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Reviews of the 8 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners on the Market of 2022

best portable cleaners

When accidents happened, such as red wine, chocolate syrup, or other kinds of messes leave on your carpet, it is fussy to clean them with a full-size carpet cleaner. The normal vacuum and mop are not professional. So, the portable carpet cleaner comes into the world.

What is a portable carpet cleaner? Typically, a portable carpet machine has some important components such as solution tanks, recovery tanks, vacuum, heating unit, and so on. The portable cleaners are mainly divided into upright carpet portable cleaner, upholstery portable cleaner, handheld portable cleaner, mattress handheld cleaner, and cordless handheld cleaner.

Then, what can a portable rug cleaner bring to you, or what can you benefit from it?

1. First, it is super easy and efficient to rinse small areas. So that to make the clean-up a piece of cake.

2. Second, a professional portable machine can eliminate the home pollutants and prevent the growth of mold and dust mite, protecting your family from the hidden harm.

3. Third, it is lightweight and compact, some machines also equipped with a wheel, allowing users to move them pretty easily.

4. Also, the small body is super easy to store.

What is the Best Portable Cleaner for Carpet?

If you are in a hurry, or you just want to know which one is the best spot cleaner on the market, now we give you the answer. This portable carpet extractor is created by Bissell and enjoy great popularity online. Below we will give you some key features about it, do not miss out!

auto steam cleaner


    •   Lightweight
    •   Large Tank Capacity
    •   Versatile (9 Tools)
    •   Professional-grade Formula
    •   2-Year Warranty

Table of Contents

8 Top-Rated Portable Carpet Cleaners to Buy

Why Should I Buy the Best Portable Carpet Cleaner?

There are various reasons why you need to invest in the best portable carpet cleaner.

Bissell portable cleaner

#1. Thoroughly Clean

First, the best portable carpet cleaner will ensure the total cleaning of your carpet. If your home is prone to accidents and spills, then the best portable carpet cleaner will ensure that your carpet is well cleaned.

This will be very good for you since it will not leave any spots on the carpet and this can only be archived if you use the best portable carpet cleaner.

#2. Freshen Your Carpets Easily

Another key thing is to achieve that freshness on your carpet. A good portable carpet cleaner can make you archive this.

You will always notice that after cleaning your carpet, there is a nice and sweet fresh smell from the carpet. This will bring life to your home.

In this condition, you will be able to relax and have a good environment for your mind. It is also good for your family members.

#3. Helps a Safe Life

A carpet is known to be the breeding place of the pathogens. This is because it offers a great environment for the pathogens to thrive.

This means that cleaning the carpet by using the best portable carpet cleaner will ensure that your family is in the safest environment hence very important for the well being of your family.

#4. Easy to Carry Around

Another key thing is the ease of transportation. The portable carpet cleaner will enable you to achieve this easily.

Some portable cleaners will give you a difficult time during transportation or movement. So having the best portable carpet cleaner is very essential.

Reviews of the Best Portable Carpet Cleaners

1. Best Overall - Bissell SpotClean Professional Carpet Cleaner 

auto steam cleaner

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Quick Facts
  •   Weight: 13 lbs.
  •   Tank Capacity: 96 oz.
  •   Power Rating: 5.7 amps.
  •   Cord Length: 22 ft.
  •   Tools Included: 3 tough stain tool, 6 stair tool & 8 oz professional deep cleaning formula
  •   Warranty: 2-year
  •   Surface Type: carpet, stairs, upholstery & more
Pros & Cons
  •   Powerful & Professional
  •   Clean anywhere at any time
  •   Large Tank Capacity
  •   Extra Reach
  •   Comes with Professional Grade Formula
  •   The hose may easy to break down

Powerful & Professional: As you can see above, this unit is a really powerful cleaning machine. It can rinse stubborn stains, sticky grease, pet urine and paw prints, and other kinds of messes. It can be used on a lot of places such as upholstery, rugs, stairs or auto interiors. The various attachments and extra-long hose allow you to rinse any area hard to reach.

Easy to Use & Store: The large tank ease you from refilling. What you need to do is fill the tank with professional-grade formula and water, then you can clean whatever you intend to. The small body allows you to store pretty easily.


2. Best Rated - Bissell Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner for Multi-Use

Bissell multi steam cleaner

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Quick Facts
  •   Weight: 9.6 lbs.
  •   Cord Length: 15 ft.
  •   Hose Length: 4 ft.
  •   Power Rating: 3 amps.
  •   Water Tank Capacity: 48 oz.
  •   Surface Type: carpet, upholstery, auto interiors
  •   Heatwave Technology: No
  •   Tools Included: tough-stain brush attachment
  •   Warranty:1-year
Pros & Cons
  •   Large tank capacity
  •   Versatile & professional cleaning
  •   Removable tank for easy refilling and emptying
  •   Pretty easy to use and store
  •   PVC-free tanks and hose
  •   Not chemical-free

Highly-Recommended: This multi-purpose cleaner is the best-rated unit in the 8 machines. It enjoys a consumer rating of over four. So the great popularity also guaranteed the quality of this unit.

Portable or Upright: They are two different kinds of cleaning machine, and suitable for different places. The portable carpet cleaner is suitable for smaller areas such as spot stains on carpet and car interior. On the contrary, the upright cleaner is more suitable for the large area such as the whole room. Choose the right one according to the specific needs!


3. Rug Doctor Lightweight & Compact Cleaner for Spot Cleaning

professional portable carpet cleaner

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Quick Facts
  •   Weight: 19.8 lbs.
  •   Hose Length: 5.5 ft.
  •   Surface Type: upholstery, stairs, carpet, vehicles and more
  •   Tank design: dual tank
Pros & Cons
  •   Professional pristine technology
  •   Motorized brush
  •   Compact & Lightweight
  •   Powerful suction
  •   Pretty easy to use and store
  •   Removable and dual tank
  •   Perfect for tough stains and odors
  •   Retractable handle and humanized wheels
  •   Tanks may leak water

Professional for carpet cleaning: This machine is produced by Rug Doctor, which is one of the leaders of the professional carpet cleaning. Founded over 40 years ago, this brand has gained great popularity among consumers. So, owing a Rug Doctor cleaner means finding a carpet cleaning expert for your family!

Unique Design: First, it has a dual-tank system, allowing you to keep clean and dirty water separately. Second, it has a retractable handle and humanized wheels, enable you to travel around in your home pretty easily. Besides, it is also worth to mention that its small body is very convenient to put and store. You can put it on anywhere, like vehicles, stairs and more.


4. Best Spot Cleaner - Hoover Portable Spotless Carpet Remover

Hoover portable steam machine

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Quick Facts
  •   Weight: 9 pounds
  •   Item Dimension: 9.7*13.9*15 inches
  •   Hose Length: 5 ft.
  •   Tank design: Dual tank technology
  •   In the box: the trial size of cleaning solution, pretreat gel, multi-purpose tool
  •   Surface Type: carpet, upholstery, stairs and more
Pros & Cons
  •   Perfect for spot cleaning
  •   Lightweight & Compact
  •   Self-cleaning hose design
  •   Easy to use and store
  •   Suitable for pets
  •   Superior reach
  •   Odor Remover
  •   Sometime it may leak

Perfect for spot cleaning: it is really embarrassing when your pet pees on your carpet, you leave some sticky things on your carpets such as chocolate syrup, ice cream and more. It is a little fussy if you use an upright carpet cleaner to rinse them. And it will be perfect if a portable carpet cleaner comes in handy. This spotless unit powered by professional cleaning system and offers you a wonderful performance.

Self-Cleaning hose design: It is really a humanized design. As we all know, cleaning the unit is necessary when you finished the cleaning job, but it is not an easy task. With the self-rinsing system, you can lean the unit pretty easily.


5. Best for Pets - Bissell Portable Pet Stain Eraser & Carpet Cleaner 

Bissell carpet cleaner for pets

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Quick Facts
  •   Weight: 4.6lbs.
  •   Item dimension: 5.5*16.5*7 inches
  •   Power rating: 7.2 volts
  •   Tank capacity: 8 oz.
  •   Cleaning path width: 3 inches
  •   In the box: 2 trial size formulas
  •   Surface type: upholstery, stairs, area rugs, auto interiors and more
  •   Running time: 15 min.
Pros & Cons
  •   Cordless
  •   Affordable
  •   Convenient suction nozzle
  •   Super lightweight & compact
  •   Perfect for pet messes
  •   Ready-to-use formula
  •   Easy to use and maintenance
  •   Not chemical-free

Compact & Versatile: As you can see from the picture, the small cordless unit is a handheld cleaner that is pretty easy to hold with one hand. Though the body is small, it owns the powerful function. It can clean various stains hard to handle such as pet urine, vomit, mud, red wine, oils and more, especially perfect for pet messes.

No more water added: It owns ready-to-use formula design, so it needs not any water. What you need to do is only hold it and eliminate stains. You can use it at any time. It is also to mention that this unit can spray, scrub and suck at the same time, a powerful 3-in-one machine, isn’t it?


6. Best Professional - Bissell Compact SpotClean Carpet Cleaner  

Bissell spotcleaner

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Quick Facts
  •   Weight: 13 lbs.
  •   Water tank: 96 oz.
  •   Item dimension:10*14*14 inches
  •   Power Rating: 5.7 amps
  •   Hose length: 22ft
  •   In the box: professional pet urine eliminator, stain trapper tool, tough stain tool
  •   Surface type: carpet, upholstery, stairs, pet beds, area rugs, auto interiors and more
Pros & Cons
  •   Compact & lightweight
  •   Removable and large tank
  •   Pretty easy to use and store
  •   Professional for carpet spot cleaning
  •   3-in-1 function: suck, brush, and clean at one unit
  •   Expensive

Professional for spot cleaning: Though owing a small body, it has mighty function. It can suck, brush and rinse whatever you want. No matter pet messes, vomit, tough stains, it offers you great performance. The superior reach hose allows you to clean any area you want, corners, crevices, auto interiors and more. What’s more, the stain trapper tool it comes with is perfect for pet messes.

Large tank capacity: As you can see from the quick facts, the size of the tank is 96 oz, which means you need not to refill the tank during the cleaning performance. It is a really humanized design.


7. Best for Upholstery - Bissell Handsfree Spot & Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology  

bissell home cleaning machine

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Quick Facts
  •   Weight: 14 lbs.
  •   Cord length: 15 ft.
  •   Hose length: 0.4 ft.
  •   In the box: on-board hose, tough stain tool
  •   Surface type: carpet, upholstery, area rugs, auto, stairs and more
  •   Warranty: 2-year
Pros & Cons
  •   Deep-reach technology
  •   Compact & lightweight
  •   Hands-free spot cleaning
  •   Easy to use & store
  •   Spray, brush and suck 3-in-1 design
  •   Not chemical-free

Perfect for upholstery: As we said above, it can be used on a lot of surfaces: carpet, area rugs, auto interiors, and especially perfect for upholstery. Then, how to use it? First, fill the tank with water and cleaning formula, put this unit on the messes and turn on the button. Second, there is 2 preset cleaning system, so you can choose one to rinse the messes automatically. In the end, you can clean the unit then store it.

Unique Design: This remover equipped with a deep-reach technology, enabling you to clean any stubborn stains and odors. Besides, the preset cleaning system is also an outstanding feature that other normal cleaners do not have.


8. Best for Commercial - Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning & 2 Motor Extractor

Bissell carpet cleaner for commercial use

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Quick Facts
  •   Weight: 42 lbs.
  •   Item dimensions: 20.5*11*42.2 inches
  •   Power cord: 25 ft
  •   Water tank: 224 oz.
  •   Cleaning path: 10’’
Pros & Cons
  •   Professional for commercial cleaning
  •   Adjustable handle
  •   Dries quickly
  •   Use less water
  •   2 large tanks
  •   Edge-to-edge cleaning design
  •   Not compact
  •   Expensive

Professional for commercial use: This machine is professional for commercial use. It has 2 large tanks so separate clean water and dirty water. Also, the large tank capacity eases you from refilling. Besides, it comes with optional attachments, meeting your specific needs.

Humanized Design: As you can from the picture, this unit equipped with the adjustable handle, allowing you to adjust based on your own needs. Also, this handle can be folded down, so that you can store the unit more easily. Besides, this unit has an edge-to-edge design, permitting you to rinse the corner of the wall.


How We Picked & Tested?

Picking the good-value cleaners is not an easy task. In the beginning, we selected over 20 portable cleaning machines. We selected them according to their brands, prices, and so on. Then we narrowed them one by one until there were only 8 left.

Then, how we tested them? The main method is to douse various surfaces with kinds of fluid stains, including egg batter, chocolate syrup, red wine, bacon grease and more. We left them on carpet, upholstery, auto interiors and so on. Then we clean them with the selected machines and saw their cleaning performance. Besides, we also tested some other performances such as the noise level, durability and so on.

Who should Get this?

When you read here, actually, we have given you the answer: it’s YOU!

If you find yourself a klutz and often knocking over something, this kind of unit is suitable for you! Or, you have some troublemakers such as pets, kids, then, it’s also right for you. Let such a wonderful helper do something for you, whatever kinds of troubles, it all handles well.

What to Consider when Selecting a Portable Carpet Cleaner?

what factors should be consideredAfter selecting hundreds of cleaning machines, we got many experiences about how to select the best cleaning machine. Below we will give you some key points you should consider when choosing a portable cleaner.

1. Design

Lightweight: First, you should notice the weight of the cleaning machine. If you intend to find a unit that is portable and compact, this point should not be neglected. Normally, the weight of a portable carpet cleaner ranges from 10 to 20 lbs. of course, some machine may not in this range, but they are also suitable.

Power rating: Because this kind of cleaning machines do not have large bodies, their power rating is not as high as the full-size cleaners. The power ratings of them range from 3 amps. to 10 amps. Based on your own needs to select a suitable one for your family.

Cleaning brush action: The cleaning brush action should also be considered when selecting. A powerful brush can rinse stains pretty easily. You should notice that if it is durable, its cleaning performance and so on.

Heating element: Some portable carpet removers equipped with the heating system, it means they can turns cold water to hot water before cleaning. But most of the cleaners do not have such functions. Users need to put warm water into the unit to rinse stains. Also, some machines need not warm water, cold water is enough.

Pet power: Many people buy such kind of carpet machine for their pets, so if a machine is suitable for pets should not be neglected. Normally, most of such machines can be used to handle kinds of accidents, including pet messes, vomits and more.

2. Job Size and Type

You should be able to understand what is the job size that you will require your carpet to perform also the type of cleaning is very essential.

There are majorly two types of carpet cleaning this is the dry and the steam carpet cleaning. This depends on what you want.

3. Weight

Carpet cleaners are not the same as vacuum cleaners. They weigh more than the vacuum cleaners. This means they are a bit difficult to push hence you should find an appropriate weight for you.

If you buy a heavy carpet cleaner, you will have challenges since there is a need to add water when cleaning. This means it will weigh more and give you a difficult moment when cleaning the carpet.

If you want to be on the better part just go for a compact cleaner since it has been made very light.

2. Components

Numbers of attachments: A portable carpet extractor is not a professional multi-purpose cleaner, which comes with all kinds of attachments. They may carry some trail cleaning formula and some simple attachments such as extra-long hose, brushes and so on.

Tank: There are 2 things you should notice about the tank.

First, the tank capacity. Some cleaning units have a large tank (over 100 oz.), some have dual smaller tanks (for clean and dirty water). A large tank can ease you from refilling, but may hard to move around. On the contrary, a smaller tank may easy to move around, but requires users to refill the tank.

Second, you should notice if the tank is removable. A removable tank is much easier to fill and empty water, and easy to rinse the machine as well.

Cord & hose length: The cord length of portable cleaner ranges from 10 ft. to 25 ft., permitting users to move around easily. The hose length is shorter than that. Some cleaners even do not have a hose, such as the fifth model we offered to you.

>> View Best Cordless Steam Cleaners without Limitation

Wheels: In our opinion, some compact cleaners with wheels is a prominent point. This unique design allows you to move around the whole room pretty easily. For people who seek a portable and compact cleaner, this design, obviously, is very humanized.

3. Performance

Easy to use: This point is also an important factor to consider. Many of the portable steam cleaners are easy to use, what you need to do is fill the tank with water, then put it on the stains, then just wait for a few minutes. After finishing the cleaning job, you empty the tank, rinse the cleaning machine, that’s all.

Cleaning performance: Actually, we think it is one of the most important features users should take into consideration. You buy a cleaner for cleaning, and if it does not work, it has lost its worth. The cleaning machines we selected above offer you a wonderful cleaning performance!

Transport and storage friendly: Portable and compact are the outstanding features of this kind of cleaners, so most of them are easy to travel around. Also, the small bodies promise their convenient storage.

4. Service

Cleaning formula: Some cleaners carry with the trial size formulas. Normally, products do not come with the free cleaning formula, and users need to buy it themselves.

Warranty: Most of the cleaning machines offer you 1-year or 2-year warranty, in this period, users can return and exchange their products. Some manufacturers may also provide a 5-year or even a life-long warranty. Normally, they cost more as well.

5. Suction power

A higher suction power has a great cleaning ability. If you want great work, ensure that you go for the portable carpet cleaner which has a high suction power. It is always advisable to go for the power that is more than 1600 watts.

This power will enable your cleaner to pull back the dirty water on the carpet, which means that your cleaner will leave no chance for the pathogens to thrive.

6. Cleaning Brush Action

For tidy work, you will need a great brush. A cleaner with a good cleaning ability has good brush action ability also. The brush is responsible for removing stains and ensuring that the carpet is well cleaned.

Compare with Other Kinds of Cleaners

versus between different kinds of surfacesThere are various cleaning machines nowadays, vacuum, portable cleaners, full-size cleaners and so on. Below we give you the comparison among them, read to know more about different cleaning units.

1. Vacuums vs Carpet Cleaner

Vacuums and carpet cleaner are 2 kinds of different cleaning methods. Vacuums need not any water or formula added. They can light up all kinds of stains. The demerit of them is they just do the simple cleaning job.

Compare with vacuums, carpet cleaner needs water and formula, and do the deeper cleaning. Some portable cleaners also carry with the vacuum function, and some do not offer suction. Actually, users can do the cleaning job with a vacuum then to do the deep cleaning with a carpet cleaner.

2. Portable Cleaner vs Upright Cleaner

Upright cleaner and portable cleaner are designed for different cleaning use. The former is more suitable for the whole room cleaning, and the latter is perfect for quick and spot cleaning. They have their own merits and demerits, users select a suitable one according to their specific needs.

The Right Way to Clean Stair Carpet with a Portable Cleaner

If accidents happened on the stairs, what would you do? Do not think it is hard to handle, just follow the steps below, and you will find it pretty easy to solve.

First, you need to pick up all the things on the stairs. It is the preparation for the next cleaning job. If you have a carpet rake, it would be better to rake it before cleaning.

Second, do the vacuum cleaning job. You need to light up all the surface stains before doing the deep cleaning.

Third, holding your carpet cleaner to rinse the stairs. Then you just need to wait for a while to dry. That is all you need to do, not so hard as you think, right?

FAQs about Portable Carpet Cleaner

1.  Which Is the Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine?

If you are looking for a professional cleaning machine for carpet cleaning, do not miss out on the following units! They are the best professional carpet cleaning machines on the market.

2. Why do I need to Invest in a Portable Spot Cleaner?

Why do you need to invest in a spot cleaner? Obviously, they have lots of attractive features. First, they are pretty easy to hold and use, and you can move them wherever you want to. Second, they offer great cleaning performance. Third, they are more affordable than the upright cleaning machine. The list goes on and on, so, why not buy one?

3. Which Type of Chemicals is Best and Safe for Use on Carpet?

Most of the portable cleaners need chemicals to help them to rinse stains, below we offer you some well-received safe chemicals. Use together, and the effect is better! Check to see more details!

4. Should I Choose a Carpet Cleaner that Uses a Chemical?

It’s okay to choose a carpet cleaner needed chemical. Chemicals help your cleaning machine do a better job. They are professional for carpet cleaning, so, do not worry about that much. And they can leave fresh smell on your carpet, eliminate odors effectively.

5. How Good Is a Carpet Cleaner When Dealing with Cars?

Most of the carpet cleaners can be used on auto interiors. Just like be used on carpet and upholstery, they can do the same great cleaning job.

6. How Is a Carpet Cleaner Different with a Steam Cleaner?

Carpet cleaner rinse surface with powerful brushes and cleaning system. It needs warm water and formula added. It can be used on surfaces such as carpets, upholstery and auto interiors.

The steam cleaner eliminates stains with steaming. It requires not formula added. Different kinds of steamers are specific for different use.

7. Are Portable Carpet Cleaners Better Than Upright Carpet Cleaners?

The determining factor is the area you are cleaning. Portable carpet cleaners are well suited for small carpets of even spots. Upright cleaners are good for a larger carpet.

8. Can I Use Portable Carpet Cleaners on Rugs?

Yes, you can use a portable carpet cleaner on rugs but they are not the best option. I would suggest that you use a cleaner that is specially used for rugs.

Care and Maintenance

Do not rinse your home only, remember to clean your machine as well. Different models need different methods to rinse, and users need to do it according to the specific instruction. Normally, tank, attachments, nozzle, hose all need to be rinsed.

If you want the best out of your portable carpet cleaner there are some very important tips that you should follow.

First, you should learn to vacuum the carpet before cleaning with a portable carpet cleaner. This is very important since it will remove as much soil or dusty substance that are in the carpet.

If you are cleaning the part with high traffic, then it is always very good for you to use a pipe filter. This is to ensure the safety of your portable carpet cleaner. Pipe filters will be a good thing to make use of.

If you are cleaning a place that is heavily soiled, then it is always recommended to pre-treat the area. This is to avoid causing issues to your cleaner.

Final Verdict

As you can see from this article, Bissell carpet cleaners are the most popular units among these machines. Below we offer you a list of Bissell cleaning machines, you can make a comparison and choose the right one for your family.