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Top 4 Best Steam Cleaner for Walls Reviewed in 2022

Even walls have to be sparkling clean just like the floors. For this to happen, you have to clean them every now and then. The steam cleaner for walls is a reliable cleaning tool which you will no doubt find handy in tackling this chore. It employs steam to get rid of dirt from off walls.

Finding and getting hold of the most suitable steam cleaner for the job is no doubt a significant step towards making your walls cleaner. It is impossible for you to do so without being guided appropriately. Our review and buying guide here endeavors to do just that.

Top 3 Best Steam Cleaners for Walls

Reviews of the 4 Best Steam Cleaner for Walls

#1. Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner for Wall Paper Removal

Targeting to get rid of the wallpaper from your walls? This is the steamer to find and make good use of. It is specifically designed to eliminate these papers while retaining your walls in their cleanest and uprig/61ht forms. Its brand is also reliable and reputable in equal measure.

Wagner wall steamer

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  • Chemical-free Cleaning

You do not have to use chemicals to eliminate the unwanted debris, with this cleaner at your fingertips. That is because the cleaning power that the steamer generates is sufficient to eliminate the hardest with absolute ease. In this way, it also adds some safety to you, overall.

  • Wallpaper Removing Attachment

Also coming along is the wallpaper removing the attachment. As you may have guessed, this attachment is the one that actually peels off the wallpapers from your walls. Unlike other attachments of its kinds, this one uses steam rather than mechanical means to do so.

  • Higher Temperature Longer Run time

Lastly, it exhibits higher temperatures while at the same time managing longer runtimes. The appliance indeed gets to 212°F (100°C). This is definitely sufficient to handle all of your household surfaces with absolute ease. Moreover, it can also hold a whopping48 ounce of water for longer operations.

Brilliant Features
  • A chemical-free way to clean surfaces
  • Achieves up to 45 minutes of run time
  • Heats up water within 10 minutes only
  • Gives the freedom of intermittent or continuous cleaning
  • A fully portable wheel design makes for smoother transportation
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Cannot accept many attachments

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#2. Bissell High-Pressure Wall Tile Steam Cleaner

Are your walls made of tiles? Pick this steamer and have your way. Its steamer is very strong and powerful. Thus, it is able to eliminate hard and stained dirt from off the walls. Though potent, the steamer is unlikely to pose any damage to the walls overall.

Bissell handheld wall steamer for hard surface

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  • 1000-watt Power Rating

Its most notable trait is the 1000-watt power rating. This one is powerful enough to bombard and peel off the dirt from tiles and surfaces. Channeling this power to the steamer is a cord that measures 20 feet long. It hence gives you some freedom to move around freely as the need may so dictate.

  • Powerful High Pressure

When appropriately triggered, the steamer exudes powerful high pressure. So powerful is the pressure output that it is indeed capable of eliminating the hardest stains that are elusive to the ordinary cleaners. The cleaner is the one to look up to for the extremely stubborn stains.

  • Easy-to-press Trigger

To channel the steam to the walls, you will have to make use of an easy-to-press trigger. As its name implies, the trigger is smoother and hassle-free to operate. On the strength of this, you do not have to expend too much muscle power to be able to have your way at all.

Brilliant Features
  • Clears sticky spots with absolute ease
  • Agile enough to take just about anywhere
  • Takes up the least duration of time to heat
  • Sanitizes the walls in the course of a cleaning
  • Completely natural and devoid of any harmful toxins
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Limited to tiles walls

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#3. Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop Cleaner for Floors & Walls

Is your room cramped up? Do not make your life overly difficult for anything. Simply get hold of this cleaner and say no to unnecessary hassles. It indeed has the ability to swivel and impact closed spaces easily. On the same note, it also demands limited muscle power input from you.

Steam Cleaner for Multifunctions for walls and homes

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  • Multi-purpose Cleaning

With this cleaner, it is possible for you to handle many cleaning tasks and chores. Examples of these are the wrinkle removal, upholstery refreshing, kitchen and bathroom deep cleaning, and bare floor. It does have the ability to detach into a separate hand to allow for this.

  • Variable Settings

Also existing in this cleaner are some variable settings. You engage these settings to handle the various kinds of floors and surfaces. Some of them are ceramic, grout, tile, marble, and laminate, and sealed, among others. The three settings in questions here are high, medium, and low, respectively.

  • 110°C Hot Steam

When appropriately engaged, the steamer has the ability to generate the impressively high 110°C of hot water. This high heat is definitely sufficient to remove hardened stains and the sticky messes on walls faster. Being hot, it tends to dry at a rate that is faster than average.

Brilliant Features
  • Detaches to allow for multipurpose use
  • Activates at a rate that is faster and smoother
  • Has a sensor to aid with controls and regulations
  • Gives you three intensity settings to choose from
  • Does not release any steam in the upright position
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Has a somewhat limited range
  • Takes a long time to cover an area

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#4. PurSteam Steam Cleaner for Bathroom & Kitchen Walls

Searching for a steam cleaner specifically for your kitchen and bathroom walls? This is the one to pick and make use of. It is the one that is designed and structured to handle such areas and portions of your rooms. Moreover, it is also pretty powerful and very effective in eliminating slime and molds.

PurSteam handheld steam cleaner with light weight

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  • All-Natural Steam Cleaning

By its own structure and makeup, this cleaner is wholly natural as it is devoid of any chemicals. Thanks to this all-natural stature, the cleaner is unlikely to pose any severe damages or contaminations to your room or body. Moreover, it also eliminates molds, stains, and grime smoothly.

  • Easy Handheld Use

To operate it, you will easily engage the handle as it is simpler to do so. That is mainly because of its extremely light and portable character. Also complementing and allowing for this is the 9.8-foot cord that allows for convenient hauling and engagements all the while.

  • Safe Multipurpose Cleaning

In all, the machine delivers the dual benefits of utmost safety and multipurpose cleaning. On the basis of the former, it is able to handle all kinds of surfaces and combat just about any form of dirt. Being waterproof, it is able to operate in a damp environment.

Brilliant Features
  • Agile enough for barbecue cleaning
  • Manages faster and expedited heating
  • Has the ability to accept 9 accessories
  • Accesses hard-to-reach areas with absolute ease
  • Allows for more targeted cleaning and maintenance
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Inflicts higher utility bills on your part

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#1. Can You Use a Steam Cleaner on Walls?

WHY NOT? These machines have the ability to eliminate the most stubborn of all stains to keep your interiors and walls completely safe and clean. Owing to their use of only pure steam to do the job, they negate the need for the use of the harsh and potentially harmful chemicals.

#2. How Do You Clean Dirty White Walls?

Kindly note that the only walls you can steam clean are the one that is painted using the oil-based paints. The water-based paints are easily affected by water as they similarly dampen easily.

  • Set the right parameters

Start out by setting the right parameters for the job. This means the intensity of the pressure output, the temperature level, and the speed of operations. While at these, you should be mindful of the structure of the wall and the strength thereof. These vary from wall to wall, so be careful you do your homework right.

  • Channel the vapor appropriately

Trigger the nozzle to release the vapor output. Then, go ahead to channel the vapor appropriately; paying keener attention to those parts that are severely affected. As you do so, also vary the intensity of the steam output to cater to the varying levels of dirt.

  • Make several passes

For better cleaning outcomes, you have to make several passes over the affected area. As you do so, you should yet again ensure that you pay keener attention to those areas that are worse off than the others. This variation ought to be in the form of extra pressure or higher temperatures.

  • Wipe with a cloth

To clean the surfaces even better, you have to use a clean piece of cloth to wipe off every dirt and residue. Be sure that the cloth you use is clean and strong enough to guarantee equally cleaner outcomes. It is advisable that you use two, one after another.

  • Leave to dry

After you are done with your cleanliness, you should now leave the cloth to dry completely. Do not touch the walls with bare hands as that might worsen the situation principally by leaving behind some marks. You might want to cordon off the area temporarily to achieve this.

#3. Can You Steam Clean Nicotine Stained Walls?

YES, you can! Follow these steps to do so:

  • Scrape off excess smoke

Start off by scarping off excess smoke. This step is crucial because it eliminates extra smoke and similarly lessens any possibilities of having to use too much steam to have your way. A paper clip will definitely do this job perfectly fine. Only be careful not to apply excessive force as it may damage the walls.

  • Steam out the cake-on smoke

This forms the core of the smoke removal exercise. It is at this stage that you release the steam and channel the same to the walls to get rid of the hardened dirt. Be sure to make several passes over those portions of walls that are worse affected.

  • Wipeout with a microfiber cloth

After you are done with your steaming, the time has now come to wipe off the moisture. Use a clean microfiber cloth. The purpose of this clean cloth is to eliminate all residues from off the wall surfaces. Resist the temptation of using another kind of cloth as that might create messes.

  • Clean the floor

Lastly, finish off by cleaning the floor to remove the dirt and debris that are abundantly present there. Use a special mop or rag to do the job. We recommend the steam mop extensively as it is the one that is most likely able to yield the best possible outcomes.

#4. What Is the Best Thing to Wash Walls and Ceilings?

You have numerous tools and washing equipment to make use of. The vinegar, clear ammonia, baking soda, and warm water are the solvents and detergents necessary for the job. Then, you will have to make use of some rubber gloves to maintain the safety and sanctity of your hands as you move along.

Final Words

Now that you know all that pertains to the steam cleaners, we trust that you are appropriately equipped for their use. Just adhere to the guidance we have provided for above to get your hand on the most suitable one. If you get stuck, it is always a matter of courtesy to knock on us.