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The 7 Best Lightweight Steam Mop Cleaners Reviewed in 2022

When it comes to ensuring your home is sparkling clean, you need to ditch the messy and bulky mop, and get the best lightweight steam mop cleaners. In this way, you will minimize elbow grease as you get rid of stubborn floor stains and sanitize at the same time.

The truth is that the steam attacks even the ickiest, stickiest of stains with reusable, washable mop pads and without the use of chemicals. Carpet fibers, hard floors, and hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned with these steam systems. In fact, you can eliminate dirt in a matter of minutes.

7 Best Lightweight Steam Mop Cleaners

Reviews of the 7 Best Lightweight Steam Mops

#1. Best Cheap – Shark Floor Steam Mop with Swivel Mop Head

Shark Genius Lightweight Cleaning System
Shark Lightweight Steamer for Hard Floor

The Shark Genius cleaning system is your pocket mop that is probably the easiest to use and the most advanced when it comes to features. With this cleaning system, you have the best solution to meet all your cleaning needs, from daily quick cleanups to entire home deep cleaning.

You have the freedom to control the amount of steam in each situation. In fact, you get extra-targeted steam power, thanks to patented Steam Blaster technology. In this case, you get a burst of targeted steam that attacks and even loosens stuck-on messages. This unit will remove them effortlessly and quickly.

With direct steam channeling, you are sure that steam gets distributed throughout the pocket. In this way, it creates an ultra-wide cleaning zone for the dirt grip pads to trap and absorb dirt. You should note that these dirt grip pads have excellent absorbent properties, particularly designed strips of gripping material, which is woven throughout to lock in dirt and ensure you have a sparkling floor with excellent dry times.

Another thing you will like about this steam mop is its touch-free technology. In fact, the system provides hands-free operation to ensure you get a thorough clean. Also, with the press of a button, you have the freedom when it comes to attaching the pad to your mop or even release it into the hamper.

Brilliant Features
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Steam plaster function
  • Reusable cleaning pads
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Permanent water tank

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#2. Hot Pick – Eureka lightweight Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets and Hard Floor

Eureka NEN110A Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner
Portable Lightweight Vacuum

The Eureka NEN110A is a versatile cleaning machine that allows you to clean your floors quite quickly. You will find it easy to navigate around furniture and even hard-to-reach areas, thanks to its telescopic handle.

The fact that this vacuum cleaner is lightweight means that you will find it easy to maneuver. Therefore, you can vacuum any given area of your home with a lot of ease. You should note that this vacuum cleaner weighs only 8 pounds, and with it, you can maneuver around furniture and stairs because of its telescoping metal wand and swivel steering.

Another feature you will like about Eureka NEN110A its innovative multi-surface vacuum. You can say that this system is smart in that you can change the settings depending on the type of floor. In fact, you can change settings at your fingertips. For instance, it has three settings for hard floors, carpet, and upholstery.

Its 3L dust container is a no bargainer. With this, you can forget about maintenance costs. Moreover, no filters or bags required. The unit has a bagless design that uses washable filters. You can rinse filters as much as needed, and you can clean even on the go.

You will also find this cleaner easy to use. That means you will spend minimal time struggling with the cleaner and instead focus more on cleaning. For instance, it has an automatic cord rewind that saves your valuable time.

Brilliant Features
  • Dust cup
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It doesn’t have steam function

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#3. Best Super Lightweight – LIGHT ‘N’ Easy Floor Steamers for Laminate and Tile Floor

LIGHT 'N' EASY Lightweight Steam Mop
Lightweight Floor Steam Cleaner

It is time you say bye to heavy buckets and messy mops with the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY steam mop. The unit is innovatively designed to have a reusable microfiber pad to ensure there is exceptional absorption, optimum friction, and steam permeation to get rid of the stubborn stains quite easily. You can remove odor with the carpet slider.

The unit delivers 1150W of steam power. Meaning you can have natural steam in a matter of 20s. With such powerful steam, you are assured of eliminating stubborn stains. You just need to add enough water to the tanks to create a friendly environment for your family, kids, and pets.

The fact that the flexible mop head has a long cable to ensure coverage even in the hard-to-reach areas, you will find this unit being suitable for all types of floors, particularly hardwood floors while including vinyl, laminate, and carpet floors.

You will like the fact that this unit is super lightweight to provide a pleasant and easy experience without compromising the machine’s cleaning capabilities. Ideally, you have a manual pump that delivers superior control over the release of steam and protects delicate floor finishes.

Brilliant Features
  • Easy to use
  • Germ killer
  • Lightweight
  • No harsh chemicals
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Power cord is short

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#4. Best for Deep Clean – Bissell Floor Steam Cleaner with Triangle Mop and Detachable Steamer

Bissell Power Edge Lightweight Steam Mop
2 in 1 Lightweight Steam Mop

With the Bissell PowerEdge steam mop, you have the opportunity to take the power of steam to wherever you want or need it. You will find it easy to clean your floors with a handheld steam cleaner. The fact that it is portable, and it comes with specialized tools, you have the power to clean surfaces above the floors, such as sinks and countertops.

This steam mop is easy and safe to use on sealed hardwood, granite, marble, linoleum, and ceramic floors. Whenever you need steam, the unit will dispense the appropriate amount of steam onto the floor. Also, the triangle foot and swivel steering make it easy to maneuver around edges and corners for quick steam clean.

With this steam mop, you are assured that it can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Therefore, you can sanitize different flooring surfaces with steam. It is quite easy to replace the steam mops. It is advisable to keep stocking up the mop pads for everyday cleaning and use scrubby mops to clean those sticky, tough messes.

You can attach the grout tool if you want to clean the grout. On the other hand, attach bristle scrub brush to clean the bathroom sinks, kitchen, stovetops, countertops, microwave, and even the refrigerator. It is easy to regulate the amount of steam produced depending on the type of floor you want to clean.

Remember that mop pads are reusable and you can machine wash them with warm water and liquid detergents. You should avoid using bleach or fabric softeners and air dry them for the best results.

Brilliant Features
  • Tap water friendly
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Removable water tank
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Flip-over scrubber

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#5. Best for Multi Purpose – PurSteam Steamer for Floor, Garment, Furniture, Upholstery and More

PurSteam 10 in 1 Mop Cleaner
Lightweight Steam Mop for Home Use

The PurSteam mop cleaner is designed to make the cleaning process an easy one. In fact, this steam cleaner can clean a lot of things in your home, saving you energy and time. It works great on vinyl, and hardwood floors freshen carpets and clean tiles. Its detachable handheld unit is used as a garment cleaner, glass cleaner, garment steamer, and more.

You will not waste time trying to prepare your steam mop cleaner. In fact, it is steam ready in only 30 seconds and will give your carpets and floors the fresh and sparkling look it needs.

This steam cleaner comes with a wide range of accessories that make it easy to clean even hard-to-reach surfaces. You will also find this cleaner to be pet and child safe. The fact that harsh chemicals are not used in the cleaning process, this unit is ideal for keeping your pets and children safe.

Brilliant Features
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Excellent durability
  • Multi-functional tool
  • 3 adjustable modes for specific needs
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The water tank supports for 20-25 minutes’ continuous steam cleaning

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#6. Best for Pets – Bissell 2 in 1 Steam Mop with Light Weight

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Cleaner System
Multifunctional Slim Steam Mop

The Bissell PowerFresh steam cleaner system is a 3-in-1 machine that uses steam to provide superior cleaning on various types of floors. You can convert it from an upright model to a handheld steam cleaner.

The good thing about this cleaner is that it is safe to use on sealed hard floors, such as ceramic, granite, marble, and linoleum. Ideally, this is an on-demand cleaner that dispenses the right amount of steam needed to clean your floors. It comes with a wide range of tools that can help you steam various parts of your home.

For instance, it comes with these tools: Grout tool helps you to clean grime and dirt from the grout; With bristle scrub brush, you can clean bathroom and kitchen sinks, countertops, ovens, and microwaves; Flat scraper tool is useful for getting rid of stuck-on messes, microwaves, countertops, refrigerators, and more.

Finally comes with the angle tool which is an important tool that helps you to reach more difficult, smaller edges and corners, such as toilet seats, showerheads, and bathroom sinks.

Brilliant Features
  • Lots of tools
  • Lightweight
  • Cleans multiple floors
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • A bit difficult to use

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#7. Best for Home Use – Bissell Steam Mop for Tile and Grout

best sale lightweight steam mop
Steam Mop for Most Floors

The BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop delivers the much-needed steam to ensure you clean your home with new scent. It is ideal for tough and dried-on messes that you experience on the grout and on floors. For instance, you can use its to get rid of dirt quite easily and quickly.

You should note that cleaning with steam helps sanitize the floors and eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria and germs in households. This is only possible when you use the product as directed. With this steam mop, you can have chemical-free cleaning. It works not only by cleaning the floors but also sanitizes them.

You have the freedom to choose any of the three levels of steam to ensure you have the cleaning you require. Also, you can enjoy fresh scent by inserting breeze fragrance discs into the mop pad for a clean scent. In addition, it can be used to sealed hardwood, granite, marble floors, and linoleum.

Brilliant Features
  • Lots of tools
  • Ready to use
  • Heats up quickly
  • Cleans and sanitizes
  • Powerful performance
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Consumes high power than the rest of 6

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Advantages of Buying a Steam Mop with Light Weight

Steam mops offer a lot of benefits when you use them to clean your home. As compared to traditional means of cleaning, the steam cleaner helps clean easily without using harsh chemicals. Moreover, it is easy to use and convenient. These are some of its advantages:

  • No Smells

Usually, when you clean using harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances, smells are bound to linger on. It is natural to want a home to be clean but not filled with harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. In the past, the smell of cleaning products that include ammonia and bleach are associated with a clean home.

Fortunately, when you use steam, you do not need such products. When you stop using chemicals and artificial fragrances, you will get to understand the true value of having a clean home. You should note that steam mops can penetrate easily, even in the most stubborn grime, dirt, and bacteria without having to use liquid cleaners. If you are suffering from allergy because of cleaning detergents, you can now clean and sanitize the home with pure water.

  • Instant Drying

When you scrub your floors with a scrub brush or a traditional mop, it will take quite long to dry. You should note that the steam mop is designed to speed up the drying process and allow you to continue with your normal routine. That is made possible with the hot water extraction technology. Also, it can kill germs and get rid of the dirt without using a lot of water.

  • Enjoy Deep Cleaning

If you have used a traditional mop to clean your floors, then you know of the cloudy, stick film that they leave behind as soon as the floors are dry. By using water to clean, the steam mop can get rid of the problem by ensuring the floors remain bright and clean without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Buy Best Sale and Affordable Bissell Steam Mop

best sale lightweight steam mop

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Can You Use Vinegar in Steam Mop?

Yes. You are free to add vinegar to the steam mop when cleaning linoleum, vinyl floors, and tile floors. However, if you are cleaning hardwood floors, then you should not add vinegar as it can break down the finish. By adding white vinegar, you will have a perfect floor cleaning and sanitizing solution.

Do Steam Mops Really Sanitize?

Yes. Ideally, it is estimated that steam cleaners can kill up 99.9% of germs. Thus, you can use it to disinfect your floors, get rid of dust mites, viruses, mold, and germs without the need for using harsh chemicals. Therefore, using a steam mop is a great way of cleaning various types of floors.


A compact and lightweight steam mop cleaner can go a long way in making your work easy and comfortable around the house. So, whether you are looking for a lightweight steam cleaner for your household cleaning or garment cleaning, consider the above-reviewed gadgets. They are super light in weight, feature portable size, but are quite reliable when it comes to functionality.