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6 Best Steam Mop for Vinyl Floors to Remove Dust & Kill Germs in 2022

Over the years, most people have relied on vinegar when cleaning vinyl floors. However, the vinegar needs time to volatilize and efforts to maintain. Try out a steam mop! The steam mop can easily solve the problems without leaving any soap buildup.

From its eco-friendliness to its effectiveness in removing dust and kill germs from vinyl floors, a steam mop is all that you could ever need. If you do not know how to choose the best steam mop, here are a few compelling insights for you.

  • Benefits of Steam Mops
  • 6 Best Steam Mop Previews
  • Tips to Pick the Best Steam Mop for Cleaning Vinyl Floors
  • Differences between Steaming Plank and Solid Vinyl Floors
  • Steam Mop vs Regular Mop


Can Steam Cleaners Be Used on Vinyl Floors?

best steam mop for vinyl floors

Yes, of course. Steam cleaners have proven to be the best for vinyl floors. From deep cleaning to speed, this is an option that you will hardly want to overlook.

As long as the floor is not exposed to too much moisture, there is no reason for you to worry. This idea is to ensure that not much steam seeps between the planks, which could loosen the glue holding the vinyl floor together. Therefore, you’d better fill warm water in steam cleaners.

Keep your mop a little bit damp, and avoid any cleaning product, except vinegar. More importantly, you’d be better not to use a steam mop on unsealed, peeling, or unfinished floors.


Benefits of Steam Mops When Cleaning Vinyl Floors

Using steam mops on your vinyl comes with lots of benefits. A look at these advantages could readily ensure that you make logical decisions in the long run. Some of the irresistible merits you will get include the following.

  • Unrivaled Time Efficiency

Most people will often aim at products that they can use effortlessly. That is exactly one of the biggest advantages of steam mops.

The setup process is relatively straightforward, as it involves no more than plugging in your device.

You will hardly have to keep moving up and down, or trying to refill the water tank. Usually, your efforts will be limited to hovering the steam mop on the floor only.

  • Unmatched Cleaning Potency

Whether the impressive sanitizing abilities or unparalleled disinfection potency, you can barely overlook steam mops’ urgency on vinyl floors. Mostly, a steam mop leaves you a spotless surface that is free from germs and bacteria.

Given their efficiency in removing dirt, grime, and scuff from floors is fascinating, the produced steam will readily get into the surface’s microscopic flaws, ensuring that you get the maximum results down the road.

  • Eco-friendly

Did you know that you will hardly need any additional chemicals to clean when using steam mops? For this reason, it is a sustainable choice for your environment. There will neither be chemical pollution nor allergies caused to children and pets.

Besides, if you were to use vinegar alongside the steam mop, it will hardly expose you to any toxicities, which is the best for persons with allergies. That is because it will hardly expose your skin or lungs to anything harmful.

  • Cost-effectiveness

As you look forward to cutting down on your budget, steam mops will provide you with an irresistible solution.

You will no longer need to worry about getting cleaning products or medication for allergies with these mops.

Many steam mop brands offer a reasonable price, so they are affordable. From another aspect, you will neither get sick nor rely on chemicals to get your floor sparkling. In the long run, you will be sure of saving a significant amount.

6 Best Steam Mop Reviews for Vinyl Floors

As you keep looking for the best steam mop for your vinyl floor, the following five options should top your priorities.

 1. Best for Cheap – Light ‘N’ Easy 7338 ANW Mop with Swivel Head

can you use the best steam mop on waterproof vinyl plank flooring


  • Robust construction for unmatched durability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Convenient and easy to use switches
  • Affordable for most people


  • Not the most powerful steam

This product comes with a relatively ergonomic design and grip, allowing you to use it without much hassle. Its fluid grip comes in handy in giving you a perfect grip and organizing your cord whenever necessary.

As if that is not enough, this fluid handle is flexible enough to rotate up to 360 degrees swivel steering head, you are able to clean more areas that have been overlooked by regular mops, such as corners, under tables, and lower surface.

The remarkable water tank -260ml on this steam mop, will get you smitten. The tank is not only big enough but also comes with a bottom design that guarantees higher steam temperatures for killing germs and bacteria.

You will also be sure of a replaceable steam mop pad. This microfiber mop head will ensure that no moisture sticks on the vinyl floor for long.

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 2. Perfect Handheld – PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner for Kitchen and Bathroom

best steam mop clean vinyl floors


  • It comes with a relatively incredible design
  • Has a long cord
  • Relatively lightweight and easily portable
  • Assures you of unmatched versatility


  • It comes with a relatively small water tank capacity

Sometimes, all you might need is a steam mop with a detachable handheld steamer. This product assures you of the most enviable choice.

You can barely ignore how effective this steam mop tends to be. While it is safe to use on any surface, you will appreciate how aggressive it is with dirt and grime. Usually, it is powerful enough to disinfect and kill up to 99.99% of germs, making it the best for homes with children and pets.

This product is relatively easy for you to use. You will readily reach some of the least accessible spots in the house with its long cord, including under the furniture.

It will also be much easier for you to maneuver around the house without necessarily changing the sockets.

Its preheat time is relatively short. Such a short period will allow you to save on time and even effort.

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3. Best for All Floors – Light ‘N’ Easy 7688ANB Multifunctional Steam Cleaner 

bset dupary steam mop to clean vinyl floor


  • Comes with a cylinder cleaning tool
  • Relatively seamless to use
  • Short time for heating up
  • Much friendlier to the environment


  • A little pricey for some people

Its smart switch will instantly capture your fancies, ensuring that no steam escapes as long as the steam mop is in an upright position. Unless you tilt its handle, there is no way your steam mop will be unfunctional. Indeed, this is what assures you of safety.

It comes with a detachable handheld steamer, which you can interchange with other accessories when not using it (microfiber mop pads, grout cleaning brushes, a jet nozzle, a cylinder towel, and an extension hose).

One of the fascinating features of this product is the squeegee. It comes in handy in cleaning oil spots, water stains, and dirt on the shower doors, windows, and glass. Besides, its bristle scrub brushes will help those who want to remove any grime on the kitchen and bathroom floors.

This handheld steamer ensures that you get top-notch convenience, featuring a short heat time of 30 seconds. While at it, the steam setting is much more straightforward than you could imagine.

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4. Best for Vinyl Plank Flooring – Dupray Neat Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner with Multipurpose

best multipurpose steam mop for vinyl floor


  • Robust construction for longevity
  • Comes with integrated funnels for a lesser mess
  • Assures you of powerful steam
  • Easy to maneuver with
  • Produces more water than steam

This product has a retractable handle, which makes it easier for you to handle it. What is more, its cord is one of the longest-2m, giving you the flexibility and the convenience you desire. These two variables make it easier for you to store and even maneuver with the steam mop at all times.

Besides, a 1.6l tank allows you to clean a relatively large surface area without refilling it from time to time.

It also comes with a steam lock function, allowing you to enjoy continuous steam action. With this, you will be confident of finishing your task seamlessly and within a short time.

Indeed, this is a relatively big mop, and moving around could be an issue. However, thanks to its incredibly smooth-rolling wheels, this is no longer a problem.

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5. Premium with Vacuum Function – Bissell 2747A Power Fresh All-in-One Steam Mop

best all-in-one steam mop no harm to vinyl floor


  • Comes with scented waters
  • Can clean almost any type of floor
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Quite light


  • Could be more powerful than this

The built-in vacuum function in this steam mop will get you smitten. The cyclonic vacuum is one of the most reliable sources for collecting dirt and debris from various surfaces.

That it relies on the use of dry tank technology during operation is one of the things you will always appreciate. This technology ensures no moisture in the dirt tank, ensuring that all the debris collected remains dry.

Controlling this device is much more comfortable, as the digital touch controls are easily accessible. Therefore, it will be more effortless for you to customize the cleaning. Usually, the adjustability allows you to select any function, including suction, steam, and high steam.

You will also appreciate the microfiber pads that this product highlights. These pads have proven to be the most reliable when it comes to keeping the surface dry. What is more, replacing them will be relatively easy with this steam mop.

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Best Lightweight – Shark S3973D Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

best shark removable steam mop for vinyl floor


  • Incredible design
  • Enhanced powerfulness
  • Incredible steam temperature control
  • Unmatched versatility


  • Could take a long time to heat up

Are you looking for a lightweight steam mop for your vinyl floor? This option is the ultimate one.

Ideally, it is a 2-in-1 steam mop, as it features a removable handheld steamer too. This aspect allows you to reach some of the least accessible spaces within the house, enhancing convenience. You will also appreciate the versatility it will provide.

This product boasts of 3-level intelligent system control, making it easier for a user to scrub, dust, and mop the surfaces. This system ensures that you have an easier time when removing grime or dirt from the floor.

What is more, it comes with a steam blaster that helps in blasting any stubborn messes.

The grip pads on this steam cleaner are worth lauding. Their dual-sided nature allows you to have a much easier time in the long run.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Indeed, unless you are careful when selecting your steam mop, things could quickly go south. The need to exercise caution is inevitable, and it is at this point that you will need to observe the following variables.

  • How Navigable the Product is

Take the time to confirm whether your steam mop will guarantee you the flexibility and the convenience that you envision.

One of the easiest ways to verify whether your product can maneuver without too much hassle is by confirming its cord’s length. The longer this cord is, the easier the time you will have during your task.

Such will also be the time to confirm the weight borne by the steam mop for home use. In most cases, the impressively compact design will suffice. That is because these designs are not only small but also lightweight. That means that you will hardly hurt when carrying them along.

  • Water Tank Capacity

No one looks forward to having a hard time when dealing with their steam mops. Unfortunately, that is what you get whenever you choose a relatively smaller tank. In most cases, these tanks will have any size between 250 ml and over 1000 ml. The best tank capacity to choose will often be one with more than 250 ml. That is because it will cushion you from the many trips to refill it.

  • Heating Time

There is no denying that the water tank capacity could significantly affect the heating time of your device. Usually, bigger tanks tend to require much more time to heat their water. However, the bottom line should be on how convenient the period is to you.

The heating time for different products will often be between a few seconds and minutes. The more it leans towards a few seconds, the better the chances of the convenience you need.

  • Safety Features

A product that comes with a smart safety switch will often be one of the best. These safety switches will ensure that the steam mop does not release any steam when not in use. This way, you will hardly have to worry about damaging the floor with excessive moisture.

While at it, you might consider steam mops that will go off whenever the steam seems too much. With this, it will be much easier for you to avoid destroying your floor at the end of the day.

  • Price

Every decision you make in life will often be aligned with your budget. If you intend to keep your account in check, it would be best to come up with a detailed overview of how much you want to spend.

The costs of steam mops will vary with technology, brand, and durability. Since most top brands are likely to assure you of incredible performance and durability, you could consider steam mop with multipurpose first.

However, that should not mean that you ignore small brands. Some of these least known brands could also give you the best products, and affordably so.

  • Adjustable Settings

Having maximum control of your steam mop should be an inevitable vision. Ensure that you choose something you can comfortably control and even adjust the steam. Whether you are using digital controls or knobs, ensure that the adjustment is much easier for you.

  • Durability

The durability of the best steam mop for vinyl floors will often depend on the materials. The robustness of this construction will also matter a lot. Usually, it will be suitable to choose products with sturdy materials, as this assures you of enhanced stability and durability.

The materials used need to withstand constant abuse and resist various corrosive elements. Further, it would help if you remembered that robust construction ensures that your steam mop does not break or get destroyed easily.


How to Use Steam Mops on Vinyl Floors Properly?

Cleaning your vinyl floor using a steam mop is relatively straightforward, with the following steps being necessary.

  • Take the time to sweep or vacuum the floor, as it removes any loose sand on the surface.
  • Fill the water reservoir and add a little vinegar if necessary.
  • Attach your mop pad to the foot of your steam cleaner.
  • Power your mop up and according to the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Once it is on, keep the mop always moving to ensure that you do not damage the floor.


Steam Cleaning Plank Vinyl Floors vs Solid Vinyl Flooring

best mop for steaming vinyl floors

A steam mop can be used on vinyl plank floors to remove stubborn stains from the surface. But what is the difference between steam cleaning plank vinyl and solid vinyl? Here are a few insights.

Plank vinyl comes with relatively more significant spaces, making them more vulnerable to moisture. For this reason, you have to be faster and more careful when cleaning plank vinyl. This way, you will avoid too much water seeping through them.

In contrast, solid vinyl is less susceptible to seeping moisture, as they have no big gaps or high water resistance. Therefore it will be easy for you to steam cleaning.

However, this does not mean that you should not use steam cleaners. Instead, it indicates the need for you not to leave water on the surface for way too long.


Steam Mop vs Regular Mop on Vinyl Floors

A steam mop will always be better than a regular mop when cleaning vinyl floors. You can hardly overlook how effective steam mopping is in removing grime and dirt and also sanitizing the floor.

With regular cleaning, you will be sure of an appealing floor at all times. In contrast, traditional mops will hardly collect all the dirt and grime on the floor. While these regular mops could be more affordable, they do not assure you of value for money.



1. Can I Use Steam Mops on Plank Vinyl?

The simple answer to this would be yes. However, you will need to be extra careful when doing so.

It would be best to consider removing any stagnant water on the surface immediately. This way, it will not seep through the spaces between the planks and, consequently, loosen the planks’ glue together.

2. Is Shark Steam Mop Good for Vinyl Floors?

You can hardly ignore how effective Shark Steam mops can be on your vinyl floor. From their unmatched steam pressure and temperature to their 2-in-1 design, you will find them irresistibly useful.

These steam mops come with microfiber mopheads that ensure no water remains on the floor for long, cushioning the surface from damage. Above all, you will be sure of no allergies or effects on children and pets.

3. Can I Use Steam Mop on the Hardwood floor?

Sure. But remember, use a steam mop on the sealed hardwood floor, and avoid unsealed floor from moisture and heat.

4. Can I Put Vinegar in A Steam Mop?

Basically, a steam mop is capable to remove the dust on the floor. You can also add a small amount of vinegar to the mixture for a better result.



In conclusion, the role of steam mops on vinyl floors is hard to overstate. The continuous use of these steam mops will ensure that your floor is free from germs and bacteria. As long as you are careful with how you use this mop, you will have no reason to worry. Perhaps today would be a better day for you to buy yourself one.

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