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5 Best Steam Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors in 2022

You may have been bothered by exploring the best way to clean vinyl plank floors. Why don’t you give steam mops a try? The steam mop for vinyl floors plays a great role in cleaning your home both in removing dust and eliminate bacteria.

Here, we shall take you through the steps you may need to follow to tackle your vinyl floors well. Also, we shall offer some tips for you to adhere to when cleaning such a floor.

For one, you need to pick and use the best steam mop for vinyl plank floors. We also take a look at some of the factors to consider when attempting to find one for yourself.


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Benefits of Cleaning Vinyl Plank Floor by Steam Mops

benefits of steam cleaning vinyl floors

Steam mops are gaining popularity today in almost every home with vinyl plank floors and any other type of floor. Here are the reasons why steam mops are in high demand than any other cleaning equipment:

  • Perfect Cleaning Potency

When it comes to cleaning scuff and dirt from vinyl plank floors, the steam it provides has the highest potentials of trapping all the dirt on a surface; even the tiniest microscopic dirt gets trapped and dissolved, carrying it away.

Furthermore, there is more heat produced by the steam mop, whose responsibility is to sanitize and disinfect the surfaces, thus making them safe even for younger children to stay around.

  • More Time Efficiency

Steam mops are among the most comfortable cleaning equipment to set up and also use. It only needs the necessary knowledge to plug it in with just a few minutes, and then you are set to start your work.

Moreover, it does not require special attention when cleaning; you only need to pass the mop over the floor severally, and there you are with a sparkling vinyl plank floor, unlike the other typical mops.

They save much of your time because you do not need to keep moving from and to with buckets and water; steam mops use microfiber pads, which are simple to use and clean after use.

  • No Toxins

Steam mops are unique among almost all other mops; they do not require chemicals such as detergents and disinfectants to clean your vinyl plank floors.

Since one relies on heat rather than chemicals to remove dirt and kill any germs on the floor. This becomes beneficial, especially to people with pets and very small children; with steam mops, your home floors are healthier and safe for any person.

Additionally, your home will have the best natural scent and freshness compared to the smell of cleaning chemicals, which might allergic to some people.

  • Cost-effective

The most cost-effective cleaning equipment does not require any additional cleaning products for efficiency and perfection.

The second thing is, you will take very little time cleaning your vinyl plank floors and invest the rest of your time in doing other constructive things.

Furthermore, using steam mops preserves and protects your health conditions; you will not have difficulties in your arms and legs since there is no straining when using steam mops.

  • Eco-friendly Sanitizing

Steam mopping is among the most effective ways of sanitizing floors without using harmful chemicals.

The hot steam produced by the mops can kill nearly 100% of germs and bacteria; this is why most people always prefer to install these vinyl plank floors on bathrooms and basements where there are likely to be more germs and viruses but minimal ventilation.

Therefore, using steam to kill germs and viruses in such areas is sufficient rather than using chemicals.


How to Choose the Steam Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors?

best flexible steam mop for vinyl plank steam

To find the best steam mop for vinyl plank floors, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Power Output

These items generate a jut of steam that covers entire areas and eliminate the dirt from there. The kind of power they potentially jut out determines the hardness of the dirt that they may subsequently eliminate.

The average power output of the steam mop for floors is around 1200 watts. If you have extra needs, be sure to prioritize those whose ratings get to the 1500 watts level and above.

  • Water Outlets

In the course of generating steam, there are bound to be some water residues. You want to consider this as well. Choose an item that contains a vent that channels out the water out in such a way as to minimize the spills and the damages that those potentially bring along.

  • Tank Capacity

In the process of engaging the item to eliminate the scars and stains from the surfaces, you will have to make great use of the water that is stored in the tank. As such, the tank capacity of the steam mop must also be of concern to you.

Choose one whose tank is large enough to tackle your entire surface conclusively. For those who have a medium area to steam clean, we recommend the mops with a 10-20 oz water tank.

  • Types of Floors

Apart from the vinyl, it could be that you have other kinds of floors that you may want to impact in the meantime.

Your best bet ought to be capable of tackling and impacting those other kinds of floors as well, such as vinyl floors, natural stone floors,  linoleum floors, tiled floors, laminate floors, and so on.  Check out specifications to ascertain this.

  • Weight and Size

The sheer weight and the size of the mop in question also counts. You want a mop that is light and compact enough for you to handle smoothly and readily.

As a plausible way forward, you may have to figure out the ratings and the specifications thereof. The weight of most steam mops range from  3.3-10 lbs, we suggest you choose a lightweight mop of 4-6 lbs for daily use.

  • Care and Maintenance

After you are done with the use of these mops, you will definitely have to wash to maintain the same. You should hence be mindful of the care and the maintenance regimes that your mop may have to endure.

Choose one whose care and maintenance regimes are hassle-free.

  • Maneuverability

You will definitely have to maneuver these mops out and about a designated location every while of use. It hence goes that the one you pick has to be truly maneuverable to prevent a situation in which you may have to struggle too much to access those areas that are largely hidden from view.

Therefore the length matters. Choosing a mop with a 13-25 ft cord will meet your needs. Remember, an overlong cord might hinder your way.

  • Cleaning Technology

They use varying technologies to tackle the task of floor cleaning. Top examples of these are the head and handle, head and handle with sprayer, steam generating mop, and the vacuum best floor cleaning mops. You have to make a choice that is convenient and relevant for your course.

  • Steam Controls

Different surfaces and stains demand different volumes and degrees of hotness of the steam. You must hence pay attention to the steam controls of the mop you pick for the job.

A good mop must have a set of controls that is easier to engage and is also highly responsive. Steam mops that have different steaming settings including high, medium, and low help you steaming floors in the best way.

  • Safety Features

It goes without saying that your safety also counts considerably. You must see to it that the gadget you pick be equipped with a host of safety features.

These include a safety valve, auto-shutoff mechanism, efficient power supply, and a strong and reliable tank.


Best Steam Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors Reviews

We start it out by a review of the best steam mop for vinyl plank floors as of the year 2021:

1: Most Powerful – BISSELL 1940 Power Fresh Steam Mop Cleaner for Floors

best steam mop for cleaning vinyl plank floors


  • Cleans and sanitizes at one go
  • Gets rid of plenty of germs
  • Powers through the sticky messes with ease


  • Costly to operationalize in the long run

With this piece of equipment, it is possible for you to also impact other floors than vinyl. Examples of these include tiles, hardwood, and of course, concrete.

Deluxe Mop Pad Kit

The kit comes in a deluxe form and stature that is truly breathtaking to the eyes. Thus, you may also make use of it as a decorative item over and above the mere getting rid of dirt.

Demineralized Water

To generate the steam necessary for cleaning your floors, the item taps into the demineralized water. This water is devoid of any dissolved minerals and hence gives off some truly clean outcomes.

Scent Waters

Apart from merely getting rid of the dirt from the floors, the mop also leaves behind some sweet fragrances. This goes a long way in making your interiors properly habitable and comfortable to stay in.

Check Price on Amazon


2: Best Multitasks – PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner 12 in 1 for Vinyl Plank Floors

best steam mop to remove dust on vinyl plank floors


  • Relatively easier to grasp and make do with
  • Refreshes the carpets and the surfaces where it is deployed
  • Gets ready in a matter of seconds


  • Care and maintenance needs are too many

Do you have many kinds of floors to tackle and take on? We draw this specific steam mop for your choice and leverage if you answered back in the affirmative. It tackles the tiles and hardwood as well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Unique Triangular Shape

It comes about in a unique triangular shape that lets it access those otherwise hard-to-reach areas with absolute ease. You won’t have to struggle hence to have your way with it in your hands.

Multifunctional Household Tool

Though it is mainly meant to steam mop your vinyl floor, this item may also serve many other purposes. Examples of these are sanitizing the floors, and getting rid of the dust to name but a few!

Adjustable Steam

Existing to make your life a lot easier is the fact that it also lets you adjust the degree of the steam output as well as the intensity thereof. That of course gives you the leeway to tackle many kinds of dirt with ease.

Check Price on Amazon


#3: Best Intelligent Steam Controls – Shark S5003D Cleaning Pocket Steam Mop

best mop to steam vinyl plank floors


  • Has an impressive water tank capacity (220 milliliters)
  • Bears three intelligent steam controls
  • Possesses a firm grip for proper handling


  • Costs a premium to get hold of

It is no secret that the Shark brand is strong, reputable, and truly reliable. Is it not amazing and worthwhile for you now to tap into one of its products like this one?

Whole Floor Cleaning

Using this item, it is possible for you to manage the whole floor cleaning undertakings. That stems from the hard and wholesome structural makeup that lets it tackle many surfaces with ease.

Steam Blaster

Should you counter some hard stains, you simply engage the Steam Blaster to jut out a powerful gush of steam. This attacks and weakens the stubborn stains and hence lets you eliminate them with ease.

Touch-free Technology

By its sheer makeup, the item negates the use of the hands to operate its critical parts and components. That makes it more hygienic and less strenuous to operationalize as is the norm with the other gadgets.

Check Price on Amazon


4: Perfect for Swivel Head – LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Electric Floor Steam Mop with Attachments

top rated steam mop for vinyl plank floors


  • Heats the water to the whopping 212°F
  • Capable of eliminating the dirty and sticky mess as well
  • Derives its steam from the tap water


  • Likely to leave behind some residues

Is your floor too squeezed and cramped up? If it is, the mop you choose to work with has to possess the ability to swivel to access those otherwise hard-to-reach areas like in between the furniture.

Ergonomic Handle

Its ergonomic handle tops the list of the top benefits it has to confers to any user. The handle is comfortable and full of grip for your proper and unconstrained engagements.

360° Swivel Steam Mop Head

As hinted in the introductory segment, this mop has the ability to swivel at an angle of 360°. By virtue of this arrangement, it fits those areas that are too squeezed and unreachable normally.

Environmental Steam Cleaner

All its critical parts and components are designed to be friendly to your environment. Consider the gadget hence less inclined to pose any severe damages to your environment and the ecology too!

Check Price on Amazon


5: Best for Dry Tank – Bissell 2747A Power Fresh Steam Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors

bissell best steam mop for vinyl plank floors


  • Vacuums and steam your floors simultaneously
  • Operable by a set of easy touch digital controls
  • Juts out a powerful stream of steam to eliminate all dirt


  • Demands an elevated level of expertise to operationalize

Some floors may demand that you vacuum them prior to steaming. If yours is one such, you may have to choose an all-in-one vacuum cleaner-cum-steam mop such as this one.

Dry Tank Technology

Unlike the tanks of your ordinary mops, the one for this comes about in a dry technology. Thanks to this stature, it works hard to keep out all the moisture out of the tank to leave behind only clean water.

Powerful Cyclonic Vacuum

Its operational mechanism on the other hand is availed in the form of the powerful cyclonic vacuum action. This helps you to capture all the dirt and the debris from the floor and into the tank that forms part of it.

Spring Breeze Scent Discs

Over and above merely getting rid of dirt from your floors, this item also imbues some scents. That is a role it manages principally the use of the spring breeze scent discs that are attached to it altogether.

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What is the Best Way to Steam Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Watch the demonstration video to learn how to clean vinyl plank flooring and read the words to clean floors by yourself:

Follow the detailed steps below to steam clean your vinyl plank flooring:

Step 1. Put on the Necessary Safety Attire

Steaming is a potentially hazardous undertaking. Before you start out, you have to put on the necessary protective gears like aprons, overalls, gloves, goggles, and helmets. This seals your body to prevent direct exposure to the hot steam and the injuries that come by.

Step 2. Sweep or Vacuum the Floor

You now need to sweep and vacuum your floors. The purpose of this is to eliminate all the dirt from the floors and make the subsequent task of steaming a breeze. Start with the normal broom and then bring in the vacuum cleaner for the best outcomes possible.

Step 3. Mix the Soap with the Water

Pour some powdered detergent into the tank and then pour some water. Alternatively, you may also pour a cup of vinegar and add it to a gallon of water. Stir thoroughly to mix the contents wholly. This is necessary for there to be proper and shining cleaning outcomes.

Step 4. Trigger the Steam Mop

Close the tank and trigger the mop by powering it on. This shall cause the moisture of the water and the detergent in the tank to heat up and form steam. Channel the nozzle of the mop to the precise part of the floor you want to target to release it there.

Step 5. Vary the Intensity of the Steam Output

Chances are that the surfaces you want to impact contain different degrees of hardness of the stains. For best results, you have to vary the intensity of the steam output of your best steam mop for vinyl plank floors.

Choose more pressure for the harder stains and less pressure for the weaker stains.

Step 6. Make Several Passes

For more enduring cleaning outcomes, you have to make several passes atop the area of your cleaning. This is to eliminate all dirt while at the same time leaving behind some sparkling clean outcomes.

The number of passes you make has to be directly proportional to the degree of stains and hardness.


Safety Notes on Cleaning Vinyl Plank Floors

protect vinyl plank flooring

Steam mops are attached to many benefits both to human health, pets, and even the economy.

However, when the steam mop is not correctly used, it can have dangerous effects on both health and the vinyl plank floors.

Therefore, it is vital to understand the following things when using a steam mop:

  • Steam at Half-power

Always jut out the steam at half power. This is to minimize the exposure of the vinyl to the steam and safeguard the glue from the likelihood of melting apart when under cleaning. You may only achieve this by choosing a mop that has variable settings.

  • Steam with a Light Steam Setting

Of all the steaming options you have the light steam setting is the most suitable for the job. Avoid setting the best steam mop for vinyl plank floors to the scrub mode as this will only serve to imperil the safety of your floors and accelerate the process of physical damages.

  • Use a Microfiber Cloth or Mop

You are advised to complement your steaming with the microfiber cloth or mop. The purpose of this is to negate any direct contact between the vinyl and the steam. To do this, you should engage the microfiber cloth or towel that is found at the head of the mop itself.

Note that always vacuum or sweep your surfaces before using the steam mop because vacuuming will enable you to get rid of larger dirt particles.

Also, it is crucial to confirm the state of their steam cleaner microfiber cloth before and when using it. If the material gets extremely dirty by any chance, you will need to change it for a better cleaning process.

  • Do Not Concentrate on One Spot for Too Long

It is an instruction you will always find in most manuals when you first buy your steam mop.

Most surfaces, such as vinyl plank floors, are susceptible to excess heat and can easily get damaged when exposed to overheated substances.

Therefore, you should not focus on one spot for long; take at least ten seconds in one area to minimize the intense heat damages.

  • Avoid Using Steam Mops on Waxed Vinyl Plank Floors

Most vinyl planks floors are attached using glue; however, several are waxed depending on the user’s preference.

Too much heat can quickly melt off the wax and cause dismantling of the floor; some glue forms can also soon get off the surface in the presence of too much heat. Therefore, it is essential to test the waxed or glued floors before you begin the cleaning process entirely.

If it responds adversely, you should consider regulating the steam setting levels first before you clean. Plus you will be required to be more careful and keen.



1. Can I use a steam mop on the luxury vinyl plank floor?

Yes. Steam mops can simply be used on tile floors, hardwood floors, and vinyl plank floors. However, make sure that you don’t steam clean your unsealed floors or use the overheated water on vinyl plank floors.

2. Can I use solutions on mop when steaming vinyl plank floors?

The answer is yes. Remember, use soft solutions on the floor to avoid any potential damages. You can use vinegar and Lysol to disinfect the vinyl plank floors from germ and bacteria.

3. Does steam mop work better than wet mop?

Basically, a steam mop saves you a lot of effort in scrubbing floors, not like a wet mop, which requires extra solutions to clean the spot, and strains on the floors. Some brands have dry tank technology to remove extra water.

4. How often should I do my cleaning?

Regular or daily cleaning vinyl floors comprises sweeping and vacuuming the dirt, which is meant to remove loose and large dirt particles and avoid staining the surfaces.

You only need a vacuum or brooms to get rid of this dirt. It should be done regularly also to maintain the shiny surfaces of vinyl.

Deep cleaning is not routinely done; it is only carried out once after two weeks or depending on how the owner likes it. When deep cleaning, you can gently use a steam mop, but with high caution; otherwise, you can use a bucket of warm water, soap, and a mop to get rid of dirt without causing any damages to your floor.



Many thanks for staying with us through to the end. With the kind of in-depth information we have provided concerning the best steam mop for vinyl plank floors, we are now confident that you are fully equipped to appreciate the item better. Why not go ahead and make a purchase as well?

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LIGHT 'N' EASY...image Perfect for Swivel Head - LIGHT 'N' EASY Electric Floor Steam Mop with Attachments
Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh...image Best for Dry Tank - Bissell 2747A Power Fresh Steam Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors
Shark S5003D Genius...image Best Intelligent Steam Controls - Shark S5003D Cleaning Pocket Steam Mop