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Best Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners – Top Cleaning Machines from Reputable Brand

Carpets are significant pieces of household textiles. They are the ones on which we set our steps and step on.

Then, they also absorb the sounds to make the interiors soundproof and truly inhabitable. Owing to the fact that they are placed on the floors for a large part, these textiles do absorb plenty of dust and dirt.

With prolonged exposure to this dirt and dust, the carpets are likely to trigger asthmatic and other respiratory illnesses. To stem this tide, you want to clean the carpets thoroughly to eliminate these issues.

This is a feat you can only achieve by employing the best Rug Doctor carpet cleaners which we look into shortly.


Top 5 Best Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners on the Market of 2021


Do Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners Work Good?

best rug doctor carpet cleaner reviews

YES, they do! A number of factors converge to make them able to deliver on that end. These are:

  • Agile Brushes

They do have truly agile brushes that are well capable of penetrating the smaller cracks and crevices within the fabric.

The brushes operate via the dual cross-actions to see to it that all the dirt is eliminated within the fewest number of passes at a time.

  • Strong Suction

Complementing the brushes above is the strong suction pressure of the cleaners. This action of sucking up dirt goes a long way in allowing for a faster and expedited drying of the carpets thereof.

They also cut down the time you would otherwise waste or expend when cleaning the carpets.

  • Spray Function

A super boost spray function also comes along. Its role is to furnish the cleaners onto the carpet to aid with the elimination of the fine dirt.

They also negate the need for you to expend too much water and other cleansers to eliminate the hidden dirt from the fabrics.

  • Larger Tank

Their tanks, when compared to the many competing alternatives are larger. They can subsequently accommodate more water and detergents.

This fact goes a long way in ensuring that the cleaners impact a wider area than what their competitors can manage. Other than being large, the tanks are also easier to empty and fill.

  • Powerful Motor

They derive their cleansing power from the built-in motors. Their motors are more powerful than the ones for other carpet cleaners. Most bear the.

On account of this, they are able to tackle harder dirt at a pace that is also elevated considerably.

  • Long Cord

An extra-long cord that measures 28 feet rounds up the sum total benefits that these appliances have to confer.

Thanks to the sheer length of the cords, the cleaners are well able to access and impact those areas that are ordinarily harder to access under normal circumstances.


Reviews of the 5 Best Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners

We now embark on the reviews of the best Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaners:

#1: Best Price – Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner with Powerful Suction

Do you lack the necessary financial muscle and resource base? We draw your attention to this Best price – Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner with powerful suction. It is by far the cheapest and most affordable of all the carpet cleaners we have around for your consideration.

rug doctor carpet shampooer


  • Cleans deeper than many competing carpet-cleaning appliances
  • Great for the high traffic or heavily-soiled areas
  • Pairs with the upholstery tools for maximum cleaning outcomes


  • The colors can’t be customized except the red

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  • Dual Cross Action Brushes

Its flagship trait is the dual cross action brush. This oscillates and rotates to eliminate the dirt from off the carpet fibers by way of scrubbing. So thorough it is that it literally, ‘leaves no stone unturned.’

In all, the brush delivers professional-grade deep cleaning outcomes.

  • Extra Suction Power

The appliance is capable of delivering a whopping 75% extra suction power. On the strength of this massive power, it slashes the time that the carpet takes to dry after a cleansing session.

Also, it sees to it that all the dirt is effectively eliminated from off the surfaces.

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#2: Best Mini – Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Cleaner for Spots Cleaning

Is the area you intend to impact and tackle too small? Grab this Rug Doctor small carpet cleaner and make great use of it. Of all the cleaners under our review, it is this one that is small enough for your cramped up spaces.

rug doctor portable spot cylinder carpet cleaner


  • Produces and gives off twice the suction power of its competitors
  • Able also to eliminate odors from off the surfaces of the carpets
  • Good enough for professional-grade cleaning


  • Unsuitable for the larger areas or rooms

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  • Handheld Dual Action

Its cleaning task is largely undertaken via the handheld dual actions. Thanks to this duality, the cleaner is able to eliminate the toughest stains with absolute ease.

Then again, it leaves behind more enduring and long-lasting outcomes than many of its peers.

  • Retractable Handle

A retractable handle comes in last among the many features and specifications it has to provide.

The handle attaches to a set of carpet-friendly wheels and jointly allows for easy access to just about anywhere you would want the same to go.

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#3: Best for Commercial Use – Rug Doctor Mighty Pro x3 Upright Carpet Cleaner

Have some commercial inkling? This Rug Doctor Mighty Pro x3 carpet cleaner is the one we might recommend for your use. It is for all practical purposes appropriately suited for the handling of larger areas and tackling more complex tasks.

rug doctor mighty pro x3 heavy duty carpet cleaner


  • Scrubs all the sides of the carpet at one go!
  • Eliminates the filth and the odors at the same time
  • Dries the carpets faster than the competitors


  • Heavy duty

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  • One-pass Cleaning System

Unlike many other commercial cleaners, this one is pretty faster thanks to the one-pass cleaning mechanism.

Thanks to this system, the appliance is able to eliminate just about every other kind of dirt or filth in one swoop. This arrangement helps to cut the time of operations down.

  • X3 Carpet Cleaner

At its core are some powerful jets that deliver the cleaning solution in a whopping three times the speed and pressure of other cleaners.

Moreover, it can also dispense the shampoo and the detergents at the same time. That sees it eliminate all kinds of unwanted debris at a time.

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#4: Best with Upholstery Tools – Rug Doctor 95735 Wide Track Upright Carpet Cleaner

Of course, you will also always want to engage other upholstery tools as you clean your carpet. Only by you laying your hands on a Rug Doctor 95735 of this kind will you be able to enjoy seamless and uninterrupted handling.

rug doctor industrial carpet cleaner


  • Works faster than many other tools
  • Its handle adjusts for different heights of use
  • Impacts a whopping 12 inches wide cleaning path


  • Costly to come by (quite unaffordable)

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  • Powerful Pump

Standing out amongst its most reliable traits is the powerful pump. This one is able to eject a whopping 28 pounds per inch of an area at a time.

The high water pressure can also eliminate all the hardened dirt in a manner that is way beyond the scope and the reach of your ordinary cleaners.

  • Large Tank

A large tank also comes attached to the entire system. This large tank plays the role of storing the water, shampoo, and detergents that you subsequently use to eliminate the dirt and impact the carpets.

Thanks to the sheer large size, expect to confront limited emptying as you clean.

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#5: Best for Carpet and Hardwood Floors – Rug Doctor All in One Cleaner with a Removable Tank

Have many kinds of surfaces to impact? Place your bet on this Rug Doctor all in one cleaner to cleanse your hardwoods and carpets. Its multipurpose nature is definitely a plus as it cuts down your hassles.

rug doctor antibacterial carpet cleaner


  • Awesome tank capacity (1.5 liters)
  • Negates the need for the input of too much effort
  • Extracts the new and the old stains with ease


  • May negelect the tight corners or narrow spaces as it has a relative wide mop head

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  • Simpler Maneuverability

For all practical purposes, this appliance is great at maneuvering and impacting the otherwise inaccessible areas.

That stems mainly from the extremely lightweight nature of the machine. In light of that, the machine also delivers far-reaching impacts.

  • Hassle-free FlexClean

Its cleaning mechanism comes in the form of the hassle-free FlexClean. This one eliminates the need to employ the various cleaning machines at one go.

With it, in fact, it is possible for you to play the roles of mops, hard floor cleaners, and the steamers, all the same time!

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What Is the Best Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Solutions/Detergent?

Apart from the cleaning appliance, you must also bring in a cleaning detergent or solution. Of these, the Rug Doctor Oxy Steam Carpet Cleaner stands out. We lay bare its strong points here below:

rug doctor carpet detergent


  • Great for a variety of sources
  • Rejuvenates and freshens the carpets
  • Simpler to apply and subsequently use


  • Not found yet

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It is an oxygen-activated cleaning booster that confers professional-strength cleaning power. That works to eliminate the stains and the dirt that are both buried deeper within the carpets.

  • Potent Concentration

Its concentration is truly potent, a fact that allows for maximum efficacy while cleaning. Thanks to this potency, the solution is also able to impact wider square footage of the carpet while at the same time conferring greater levels of performance.

  • Blue Wave Scent

A Blue Wave Scent also comes about as a by-product. It works to add some scent to the carpets which also goes a long way in suppressing the foul odors. Thanks to the extreme power of the scent, the item is also capable of adding some freshness to the fabrics.

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Who Makes the Best Carpet Cleaner: Rug Doctor vs. Bissell?

At present, we have two major manufacturers of carpet cleaners. These are the Rug Doctor and the Bissell. But how do they fare on? We examine their strengths in our conversations below:

  • Versatility

When all factors are taken into consideration, the Rug Doctor is more versatile than the Bissell. Its line of products is generally well able to pair and work alongside the many other accessories.

Thus, they work tirelessly to ensure that you are well taken good care of all the while.

  • Price

Considering the strong and enduring nature of the Rug Doctor carpet cleaners, they tend to be costlier than the Bissell appliances. You have to be prepared hence to part with lots of money to be able to acquire and subsequently make great use of them.

  • Warranty

Both brands accompany their products with a generous warranty. Nonetheless, the one for the Rug Doctor is more comprehensive and far-reaching than the one for the Bissell.

You are hence better off with the former than the latter. Your purchase of these products is hence likely to offer the peace of mind you need to enjoy the salient benefits.


Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner vs. Mighty Pro X3 vs. Bissell Big Green

rug doctor small carpet cleaner

We now venture into examining the differences between these three main carpet cleaner manufacturers:

– Cleaning Power

All of them give off some measure of cleaning power. When all factors are taken into consideration, the one for the Rug doctor deep carpet cleaner tops the charts.

The Bissell Big Green comes second whereas the cleaning power of the Mighty pro x3 comes at a distant third.

– Cleaning Apparatus

To clean and get rid of the dirt from surfaces, these appliances make use of a set of cleaning apparatus. The Rug doctor deep carpet cleaner has the most comprehensive cleaning apparatus of all.

These are the bristles, the shampooer, and the dryer. It hence does a better job than both Mighty pro x3 and Bissell Big Green.

– Versatility

The term ‘versatility’ refers to the number of chores that may be handled by the machines altogether. In all, the Rug doctor’s deep carpet cleaner is by far the most versatile.

Other than possessing many cleaning apparatus, it also accepts numerous accessories. It is followed closely by the Mighty pro x3 and the Bissell Big Green.

– Extent or Reach

Rooms and surfaces differ markedly with regard to their sizes and spreads. These appliances are also designed to reach varying sizes and manage different impacts.

The Rug doctor deep carpet cleaner has by far the longest reach thanks mainly to the extra-long cord. It is closely trailed by the Bissell Big Green and the Mighty pro x3.

– Tank Size

It is the tanks that bear and contain the detergents and the water you need to impact the surfaces you have in mind. On the basis of this metric, there is no clear winner or loser.

That is because the tanks of the Rug doctor deep carpet cleaner, the Mighty pro x3, and the Bissell Big Green are all the same in size.

– Cleaning Duration

Generally speaking, the Rug doctor’s deep carpet cleaner takes the shortest duration of time to conclude the cleaning task.

It also doubles up as the one with the fastest drying time of the three major brands. The remaining two i.e. Mighty pro x3 and the Bissell Big Green tie on the basis of this metric.

– Warranty

Even though all of these appliances have a robust warranty, it is the one for the Rug doctor’s deep carpet cleaner that is the most comprehensive.

It, unlike that of either the Mighty pro x3 and the Bissell Big Green, lasts longer and also covers every aspect of the cleaning equipment.



1. How to Use a Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner?

To use the Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner, you follow these steps:

Step I: Fill the tank with water, shampoo, or detergent

Start out by filling the tank of the appliance with water, shampoo, or detergent depending on the exact task you intend to undertake. Seal the tank firmly to prevent any spillages.

Step II: Plug the appliances on the mains socket

Next, plug the appliance on the mains socket. In case it draws its power from the batteries, check to ensure that the batteries are properly fixed in their place.

Step III: Switch on the appliance

Now, move ahead to switch the appliance on. This is to trigger it to operate and run as need be.

Step IV: Run the brushes atop the carpet

Get down to the core of carpet cleaning. At this stage, you should now run the brushes atop the carpet from one corner to another one. Be cautious and thorough to see to it that all dirt and grime are completely eliminated.

Step V: Dry the carpet

After you are through with the cleaning exercise, you should now go ahead to dry the carpet typically by eliminating running the dryer atop the carpet once more.

2. How Many Hours Does a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Last?

There is no straight answer to this question.

The exact number of hours that this appliance can last largely depends on the source of power that the appliance derives its cleaning prowess from. Those that derive theirs from mains electricity tends to last longer than the ones that do so from batteries.

Then again the size of the tank also matters. Larger tanks are generally capable of managing and allowing longer hours of use compared to the smaller tanks. To make the right choice hence, you should prioritize the larger tanks and the mains electricity source.



Our peek into the best Rug Doctor carpet cleaners comes to an end there. We have truly belabored the subject by showcasing all that may be necessary for you to make the most informed decision.

How about you now proceed to make the most suitable pick from the following list?