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Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-one Vacuum and Steam Mop Review

House cleaning is slowly advancing technologically with the new cleaning devices coming with unique designs to facilitate a much-simplified cleaning. Unlike in the past, cleaning is currently done with one swoop of the machine instead of dividing the process from separate vacuuming to wet mopping which is quite convenient for many individuals.

Nevertheless, these 2 in 1 vacuum and steam mops are currently flooding the market with varying models and designs some of which are substandard and unable to deliver as often insinuated by the manufacturers.

Thus, this article provides a review of one of the best of these cleaners, Bissell 1132a symphony worth acquiring for your home.

Overview Review of Bissell 1132a Symphony Vaccum and Steam Mop

bissell 1132a symphony all-in-one vacuum and steam mop review


  • Fast working heater
  • Ecofriendly cleaning
  • Versatile functionality
  • Adjustable handle length
  • Mobile and easy to move around


  • Quite expensive

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The Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-one Vacuum and Steam Mop is one of the popular brands and models of the cleaning devices currently in the market. This device is specially designed with unique features thus guaranteeing a successful service delivery to the user.

For instance, some of these features include the fact that this vacuum and steam mop combo device can be used to vacuum the floor while steaming and mopping it at the same time.

The device is also low profile and can perfectly fit in hidden areas such as under furniture, it also comes with a dry tank technology for efficiency and a customizable handle to several height levels for comfortable operations.

Further features incorporated include the visible and easy to use touch controls for varying operation modes, a sufficiently long power cord to facilitate easy movement within the house without restrictions, and a sufficiently large water reservoir for steaming over long periods among other features.

As evident above, this cleaning device incorporates a variety of features for maximal efficiency during mopping/cleaning your floors.

This henceforth qualifies it to be among the best in the market today and thus highly recommended for any individual planning to purchase a new cleaning combo device, replacing a broken one or fairly upgrading from a less advanced model.

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Standout Features of Bissell Symphony 1132a

Below is a detailed analysis on some of the unique features which stands out and ranks this cleaning device among the best and highly recommended for new customers.

#1. Vacuum and steam at the same time

This model from Bissell is specially designed with combo features that allow the user to clean their floors at once.

Thus, instead of first vacuuming using a different machine then steam mopping with another mopping machine, this model allows you to vacuum and steam simultaneously saving on time, energy, and even resources.

Furthermore, this cleaning device covers a wide width of about 11 inches which facilitates large area coverage within a short time further saving on time.

#2. Touch digital controls

bissell symphony all in one vacuum and steam mop model 1132

Controls also play a vital role in the operational efficiency of these cleaning devices. Incorporated in the designs of these models are easy touch digital controls.

These controls allow for effortless adjustment of steam settings from low to high and engagement of the suction function by just a touch on the display screen. This makes the operation of these devices very easy and straightforward to many users.

You can thus vacuum and steam clean at the same time without complications or choose to only steam clean or vacuum separately. This thus allows the user to select their desired cleaning options and setting modes that best suit their needs.

#3. 5-way adjustable handle

People are usually of different sizes, shapes, and heights and thus, certain height levels might be very uncomfortable to some individuals to the extent of discouraging them for continuing to clean or even causing health complications such as back problems.

Therefore, with the 5-way adjustable handle, this cleaning device’s handle can be extended or shortened to a more preferred height that most suits the contemporary user. This will guarantee a comfortable cleaning session with minimal straining.

The adjustable handle can also allow for complete cleaning of faraway and low lying areas such as under furniture without the need of moving the furniture aside by just extending the handle to allow for a total stretch under the furniture.

The handle can also be removed or adjusted appropriately for much easy storage and conservation of space.

#4. Dry tank technology

This is an advanced technology feature incorporated in these devices. These features ensure that any moisture vacuumed during cleaning is kept out from reaching the dirt tank.

Thus, the dirt tank is usually dry after vacuuming and steaming guaranteeing for easy non-messy disposal of the collected wastes. This keeps the cleaning process appealing and straightforward.

#5. For all sealed floors

bissell 1132f price

Another vital feature attributed to the Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-one Vacuum and Steam Mop is the fact that it is multipurpose. This is to say that the device was designed to safely vacuum, steam, and mop any sealed floors.

Thus, not only does it effectively clean hard floors such as ceramic, linoleum, marble, tile, granite among others, but also hardwood floors without causing any damage.

This makes it unique to many steam cleaners as the majority are usually not regulated to effectively clean wooden floors without resulting in permanent damage to the said hardwood floor.

#6. Includes 4 washable mop pads

These are usually packaged on the mop pad kit and shipped together with the cleaning device. These are usually 2 soft mop pads and 2 other scrubby mop pads to be installed in the easily detachable mop pad tray during the cleaning process.

The soft one is usually reserved for smooth cleaning however upon an encounter with tough stains, the scrubby mop pads are always switched into the device.

Additionally, these mop pads are always designed for reuse due to their washable fabric design. Thus, when one mop pad gathers too much dust, it can be switched out with a more clean one as the dirty one gets washed by hand or the washing machine for future use.

#7. 25-foot power cord

The best of these devices often require free and easy mobility within the cleaning areas and this can usually be achieved through proper designing of the power source.

Since this model electrical power, the manufactures usually include a fairly long 25 feet power cable. This is essential in ensuring that the device is capable of covering the entire floor area of the room with ease despite being hooked up on a wall socket.

Thus allowing for easy maneuvering and roaming within the room during cleaning making the process simple and straightforward.

#8. 12.8 oz. water tank

This model is designed with a fairly medium-sized water tank with a capacity of 12.8 ounces which is fairly sufficient to steam clean a large chunk of a room before depletion.

The device is thus capable of steam cleaning for about 25 minutes before the depletion of water in the reservoir. This means that the device saves on time by minimizing the rate of tank refilling during cleaning hence ranking it among the best performing combo cleaning devices.


Bissell 1132A Vac and Steam Mop vs. Bissell 1543A Steam Cleaner

These two models of cleaning devices from Bissell are usually high quality with unique designs to maximize efficiency during operations.

Nevertheless, the designs usually come with certain similarities and differences attributed to incorporated features and market pricing. Thus, one model often has additional and advanced features in comparison to the other.

– Similarities

Both the Bissell 1132A and 1543A models are hybrid combo cleaning devices capable of both vacuuming and steaming floors at the same time.

Other features include the ecofriendly nature of sanitization by utilizing pure water for steam cleaning, the dry tank technology for dry waste, and a quick-release mop pad tray for straightforward changing of the mop pads.

The two models further come with a pair of washable soft and scrubby mop pads. These cleaning devices are also designed for cleaning all hard floors including hardwood.

Their water tank capacity is also 12.8 ounces capable of cleaning for a straight-up 20 to 30 minutes with customizable settings and easy to use touch controls.

The two models are also lightweight with an average unit weight of about 10 pounds and a lengthy power cord of about 25 feet allowing for easy movement within the house during cleaning.

The devices are also very economical with the on-demand steam release feature.

– Differences

The Bissell 1543A is usually designed with an exclusive Drop-it tank emptying system responsible for contact-free emptying of the wastes by simply pressing a button protecting your hands from dirt unlike in the 1132A model which requires physical disassembly for emptying.

The Bissell 1543A model also comes with additional disposable mop pads for cleaning unlike the 1132A model with only washable mop pads.

The 1543A model also has a detachable steam boost tray and four disposable steam boost pads not found in the 1132A model.

The heating time for the 1132A model is quite impressive at only 30 seconds heat-up time unlike that of the 1543A model which takes an average of about two minutes.

– Verdict

In overall, the Bissell 1132A and 1543A cleaning devices operate on fairly similar capacities except for the minor differences.

For instance, the design and features of the 1543A model qualify it to be the best for cleaning dirt, dust, and pet hair, unlike the 1132A model which occasionally gets blocked by pet hair.

Nevertheless, they are both great products for the appropriate cleaning areas.



The Bissell 1132A Symphony all in one cleaning device is among the best currently in the market. The pricing is fair to the installed features making it a worthwhile product to purchase for your home.

This article thus provides an extensive comprehension of the cleaning device thus assisting you in making an informed decision when acquiring a cleaning device.

The numerous unique features guarantee an efficient and satisfactory operation during the cleaning exercise.

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