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Best Steam Cleaners for Tile and Grout – 9 Top Rated Steam Machine

Tile and grout clean is one of the troublesome housework annoying most of the people. Are there any efficient ways to clean that? Reading the page and know more about easier and faster methods to clean your home.

This page will discuss 9 best steam cleaners for tile and grout. As well, how to remove dirt quickly in such places as the bathroom and kitchen will be talked about in detail next.

Let us move it!

Best Steam Cleaners for Tile and Grout – Top 8 List

Reviews of the 9 Best Steam Cleaners for Tile and Grout That Fit Your Budget

#1. Hot Sale – Bissell Tile Steam Cleaner for Hardwood Floors

Bissell steam mop for tile floor

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The Bissell tile steam cleaner provides exceptional steam cleaning besides leaving a fresh scent. With this tram cleaner, you should not worry about tough stains and dirt on your tiles and grout. Besides, this steamer does excellent work cleaning your hardwood floors.

With this Bissell steam cleaner, you don’t have to use harsh chemicals to clean your hard floors. Steam cleaning eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This steamer is fitted with a flip-down easy scrubber to make it easy to tackle tough messes on your hardwood floors.

Additionally, it features a digital steam control smart set that allows your ideal steam power. For example, you can alternate from low, medium, and high steam depending on the surfaces you’re working on the toughness of the stains and dirt.

This Bissell cleaner is easy to use and ready for work in about 30 seconds. It also features a 23-foot power cord and a swivel steering. Its power rating is 1500 watts.

This steamer comes with a carpet glider, spring breeze fragrance discs, a soft microfiber pad, and a scrubby microfiber pad. If you’ve had challenges cleaning your hardwood floors, worry no more, this Bissell hardwood steamer will make cleaning your hardwood floors enjoyable and effortless.

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#2. Best Cheap – Bissell Steam Mop with Detachable Handheld Steamer for Shower Tile & Grout

cheap Bissell steam mop with detachable handheld part

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This Bissell steam cleaner for shower tiles and grout is the best pick for cleaning and sanitizing your floors, especially your shower tiles and grout. It’s a 2 in 1 steam cleaner that features a detachable handheld steamer. Besides, it uses steam to sanitize the floors by eliminating 99/9% of germs on these surfaces. When used as instructed, this steamer will make cleaning your tiles and grout effortless but efficient.

The handheld steamer features steam on-demand control that enables you to discharge the required steam to your floors. Are you worried about cleaning the hard-to-reach areas in your tiles and grout; this isn’t the case with this steamer. It has a triangle foot that makes it easy to clean the edges, corners, and even on baseboards.

Additionally, this steamer comes with specialized accessories for cleaning multiple surfaces. For example, you can use a bristle scrub brush and grout tool to steam clean your countertops, sinks, stovetops, and also in eliminating grime and dirt from the grout.

With this steamer, you can control the steam the device produces by utilizing the on-demand steam cleaner. Sanitize your sealed hard floors and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria using this steam cleaner.

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#3. Best for Commercial Use – McCulloch Large Steam Machine for Multi-purpose

McCulloch canister steam cleaner to clean large area

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McCulloch MC1385 steamer is a multipurpose steam cleaner that you can use for your mopping and cleaning tasks. This steamer uses water heated to more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, to clean and sanitize various surfaces in your home. This steamer is ideal for the toughest cleaning task due to variable steam control and extended steam time.

Some of the exemplary features of the McCulloch MC1385 steamer include 120 minutes of nonstop steam, 23 different accessories, 12 minutes heat-up time, and variable steam control.

This steam cleaner also comes with a large water tank of 64-ounce capacity. This means you can use the steamer for longer without the need to refill the tank, as highlighted before, you can work continuously with the steamer for around 2 hours.

The McCulloch MC1385 steamer features an 18 feet power cord that is integrated with the handle for easy portability. This allows you to clean a large area without the need to unplug the steamer from the socket.

With this steamer, you can attain 4 bar pressure, meaning the steamer will produce scalding steam that will clear away grease, grime, and dirt besides killing germs and bacteria. This steam is suitable for cleaning all sealed floorings including tiles, wood, and laminate.

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#4. Best Heavy Duty – Dupray Home Steam Cleaner for Floors and Cars

Dupray heavy duty steam cleaner for tile floor

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This steamer is among the best steam cleaner for tiles and grout. It’s an ultra-reliable solution designed for superior performance, durability, and ease of use. With this steamer, you’re assured of 99.9% elimination of bacteria, viruses, mold, and bedbugs from any type of floor, your kitchen appliances, tiles & grout, car interior, toys, and bathrooms among others. Due to its remarkable performance, it’s able to remove dirt, grease, stains, and grime from any surface. Expect near-perfect results with the Dupray NEAT steam cleaner.

With this steam cleaner, you only need ordinary tap water to clean and sanitize different surfaces in your home; you don’t need any harsh chemicals to clean your floors and other surfaces. Additionally, this steamer is portable and lightweight this you can easily move the equipment as you clean your surfaces.

The Dupray NEAT steamer produces superheated steam of up to 275°F/135°C and about 50 minutes of continuous steam cleaning. This means you can work continuously for nearly one hour without the need to refill the steamer’s tank.

Besides, you can use any type of cleaning pad with this steamer. Forget purchasing expensive microfiber pads; your ordinary towel or cleaning cloths will work perfectly with the steamer to ensure your surfaces are spotlessly clean.

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#5. Best for Wall Paper Removal – Wagner Spraytech Steamer for Bathroom and Kitchen

Wagner steam cleaner for cleaning tile wall

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The Wagner Spraytech steamer is an ideal steam cleaner for your home. It uses steam to clean and sanitize various areas in your home, including your floors, kitchen appliances, windows, countertops, toilets, etc.

This steamer comes with various attachments suitable for cleaning different types of surfaces in your home. They include assorted utility brushes, floor cleaning head & pad, wallpaper steam plate, two extension tubes, window/tile squeegee, jet nozzle, a large cleaning brush, and filling funnel. With these accessories, you can clean virtually any surfaces in your home. For example, the wallpaper steam plate makes it easy to remove wallpapers by softening the wallpaper adhesives.

This steam cleaner is a pressurized system that releases steam on demand. It’s a multipurpose steamer that cleans various surfaces without chemicals. Lift dirt, grease, and grime from any surface in your home using this steamer.

It is designed to produce high-temperature steam for a long duration; it can produce steam continuously for around 45 minutes. Besides, it emits steam of up to 212°F (100°C), perfect for cleaning and sanitizing any surfaces in your home. Its tank has a capacity of 48 oz.

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#6. Hoover Steam Mop for Ceramic Tile and Grout with 4 Variable Settings

Hoover steam mop for grout and tile floor

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This hoover steamer is ideal for cleaning all types of sealed hard floors in your home. It’s fitted with four variable settings and trigger that allows you to clean various kinds of surfaces in your house.

You can use this steamer to clean your carpet using the carpet glider attachment and clean your tiles and grout using the tile and scrub brush. It’s also perfect for removing all various kinds of stains from your floors.

This hoover steamer for tiles and grout comes with a 25 oz. water tank, meaning you can use the steamer for long without the need to refill the tank. Additionally, the steamer features an indicator light that lets you know that the device is ready to use.

This steam cleaner will clean and sanitize different types of surfaces in your home, including countertops, floors, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, by loosing and removing dirt, grease, and grime from these surfaces. With this steamer, you’re assured you home is 99.9% sanitized with all bacteria, viruses, parasites, and mold eradicated due to the high-temperature steam emitted by the steam cleaner.

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#7. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Powerful Steam Mop with Automatic Steam Control for Carpet

steam mop with automatic steam control for cleaning tile and grout

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The Light ‘N’ easy steamer also ranks as one of the best steam cleaners for tile and grout clean. It features a perfect grip and cord organization that makes it easy to use. Additionally, it has a handle that can rotate for 360 degrees, making it easy to operate. The steamers water tank bottom is made to attain a high steam temperature required for effective cleaning.

Besides, it has an intelligent sensor that informs the user when the mop is ready to use. This sensor automatically detects the steam required for a specific task, only allowing the steamer to release enough steam for the job. This ensures the steamer can work for longer without refilling the tank.

With this steamer, you don’t have to worry about replacing the mop pads since they’re readily available on Amazon. This mop guarantees your cleaning tasks at home will be enjoyable and effortless.

The Light ‘N’ Easy steamer is a pressurized steam cleaner that is effective at getting rid of debris, dirt, grease, and grime from your surfaces without the typical strenuous physical cleaning actions. It comes with excellent features that make it easy to clean your carpets, rugs, tiles, and grout. This Light ‘N’ easy steamer features a swiveling head for easy and effective cleaning.

Use the Light ‘N’ easy steamer to eradicate all types of germs, including bacteria, parasites, viruses, and molds from your home. This steam cleaner guarantees 99.9% killing of germs.

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#8. Best Canister Steamer – McCulloch High-Pressure Steam Cleaner

McCulloch steam cleaner for deep clean grout and tile

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McCulloch is a renowned company with over 50 years in designing outdoor power equipment. Over the years, the company has established unrivaled brands that are popular in many households.

The McCulloch MC1375 steam cleaner is a multipurpose steamer ideal for cleaning & moping tasks at home. It uses steam to clean and sanitize various surfaces at home. It can attain high steam temperatures of up to 200F needed for effective sanitization.

This steamer features a variable steam control that can attain up to 58 psi, making this steamer suitable for eliminating grease, dirt, and grime from any surface.

The McCulloch MC1375 steamer provides 90 minutes of nonstop steam; it comes with 20 accessories and features a10 minute heat up time. Its on-demand variable steam allows the user to select the ideal steam for the particular task.

This steamer also comes with a 48-ounce water tank that guarantees about 90 minutes of continuous steam. This means you can work uninterrupted for more than one and a half hours. Additionally, it comes with a 10 feet insulated hose that guarantees safety and an easy reach. Its floor mop attachment is fit for cleaning all types of sealed flooring surfaces, including laminate, tiles, and wood. It also features scrub pads for working on larger areas. At 4 bar pressure, this steamer is effective in blasting away grease, dirt, and grime besides killing all germs.

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#9. Best Versatile – McCulloch Heavy Duty Cleaner for Multiple Use

McCulloch heavy duty steam cleaner for multi tile clean

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The McCulloch heavy-duty cleaner is also one of the best steam cleaners for tiles and grout. It features a mop attachment suitable for cleaning all kinds of sealed floors, including wood, laminate, and tile. Additionally, it comes with scrub pads that are ideal for cleaning large surface areas.

This steamer is designed to tackle even the toughest grease and grime on any surfaces at home. The steam cleaner features a steam lock switch that, once pushed, enables the steamer to produce steam continuously. This McCulloch heavy-duty cleaner also comes with a powerful jet nozzle that is vital in removing dirt and grime from any surface.

McCulloch heavy-duty steamer has a 48-ounce water tank that ensures you get continuous steam for a long duration without the need to refill the tank often.

This steamer uses steam to clean and sanitize various surfaces in your home, thus eradicating the need for harsh chemicals. The steam naturally deep cleans and sanitizes your surfaces, including granite, ceramic tile, laminate, grout, grills, sealed wood flooring, autos, etc.

McCulloch heavy-duty steamer comes with 18 accessories that are designed for cleaning various surfaces at home. They include brass brush, floor mop, nylon brushes, squeegee, mop pads, and scrub pads, among others. Additionally, this steam cleaner comes with a 9-foot steam hose and a 15.7-foot power code that ensure you are clean a larger area.

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What Consider in a Steamer for Tile and Grout?

  • Type of Tile Floor

Tiles come in various types such as ceramic, marble, laminate, etc. when purchasing a steam cleaner for your tile floors, its essential to note that some kits may not be ideal for all types of tiles. When choosing a steam cleaner, pick one that is specialized for cleaning any floors, including laminate and hardwood floors.

  • Noise Levels

Although steam cleaners are relatively quieter when compared to vacuum cleaners, they can make a loud noise. Before purchasing the device, read the instructions, especially the decibel levels, if indicated on the package. Alternatively, you can visit reputable online stores such as Amazon and check the product reviews for the various types of steam cleaners.

  • Water Tank Size

If you purchase a small steam cleaner, note it’ll have a small tank; thus, you’ll be required to refill the tank often. On the other hand, a cleaner with a larger tank will ensure you have ample time cleaning your floors with little or no interruptions. But as you decide to pick a steam cleaner with a large tank, note it also takes longer for the water in the tank to heat up.

Top 3 McCulloch Steam Cleaner with Large Water Tank

  • Warranty

Any quality product comes with an attractive warranty. An excellent manufacturer provides a guarantee for their product. When shopping for steam cleaners, the product’s warranty. An ideal steam cleaner should have a lifetime warranty for the boiler in addition to three years for the parts. This means if your steam cleaner breaks in three years, the manufacturer will replace or upgrade the equipment.

Alternatively, you can purchase the steam cleaner from Amazon to enjoy affordable extended warranties. Note the warranty period for the device depends on the type of cleaner and the manufacturer.

  • Attachments

It’s also vital to consider the accessories that come with the steam cleaner. For example, you’ll require a nylon brush to clean the grout. This brush offers the right scrubbing power since it permits steam to flow via the center of the brush. The ideal steam cleaner should come with various accessories for cleaning different types of surfaces.

For example, most multipurpose steam cleaners come with accessory kits that include squeegees, carpet gliders, floor mops, extension horse, and corner brushes, among others. The best aspect of a multipurpose steam cleaner is you can use it to clean a variety of surfaces.

Buy the McCulloch Steam Cleaner with 23 Accessories for Multi-Purpose Clean

McCulloch canister steam cleaner to clean large area

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How to Clean Tile Floors and Grout?

#1. Clean Grout Between Floor Tiles

steam grout with brushIf you want to ensure you’ve cleaned the grout between floor tiles effectively, you should pick a steam cleaner that has the right attachments. For example, it should have a small brush and a steam hose. It’s also essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to assemble and use the equipment.

When cleaning the grout, you should not use any chemicals or soaps. Once the water in the tank has heated up, direct the steam hose to the grout and use the cleaning brush to scrub the grout lightly. This action will lift the grime and dirt from the grout besides killing any mildew in this place. After cleaning the grout, use a mop or towel to wipe up excess moisture.

#2. Clean Ceramic Tile and Grout

The best way to keep your ceramic tile and grout clean is by cleaning up spills and tracks immediately. If you practice quick sweeping and vacuuming on your ceramic tiles and grout, you’ll be able to eliminate dirt and debris before it sticks on the surfaces. Afterward, mop the surfaces using a mild detergent and warm water; this will help to maintain the tile’s shine, gloss, and color.

If you want to avoid harsh chemicals, mix a cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water, and use the solution to clean your ceramic tiles. This remedy will also help in eliminating any odors besides its safe for your kids and pets. When mopping the tiles, use strip or string mops; avoid sponge mops since they push the dirt to the grout.

Buy the Bissell Steam Mop  for Ceramic Tile Floor

Bissell steam mop for tile floor

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#3. Bathroom

Use a small nylon brush to clean the grout lines, scrubbing gently as you move. This action will lift the dirt from the grout effortlessly. Once you’re through with the cleaning, attach a microfiber cloth to a rectangular tool and use it to remove the excess moisture and dirt for the bathroom tiles.

If the bathroom tiles have stains or excess dirt, sprinkle a mixture of equal parts of warm water and vinegar and spray on the surface. Let it sit for a few minutes then clean the surface; you can also use baking soda paste or hydrogen peroxide to make the cleaning process effective.

#4. Shower

how to clean bathroom and showerCleaning grout in the shower is usually challenging due to the buildup of grime. The shower grout traps soap scum, dirt, and grime. If you want to make the cleaning process easier, run hot a shower, ensuring the windows and doors are closed, this should be done a few minutes before you embark on cleaning the shower.

When cleaning your shower tile grout, you should pay special attention to the corners. Use a soft damp cloth to apply baking soda to the grout in this location. Avoid using harsh chemicals since they can damage the grout. But remember, the best way to keep your shower grout clean is to ensure the room is well ventilated and dry to avoid the growth of molds.

If the stains on the shower grout seem challenging, try a mixture of lemon juice and borax; mix ¼ cup of borax and ½ teaspoon of lemon juice, and some liquid soap to make a paste. Apply this mixture on the grout and let it stand for a few minutes before cleaning the grout.

#5. Kitchen

You can clean your kitchen tile and grout effortlessly by mixing white vinegar and baking soda to make a paste. Use an old toothbrush to apply this paste on the grout. Let’s the paste remain on the grout for about 30 mintues. Finally, use clean water to rinse the mixture and wipe out any remains using a microfiber cloth. You might have to repeat the process to ensure your kitchen is sparkling clean.


#1. What Is the Cost of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services?

Although the cost of professional tile and grout cleaning service may vary from one location to another and based on the service provider, on average, these services range at the cost of $0.75-$3 per square foot; most service providers ask for a minimum of $100-$300. These charges will also depend on the geographical region.

#2. What Is the Best Thing to Clean Tile Grout?

The best way to clean tile and grout is by using a steam cleaner. This device uses high-temperature steam to loosen dirt and grime on the grout without the need for harsh chemicals. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar to make a thick paste. Apply this paste using an old toothbrush on the grout and let it stand for about 30 minutes, then clean the surface with a clean microfiber pad.

Hot Pick – McCulloch Steam Cleaner with Large Water Tank and 23 Attachments

McCulloch canister steam cleaner to clean large area

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