Top 6 Best Steam Cleaners for Mattress Bug & Stain in 2020 – Review

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Steam cleaning is not only goodbye to the mattress cleaning, but also sterilizes and improves air quality and provides many other advantages. While there are many benefits to cleaning the steam in the mattress, there are reasons to use this method for disinfection. We round up the 6 best steam cleaner for mattress.

6 Best Steam Cleaner for Mattress Cleaning

Reviews of the 6 Best Mattress Cleaners on Amazon

#1. Best Rating – Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Mattress

This vacuum cleaner has especially been designed to suit the needs of your living standards. It is elegant and just the perfect option for your mattress.

portable mattress steam cleaner

  • Has a built-in U-type reflector that gathers UV light
  • Has HEPA Air Filtration that captures all the macro and micro-particles from the mattress and releases them to the air.
    Its carbon filtration technology offers air outlet on its
  • Weighs 3.2lb super therefore light-weight and easy to use
  • Has a 160ml built-in dust chamber capacity that meets quality expectations
  • User-friendly as it is easy to dismount and mount
  • Its unique pressure-sensitive rolling wheels have been effectively designed to prevent leaking of UV, safer operation and quick response to speed

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#2. Best for Mite Remove – Housemile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Most users of the Housemile mattress vacuum cleaner have reported that this device cleans better than any other model. The brilliant functions of this Housemile mattress vacuum cleaner include:

Best Vaccum steam cleaner for mite removal

  • Has an advanced HEPA Filtration that captures 99.98% percent of both macro and micro-particles
  • Has an upgraded UV Light mechanism that helps to eliminate any bacteria. It has a 99.7% rate of killing mites, bed bugs, and micro-organisms
  • It has a powerful suction capacity of 10.5KPa attraction and can, therefore, attract all the insects and dust at its base. It first beats out dust then sucks them out cushion; then, thoroughly sucks them away
  • Has an elaborate and compactly designed case to ensure quality performance
  • Weighs 4.5lbs and is therefore super lightweight to be easily moved around
  • Has a 200ml built-in dust collector that is of a large capacity that ensures that once the vacuum cleaner has been emptied, it can be used on more than five mattresses without its duct collector getting full

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#3. Best for Pet Urine – Bissell Upright Steam Cleaner for Pets

Purchasing the Bissell upright steam cleaner for pets ensures you get professional cleaning services for your mattress or even carpet.

Bissell upright steam cleaner for mattress urine and stain

  • Lightweight, weighing less than 18 pounds, hence easy to maneuver
  • Has a Max Clean mode which together with its 12 rows brush roll that delivers nothing but professional cleaning of dirt, stains, and odors
  • Has an elegant Express Clean Mode that ensures your carpet has dried 30 minutes after washing it
  • Has a low profile foot that makes it user-friendly and easy to maneuver around furniture
  • Utilizes the multi-cyclonic technology that ensures proper suctioning of dirt
  • Has a large dust cup capacity that is also easy to empty
  • Has swivel navigation to provide appropriate maneuverability.
  • Relies on a scatter-free technology that helps manage debris found on hard floors.
  • Has a washable filter and 5-height adjustment settings
  • Uniquely, the vacuum is available in three more Clean View variants

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#4. Best for Bed Bugs – McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Mattress Cleaner

This model does not require any chemicals to achieve elegant cleaning. Instead, it naturally sanitizes and deeps clean. It is easy to use and perfect for cleaning boats, trucks, cars, or motorcycles. It removes grime and grease from wheels, engines, and chrome fixtures.

hot sale McCulloch heavy duty steam cleaner for multiple use

  • Safety
  • Has a large storage compartment for its 18 attachments
  • The 18 attachments are well designed for steam cleaning your mattress or carpet
  • Has a caste wheel, a 15-foot power cord, and other built-in accessories to offer convenience in mobility
  • Has a water tank capacity of 48-ounce that permits for up to forty-five minutes of use.
  • Comes with a 2-year free warranty for use only in the United States of America
  • Has a 33-37 g/min steam rate and 43 psi steam pressure rate
  • Has been richly built to meet the U.S. voltage requirements therefore safe for use

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#5. Best Portable – Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Roller Brush

This steam machine helps you to smooth your sheet when cleaning the dirty stains on the mattress.

powerful steam cleaner for mattress cleaning

  • Has a powerful motor of 300W
  • Has a cord of length 14.7-feet that betters the cleaning reach
  • It has a 400mL dust bin that is large enough to hold more dust.
  • It gives you approximately 30 minutes of usage before its recharging.
  • It has a high-frequency vibration of up to 33000 cycles/min. These two qualities ensure that the model beats out bacteria and the deep dust
  • Has a Centrifugal Cyclone Filtration System that helps to capture tiny debris effectively on the surfaces of the fabric. The system also ensures that the waste remitted in the air do not have allergens
  • A 20 cm length high-power 253.7 nm UV sterilization lamp. This technology prevents the leakage of UV
  • It has a 6-stage filtration system, and a HEPA filter that sucks in 99.9% of macro and micro-particles then releases them to the air.

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#6. Best for Stain Remove – Hoover Lightweight & Powerful Steam Cleaner

The Hoover steam cleaner has a spin scrub system that powerfully eliminates all the deep-embedded stains and dirt with strong suction and 360-degree brushes while still being gentle on your mattress or carpet.

hot sale powerful steam cleaner with a large tank

  • Has a Suction Technology- Dual V
  • It has an 8’ hose that deep cleans the hard-to-access areas
  • Has a 2-in-1 pet tool attachment that helps to remove stains, pet hair, and odors effectively
  • Has a taster bottle of pet solution for carpet cleaning
  • It has a fast dry time of only 45 minutes or less, thus tackles all the stains of the surfaces of your carpet or mattress and makes you enjoy a dry carpet within the shortest time possible.
  • Has two large capacity tanks and another unique 25% larger tank that keeps the clean water separated from the dirty water so that you can refill less and clean more
  • It has an automatic detergent mixing technique that relieves you from the guesswork of mixing solutions. Instead, its power Scrub Elite will ensure it has combined the perfect detergent combination for you.

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Benefits of Cleaning the Mattress with Steamer

  • Steam cleaning remains a safe alternative for your mattress.

In recent decades, bleaching seemed to be the only reliable method to kill bacteria in the home. Even the strong smell did not prevent home builders from using this toxic solution until many studies have shown its harmful results. Children get sick due to repeated exposure to household chemicals. Some children with allergies or asthma experience an increase in symptoms after inhaling the fumes constantly.

Steam cleaning now provides the only procedure that has been proven to eliminate bacteria without damaging chemicals in the air ultimately. This method improves air quality by removing dust and invisible allergens for the human eye.

As the only necessary disinfection requirements are water, the expenses are meager, and it is not essential to buy them. Steam cleaning at home is the chemical-free solution to disinfect brushes. Chemicals do not enter the air, and children and pets can breathe easily after cleaning steam for mattresses.

As the mattress is disinfected, the steamer does not leave the remains of germs. Some detergents and methods release toxic waste that can cause new stains. Over time, these remnants are exposed to the air and turn yellow, with bad spots appearing on them. Steam cleaning avoids this ugly result by using only water and leaving a clean smell.

  • A healthy way to clean your mattress

All allow a great involuntary sigh when mentioning the cleanliness of the mattress. While this is an essential task to keep the mattress clean and healthy, it is a scary task.

benefits to clean mattressSince the cold air absorbs moisture from the mattress, it condenses, hardens and makes it virtually impossible to leave the refrigerator.

Using a manual vaporizer is the best alternative to address this stressful task quickly. This compact machine explodes the fumes that clean your mattress.

As it is completely purified, the portable vaporizer also benefits the health of the family. By getting rid of dirt, a person increases the chances of staying healthy. When old germs disappear from your mattress, diseases follow.

  • Steam cleaning is versatile.

Since most machines become a manual steam machine, this product replaces many items in the home. Only one unit is needed to clean mattresses and almost all hard surfaces of the home. The manual vaporizer even removes wrinkles from clothing with the clothing accessory included in most units. The manual vaporizer also quickly reduces the accumulation of fumes from your mattress.

How to Clean Mattress with Steam Cleaner?

The degumming process with steam cleaning machines is quite simple. These machines produce high-temperature output in the gum pieces. The product melts the rubber, which the machine can remove.

  • Steam dry

The advanced steam cleaning machines available today provide dry steam output. This is a form of roasted water. Dry steam production has two advantages when it comes to removing chewing gum. First, the output is very sharp and dissolves the waste of old and degraded rubber. The cleaning process is beneficial and fast.

  • Empty attached

Modern commercial steam engines are equipped with connected spaces. Conventional steam cleaners did not have this installation. These machines can only melt or dissolve dirt.

However, steam vacuum machines can also remove residues of molten dirt. The extraction mechanism is useful for removing the glue. The extraction mechanism makes the process incredibly fast. These machines dissolve and extract glue pieces almost simultaneously.

  • Automatic recharge

This technology allows the continuous operation of machines. While using conventional machines, the cleaning workers had to stop working to refill the boiler tank when the tank emptied.

In modern automatic recharge machines, water is automatically filled when the water level in the boiler falls to a certain level.

How Do You Get a Steam Stain Off a Mattress?

Have you, at any point, cleaned your mattress since you got it? No? You truly need to! Mattresses get a wide range of earth bugs and dead skin.

We are demonstrating how to steam clean a mattress and remove pee and sweat stains, and slaughter bed bugs and residue parasites.

To plan for this bit by bit methodology, you’ll need the accompanying: heating pop, a steam cleaner, and a vacuum cleaner. You’ll need to connect your steamer sufficiently early to get ready for steaming in stage 4 beneath.

If you as of now have a decent steam cleaner, here’s how to steam clean mattresses:

  • Remove all mattress ding from your mattress – sheets, cushions, mattress blanket.
  • Sprinkle a considerable lot of preparing soft drinks everywhere throughout the mattress and leave it for 45 minutes to remove scents.
  • Vacuum the mattress to remove dust and the heating pop.
  • Run the steamer over the mattress with the upholstery attachment to impact in the steam.
  • Leave it for about 4 hours to dry.
Steam cleaners don’t abandon a ton of dampness. However, a smidgen of it might be caught inside your mattress because of substantial steaming on pee stains. Along these lines, leave the mattress in an aerated region to enable dampness to escape before dressing it.

Ensure you get the water in your steamer to warm up pleasantly in any event, 212 °F, to have the option to sterilize your upholstery. High temperatures will likewise murder any insects, kissing bugs, and residue parasites. The process will leave your room spotless and safe for children and anybody with sensitivity.

What Is the Best Way to Sanitize a Mattress?

The mattress is our comfort zone every 6-8 hours a day. But when it doesn’t smell good due to frequent spills or pet urine, this is no longer comfortable. Looking at her and her lousy smell every day is very unpleasant and unhealthy.

There are many ways to clean brushes according to our preferences. But sometimes, it seems that our choice is not enough, especially with children and pets in the house, since drinks or food, urine, and sweat are essential.

Remember that any very wet mattress spread will cause mold, fungus, bacterial growth, and rotten wood as well. The mattress will be damaged.

You cannot throw the mattress in the washing machine or use the hose to wash it. This is not easy or the best on your mattress. Using solvent cleaners is not good either. Imagine when you had a baby lying in a mattress with chemical waste. So why not use a dry steam cleaner to clean the mattresses?

Buy the Handheld Vaccum Steam Cleaner for Mattress Bag Removal

powerful steam cleaner for mattress cleaning

How Do You Get Dry Urine out of a Mattress?

Do you have urine in your mattress and now wondering how to get urine out of the mattress? Don’t panic, but don’t waste time. This is where speed is helpful! The faster you reach the urine, the more times you can get out and the slightest passing smell you will have to deal with. This is the perfect application for a dry and wet restaurant if you find one.

But if you don’t, just moisten it gently as much as possible. It crucial section of the process, so don’t stop wetting the surface: squeeze the mattress and try to extract as much urine as possible from the inside.

When the mattress is dry, you can focus on getting rid of the stench. There are many commercial odor eliminators available, and one of them may be the best and safest bet. But if you don’t have any of these products on hand, try one of the alternatives below.

  • Make a paste of sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen oxide. Mix the mixture on the cloth with a brush and let it dry, then empty any remaining residue. If the smell of urine remains after the mattress has dried, repeat the process. You can take two or three treatments to eliminate the smell.
  • Rub the area with shampoo or liquid to wash the dishes, then soak the area with alcohol and let it dry. If the smell persists after the mattress has dried, repeat the process.
  • If the urine has already dried on the mattress, it will be more challenging to eliminate the smell. Again, the commercial product made specifically to remove the smell of urine is probably the most effective, but the methods mentioned above are worth it. Washing outdoors can help you leave the mattress in the sun.

Buy the Bissell Steam Cleaner for Pet Urine and Stains

Bissell upright steam cleaner for mattress urine and stain

What Is the Best Mattress Cleaners Inc?

There is a wide range of mattress cleaners Inc that provide professional cleaning services. Many mattress cleaners Inc can send an individual household cleaner to clean your home daily, depending on your needs. It will be better than in case you have a different cleaner every day. Also, it will allow you to develop confidence with your detergent, which is very important for most people because they are inviting this person to their homes, all their possessions.

Most mattress cleaners Inc will provide various services for customers to choose from. These include regular household cleaning, one-time cleaning, full or part-time cleaning, window cleaning, ironing services, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more. You can usually thoroughly clean your oven or iron your clothes. This wide range of services allows people to choose a service according to their needs. For example, it will enable people to hire a maid only for a day or a week without having to sign up for a lengthy contract or get a cleaner in more than what is needed.

Here are hot sale steam cleaners from reputable companies:


#1. Can I Steam Clean a Memory Foam Mattress?

Possible if you decide to take a risk. Keep in mind that using a steam cleaner for your memory foam may damage it. Even manufacturers of memory mattresses do not recommend cleaning the steam.

#2. Do Steam Cleaners Kill Bed Bugs?

Steamers work by pumping deadly temperatures to where bugs might be stowing away. Steam is viable when bed bugs are on the outside of things and can be compelling up to 3/4″ into textured surfaces. In splits and cleft, steam will murder bed bugs up to 2-3/8″ into a hole.

#3. Can a Steam Cleaner Sterilize Mattresses?

Vapor steam cleaner has become the favorite cleaning equipment for many people with allergies and chemical allergies. Bacteria, viruses, molds, and molds are common types of allergens, irritations, and infections that may not be detectable, but can be removed with a steam cleaner that is ideal for small commercial facilities or local environments.

The steam cleaner can produce dry steam very strong and effective dry joints. Small particles of hot steam penetrate the surface pores, kill dust mites and mattress bugs, and also remove dust and stains.

It is an entirely new level of cleanliness. Once steam with fever leaves the steam cleaner, you can move it vertically or horizontally on your mattresses to disinfect it. Dry steam contains only 4% – 6% water moisture. With this low humidity, you do not need to worry about transporting it and drying it outdoors or using large fans for an hour or even days, as it will dry in just a few minutes. Steam cleaning is an integral way to clean a mattress. Clean it properly with a steam cleaner to extend its life.

#4. Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on a Mattress?

Sleep time pee mishaps are easy to clean with a floor cleaner. A floor covering cleaning machine is likewise useful for evacuating mold, dust vermin, and dead human skin cells from mattresses. Simply connect the hand attachment and clean it thoroughly. Don’t over immerse the mattress since this can bring about form spores. Ensure that you are spotless and dry one side of the mattress before cleaning the opposite side.

Final Words

The steam cleaning machine is one of the best mattress cleaners. These machines clean the mattresses by putting a high-temperature outlet on the mattress to melt dirt and stains.

Steam cleaners have other uses besides cleaning the mattress. For example, these machines can be used to extract chewing gum.

This article provides some tips for using a steam cleaner to remove chewing gum from your mattress effectively. And below are some of the best machines online.