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Best Steam Mop Under $50 – 5 Top Rated Steamer Reviews in 2022

Steam mops are a great way to clean your floors with the power of steam, and without using any harmful chemicals or sprays. In the past, these have had a higher price point than other cleaning tools available, but in recent years, they have become quite affordable.

The purpose of this article is to find and explore the top 5 budget-friendly steam mops that work under $50. All of the products listed below are of high quality and will help you to clean and sanitize your floors quickly and effectively.

The 5 Best Steam Mop Under $50

Reviews of the 5 Best Steam Mop Under 50 Dollars

#1. Hot Pick – Shark Hard Floor Steam Mop with Swivel Steering

Shark steam mop for hardwood floor4

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The Shark hard floor steam mop allows you to clean and sanitize a wide range of flooring without the use of harmful chemicals or sprays. The flexibility provided by this model’s swivel cleaning enables the use of both sides for the cleanest floors possible.

This comes with an extra-large water tank so that you won’t need to stop what you are doing to constantly refill the water, and the long (18 feet) power cord means that you won’t have to constantly reposition where you have the unit plugged in. There is no trigger mechanism, but the steam is activated upon moving the unit; which gives you the ability to control the flow of steam, to have it available exactly when needed.

Brilliant Features
  • Long power cord and water tank allows you to complete the cleaning job without needing to stop constantly
  • Gives you the flexibility to maneuver around a range of furniture and appliances with the swivel action cleaning
  • You can use both sides of the cleaning pad without needing to rotate it in any way, all thanks to being able to change the positioning
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • No trigger mechanism to disperse steam; the flow of steam takes a little bit of time to get used to

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#2. Best Rating – Light ‘N’ Easy Powerful Steam Mop with Automatic Steam

steam mop for most floors including laminate and hardwood and ceramic and tile floor

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The Light ‘n’ easy steam mop features a unique square design that allows you to easily swivel and maneuver around appliances and furniture for an ultimate clean experience. With a large water tank that features a sensor, you can count on the right amount of steam to be released without needing to refill the tank while in the middle of a cleaning project.

The water pre-heats quickly in this unit, and the steam that is released is super-heated meaning it dries fast, leaving your floors clean and dry after using. When it does come time to fill the water tank, there is no need to turn off the unit, and the ergonomic soft grip makes it comfortable to operate.

Brilliant Features
  • 20 feet long power cord allows you to clean a large space
  • Easy to fill the water tank and use this model, fits into tight areas that other steam mops are unable to
  • Not too heavy, and the ergonomic and comfortable design of the handgrip allows for easy movement
  • The water tank is large, and can be filled when the unit is in use; while the steam mop won’t release steam while standing upright (meaning not being used)
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • You need to fill its water tank with distilled water or tap water but do not add any solution

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#3. Best for All Floors – Shark Steam Mop with Removable Water Tank

shark lightweight steam mop under $50

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Another quality product from Shark, this steam mop is a great choice for hardwood floors, laminate, and tile. With a water tank standing at 12.6 ounces, it is a decent size to clean large rooms in one pass without the need to refill, and without the use of chemicals or sprays.

The steam will be ready quickly after filling the tank, and you can remove the water tank to do so. This lightweight and compact steam mop is easy to use, clean, and store and will take up little space when not in use.

This steam mop is easy to maneuver around tight spaces, and the large power cord allows you to clean a large room without needing to find another outlet.

Brilliant Features
  • Easy to maneuver around furniture, staircases, and appliances
  • The cleaning pads are easy to apply and remove and are thick enough that you won’t need to replace them often
  • Extra-large water tank that is easy to refill because it is removable, no need to use anything other than water for cleaning
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The deal will come with 2 washable pads and you may buy replacements if needed

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#4. Best Cheap – Dirt Devil 2 in 1 Steam Mop with Detachable Handheld Steamer

2 in 1 steam mop for home use

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With a brand name like dirt devil, you know that you are getting a high quality yet a budget-friendly product that will do the job it was designed for, and this is especially true with this 2 in 1 steam mop. Easy to maneuver and versatile thanks to the detachable attachment for handheld cleaning, this allows you to clean a wide range of surfaces with the power of steam.

The swivel steering allows you to easily get hard to reach areas without moving furniture or appliances, and the pivoting steam head makes it easy to direct the flow of steam. The cotton pads that are used for cleaning your floors are made of high-quality thick material, and they are reusable; simply throw them into the washer when needed.

Brilliant Features
  • No need to use any chemicals or sprays
  • To further add to the budget-friendly aspect of this steam mop, the cleaning pads are reusable
  • Large tank capacity that allows you to use this continuously without needing to refill the water
  • Detachable steam handle that enables you to clean not only your floors but other surface areas as well
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • This steam mop has a small water tank and that requires you to fill the water often when you clean a large room

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#5. Best with Triangular Mop Head – Bissell Steam Mop for Tight Space

Bissell steam mop with triangular mop head under 50 dollars

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A good quality product from a name you know and trust, the Bissell steam mop features a triangular design for the mop itself that makes it easy to get into corners and edges, making for an easier time cleaning. Lightweight and maneuverable, this steam mop will be your go-to for any type of your floor cleaning needs and sanitizes as it cleans with the power of hot steam.

This easy to use steam mops has a decent sized water tank, and the heating element allows the water to turn into steam in a matter of seconds, making it fast and easy to get started cleaning your floors with this steam mop. Lightweight in design while being durable, this steam mop is easy to use and store, and it requires little upkeep to keep it performing its best.

Brilliant Features
  • A budget-friendly product that cleans your floors well with steam
  • Features a steam trigger mechanism, so you can direct the flow of steam directly where needed
  • The triangular design makes it easier than ever to get into corners, clean floor edges, and other hard to reach areas
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Because of the design of the mop head, you may find that it takes a little longer to clean your floors, as it is not as wide as other models

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What to Look for When Buying a Steam Mop Under 50 Dollars?

Cleanliness is one of the essential things for every human being and household. In every home, different types of dirt need to be cleaned.

For you to be able to remove stubborn stains and clean the surfaces in your home without a hassle, you will need to buy a steam mop. In contemporary society, various companies manufacture different types of steam mop under 50 dollars.

For this reason, the market has become crowded, hence getting an ideal steam mop under 50 dollars with excellent features that will make you happy becoming challenging.

Therefore, we have decided to give you the factors that you will get the best if you consider before buying a steam mop under 50 dollars.

– The Floor Type

The type of floor that you want to use the steam mop to clean is very important. The under 50 steam mops are constructed and designed for different types of floors.

Besides, steam mops are only compatible with only either finished, washed, tiled floors, or carpeted floors, while others are only suitable for hardwood floors.

For efficient cleaning and the safety of your floor, you should buy a steam mop that is suitable and compatible with the floor that you are going to use it to clean.

It is always recommended that you understand the type of floor first before going to the market.

– Water tank size

The amount of water that the steam mop can hold at a time will determine the time and the space that it will clean.

Buying a steam mop under 50 dollars with a small capacity tank will mean that you will have to refill it now, and then if the surface that you are going to use it to clean is a large surface area.

Additionally, buying a steam mop with a large tank will be heavy, and it will also be a waste of energy if you are only going to use it to clean a small surface area.

Of equal importance, the water tank should be equipped with special filters for limescale.

Best with Large Tank – Shark Steam Mop with XL Removable Water Tank

– The temperature and power

The power will determine how long the steam mop will take to heat up. Generally, a steam mop with more power will heat up faster than a steam mop with less power.

For example, a steam mop with an engine power of 1600W will heat up faster than a steam mop with an engine power of 800W.

The best steam mop under 50 dollars should take seconds or few minutes to heat up.

Further, the highest temperature of the steam mop is very important. Some steam mops only heat up to a temperature of 100 °.

At 100 °, the steam mop may not be able to remove stubborn stains and dirt effectively. For the steam mop to remove stubborn stains, dirt, and bacteria from the surfaces of your home, it should be able to reach at least a temperature of 120 °.

Therefore, when buying a steam mop, you should check its power ratings and the temperature that the water tank can reach before it emits the steam.

– Materials

The materials used to make a steam mop under 50 dollars is also important. This is because the construction material will determine the steam mop’s durability and, on most occasions, weight.

You should check if the materials used to make the steam mop high-quality like the ABS plastic. Additionally, the material should be robust and resistant to shock and falls.

You should also ensure that the materials are corrosive free and rustproof. For you to maneuver easily while cleaning the surfaces in your home, the materials used to make the steam mop should be lightweight.

The recommended weight should be between 5 to 10 pounds.

Best Lightweight – Light N Easy Powerful Steam Mop with 1500W

– Power cord

There are steam mops that are corded. When purchasing a steam mop, you should consider the length of the power cord.

If the room you are going to use the steam mop to clean is large, you should buy a steam mop with a long power cord for it to be used to steam and clean a large surface area.

– Warranty

A warranty of a product on most occasions, stands for the quality. Additionally, the warranty should give the confidence to use the product.

As with other products, a steam mop may break down after some time due to technical issues. A good product should have a warranty to cover a specific time.

It would be best if you were wary of steam mops with no warranty since the manufacturers do not have confidence in their quality.

Vacuum Cleaners VS. Steam Mops Below $50

While both are quality product lines in their own right, there are a few major differences between vacuum cleaners and steam mops that should be addressed before purchasing either. For starters, vacuum cleaners are better suited for carpet that need suction to lift the dirt and debris.

And while vacuums can suction the particles and debris on your hardwood, tile, and laminate floors, they will not be able to clean the dirt or grime that is ground in or stuck to the floors. That is where steam mops shine, literally. They can use the power of steam to clean and sanitize your floors, removing dirt and grime and making them shine.

While they are not able to suction any debris or particles that may be on your floors, they are great at deep cleaning and sanitizing.

Additionally, it is difficult to find a decent vacuum cleaner for under $50, due to all the components that have to work together to allow it to perform adequately; with steam mops, it is much easier to find budget-friendly options, as they function on the principle of steam being released and using a cotton pad to mop the floor.

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Conclusion – Is a Steam Mop Under $50 Good?

While you may find that professional steam mops are going to run higher than $50, there are budget-friendly options out there that can perform very well, and clean your floors adequately. Steam mops are no longer a luxury item, and in many homes, they have replaced traditional methods such as a mop and bucket.

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The reason they can be produced and manufactured for less than in the past is due to minimizing their design; steam mops today generally function by heating water, turning it into steam, releasing the steam onto your floors, and having a mop head with a cotton pad attached that allows you to mop the water and dirt or grime.

So to answer the question: yes, you can find a very good steam mop for under $50 that will perform adequately in cleaning and sanitizing your floors without the use of chemicals or sprays.