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Best Steam Mops Under $100 – Top Floor Steamers Reviews & Guide in 2022

Steam mops are the leading category of mops since they help keep the floors clean and free from germs and other deadly bacteria. The steam mops are sold at different prices were some rate at less than 100 dollars. Although these cheap steam mops may lack some features, rest assures that they provide the same quality cleaning services like the expensive modes. In this article, we are going to review top 5 best steam mops under $100 and the guide to follow when choosing the best cheap steam mop.

Top 5 Best Steam Mop Under $100

Reviews of the 5 Best Steam Mop Under 100 Dollars

#1. Hot Sale – Bissell Steam Mop for Hardwood and Tile Floor

Bissell steam mop under 100 for hardwood floor

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Apart from saving money on purchasing this steam cleaner, it also helps to maintain a clean floor throughout. The steam mop leaves the floor sparkling clean and also helps eliminate germs and bacteria for up to 99.9 percent. It also fits families with animals since it is powered by a great motor that loosens all the messes for easy cleaning.

Three different cleaning modes, which are low, medium and high, are present to choose from for efficient cleaning. This also makes this mop suit different floor, including the delicate ones. This steam mop is powered by electricity, and it comes with a long cord to minimize restrictions when cleaning the floor.

There are various cleaning accessories including, microfibre soft pad, scrubbing pad and even a fragrance disc. Using this mop is easy as it features a control button for switching on/off, and controlling the solution release.

Brilliant Features
  • The mop heats up very fast
  • This steam mop is quite powerful
  • It helps eliminate bacteria and germs on the floor
  • There are different cleaning modes to choose from
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It is powered by direct connection to power, thus it cannot work when there is no power.

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#2. Best with Double Sided Pads – Shark Steam Mop with Touch-free Technology

Shark steam mop with 3 steam control

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One of the best features of this steam mop is the fact that it has a long power cord. Therefore, you can easily and quickly maneuver around the house when cleaning with zero restrictions. The mop has a large water tank that ensures to clean a large room without the need to refill.

The cleaning pad is designed with double-sided a washable pad that makes cleaning fast since you can clean a large area without necessarily changing the cleaning pad. The mop head is quite powerful and directly releases the steam to eliminate all sorts of dirt on the floor.

Operating this mop is super easy as it comes with a touch button for comfortable changing its functioning. The mop has three intelligent cleaning settings that suit different floors, including the sensitive ones.

Brilliant Features
  • There are three cleaning options to choose from
  • The double-sided cleaning pad saves cleaning time two times
  • This steam mop has a long power cord for convenient moving around
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The mop produces powerful steam that may not suit older laminate floors

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#3. Best Multi Purpose – PurSteam 12 in 1 Steam Mop with Handheld Steamer

PurSteam steam mop for kitchen and clothes under $100

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The lightweight design of this mop makes it easy to carry around when cleaning different rooms in the house. It helps clean and sanitizes the floor at the same time since it kills up to 99.9 percent of germs on the floor.

It is easy to use and clean the floor faster than traditional mops. This mop features a unique triangular design for easy reach even the further areas in the house such as under the furniture for efficient cleaning. The mop has a large water tank that can clean a large area in the room.

This mop is an all-round steam mop since it is compatible with a wide range of floors. You can use it for cleaning the laminated, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain and even tiled floors. You can also use your preferred cleaning pad since the mop is made with an attachment station where you can connect your preferred cleaning pad.

Brilliant Features
  • This steam mop sanitizes the floor
  • It can be used for cleaning different floors
  • Carrying out to different rooms is quite easy
  • You can easily clean even the edges of the house
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • You could install a triangle mop pad only

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#4. Best Rated – Bissell Lightweight Cordless Mop for Hard Surfaces

Bissell mop under 100 dollars

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If you have hard floors, then this is the perfect mop to buy. It scrubs and cleans the floor for you so you don’t have to do the hard job. The mop comes with versatile cleaning pads essential for cleaning even the most sensitive floors.

The water tank can hold about 28 ounces of water ideal for simple cleaning in small rooms. You and use this steam mop to clean animal messes and other tough stains since it scrubs off any stains on the floor.

This steam mop consists of a powerful swivel head that rotates to clean all types of messes and stains off the floor. Because of that, it ensures you have total control of the cleaning solution to prevent wastage.

Brilliant Features
  • It features a lightweight design
  • This steam mop is quite easy to use
  • The mop features a cordless design for easy moving around
  • The mop helps clean all types of messes including the tough stains
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It doesn’t produce steam

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#5. Best for Large Space Clean – Sienna Steam Mop with High Pressure and 25 ft Power Cord

steam mop with handheld steamer under 100

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This steam mop comes in pieces although fitting it together takes little time since there are tools needed to do so. The mop comes with a long cord for comfortable moving around when cleaning large areas. The tank is relatively large and it is quite easy to refill.

It has energy-saving mechanisms whereby it automatically shuts off in case it stays for two minutes without being utilized. The unit is convenient in storage as it stands upright, a feature that also helps save on storage space.

There is no limit to the type of floors you can clean with it since it is compatible with carpeted floors, tiled, hardwood and also vinyl to name a few. The mop head swivels up to 180 degrees to ensure the convenient cleaning of the floor. And it is super easy to use and only takes a few seconds to heat up.

Brilliant Features
  • LED lights highlight the dirty area
  • It is compatible with multiple floors
  • Using it is quite easy and straightforward
  • It offers both dry and wet cleaning options
  • This steam mop comes with a long power cord
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • 180 degree swivel

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Which Is Better Shark or Bissell Steam Mop?

Shark and Bissell are two of the top best steam mops in the market today. But these two steam mops differ depending on the features and their parts. Both brands heat up pretty easily, they are equipped with large water reservoirs and are also easy to utilize when cleaning. But, which brand is the best?

  • The Water Tank

Both of these steam mops are fitted with large tanks for cleaning large spaces and the water takes less time to heat up as well.

  • But, Bissell steam mops feature relatively larger water tanks and thus, if you are looking for a brand that can store large quantities of water for cleaning, then Bissell is the right option.
  • Shark steam mops are equipped with integrated water tanks that are flexible to fill, while the Bissell mops are equipped with removable tanks for easy and fast filling.

Therefore, it takes lesser time to refill a Bissell tank as opposed to refilling the Shark tank.

  • Steam Level

The steam required to clean the floor is determined by the nature of the floor and the type of dirt or stain on the floor. Although both models work perfectly to eliminate all the types of stains and even clean different floors, Shark models are the most preferred steam mops when it comes to flexibility and versatility.

This is because you can easily adjust the steam level on a shark mop so you can be able to clean different floors or eliminate stains, something you cannot achieve with Bissell mops.

Buy the Shark Steam Mop with Intelligent Steam Control

Shark steam mop with 3 steam control

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  • The Use

When it comes to usage, Shark steam mops are perfect for cleaning all corners in the room thanks to the swiveling mop head. The mop head swivels in different angles for easy maneuvering in corners and edges without the mop getting stuck.

On the other hand, Bissell mops are the perfect choice for people who need mops with ergonomic handles. This brand of mop features a long straight handle for easy holding when cleaning.

Common Usages of Steam Mop Under $100

The steam mops have replaced the traditional mops in great ways because they are versatile and flexible in use. The following are some of the common usages of steam mops under 100 dollars.

steam mop under 100 reviewDisinfecting the floors. The steam mops are known to clean and even disinfect the floor by leaving it 99.9 percent off bacteria and germs causing diseases. This is because this type of mop releases high levels of steam that spreads on the floor to remove dirt breeding the germs and bacteria.

Removing stains. The steam mops are the ultimate answer for people with stained floors, or if you want to maintain a clean floor throughout. The steam penetrates on the floor; hence, loosening all the dirt and debris for easy cleaning. The steam mops are highly recommended for families with animals since cleaning their messes is easy with this gadget.

In upholstery. Some models of the steam mops work perfectly for upholstery jobs since they help to clean furniture, car seats and even carpets.

Guides on Buy a Steam Mop Under $100

  • Ease to Use

How easy the steam mop is when using, determines how fast you will finish your cleaning process. Therefore, make sure to choose a model that has easy to use steps when either assembling it and when using it for cleaning.

  • Consider Its Versatility

You will need a mop that you can use to clean more than one floor in your home. So, checking out its compatibility is crucial for efficiency. The steam mops are designed to clean different floors where some even provide both dry and wet cleaning.

So, if your home has hardwood floor, and carpeted areas, make sure to choose a steam mop that can easily and efficiently clean both types of floors.

Buy the PurSteam Versatile Steam Mop for Different Floors and Handheld Unit for Upholstery

PurSteam steam mop for kitchen and clothes under $100

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  • The Drying Time

Considering the steam mops releases different levels of steam, you need to find out how long the steam released takes to dry up. Steam mops are preferred more than the traditional mops when it comes to drying up because there is minimal usage of water when using it to clean. But, you should find out how long the steam dries up, especially when performing wet cleaning procedures.

  • The Water Tank

The steam mops are fitted with different sized water tanks for cleaning purposes. Some mops have a large water reservoir that lasts for long before a refill, while others are quite small. So, the larger the water tank is, the larger the area to clean and longer it will take before re-filing the tank.

Buy the Bissell Steam Mop with 16 oz Water Tank

Bissell steam mop under 100 for hardwood floor

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  • Heating Power and Steam Levels

Some steam mops take about 30 seconds to heat up, while others may take up to few minutes to heat up. So, check out the time the device requires to completely heat up to ensure convenience when cleaning and save time as well.

When it comes to steam levels some models are designed with up to three cleaning levels essential for mopping even the delicate floors while others fit one floor. Again, if your home has different types of floors, make sure to choose a mop that can clean all of them without damaging with high heats.

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a good steam mop for cleaning purposes. The above are some of the top best models on the market and the process to follow when choosing the right one. You can still get a quality steam mop at less than 100 dollars. So, choose the mop that works for you.