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Best Steam Cleaner for Shower – Top 5 Shower Steamers Reviews & Guide & Tips in 2022

Shower rooms are some of the most ignored places when it comes to routine house cleaning. Some people often argue that it may be self-cleaning due to all the extra steam produced during showers, and also, it is the least exciting place to clean for many.

However, failure to clean the shower spaces often leads to residual water, soap scum, lime scales, grouts, among other disgusting residues which, when left unchecked, might warrant expenditure in terms of cleaning and fixations by professional plumbers.

The introduction of the shower steam cleaners in the market has solved this problem by enabling for quick cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms, among other purposes, thus aiding many people.

There are, however, numerous steam cleaners for showers in the market, and it is always wise to choose the best possible option. Thus, below are reviews of some of the best steam cleaner for shower worth consideration.

Top 4 Best Steam Cleaner for Showers

Why Do You Need a Shower Steam Cleaner?

Bathroom walls, floors, fabric, and appliances often collect many pollutants, germs, and bacteria altogether from the washed body remnants.

These, when not cleaned properly and immediately, may accumulate into unhygienic and disgusting byproducts such as tough stains, scales, and grout, which might stick on the bathroom walls, floors, and fabric creating a toxic environment which can be very dangerous for your health.

why you need to steam clean shower

#1. Remove All Pollutants

Steam cleaners for shower rooms are therefore essential as they are purposed to remove all these pollutants and harmful residual matter in the bathroom, kill the germs and bacteria while effectively restoring the natural odor in the bathroom.

They, therefore, clean, disinfect, and deodorize bathrooms efficiently, preventing any associated form of infection and safeguarding individual health.

#2. Use No Harsh Chemicals

These machines are also essential as they are environmentally friendly by utilizing only steam and not chemicals.

Some of the chemicals are often dangerous and might always leave behind harmful fumes and residues, and all these are prevented by using steam cleaners to clean bathrooms. This also saves the users a lot of money that would have been otherwise used for purchasing cleaning detergents.

#3. Easy to Use

Furthermore, they are the DIY kind of machines, which means that the workload will be simplified and made easier. Thus saving on money as no professional cleaners would be required and similarly saving on time.

How to Choose the Right Shower Steamers?

Choosing the best and the right steam cleaner for your utilization is often dependent on several factors, more so, the features which contribute to user satisfaction. Therefore, listed below are some of the factors to consider when acquiring a shower steam cleaner.

#1. The Water Tank Capacity

This is always an important factor to consider because it determines the frequency with which the steam cleaner undergoes refilling. Steam cleaners with bigger tanks are always capable of holding more water, which might just last longer when steaming.

In contrast, small water tanks often hold very little water, which gets exhausted immediately it is used. This is always frustrating, and time-wasting as the user always has to refill the tank and heat it over and over before finishing the cleaning process.

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Bissell handheld steamer for shower room

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#2. The Heat-up Time

This is the time taken by the steam cleaner to actually start emitting steam. This is also an important factor to consider because different models often come with different heat-up times.

Some take roughly 20 seconds, while some may take up to 5 minutes. Thus, the selection of the steam cleaner will be dependent on the user’s requirements, and considering this could save time.

#3. The Steaming Time

This is the measure of how long the steam cleaner can be used while continuously steaming before it needs refilling. This time period also varies from model to model, with some lasting about 10 minutes and others going up to about 45 minutes long.

Considering this factor is essential because when considering to cover a wide area, then the steaming time should be long and vice versa, for instance, when only steam cleaning bathroom floor tiles, then to conserve water and power, a short steaming time would be appropriate.

#4. The Weight/Size of the Steam Cleaner

The weight and size often go hand in hand when considering the purchase of these machines. These factors are worth considering because they always determine the portability and mobility of the machine.

Big and heavy steam cleaners may not be portable; thus, immobile hence not able to clean cracks, corners, or tiny spaces. Small machines and lightweight steam cleaners, on the other hand, are, however, convenient for mobility and multi-surface cleaning, including tight corners. It is, therefore, upon you to determine the nature of the area to be cleaned.

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#5. Material/Chemical of Use

The materials/chemicals used by a specific cleaner should also be kept in mind when choosing one. For instance, some use water, while others use chemicals.

Furthermore, those using water are also further divided into those using regular water for steaming and those using only distilled water. Thus, this consideration will be cost-effective and convenient for different areas with different water types.

#6. The Quality of Manufacturing Materials and Accessories

This is also important as some of the steam cleaners are often very weak and non-durable as they are made from substandard materials which break upon use.

Some of the accessories, such as brushes from substandard materials, also bend and become functionless upon exposure to the high-temperature steam. Thus, it is vital to enquire about the manufacturing material to ensure durability and efficiency in operation.

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portable steam cleaner for shower cleaning

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#6. Fingertip Controls

The role of fingertip controls on steam cleaners for showerheads cannot go unnoticed. These controls play a vital role in adjusting both pressure and steam temperature. More than often, these controls will be on the hose handle of your device.

Undoubtedly, the fingertip controls have proven to be sources of enhanced versatility when using steam cleaners. Various brands are now considering increasing the number of buttons on the device. This way, you will hardly need to worry about limitations to power settings only.

With fingertip controls, it will be much easier for you to configure your device accordingly. Getting your steam cleaner working as per your preferences will be one of the best things, as it addresses your concerns accordingly.

Take the time to evaluate which controls the steam cleaner has. They should be conveniently placed and more effortless to operate. With this, you will have an easier time with the machine in the long run.

#7. Long Steam Hose

Did you know that the length of the steam hose will often affect your experience when cleaning the showerhead? These hoses determine not only how much pressure and temperature gets released but how convenient the cleaning process will be.

Most often, the length of your hose should be between 8 and 9 feet. This length will ensure that the temperature and pressure released is optimal and also capable of sanitizing the showerhead accordingly.

The shorter it is, the more pressure and even temperature you get. However, you will be free to go for up to 14 feet hoses for specialized cleaning.

Take the time to compare how long the steam hose is. Usually, a longer hose will enable you to reach relatively high showerheads. In this case, a 9-foot hose will come in handier for you. That is because any further increase to this could end up compromising the two in the long run.

While at it, you might want to pay attention to the diameter of the hose. Smaller diameters are likely to assure you of enhanced pressure and even temperature. Combined with the ideal length, you will be confident of enhanced performance in the long run.

#8. On-demand Control

Ideally, getting enough steam to start the cleaning process, and instantly so, is the dream of any person. However, unless you get steam cleaners with the relevant on-demand controls, this will remain to be a mirage to you.

It will be necessary for you to pick a steam cleaner that takes the shortest time to heat the steam. Usually, a device capable of heating or producing enough steam in a few seconds will be more reliable for you. The good news is that most brands have embraced advanced technology, which allows them to produce such steam comfortably.

While at it, ensure that the controls to these aspects are conveniently-placed, easier to use, and reliable. Besides, you should find it easier to rely on these controls to control how powerful the steam will be.

#9. High-pressure Steam

You can hardly ignore the role of high-pressure steam when cleaning your showerhead. Unless there is enough pressure, you will hardly unblock blocked nozzles or even sanitize your shower accordingly. Can your chosen steam cleaner produce enough pressure and steam?

It would be fair to mention that an increase in pressure means an increase in temperature. In this light, you will find it valuable to consider the steam cleaner that is capable of holding over 48 ounces of water, and for relatively long. Such a device is capable of giving you approximately 100 degrees centigrade temperatures, which is vital in sanitizing.

On top of that, enhanced pressure implies that there will be no reason for chemicals during cleaning. The pressure will be enough to lift any grime or dirt on the surfaces. It will also unclog any blocked nozzles.

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Reviews of the 5 Best Shower Steam Cleaning Machine

#1. Best Handheld – Bissell Portable Steam Cleaner for Showers

Bissell handheld steamer for shower room
Handheld Steamer for Shower Grout


  • Best for hard surfaces
  • Warm-up time is extra fast
  • It is lightweight hence easy to move around
  • Easy to sanitize after the shower cleaning process
  • Versatile in functionality due to the many accessories


  • Continuously pressing on the trigger may be tedious

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The BISSELL 39N7A/39N71 hard-surface cleaner model is among the best in the industry branded as the best handheld steam cleaner in the market.

It is a very powerful high-pressure steam cleaner which has an easy to press trigger. Its tank capacity is often up to around 6.6 ounces, and you can just wait for around 30 seconds for its fully heat up.

It operates on a completely chemical-free mechanism, thus zero resultant harmful fumes or residues. A 20 ft long power cord allows for easy mobility when doing house chores.

The package always includes several other accessories such as an extension hose, accessory nozzle, grout brush, fabric steamer, window squeegee, angle concentrator, and a detail brush, among other essentials.

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#2. Best for Multi Surface – Household Steamer with 9 Piece for Shower Tile

portable steam cleaner for shower cleaning
Compact Steamer for Shower Clean


  • Heats up quickly
  • All-natural cleaner
  • The pricing is affordable
  • Cleans for a prolonged period
  • Versatile in cleaning multiple surfaces
  • Small and lightweight for portability and mobility


  • The power cord is 9.8 ft which may limit your actions

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It has a unique safety lock design and an overheating protection system, such as an automatic shut-off for a 100% safety guarantee.

With a water tank capacity of 350 ml, you can heat up to 250 ml. The heating time often sums up to about 3 to 4 minutes and it emits pressurized powerful hot steam for about 20 minutes or so.

It is very efficient for cleaning dirty hard to reach corners from tiles, fabrics due to its 360-degree rotatable nozzle and the nine pieces of accessory included in the packaging enable a variety of functionality and customer satisfaction.

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#3. Best for Shower Grout – Wagner Steam Machine for Shower Walls

Wagner steam cleaner for shower tile and grout
Wagner Steamer for Shower Walls


  • Has wheels for easy maneuver
  • It takes about 5 minutes to steam which is fast
  • Has a large water tank which prolongs use time


  • Needs specifically distilled water to work well

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The Wagner 0282014 915 is currently a steam cleaner on high demand as it is very popular in terms of cleaning shower grout in bathrooms.

Some of its distinguishing features include the fact that it is also a chemical-free steam cleaning machine utilizing only distilled water for natural cleaning and disinfection of dirty/grout infested surfaces, thus leaving no harmful residue.

It is also versatile in that it can be used to clean several areas by employing the many accessories it comes with like a spray gun, cleaning brush, two extension rods, a jet nozzle, steam plate, squeegee, and cleaning towel among others.

It has an advanced Fingertip steam control system for job perfection and matching as it has two different power modes releasing steam continuously or intermittently.

Further, it can also hold up to about 48 ounces of water, which can be steam sprayed for a continuous 45 minutes.

Its operation is smooth and dependent on a straightforward pull of the power trigger. Indicator lights also guide its use with a green light showing readiness to begin steaming, and the red light comes on at 135 degrees F showing peak steam making and turns off when the steam cleaner is ready for use.

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#4. Best for Bathroom Floor – Bissell Steam Mop with Handheld Steamer

Bissell steam mop for shower floor
Multi Purpose Steamer for Shower


  • Multipurpose
  • Appropriately long cord
  • Easy to maneuver around
  • Adjustable steam to suit needs
  • Comes with versatile attachments


  • A bit bulky compared to those 4

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This machine utilizes a natural cleaning system free from chemical cleaners, thus safe and lacking any harmful after clean residues. It is popular as a floor cleaner as it comes with a 2-in-1 steam mop for cleaning any dirt on the ground.

It further comes with at least 13 versatile accessory tools for use with the steamer to satisfy the needs of the customer. Some of the accessories included are microfiber towel and soft /scrubby pad, odor eliminating fragrance discs, attachable water cup,, and a tool bag, a 25 ft power cord, among others.

It steams up water in about 30 seconds of heating and eliminates 99.9% of germs due to its high steam power.

The steam cleaning can also be customized by separately selecting a high or low steam cleaning as per the needs of the user.

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#5. Best High Pressure – Comforday Steam Cleaner for Grout and Stains

handheld shower steam cleaner
Portable Shower Steam Machine


  • Has multiple uses
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Produces high powered steams for tough stains
  • Lightweight and small in size thus easy to maneuver
  • It is economical as it saves money on cleaning solutions


  • Relatively small water tank thus relatively frequent refilling

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This model of shower steam cleaners is also very popular among users as it is the best for high-pressure steam cleaning. This high pressure can cut through any dirt and clean up any surface.

It often comes with a free 9 pieces accessory kit, including a spray cup with a brush, bent spray, extended nozzle, funnel, measuring cup, spray cup for door and window, towel sleeve, brush plate, and long spray cup.

It is a multipurpose machine suitable for almost all surfaces and appliances within the home. Works on all-natural steam system, thus chemical-free with zero harmful fumes or residue. It is also 100% safe as it comes with a safety lock on the handle and a safety cap for maximal safety. It has a lockable steam trigger for on-demand steaming or just steaming for long without holding the trigger.

The machine produces a very powerful hot steam, which ecologically sanitizes in seconds. The pressurized powerful hot steam emitted is always at 250-270 degrees F, and steam cleans for up to about 20 minutes.

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What Is the Best Way to Clean Shower by Using a Steam Cleaner?

Cleaning the showers may be divided into several categories as there are several compartments and materials in the showers which require differential cleaning methods by the steam cleaners. The best way to fully clean the shower is to separate each compartment from the floor to the walls, sinks, curtains, and doors. This is because dirt will always attach on these surfaces, and they each need separate through steam cleaning.

The best way would be to raid the accessory kit for the steam cleaner. Specific accessories are always used to clean a specific compartment of the showers perfectly, and thus, after finishing with one, you can always switch to the next accessory.

#1. Steam Sinks

For instance, steam cleaning the sinks will require the attachment of a scrub brush on the steam cleaner. Thus, the user will blast steam all over the sink while scrubbing it with the attached cleaning brush from the accessory kit.

After this, you splash clean water on the sink to get rid of the loose dirt and grime, then wipe and polish the sink surface with a microfiber cloth. This will leave your sink clean and fresh.

#2. Steam Floors in Shower Rooms

The shower floors, however, require a continuous passing of steam mop on the floor until all the dirt is removed. In tough stained areas, a spot cleaning brush/mop may be attached and used to scrub such dirt off the surface. This is then followed by thorough rinsing of the floor.

#3. Steam Shower Room Curtains

Cleaning of slime and grime from curtains, on the other hand, would require the attachment of an accessory upholstery tool used for treating stains and refreshing fabric. This will involve passing over the steam cleaner at a distance from the hanging curtain from the top down until all the dirt is dislodged.

Then you should wipe the curtain surfaces with a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining loose dirt. This could also be applied when cleaning the mirrors and glass surfaces in the shower.

#4. Steam Doors and Walls

The shower doors and walls also require running a steam cleaner over them to loosen the dirt. Tough stains will require the attachment of a cleaning brush for scrubbing. After all the dirt has loosened and cleaned off, the walls/doors are then wiped with a microfiber towel or a microfiber cloth attached to the steam cleaner.


#1. Are Steam Cleaners Good for Cleaning Showers?

Yes. They are the best shower cleaning tools in the market currently. This is because they have numerous benefits and advantages over conventional chemical cleaning methods. Furthermore, they are able to clean tight spaces, cracks, and corners in which the bacteria may be lodged, and the other shower cleaning methods may not reach and properly clean.

#2. Can I Use a Steam Cleaner on Shower Glass?

can i steam clean glass

Yes. Shower glass, just like any other glass, is water and heat resistant and cannot be damaged by the steam cleaner. Soap scum, on the other hand, often sticks and accumulates on these glasses from the water splashes making them dirty.

The steam cleaner with an upholstery accessory would dislodge these scum stains and dirt from the glass surface and wash them off, leaving the shower glass clean and sparkly.

#3. Can Steam Kill Mold in Bathroom?

Yes, but it has to be really hot steam. For instance, steam from the steam cleaners is always at a very high temperature and pressure, and since mold and mold spores are organic agents, they cannot survive under the high temperatures and will, therefore, die from the hot steam. Thus getting rid of them completely.

#4. What Should You Not Steam Clean in a Shower Room?

Despite steam cleaning being the best indoor and outdoor cleaning method, it comes with limitations as it cannot be used to clean some areas. Therefore, you should not apply steam cleaning on anything that can be damaged by heat or water or both and they include:

  • Paintings
  • Porous walls
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Water-based paints on walls
  • Any paper product like cardboard
  • Porous items like bricks, marble, and concrete

#5. How Do I Make My Bathroom Spotless?

The secret to keeping your bathroom spotless is a constant thorough cleaning and not letting the dirt to accumulate to worse levels. This will, therefore, entail frequent cleanings such as steam cleaning, which removes 99.9% of the dirt and bacteria.

After this, the shower rooms should also be well aerated to facilitate faster drying from the steam cleaning. Thus, the simplest way to keep your bathroom spotless is through frequent steam cleaning with the best steam cleaners in the market.

#6. Will a Steam Cleaner Clean Tile and Grout in Shower Rooms?

Yes. Steam cleaners are by far the best tile and grout cleaners. This is because grout develops on surfaces hard to clean more so in crevices and pores in the floor tiles.

Steam cleaners, however, emit steam at very high temperatures capable of flowing deep into the cracks and pores, breaking and loosening the grout, thus eventually removing them from these surfaces by the steam pressure. Thus leaving these surfaces clean and fresh free from grout.


Shower room cleaning has been made easier by the popularly trending above-mentioned steam cleaners currently in the market. They have the best features, with a variety of accessories and functionalities, thus satisfying almost all of the users’ needs.

The steam cleaners for showerheads and rooms above are therefore recommended for those seeking to purchase or replace a steam cleaner since they come with the best features of a steam cleaner at a quite appropriate price.