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Best Robot Vacuums Under 200 – Reviews & Comparisons

Many people and households are trying to find ways of dealing with this menace. Because of this, the robot vacuum cleaners are currently trending in the market since they guarantee versatility, efficiency, and convenience. The many models, however, make it challenging to acquire the best robot vacuum cleaners. This article henceforth lists the best robot vacuums under 200 currently in the market.

Every individual usually wants to be in a clean and comfortable environment. The robo vac shortens your cleaning process which is tedious and stressful. Here are some of the best.

Top 7 Best Robot Vacuums Under 200 in 2021

Reviews of the 7 Best Robot Vacuums Cleaners Under $200

#1. Best Sale – Eufy Super Thin Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

best sale robotic vauum cleaners


  • Easy to set up
  • Operates quietly
  • Auto-charges on low battery
  • Smart and intelligent systems
  • Sufficient battery and operation lifespan


  • It can’t work on something in black as the normal robot vacuums do
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This model from Eufy suppliers is currently the best-selling product in the market. This is due to the special installed features, which make its cleaning top-notch. Some of the features include its slim height of about 2.85 inches for easy maneuvering.

Despite the thin size, it comes with a powerful suction of 1300 Pa for an extra clean floor surface. Installed in this RoboVac is a Boost IQ technology system that automatically increases the suction power in a matter of 1.5 seconds for extra vacuuming strength and guaranteed clean surfaces.

This vacuum cleaner can operate for about 100 minutes on a full charge providing prolonged and consistent vacuuming. It also operates quietly, emitting super low noise frequency, which is tolerable. The device is also installed with a tempered glass top for anti-scratching and protection. Also included in the design are infrared sensors for obstacle evasions and drop-sensing technology to prevent falls.

The large legs allow it to roll over uneven surfaces, and the RoboVac also automatically returns to charging post after cleaning, thus making sure it is always ready for cleaning. This device also has several cleaning modes with the capability of pre-setting vacuuming time for convenience. And the large dust box of about 0.6L guarantees for continuous cleaning without the need to empty it frequently.

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#2. Best for Pet Hair – Goovi Robot Vacuum with Self-Charging

Groovi 1600Pa robot vacuum with powerful suction


  • Long battery life
  • Operated by a remote
  • Easy to control and use
  • Smart and intelligent systems


  • Can not be used for thick carpets
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This is a great robot vacuum cleaner for your home.  This device is designed with a very powerful suction capability of about 1600 Pa, which makes cleaning efficient. It can also be easily controlled by a remote or, it can be pre-set to auto clean the floors. The slim design of this product further makes the cleaning of low lying and hidden surfaces like below sofas and beds easy and efficient.

The vacuum cleaner is also intelligent with drop-sensor technology for protection and a smart movement system that identifies obstacles and automatically plans alternative cleaning paths for further protection and efficiency.

The intelligent design ensures that it automatically recharges always to be ready for cleaning. With the two large wheels, it is capable of maneuvering through a variety of surfaces and obstacles to reach the dirt for effortless and efficient cleaning. It also has multiple cleaning modes that can be selectively set and a pre-set vacuuming time for effortless and unsupervised cleaning.

The battery capacity of this model is also very high and thus can operate continuously for about 120 minutes non-stop, thus covering large areas at a go.

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#3. Best for Hard Wood Floor – GOOVI 2000Pa Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Groovi 2000Pa robot vacuum rechargeable under 200


  • Sufficient working time
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Advanced sensor systems
  • Intelligent cleaning systems
  • Powerful and automatically increasing suction


  • 0.5L dustbin
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This is a new model currently in the market, which is popular among hardwood floor residents. The robot vacuum cleaners have improved and advanced features that ensure efficient cleaning.

For instance, the suction power is super high up to 2000 Pa which cleans effectively. It is also designed with automatically increasing suction power upon stumbling on different surfaces such as carpets. The design is also slim to the height of 2.81 inches, which enables it to access low-profile areas and a climb degree of about 16 degrees for accessing raised areas.

The installed intelligent system has anti-fall sensors for increased protection, an infrared sensor to prevent unwarranted collisions, and an automatic return to charging station setting, which ensures that it is always charged and ready to clean.

The device also comes with an ultra-high battery capacity of about 2600 mAh, which can support vacuuming for a continuous 120 minutes. A variety of cleaning modes options include auto, spot, edge, clack setup, small-space, and max vacuuming cleaning options for maximal cleaning outcomes.

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#4. Best with App Controls – Ecovacs Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power Suction

Ecovacs quiet robot vacuum cleaners


  • Powerful suction
  • Operates quietly
  • Sufficient run time
  • Smart control systems
  • Compatible with smart houses
  • Multiple and adjustable cleaning modes


  • Doesn’t include boundary
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Ecovacs is an advanced company that supplies high-quality net generation products. They are thus popular with many users due to their advanced features.

For instance, these devices come equipped with three brushes, one central main and two side brushes, which guarantees complete cleaning. It also comes with different cleaning modes such as spot, edge, and auto cleaning modes for efficiency.

The control system is unique as it uses voice and app controls. This is achieved through Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands and ECOVACS smart app, which comes with at least five features for control, scheduling, updates, cleaning, and accessory statuses.

The vacuum cleaner can also automatically increase suction power to two times standard for tougher and uneven spots. The operation is also reasonably quiet, with noise levels at about 65 db maximum.

The product is designed with a fairly large dust bin of about 520 ml for prolonged use. The battery capacity is also sufficient for up to 110 minutes of continuous use on a full charge.

Furthermore, the intelligent system of these robot vacuum cleaners has anti-drop and anti-collision sensors for protection, an automatic software update system, and auto-return to charging station function. Further installed include a high-efficiency filter system, anti-scratch finish, and large wheels for easy maneuvering on different terrains for durability and efficient cleaning.

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#5. Best for Large House – Coredy Rotit Vacuum Cleaner with 360 Degree Smart Sensor

self charging robotic vauum cleaners under $200


  • Wet-dry mopping
  • 5 varied cleaning modes
  • Long-life battery sustenance
  • Auto-protection and intelligent systems


  • can’t connect to smart houses
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Its premium features enable for extensive and unique performance functions, which qualifies it to be rated among the best. For instance, it comes with a 3-in-1 wet-dry mopping function capability. Thus, it can vacuum, dry sweep, and wet-dry floor surfaces as desired by the user.

The machine’s suction power is also high to about 1400 Pa maximum; however, the vacuum cleaner can automatically regulate this power depending on the nature of the cleaning surface while operating quietly to noise frequencies under 60 db.

The intelligent system incorporates an anti-drop sensor, anti-collision sensor, self-recharge technology, and dual-hall sensors to detect boundary strips and keep the device in the room of choice.

The robot vacuum cleaner also has five different cleaning modes, which include spot, edge, max vacuuming, single room, and manual cleaning modes for efficient cleaning. The design is also super thin to about 2.7 inches to easily fit low-lying areas effortlessly and further incorporated is a high-capacity battery that can support continuous cleaning for approximately 120 minutes.

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#6. Best Quiet – Coredy Robot Vacuum for Carpets

Coredy 1400Pa robot vacuum cleaber under 200


  • Operates quietly
  • Sufficient cleaning time
  • Adjustable cleaning modes
  • Intelligent function systems


  • Not recommended for thickly carpeted floors
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Coredy suppliers are renowned in the vacuum cleaners industry for their high-quality products. These vacuum cleaners are designed with unique features for an excellent performance.

This model is super slim on design measuring about 2.7 inches enabling it to reach low and hard to reach areas. The suction power is also super strong to 1400 Pa for impeccable cleaning as it can pick up any dirt. The intelligent system of anti-drop and anti-collision sensors provides for optimal protection. The automatic recharge setting further ensures that the device is ever ready.

Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner also can change between four cleaning modes effortlessly using a handheld remote control for convenient cleaning. Also included in the design are two large wheels for smooth movement to different areas and surfaces and 300 ml large anti-spill dust-box for the continuous holding of dirt without the need to frequently empty it.

These models also have high-capacity lithium-ion batteries for a continuous 110-minute cleaning sufficient for cleaning entire rooms and houses and a dual filter system, which minimizes releasing of already trapped dust, thus ensuring cleaning efficiency.

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#7. Best Inexpensive – ILIFE Vacuum Cleaner for Low Pile Carpet

best cheap robot vacuum cleaner under 200


  • Works quietly
  • Tangle-free cleaning
  • Versatile functioning
  • Sufficient operation time


  • Doesn’t have roller brush
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These devices are super easy to use and control by auto controlling through the button on the robot or through the utilization of the remote control to set the desired mode of cleaning among the auto, edge, and space modes.

The design is also slim to the level of 3 inches for thorough cleaning even in hard to reach areas. Also installed is the tangle-free care technology which efficiently cleans even pet hair without tangling and blocking of the roller.

The model is also designed with intelligent systems for efficiency. They include pre-setting and scheduling of cleaning time for self-cleaning, 3-built-in underneath infrared sensors for protection by avoiding falling off edges, and ten sets of front infrared sensors to prevent obstacle collisions.

The auto-charging function is also convenient for readiness, and a fully charged robot vacuum cleaner can last up to 100 minutes. The device also has extra-large rover wheels, which can also climb height to about 10 mm, enabling smooth cleaning and easy shifting between surfaces such as from hard floor to carpets and vice versa.

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Is Robot Vacuum Under 200 Valuable?

In a nutshell, yes. This is because, despite their relatively low prices, the majority of them are installed with features that facilitate an effective cleaning process. There may be shortcomings on some particular aspects of cleaning, which might create inconveniences; however, on a larger scale, they do achieve their purpose of cleaning your floors.

Moreover, on top of sufficiently cleaning your floors, they always present with a magnitude of benefits that usually assist the end-users. For instance, they create free time for the users by cutting on time that could have otherwise been used controlling them, thus allowing you to engage in other productive activities. This is just but one significant benefit associated.

Why Buy a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

Some individuals looking to buy a vacuum cleaner may be torn between buying a manual or a robot kind. Thus, listed below are some of the reasons why buying a robot vacuum is a good idea;

They are easy to use – These devices are usually programmed and set to clean your floors effortlessly. For instance, you may set your robot vacuum cleaner on a specific cleaning mode you wish for and also add the specified time you want to the cleaning to start. Afterward, all you have to do is place the device on the floor, and that’s it. All the functioning and cleaning will be self-operated by their intelligent systems.

Buy Ecovacs  Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Home Compatibility

Ecovacs quiet robot vacuum cleaners

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Low maintenance cost – These vacuum cleaners are also designed with high-quality materials that shield them from impacts and scratches. The many installed sensors also further protect them from falling or colliding with a wall section. Thus, with these highly protective safety installations, these devices are guaranteed to last long without breaking down.

Hands-free operations – These robotics are also vital in that you do not need to guide them through the floor continuously. The smart technology and the sensors in these devices allow for auto-navigations through the floor of your house.

Thus, very essential for individuals with mobility problems or elderly individuals as they just need to lay back as the robot vac does its job. The only hand involvement is clearing of the dustbin; otherwise, it’s a smooth ride throughout.

Allows for convenient pre-scheduling – These are vital control and operation systems that enables you to engage in other activities around the house as your floor gets continually cleaned. On the other hand, you may also clean your floors without actually being present at home, thus further convenient for traveling on long trips.

Buy Groovi Vacuum with Pre- Set Funtions

Groovi 1600Pa robot vacuum with powerful suction

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Saves on time and energy – With the automatic cleaning robo vacs, you will be left with sufficient time on your hands for other activities. Also, in the placement of pushing a heavy device all around the floor of the house, this device will self-drive thus saving on the energy that could be burnt using traditional manual vacuum cleaners.

Fits in tight and small spaces – This is due to their slim design which enables them to effectively clean the tight spaces in the room such as under the tables, sofas, beds among other areas. You will also comfortably clean out all the corners and crannies thus guaranteeing for a thorough and effective cleaning.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners vs. Traditional Vacuum Cleaners

Before the introduction of the robotic vacuum cleaners in 2002, people relied on the traditional manually operated systems of vacuum cleaning. However, the new robotic designs received great acceptance by many attracting large customers.

best robot vacuum under 200Nevertheless, they also come with disappointing sides which makes the users wish they still had the traditional vacuum cleaners.

#1. Cleaning Time Efficiency

On this issue, it is clear that the robo vacs are top as they save a lot of time with their automated cleaning schedules, unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners which usually have to plug and pull all over the place thus taking a chunk of your time.

#2. Accessing Areas for Cleaning

This is an extensive area with differential comparisons. For instance, when it comes to cleaning of constricted and small spaces, then the robovacs are usually the most preferred rather than the traditional vacuum cleaners which are generally big in size.

These devices are both capable of cleaning multiple surfaces such as hard floors and carpeted floors as they come with the option of attaching different cleaning accessories. However, the robotic models are further preferred as you do not have to change these accessories while changing into a different surface.

On an uneven floor terrain such as staircase areas, the traditional vacuum cleaners are usually preferred as they can maneuver any terrain comfortably with hand control directing whereas robo vacs can only work on flat and even floor terrains.

#3. Noise Levels

Traditional vacuum cleaners are usually very noisy and thus irritating to many users when in operation, however, the robotic vacuum cleaners have been designed with technology which ensures that they emit as minimal noise as possible which makes them comfortable and fun to be around while working.

Buy the Best Sale Eufy Robot Vacuum with Low Noise Around 55dB

best sale robotic vauum cleaners

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#4. Dust Collection

The dust bags/bins in these two types of vacuum cleaners are usually very different. For instance, those in the robo vacs are usually very small and can only hold up to a certain amount of dirt, thus requiring frequent emptying, unlike the dustbins in traditional vacuum cleaners, which are usually very large and can accommodate a substantial amount of trash for extended cleaning sessions.

#5. Price Tags

Many of the robotic vacuum cleaners are usually very expensive in the market, costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. In contrast, traditional vacuum cleaners are often very cheap and affordable to many individuals.

Buy the Best Cheap Robot Vacuum with High Quality and Multi Functions

best cheap robot vacuum cleaner under 200

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Robotic vacuum cleaners are extensive in the current market, and thus purchasing one requires serious and thorough consideration of several features. This will ensure that you acquire a satisfactory product for cleaning purposes.

Despite the robotic vacuum cleaners being costly, some of the above mentioned under 200 dollars models usually come installed with great features and thus can effectively clean your house. You should, therefore, consider them when looking to purchase some robot vacuum cleaners with a budget of below 200 dollars.