one can get from each brand. The Bissell brand has a wide range of products in the market of over 30 models. You will get upright, portable and canister carper cleaners. Most of these machines provide the two machines in one, enabling you to do a different task differently. The Hoover carpet cleaners, on the other hand, are available in a small number of models.

The hoover carpet cleaners have high suction power enabling you to get rid of dirt very fast. The Bissell model, on the other and uses hot water and maintains its temperature constant. The hot water is effective in getting rid of the dirt and stains on any surface.

The Bissell brand usually has low motor amperage compared to Hoover’s high motor amperage making it effective in suctioning.

In the hoover model, you will get two water tanks. One is for holding the clean water and the other the dirty water. On the Bissell brand, it usually has a single tank that holds both clean and dirty water.


These are some of the best Hoover steam cleaners. The above review gives insight into what to do to get a good Hoover machine.