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The 9 Best Travel Steamers to Unwrinkle Clothes [2022]

Some of you may have been in an awkward situation when you need fresh and wrinkle-free clothes but only find your clothes are creased and wrinkled in luggage. Well, why must it be iron? A travel steamer works even better!

You can use a travel steamer both at home or on vacation since it is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. Clothes steamers for travel can heat up more quickly and they are more gentle to your garment than heavy irons.

compact steamer for travel

Keep reading for detailed information to get your right travel helper-a portable clothes steamer.


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Why Should You Buy a Travel Steamer Instead of Iron?

easy to use steamer for trips

A travel steamer helps you a lot in daily life. The reasons why everyone should buy a travel garment steamer are listed as following:

1. You Can Take It in Your Carry-on

An iron needs an iron board to work, but a travel steamer just needs water. When you travel around, there is not much space for both iron and board. Just put it in a little suitcase you can take it anywhere without bringing you a burden.

A garment steamer is portable, small, and lightweight, so you can carry it in your carry-on.

2. Less Damage to Your Clothes Materials

An iron may damage your delicate garment. If your daily clothes are basically thin and soft fabric, you definitely need a travel clothes steamer to protect them from burn holes or damage to materials.

In contrast, travel steamers are gentle on various types of fabrics, silk, satin, nylon blends, cotton, wool, linen, sequins, beads, embroidery.

3. Portable and Cost-efficient

Travel steamers cost you less but they work as well as iron in some aspects. What is more important is that the travel steamer is compact and small, you can hold it easily to steam clothes.

It is a bang-for-your-buck choice when you are traveling on a budget.

4. Easy to Use

A garment steamer is friendly to people of all ages. It doesn’t require any skill. Fill the water tank, press the button, and wait for it to heat up. It is all ready to work.

There is a possibility that you may get scalded when the iron gets extremely hot and not placed properly on the iron board. Travel steamer is safe and easy.


What Are the Top Three Brands of Travel Steamers?


Hilife is a well-known steamer brand that gained popularity and reputation from customers. It is a top-rated brand among a large number of buyers.

Its travel steamers usually have a big water tank and a long steam duration, which allow you to steam your clothes for a longer time (over 15 minutes), and you can unwrinkle more clothes.

Moreover, for your better experience, Hilife provides 5-9 ft long cords, making it easy to steam your clothes from a distance.


For the majority, OGHom is one of the most favorite brands of travel steamers. What we like is the unique 304 stainless steel heating panel of OGHom’s products, which ensures anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and a much longer life-span than Aluminum.

Most of OGHom’s travel steamers are light with high-impact & Flame-retardant PC-ABS plastic bodies so that they can be put in your luggage easily.

Apart from the lightweight body, OGHom’s thermostat control system ensures its production efficiency and safety.


You may have heard PurSteam many times. Yes, it is a famous brand of travel steamer.

Most of PurSteam garment steamer can be used in various materials, such as cotton, silk, linen, polyester, wool, velvet.  Therefore it is quite suitable for the groups who have mixed clothes fabrics.

Apart from this, Pursteam’s special heating balls and the latest channeling design respond well in removing the toughest wrinkles in clothes, curtains, and drapery, which ensures its long life span as long as you use it properly.

  • Which makes the best steamers for travel?
Target Groups
Long steam duration
People who travel with lots of clothes
Anti-oxidation and efficiency
People who prefer quality and small size
Powerful and multitask
People who need to steam other items besides clothes


How to Choose Suitable Clothes Steamers for Travel?

best steam cleaner for travel

To get a perfect travel steamer for your own, there are some factors you have to consider. We concluded 9 aspects that you need to know:


The clothes steamer with a short cord is a good choice for trips, but it may be inconvenient for some people who would like to apply it at home.

A short cord is favored in a limited space, but a long cord allows you to move around to steam other items. However, an overlong cord may trip you up, and it is different for storing.

The perfect length of cord should be a bit longer to use easily but not too long to get in the way. Basically, a 5-10 feet cord is enough.

Here is SALAV travel steamer with a 6.5 feet cord.

Water Capacity

You may just need a streamer with a small water tank if you don’t have too many clothes to unwrinkle. Likewise, a bigger water capacity makes sure a longer continuous steaming time.

– The regular travel steamers hold a water volume of 160-240 millilitre.
– The small water capacity of the steamer is 100-150 millilitre.
– The large water capacity is 240-300 millilitre.

If you are looking for a travel steamer with the largest water tank, Hilife steamer is your top choice which holds 300 millilitre water.

If you are looking for a steamer with the smallest water tank, pick Urpower steamer-only 130ml!

Size and Weight

When you need a fabric steamer for trips, in particular, a small and lightweight one never disappoints you. A compact and mini-size steamer can fit in your suitcase saving as much space as possible.

Therefore, buy a compact and foldable travel steamer of 1.5-2 pounds will be just fine.

The lightest travel steamer is Pursteam garment steamer for travel which only weighs 1.13 pounds.

Fabric Types

Before purchasing a steamer, go first to acknowledge the fabric types because some steamers are not suitable for all clothes materials.

Classifying them into cotton, silk, linen, polyester, wool, velvet, and other common blends and weaves. Carefully choose the travel steamer that can be gently used on delicate and other common fabrics to remove the wrinkles without the least damage.

PurSteam Garment Steamer is gentle to silk, linen, and wool fabric.

For polyester and linen velvet, MagicPro Portable Garment steamer is also a good choice.

Heat-up Time

Heat-up time is an important point to consider. You don’t want to wait a few minutes before using it if you are in a hurry. The shorter the heat-up time is, the better. Especially, if you are the last-minute kind of person, look for a garment steamer that can heat up in 2 minutes or even a few seconds.


Some materials can be steamed more efficiently with a fabric brush, lint brush, dust brush, and so on. With different attachments, your whole steaming process will be efficient and various ironing needs can be met. Of course, it takes more space and costs you a little more.

Watts and Voltage

Watts and voltage is a major concern for those who need to go abroad. Wattage is the operating power of an electrical appliance.

In general, a travel steamer with a power output of around 750-850 watts is capable of ironing common clothes, but may not powerful enough to remove stubborn creases.

Therefore, a dual-voltage steamer is necessary for your business trip. Otherwise, you need to take a voltage converter with you.


Continuous Time

If you travel with more clothes, you need a steamer that has a longer continuous steaming time. It meets the requirements of most people that fill the water tank once and use it for more than 10 minutes.

If you take many outfits or your clothes are thicker, it is appropriate to choose a travel steamer that can constantly work for 20 minutes, but this also means you need a steamer with a larger tank (250ml or so), which will also add weight to your luggage.

Additional Features

Color and design are also important factors for minimalist users. Right colors can match the objects at home and the overall style will be more harmonious. Some travel steamer has bright and lovely colors such as mint green, rose pink, and ocean blue.


Quick Picks of Best Travel Steamers

There are three top quick choices for your reference.



The 9 Best Travel Steamers

If you lost in so many different kinds of travel garment steamer and have no idea which one is suitable for you, here are some comprehensive reviews of 9 steamers.

1. Top Rated – BEAUTURAL Dual Voltage Winkle-remover for International Trip

remove wrinkles on clothes

BEAUTURAL clothes steamer gains high popularity and reputation for its excellent performance in dual voltage and foldable steam head. 100-240 voltage allows you to travel aboard without a voltage converter.

It fits in your suitcase occupying a small place for being foldable, and it can be placed anywhere when you don’t use it.

Powerful 1000 watts makes its heat-up time short. It preheats in less than 40 seconds and works 8 minutes with a 3.4 fluid ounces water tank.

Nevertheless, it weighs 2.6 pounds, which means that it is heavier than other similar steamers. Since you can quickly fix your clothes in such a short time, BEAUTURAL clothes steamer is a great choice if you don’t have too many clothes to iron.

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2. Best Budget – PERFECTDAY Portable Garment Steamer for Cruise

steam clothes to remove wrinkles

If you are on a budget recently, take PERFECTDAY garment steamers into your consideration. It costs you less while still provides great service.

Powered by 800 watts of power, it works great in removing wrinkles and softening all kinds of fabric with an extra brush.

Besides, it has 8 steam nozzle holes, which blows steam faster and 20% more than other steamers. Therefore, it is more time-efficient and economical.

If you feel that a large water tank is too heavy to hold, give this PERFECTDAY steamer a chance. It has a 100 ml small water tank but holds enough to steam your blouse, T-shirt, dress, and so on. In addition, an auto shut-off function keeps you safe when it is overheated or has little remaining water.

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3. Best Lightweight – BIZOND Compact & Mini Steamer for Travel

steamers to keep clothes tidy

8.5 x 6.1 x 4.1 inches is a relatively small size for a travel steamer. The small size means lightweight-only 1.6 pounds. If you prefer a handy steamer, Bizond compact steamer is the right one for you.

You will not even notice it in your luggage. In particular, you can hold it in your hand comfortably and steam your clothes from any angle.

Bizond advocates the shortest heat-up time, 25 seconds, it can extremely save your time. Furthermore, the anti-spilling design eliminates your concern that it may drop water while streaming.

NANO Filter supports tap water, which helps in prolonging the life of the device. It is a little more expensive than other steamers, but it’s certainly worth it.

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4. Premium Small Size – iSteam Powerful Steamer for Heavy Materials

a steamer to smoothen wrinkle clothes

Although it is 8 inches high, steam delivers 900 watts of power to heat up in less than 60 seconds and release steam for 10 continuous minutes.

As powerful as it is, ironing heavy materials is no longer a tough problem. It makes your coat, sweater, and jacket neat as you expect.

Proved as small but powerful, you can not only use it on vacation but also at home.

An eight-foot cord allows you to steam curtains and other larger items. The point you need to notice is that the rated voltage is 220v, therefore it needs a voltage converter and adapter plug if you go to Japan, Canada, and Brazil. For those who are looking for a dual-voltage steamer, you may need BEAUTURAL steamer.

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5. Most Durable – PurSteam Handy Fabric Garment Steamer

steam clothes

If you value the quality and durability, picking PurSteam is always the right choice! With a premium aluminum heating ball, it can work for years.

It offers 900 watts to de-wrinkles any garment. When you are in a hotel, just filling the water tank with plain tap water will be fine. No more additives are needed.

The hand-held design is easier to use with one hand to steam hanging clothes.

A maximum volume of 180ml water tank improves its work time, but its heat-up time is longer – 90 seconds. As soon as it works, you can steam more pieces of clothing at one time without refilling the water.

In addition, you will be like toting it around to steam other items a little far with a 9 feet cord. Don’t need to buy an extra cord.

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6. Perfect for Suits – Hilife Steamer With Big Water Tank

travel fabric steamer

If you are bothered by lightweight or mini-size steamers that have a small water capacity. Now this one is especially for you – Hilife Steamer!

Such a mini size device inserts a super large water tank of 240 ml water capacity. Therefore, it can deal with suits and coats, because the continuous steaming time lasts for 15 minutes to emit wrinkled busting.

It also has a 9 feet power cord, which makes it easier to use remotely. You can hang up your suits and move around to get them steamed for both sides.

If you are going to attend a business conference, pick this one. It will be your lifesaver.

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7. Best for Wedding Dress – MagicPro Hand-held Steam Cleaner with Attachment

compact travel steamer

MagicPro steamer has a super big 300ml water tank. Undoubtedly, it enables you to steam your garment for over 15 minutes on a wedding dress, suits and even curtains, drapery, tablecloths, bedding, upholstery, toys, etc.

You need to understand that big water capacity means large size, therefore, it is a bit larger than other kinds of steamers. (12.75 x 7 x 5.25 inches)

MagicPro steamer is certified by Electrical Testing Laboratories in compliance with North American safety standards. Equipped with an electronic pump unique design, it is water-leak proof, safe enough for users.

It also has a fabric brush and lint brush, which is versatile for the whole steaming process.

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8. Fastest Heat-up – Polardo Smallest Hand-held Travel Clothes Steamer

best small travel wrinkle remover

Just imagine that you are in hurry to catch up on trains or you are late for work, while you have to waste several minutes on heating up the iron. Isn’t it irritating? Don’t worry. Polardo steamer heats up in 25 seconds and it has dry steam, saving time on iron.

Besides, It has an electronic pump system, preventing splashing water and drops on your clothes to keep them clean.

Furthermore, you can use it even upside down! Compared with other regular ones, which normally can be used vertically, it is safe and easy to use.

Do you notice its design? It looks fashionable in your bag for any business trip or for anyone who is minimalist.

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9. Best Multi-Task – iSteam Travel Steamer for All Kinds of Clothes Materials

dual voltage steamer travel

iSteam steamer has multiple functions including steaming, cleaning, and refreshing any fabric, rug, carpet, and other surfaces. If you have various fabric clothes, pick this one.

There is no need for you to look for other different types of the steamer. Automatic shut-off protects both device and clothes when it gets overheat or low in the water. Power by 900 watts, it works excellent in deep cleaning.

It has a stunning appearance and several bright color options, pink, green, and blue, unlike others, just white or black.

Dry steam and electronic pump system keep your clothes tidy and stain-free. Such a sweet and wonderful gift for your friends!

Check Price on Amazon


Do you have an idea which one you need most? Pick your favorite one and get it now!


How to Use a Travel Garment Steamer Properly?

Travel steamer was designed to be simple and easy to use. To be effective, the steamer shall be applied properly to exert itself to the utmost. Here are some tips :

1. Hanging Your Clothes Up

First, you need to hang your clothes up against hard or solid support. Adjust the height to a certain height that allows you to stand in a comfortable position.

2. Check the Fabrics

Make sure you know your clothes material before you start using a travel steamer. Some garment steamers do not make their best on some fabrics.

For some delicate fabric such as silk, steamer may damage it somehow. Choose a travel clothes steamer that can be used on most materials if your clothes’ fabrics are various.

3. Stretch the Garment with Your Free Hand

You can pull your garment with your other hand to flatten them. In this way, the wrinkles will be decreased quicker. But be careful, don’t pull it too hard, otherwise, your clothes may fall off.

4. Move the Appliance in a Downward Motion

Keep the steamer moving from top to bottom and keep it vertical to the ground so that the water will not spill out. Put the head close to the clothes to maximize the steam power.

5. Keep Distance

If you steam suits or coats, you can properly hold the steamer a bit closer to the clothes, so that it eliminates wrinkles faster and saves water. If your clothes are thin, keep a distance (at least an inch away) between the head and the clothes to avoid any possible damage.

6. Collars or Cuffs

The collars and cuffs are a little hard to deal with, you may want to use your hand to give them extra shape and support. To make them tide, it is best to use your hands to keep them in good shape.

7. Be Sure to Tip out Any Remaining Water

If you finish ironing while there is still water remaining, remember to tip out the water. Pack it up when the steam head cools down.


Safety Notes

steamer to iron colar

1. The Distance from Clothes and Steamers

Heavy materials: keep closer to clothes.
Delicate materials: keep a distance from the steamer head and clothes. (at least an inch away)

2. Tip out Any Remaining Water

Remember to tip out any remaining water in the end to preventing leaking or accident

 3. Cool It Down Before Packing It Up

No: Pack it up immediately as soon as turn it off.
Yes: Cool it down before packing it up.



1. What is the Best Portable Travel Steamer?

The best portable steamers for trips require a short heat-up time, long continuous steaming time, small size, and high quality.

Based on this, we rated Pursteam 7-1 fabric steamer as the best portable clothes steamer with 900 watts of power and a 180 ml water tank. You can use it from any angle without spitting or leaking.

2. Can I Use Tap Water in My Travel Steamer?

Yes. You can also use tap water directly if the steamer has a water purifier. But purified and distilled water can prolong product life and make your clothes soft. Here is the BIZOND steamer with a NANO filter.

3. What is the Temperature of Steam?

Technically, the temperature of the steam coming out is 212º F. Most of them may reach 208-212º F in actual use.
Can I bring a travel steamer on the plane?

4. Can I Take a Travel Steamer on the Plane?

Yes. You can bring a travel garment steamer on a plane if there is no liquid in the water tank.

5. What is the Best Cordless Travel Steamer?

To be honest, there are only a few cordless steamers on sale. Indeed, cordless travel steam is very convenient for your trip but it is not widely used.

6. Do Hand-held Travel Steamers Really Work?

It depends on how well you use it and the quality of your steamer. Besides, it is also related to your clothes’ fabric. Generally, a handheld travel steamer works well and indeed can remove the crease and wrinkles.



Travel steamers is an excellent and smart assistant for your trip and daily use with premium performance in decreasing your clothes and removing wrinkles on your clothes. Lightweight and portable as it is, you are able to pack it up and take it with you. Featured as short heat-up time, small size, and low price, it is a good choice for you!

If you are bothered by any troubles with wrinkled clothes, get a travel steamer, which will definitely improve the quality of your life and make your work more efficient!



If you still have no idea which one you should buy, here are we recommend three products to targeted people. Check it out it see if you can find your best travel steamer. The sooner you use it, the easier your life will be!



Who Prefer Duration


Who Prefer Versatility


 Who Prefer Safety

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