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Best Steam Cleaner for Oven – Revews, Guides & Cleaning Methods in 2022

Months of baking, roasting, and broiling can leave the oven looking unpleasant due to the accumulation of grease and burnt food. Best steam cleaner for oven is effective in reducing the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals to dissolve the grease in ovens.

Steam is highly effective in dissolving grease stains or pieces of burnt food that might be stuck on the inner parts of ovens, making steam a natural and safe way for cleaning ovens. As such, steam cleaners will offer you a highly effective approach of dealing with stubborn grease stains in ovens.

Top 4 Best Steam Cleaner for Oven

Reviews of the 4 Best Oven Steam Cleaners

#1. Highly Recommended – Best Handheld Steam Cleaner with High Pressure

cheap handheld steam cleaner for oven

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You can use this steam cleaner for different purposes in homes and officers. It is highly recommended by individuals who have used it before. The handheld steamer can produce hot steam (1050W) at high pressure.

When you purchase the steamer, it comes with nine free accessories that include an extended nozzle, bent spray, funnel, measuring cup and a spray cup, towel sleeve, spray cup that can be used for windows and doors, brush plate, and a long spray cup.

Aside from cleaning ovens, it can also be used to clean windows, shower curtains, bathrooms, kitchen, refrigerators, mattresses, and kids’ toys, among other things. It has a safety cover to protect children from using it and burning themselves with the hot steam.

Brilliant Features
  • Free accessories
  • High-temperature steam
  • Safety cover and child lock
  • It does not use any chemicals
  • Large water capacity (350 ML)
  • Can be used to clean different surfaces
  • It has 3-bar pressure, which allows you to control the pressure of the steam
  • It is handheld, which makes it easy to use and move around with while cleaning
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It is suitable for stains, grease cleaning in the kitchen but not suitable for cleaning floors

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#2. Hot Sale – PurSteam Multifunctional Steam Cleaner with 9 Pieces

hot pick multi purpose steam cleaner for oven

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This handheld pressurized steamer comes with nine different accessories. It is a hot selling steam cleaner that can be used to clean ovens and other surfaces.

The superheated steam released from this steamer eliminates grease, grime, stains, mold, and dissolves other forms of dirt that have accumulated on your surfaces without using harsh chemicals. When cleaning ovens, these steamers can be used to remove grease or dirt that has accumulated in little crevices and give your oven a fresh look.

It produces approximately 30% more steam than other steamers, some of which cost twice its price. Its superheated pressurized steam dissolves and eliminates grease and other forms of dirt that might have accumulated on your oven over time. It also leaves your oven, smelling fresh and clean.

Brilliant Features
  • Produces more steam than other steamers
  • The water heats within three to four minutes
  • It is a handheld steamer making it easy to move around while cleaning
  • It comes with a set of nine accessories that makes it easy to deep clean areas that are hard to reach
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • While it is effective in cleaning tiles and removing grout, it is more efficient in removing grease from surfaces

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#3. High End – Dupray Steamer for Cleaning Ovens

high end steam cleaner for oven

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This high-end steam cleaner can be used for different purposes. Being a professional-grade steam cleaner that is built to handle tough jobs, it is suitable for cleaning both large and small surfaces.

The steam produced by this steamer will dissolve the grease and dirt in and on your oven, leaving it looking clean. It is also effective in eliminating pungent smells from the oven, which might be caused by the accumulation of grease on surfaces.

It comes with different accessories that can be attached to the steamer to make it easy to clean different surfaces such as floors, rugs, mattresses, furniture, and mirrors. Its multipurpose nature will make it a suitable steamer for your home or workplace.

Brilliant Features
  • Quality accessories
  • It has a long steaming time
  • It was created for heavy duties
  • The tank has a convenient low-water indicator that will alert you when it runs out of water
  • Five cleaning cloths are supplied with the package offering you the opportunity to change them after cleaning one surface
  • It has an integrated thermal sensor, which turns off the heat as soon as the low-water indicator turns on, which prevents overheating
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The steamer can be clunky if move around too fast

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#4. Best for Commercial Kitchen – Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner for Gas Oven

Sargent Commercial Steamer for Oven

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This is the best steam cleaner for a commercial kitchen or for cleaning heavy-duty ovens. It is a multipurpose steam cleaner that comes with 17 attachments to assist you in cleaning different surfaces and ensure that dirt accumulating in corners or hard to reach areas in ovens can also be removed.

You can wheel the Sargent steam cleaner around and configure it for different cleaning purposes. It does not involve the use of any harsh chemicals. It uses high-pressure steam that is guaranteed to remove even the most stubborn grease stain.

Brilliant Features
  • Relatively quiet
  • It has every accessory needed for steam cleaners
  • It has a wheeled platform, which makes it easy to move around
  • High performance due to the high-pressure steam (1450 W and 55 PSI of steam pressure)
  • It kills most types of pathogens, making it suitable for promoting hygiene in commercial kitchens
  • It has a green light, which signals when the unit is ready for use and a red light that signals when a refill is needed
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It is pricier

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Things to Consider When Buying a Steam Cleaner for Oven

– Intended use: The intended use entails aspects such as home, office, industrial use or commercial use, low or heavy-duty, and the surfaces that the steam cleaner will be used to clean.

  • If you plan to buy a steam cleaner that would be specifically for cleaning your oven at home, you might not need to invest in a heavy-duty steam cleaner that is intended for commercial purposes.
  • Similarly, if you plan to use a steam cleaner only to clean your oven, you would not need to invest in one that has numerous accessories meant for cleaning different surfaces but a small steam cleaner for the spot clean.

– Length of the cord: You should check the electric cord on the steam cleaner to ensure that it is long enough to suit your needs. You can also base the length of the cord on the location of your sockets in relation to the oven or the areas you would be interested in cleaning. A shorter cord might be an inconvenience when you are cleaning.

– Pressure: The pressure that the machine releases the steam affects its effectiveness in dissolving stains. Using a high-pressure steam cleaner could reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning because of its effectiveness in dissolving dirt faster.

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– Heat-up-time: You should consider the amount of time it takes for the steam cleaner to heat up effectively. Steam cleaners that take a lot of time to heat up might consume more energy and increase your electricity bills.

– Disinfection: High-pressure steam cleaners that heat the water to very high temperatures are renowned for their disinfection purposes. If you are interested in deep cleaning the oven and other surfaces, a vapor steam cleaner might be more suitable to your needs as compared to other steam cleaners.

These steam cleaners have an exceptional ability to disinfect and sanitize your surfaces, which enables you to eliminate molds, bacteria, and other pathogens.

– Types of steam cleaners that exist: You should consider the different types of steam cleaners that exist and their benefits. Some steam cleaners might have wheels for pushing them while cleaning while others might be handheld. Ensure that the steam cleaner you will select suits your needs.

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– Steam time: The amount of time you can use the steam cleaner continuously without refilling its tank with water is essential. The steam time is dependent on the pressure and the size of the water tank.

  • For commercial use, you can select a steam cleaner that has a larger water tank to ensure that it cleans an area for a longer duration.
  • For Home Use, cleaning an oven could be done perfectly by using a small steam cleaner.

– Water tank size: The size of the water tank will determine the amount of water it can accommodate. A small water tank will mean that you will need to refill it will water within short intervals of time while using it.

– Accessories: Most high-end steam cleaners come with numerous accessories that promote their multipurpose role and ensure that you do not need to buy different steam cleaners for varying purposes. The accessories also make it easy to clean different surfaces and hard to reach areas.

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How do You Steam Clean a Dirty Oven?

#1. Self-Cleaning Gas Oven

This is a timesaving and convenient method for cleaning your oven. Most modern ovens have a self-cleaning feature that makes them easy to clean and maintain. These ovens usually have a self-cleaning button that is usually labeled as “clean.”

During the self-cleaning cycle, your oven will be heated to 880 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature will deteriorate the food particles inside the oven and leave behind small amounts of ash, which can be easily wiped off to obtain a clean oven.

This is one of the best ways to clean an oven. It ensures that no scrubbing cleaning equipment is used, which could chirp the coating or harsh chemicals that could affect someone.

The disadvantage of using this technique to clean your gas oven is that you will be unable to use the oven for approximately three hours as the heat incinerates the food particles or dirt. The oven also lets off excessive heat, which might increase your energy use and can produce an unpleasant odor during the cleaning process.

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#2. Steam Cleaning Electric Ovens

Like self-cleaning, steam cleaning also makes it easy to get rid of stains and dirt that have accumulated in the oven over time. Steam easily dissolves the grease stains and grime, allowing you to wipe away the dirt without straining. It also eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals. Steam cleaning involves:

  • Remove everything from the oven to ensure that you get adequate space to use the steam cleaner.
  • Clean the grates separately either by soaking them in hot water and them cleaning them or by using a steam cleaner.
  • Use the steam cleaner to clean the oven and dry it with a clean kitchen cloth.
  • Clean the oven door and knobs with a wet kitchen cloth or the steam cleaner, in cases where grease has also accumulated on these surfaces.
  • Place the grates back after cleaning the oven.

#3. Common Steps for Average Oven Cleaning

The average oven needs to be cleaned at least once every week, depending on its use. The steps for cleaning an average oven include:

  • Ensuring that the oven is not in use or has cooled down if it had been used within the past few minutes.
  • Removing the grates and soaking them in hot water for approximately 30 minutes to remove the grease and the food participles stuck on the grates
  • Using a kitchen cloth to wipe visible food particles
  • Placing one of the oven grates on the lower part of the oven, placing a wide baking tray on the grate and filling it with water.
  • Turning the oven on so that it may heat the water and produce steam, which could melt the grease and make food particles stuck on the sides of the oven easier to clean
  • Removing the grate, baking tray, and wiping the oven with a mild detergent to remove the stains
  • Using the kitchen cloth to clean the knobs and the oven glass door to ensure that all food participles, dust, and grease are removed and ensure that you can easily see your food as it cooks when the glass door is clean
  • Placing the grates back


Steam Cleaning Ovens vs. Self-Cleaning


Both steam cleaning and self-cleaning are natural methods of cleaning an oven because they do not use any harsh chemicals, which could affect people’s health. Both methods do not require you to purchase additional detergents for cleaning, making them environmentally friendly and eliminating health risks for individuals with asthma or other health conditions.


Self-cleaning ovens can take a longer time to complete the self-cleaning process (3-5 hours) than steam cleaning, which takes a relatively short time because the users direct the steam to specific areas that have grease stains.

All ovens can be steam cleaned, but only modern ovens that are bought with the self-cleaning feature can be self-cleaned.

Self-cleaning takes a longer duration when compared to steam cleaning, which is directed by the user. Steam cleaning your oven can last between five minutes to one hour, depending on the types of dirt or stains that have accumulated on the surfaces.

Since self-cleaning ovens take a longer duration, it is likely to consume more energy when compared to the energy that would be needed for steam cleaning.

Self-cleaned ovens usually end up having a residual odor after the cleaning cycle, which is usually caused by exposure of the metals used to make the oven to high temperatures for a prolonged duration.



#1. Can I Use a Steam Cleaner on My Oven?

Yes! Steam cleaners are effective in removing the grease and grime that accumulates in ovens and will keep your oven clean. Unlike other harsh chemicals that might leave your oven with a residual smell of the chemical, steam cleaners use steam, which is a natural product that will not leave behind a pungent smell.

#2. Are Steam Clean Ovens Any Good?

is steam clean oven any goodSteam cleaned ovens offer better services than those that have not been steam cleaned because steam eliminates grease and other stubborn stains, which may form an unpleasant smell that could alter the smell and taste of the food prepared in the oven.

Loosening and softening the grime and grease in the oven helps in avoiding grease fires or smoke, which may occur due to burning of food particles or the grime that has accumulated in the oven and affect the taste of your food.

When preparing foods that need to be roasted, grease that has accumulated in a dirty oven can also drip on the food and alter its taste.

#3. How Do You Clean the Worst Oven?

The steps that should be taken when cleaning a very dirty oven include:

  • Remove everything from the oven and soak the grates in water and non-toxic cleaners.
  • Remove them from the water and scrub off the residue then rinse them and place them aside.
  • Use steam to clean the oven by either filling water on a baking dish and let it melt the grime and grease or using a steam cleaner to spray the inner parts of the oven.
  • Let the oven heat the water for approximately 30 minutes if you are using a baking tray with water to steam clean the oven.
  • Use a cleaning cloth to wipe away the grime from the surfaces and place the grates back.



Regardless of the type of steam cleaner that you will select for cleaning your oven, you should keep in mind that the accumulation of grease and grime in ovens affect its performance and may alter the taste and smell of your food. Choosing steam cleaners will ensure that you keep your oven clean while at the same time reducing the need for using harsh chemicals.