Best Steam Cleaner for Pet Urine – Top Models Reviews and Guides in 2020

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Most homeowners value pets since it gives out happiness; it is an excellent companion and offers unconditional love. So, what happens when it comes to cleaning the pet urine? Note that no matter how well your pet is trained, it will always stain your carpet by mistake, either with food or excretion. For that, the best steam cleaner for pet urine will help you out.

This simply means you need to acquire the best steam cleaner appropriate for animal hair as well as stain removal, leaving your carpet smelling fresh and clean enough. This article will narrow down to the best steam cleaners for pet urine.

9 Best Steam Cleaner for Pet Urine

Reviews of the 9 Best Steam Cleaners for Pet Urine

#1. Hot Sale – Hoover Compact Carpet Cleaner with Light Weight

Hoover carpet cleaner for pet urine
Hoover Compact Cleaner for Pet

This product comes with an extreme cleaning power compared to the lightweight competitive carpet cleaner. It contains a pet power spin brush roll that offers a strong carpet cleaning in combination with total protection.

Furthermore, its powerful heat force offers equal quick-drying space. The lightweight design makes it easy for use and enables you to clean effectively and efficiently; this design contributes to its appropriate storage. It does maximum cleaning for small and large spaces too; it comes with components such as size Trial solution.

It has the potential of reaching every corner and removing stains. Moreover, this product is faster in removing and rinsing off grime and dirt. A double-tank keeps dirty water from clean water. In case you are looking for a carpet cleaner, look no more since you have found yourself an excellent product.

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#2. Best Cheap – Bissell Cordless Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stain

portable vacuum cleaner for pet
Bissell Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner

This product comes with suction, scrub, and sprays for pet messes and stain removal from the auto interior, area rugs, stairs, upholstery, and carpet. It is going cordless as well as grab convenience to enable you to enjoy powered lithium handheld cleaner for carpet that does away with stains through the use of powerful suction and formula.

The machine stores the formula properly since it does not need to get into contact with water hence always ready for work at any given time.

It thoroughly removes stains such as motor oil, cola, coffee, vegetable oils, food grease, makeup, red wine, tomato sauce, blood, mud, feces, and urine among many more stains.

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#3. Best Portable – Bissell Hands-free Stain Cleaner for Deep Clean

best carpet steam cleaner for pet urine
Small Carpet Cleaning Machine for Pet Urine

This product is a free hand-portable cleaner for carpets as it does sufficient scrubbing for you which means it does away with dirt and messes without dirtying your hands. Two free-hand cleaning modes are fast to fresh stain deep cleaning for an appropriate level of cleaning.

It comes with cleaning pre-set cycles for automatic brushing, suctioning, and spraying to adamant stains from bets as well as surfaces once you dial the cleaning button.

It is loaded with three tools for tough stain, oxy pet boost formula, 5 feet hose length, pet trial size odor, and stain and a water tank capacity of 32 oz.

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#4. Best Vacuum – Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Hoover upright vauum cleaner for pet
Powerful Cleaner for Pet Urine

This Hoover machine is a multipurpose product. It offers maximum results on hard floors as well as carpets using a brush roll-off or on the switch. It can reach 12 feet from the ceiling to the mat using a variety of tools such as hose and fast release wand. Moreover, this product contains a kit for pet tools, to handle pets’ hair from furniture and stairs, and to do away with dirt too.

The adopted technology of allergen block seizures 97% of pet pollen particles, dust, and dander and hinder them from coming into contact with air. Moreover, it comes packaged with other effective tools such as the Turbo pet tool, easy to rinse filter, crevice tool, and a dusting brush, which is flexible.

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#5. Best for Wood Floor – Bissell 2 in 1 Steamer for Tile and Bathroom

Bissell steam mop for hard floor
Bissell 2 in 1 Steam Cleaner for Pet Urine

It is the easiest and safest way to clean the pets’ homes thoroughly. The steam mop of this product is two in one; it enables you to handle messes of the pet on both the floor and above your floor.

This product is absolutely chemical-free. It eliminates 99.9% bacteria and germs through the natural steam power with an energy rating of 1500 Watts. Furthermore, the warm-up heater duration is 30 seconds.

Some of the attachments coming with packages are microfiber tool, a tool bag with 13 equipment, a water cup that attachable, eliminating odour fragrance discs, scrubby microfiber pad, and soft microfiber pad. You can always choose it and be sure it will serve you to its best level.

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#6. Best Full-Size Cleaner – Bissell Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner

Bissell full size cleaner for home use
Bissell Pet Cleaner for Large Home

It is a two in one product for pet odor, stains, and hair removal. This product is known to be powerful in cleaning carpets, especially robust odor and stain from the pet. It also goes ahead to do away with skunk odor. It is a new max mode of cleaning with a combination of 12 dual rotating rows lifter dirt power brushes to offer professional cleaning grade for dirt, stain, and odor deep removal.

It is light weighted hence very easy to maneuver with it around the house, especially when using the furniture. The product works efficiently and effectively. A quick-drying duration with a clean express mode will be able to dry your pet carpet for 30 minutes.

EZ brush roll cover enables the cleaning of the machine after cleaning the pets’ carpet very easily and faster. You can always opt for this kind of product at any given time to experience a perfect cleaning.

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#7. Best Light Weight – Hoover Power Scrub Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

best professional carpet cleaner for pet urine
Home Cleaner for Pet Urine

The product comes with a scrub spin system for reliable removal of stains and dirt using a brush of 360 degrees as well as a strong suction as it goes gentle on your pet carpet. It has a quick-drying duration to handle stains on the surfaces in conjunction with a clean mode that is faster in approximately 45 minutes.

Moreover, it comes with a large water tank capacity of a dual tank system and a large tank of 25% with the potential of separating clean from dirty water for less refilling duration as well as efficient cleaning.

It has an automatic detergent mixing. That is a dual V suction technology that blends the appropriate mixture for you. It contains pet attachment tools, 8 hosen for deep cleaning, and contacting hard to reach places plus a bottle sample of pet solution as well as carpet cleaning.

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#8. Best Compact – Bissell Steam Cleaner for Dog Urine and Odour

compact steam cleaner for pet urine
Portable Steamer with Large Tank for Pet Urine

It has a design that makes it easy to clean auto interior, area rugs, pet beds, stairs, upholstery as well as carpets. A large water tank capacity enables you to clean efficiently without having to refill the water tank more often.

This product comes with sturdy stain equipment and a stain trapper with a rating of 5.7 amps. A 22 feet long hose energy cord aims for reaching all the hard places to contact, such as stairs, upholstery, and rugs.

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#9. Best All in One – Bissell Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Bissell all in one vacuum cleaner and mop
All in One Cleaner for Pet

It is appropriate for area rugs and hard floors as well since it features a pet brush roll for multipurpose roles and a hair pet strainer for easy and efficient cleaning.

The mop cleaner comes with a specialized solution for cleaning to do away with the pet odor. This product has a water tank capacity of 28 ounces and with a dual tank, you can easily separate clean water from dirty water. It has a brush with a nylon material to clean to do away with dry debris and microfiber that is innovative. The energy rating reaches 4.4 amperes and a cleaning width path measures 12 inches.

Thanks to these super awesome features for making this product excellent and widely used in the market. With this product, you do not have to worry anymore since it will work perfectly well for your pets’ carpet as the best steam cleaner for pet urine.

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#1. What Carpet Cleaner Is Best for Pet Urine?

  • Environmental-friendly

When you are looking for a carpet cleaning machine in the market, you have to be considerate as to buy a product that will serve you efficiently and effectively.

If you have pets around your room and then you have to look for a steam machine that is environmentally friendly to ensure your pets and loved ones are safe whenever you use the machine for cleaning. A cleaning machine that is light in weight is useful in cleaning up any stain messes from your pets.

  • Powerful

You have to consider buying a cleaning product that provides very powerful suction and cleans very fast and as well as a deep cleaning capacity with anti-microbial, molds, and mildew protection. This will not inconvenience you waiting for your carpet to get dry or to do cleaning regularly.

If the space area of your carpet is large enough or you need to clean the furniture present in your room, then you need to get an efficient machine and powerful machine that is equal to the task. As well consider a type of a cleaner that cleans all the pets’ stains and cannot leave your carpet ruined after cleaning.

Cleaning machines that are designed for heavy-duty pet messes and cleaning is appropriate if you have many pets around as it can do instant and effective cleaning by simply pressing your foot on the pedal, and it operates both in dry and wet mode when cleaning. This is one of the best carpet steam cleaners to hand any kind of messes from your pets.

Buy the All in One Wet Dry Vaccum Cleaner and Mop

Bissell all in one vacuum cleaner and mop

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#2. Are Steam Mops Good for Pet Urine?

The answer to this question is yes! The steam mops are useful as it can remove both stenches and stains present on the surfaces of your carpet and other places. Steam cleaners are very powerful since it has an ability to clean deep stains with steam water. It uses steam of water boiled at a higher temperature than can handle all kinds of germs and bacteria present from your pet’s poops, urine, wet stains, and vicious smell.

#3. How Do I Get the Smell of Dog Pee out of My House?

Perhaps you have found it challenging to get rid of the unpleasant smell of the dog’s pee in your room; you have then not to worry over it if you have a steam cleaner as it is the most effective instrument you can use. You have to follow the following guides to get rid of urine odor in your carpet.

  • First, you have to soak up a large towel from the infected carpet surface the fill the steam cleaner with water, the detergent, vinegar, liquid odor neutralizers like Febreze, and antifoam.
  • Then steam-clean the whole carpet with the steam and repeat it two times until the entire carpet is cleaned.
  • Go to the urine affected area at least two times and allow the machine to sit on it for about an hour.
  • Lastly, steam-clean all the carpet and allow them to air dry it for 24 hours, and the dogs should be kept away.

#4. Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Urine?

Pets urine in your carpet will leave it a very bad odor and with a stain that is unsightly. Urine tends to penetrate deep through the fibers and affect both the carpet and your floor. This is the reason when you just need to do thorough cleaning and treatment as simple cleaning will not be able to handle the situation adequately.

The professional steam cleaner will definitely remove the pet’s urine if all other methods have failed. Cleaning by a professional cleaner will leave your carpet well attended as the do thorough washing with detergents and rinsed with a deep cleaning that removes any liquid and urine crystals.

They as well apply odor removal product that will reach deep where even cleaning products could not reach and breaks down the entire odor-causing element over for about two days, hence leaving your carpet clean for a long period of time.

#5. How to Clean Pet Urine from Carpet?

Cleaning urine from your carpet is a straightforward procedure that you have to follow:

  • First, you have to soak up the urine stain on your carpet by use of a paper towel or even by use of cotton clothing.
  • Using water and white vinegar mix this solution well in equal ratios then pour the answer on the carpet where there is pets’ urine.
  • You have then to blot the urine stain by use of the paper towel or cotton cloth and press it firmly.
  • Wait until the area becomes dry, then take one handful of baking soda and sprinkle it on the stained area.
  • Then mix 3% of hydrogen peroxide with dishwashing detergent and pour to the stain, then scrub thoroughly using a brush and clean your carpet.
  • Once it is dry, you can now vacuum the entire area.


This is a cleaning appliance that cleans, sanitizes, and dries the surfaces quickly, and it uses steam. Mostly the device does it effectively and as thoroughly sterilizes the cleaned surface.

The machine vaporizes water, and it comes out from the attachments of the machine that resembles a vacuum cleaner, the steamed heat weakens the bonds between the surface and the stain or dirt and hence can easily be wiped and collected in a towel that is steam moisture.

Based on the above reviews, you are now well familiarized with the best steam cleaner for pet urine. Therefore, it is upon you to make a wise decision that will enable you to reach your demands effectively. I hope this article will be beneficial to you, cheers.