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Can I Steam Clean My Kitchen Cabinets?

Cleaning your kitchen is by far the most hated task. For individuals cleaning their kitchen is the least pleasant task; this is often because it is relatively hard to only work with elbow grease in order to have your kitchen cabinets, countertops, and sinks look sparkling clean. However, using kitchen steam cleaners aid in making the cleaning process much easier and faster. Therefore, in this article, we shall be answering the question: ‘Can I steam clean my kitchen cabinets?’

can I steam clean my kitchen cabinets

Can you use a steamer on kitchen cabinets?

It is a difficult task to just use elbow grease to get your kitchen cabinet and other surfaces such as ovens, sinks, and countertops sparkling and bright.

Another issue is when cleaning your kitchen cabinet, how to ensure that all bacteria have been eliminated from your cabinets and other surfaces for your food preparation for a healthy lifestyle.

Luckily, with a steam cleaner, your cleaning tasks will be made easier and you will be in peace of mind when you know that your kitchen cabinets are sanitized fully.

Benefits of Using Kitchen Steamer

– Thorough clean.

The high temperatures produced by the steam will loosen, dissolve dirt, grime and grease more easily. It will also kill 99.99% of all bacteria and germs without needing any chemicals.

– Saves your time.

A steamer will ensure that your cleaning tasks are completed in half the normal time.

You will also not need any additional chemicals or effort since the steam will sanitize your cabinets just as bleach but it will do so in a healthier way that is more effective.

– Safe clean.

There is no worry of harmful residues on your cabinets and they will be sportless with admirably less effort. The steam cleaner will also save you some amount of money in the future compared to buying a wide variety of cleaning products including detergents to clean your cabinets

Furthermore, with a steamer, you will produce fast results in a user-friendly way and your kitchen will have a perfect look with complete hygiene anytime.

– Versatile on use.

To make it better, your steamer will be very versatile and can be used on cabinets, sink areas, tiled walls, work surfaces, tiled floors, and many more.

Drawbacks of using a kitchen steam cleaning machine

The drawbacks of using this steamer are that there are surfaces of your cabinets that will not take all that heat. Anything such as cardboard and water-based paints will be affected by the high temperatures thus the steamer is not ideal when it comes to this.

How to seam clean the kitchen cabinets?

#1. Use a cloth or vacuum to remove dust and dirt

Before steam cleaning your kitchen cabinet, you should get rid of all loose dust and dirt by using a handheld steamer, cloth or a vacuum. Dusting vertically, the surface of your kitchen cabinets can be counterintuitive; however, dust will tend to accumulate on the exterior of your cupboard, especially when you have carried out a lot of frying within your kitchen.

#2. Use a steamer to loosen grease

The oil particles tend to act like magnets and attract dust. To aid in preventing this combination from happening, you might consider using a cloth or a duster that us lint-free; with this, you will be able to prevent oil and dust from sticking and form a hard residue.

The high temperature from a steam cleaner will aid in loosening and dissolving grease, dirt, and grime. Furthermore, this process will destroy all germs as well as bacteria without having to use any chemical. With a steam cleaner, you will be able to clean your kitchen cabinets faster and efficiently.

how to steam clean kitchen cabinets

#3. Use a canister steam cleaner for large area clean

When steam cleaning a large kitchen, you should consider using a full canister system. Despite being a bit pricey, the full canister system is highly versatile and is ideal for cleaning and sanitizing bigger kitchen cabinets.

Furthermore, they are more powerful and relatively easy to operate; this makes it more flexible in cleaning your kitchen cabinet.

Why should you steam clean your kitchen cabinet?

With steam cleaners, you will be able to make your cleaning task much easier and faster. The primary reason as to why a steam cleaner is essential in cleaning your kitchen cabinet is that it aids in killing harmful bacteria.

In addition to that, a steam cleaner aid will leave no residue on the surface of your kitchen cabinet, unlike bleach and chemical cleaners, which tend to leave toxic substances that can access your food. Due to that, a steam cleaner is considered a better and safer choice for your kitchen cabinet.

A steam cleaner is ideal when it comes to saving money; you will not be purchasing plenty of several cleaning products to help in cleaning your kitchen. A multi-purpose steam cleaner will come with a plethora of attachments help to clean all the kitchen surfaces, including tile floors, ovens and more.

Furthermore, a steam cleaner is user-friendly and tends to offer faster results. This will give your kitchen a great look, and it is by far the most hygienic cleaning method for your kitchen cabinet.

What is the best way to clean greasy kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets accumulate dirt much faster since you will spatter grease on them as you cook. You have the chance to fight the grease, grime, and grunge making your kitchen cabinets be at their best with the simple guide below.

You can make your own cleaner using ingredients that are environmentally friendly or use commercial cleaners such as Murphy’s Oil Soap.

– Using soap and water.

There are greasy surfaces that will only require one thing and that is warm and soapy water.

The first thing is to soften the grease that has accumulated on the cabinets using a sponge damped in with water.

Thereafter, clean the surface with the damp sponge and liquid soap, toothbrush, or a scrubbing brush.

The final step will be to dry with a dish towel to avoid residue being left behind.

– Baking soda.

If the grease and stains are more stubborn, you will be required to use some baking soda as well as a scrub brush.

After wetting the scrub brush using warm water, put some baking soda, and then scrub on your cabinets.

The second step, use a damp, warm cloth to clean the residue.

Baking soda is very effective since, apart from cutting through the stubborn stains and grease, it is non-abrasive hence no worries of your cabinets being harmed.

– Distilled white vinegar.

Distilled white vinegar is also very effective in fighting heavy grease stains thus a trusted kitchen cleaner. This vinegar has natural acids that will break down the grease and no residue will be left behind.

The first step is to soak a washcloth in undiluted vinegar.

Then, wipe the greasy section of your cabinet and allow the vinegar to work for around 15 minutes.

After that, loosen the grease by wiping it with a damp sponge.

Afterward, use a water-soaked paper towel to clean the build-up.

How do you clean kitchen cabinets without removing the finish?

The kitchen cabinets will occasionally undergo wear and tear. When food particles, dust, and grease build-up, it will be difficult to remove and thus good to clean them often.

Below are the steps that will ensure you clean the cabinets without removing the finish:

– Make a vinegar solution.

Use white vinegar together with a cup of water. This cleaning solution is great for everyday cleaning of your kitchen cabinet. It will not take off the finish or warp the wood.

If you do not prefer cleaning with vinegar, use a light soap solution and a cup of water.

You can also buy a household steam cleaner that do not use harsh cleansers that are all-purpose.

– Wipe the outside of your cabinet immediately after cooking.

Grease will constantly accumulate on the surfaces of your cabinets after you cook. Wiping your cabinet after cooking will go a long way towards ensuring your cabinet is in good shape.

What you have to do is to dip a clean washcloth into a vinegar solution and then use the cloth to clean the cabinet underneath the cabinets and the cabinet doors.

You do not want to make your cabinet soaking wet because the moisture will warp your wood cabinet.

Squeeze the washcloth to make it damp other than dripping. The smell of the vinegar will disappear when the cabinets get dry.

If this does not work with your cabinets, the other option will be to buy a household steamer.

– Dry your cabinet using a clean cloth.

When there is moisture on your cabinet, the finish may be damaged or the wood might warp. Dry clean your cabinet to ensure that there are no traces of the cleaning solution.

How to clean wood veneer kitchen cabinets?

Veneer kitchen cabinets are preferred since they are less expensive compared to the real solid wood cabinets. Due to the numerous cooking activities that are carried out in your kitchen, there is a need to clean it occasionally.

Below are the steps that you should follow for a perfect veneer kitchen cabinet cleaning:

– Use a mild dish soap together with water for cleaning your veneer cabinets on a daily basis.

– The next step, use an all-purpose steamer or window cleaner. For the veneer kitchen cabinets, mostly laminate, use the all-purpose or window cleaner on your cabinets and then wait it dry.

If you don’t have these steam cleaning machines, skip this step.

– Thirdly, use your homemade cleaning products. This can be some amount of baking soda or white vinegar and clean water for your veneer cabinets that are laminate. Use a rag or sponge to rub the grease, grime, and dirt and then rinse with a clean rag.

– In the fourth step, use a damp rag to clean the wood veneer. Do not use the dish soap as you would for laminate cabinets and also do not leave any moisture since your wood veneer will be damaged.

– In the last step, you can use Murphy’s soap. If your veneer cabinet is made of wood, you will spray some of this soap on the cabinets and then wipe using a soft cloth. Do not rinse away the soap since this can result in the veneer getting damaged.

How to clean shaker cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets will add to aesthetics as well as bringing a sense of calm. However, most of the homeowners will shy off from purchasing shaker cabinets due to their reputation of being hard to keep clean and maintain.

The tips below will help you in keeping your shaker cabinets clean.

shaker style kitchen cabinets

– Protect your cabinet from direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight will turn your shaker cabinet yellow. You can prevent this by installing tinted glass, blinds, or curtains.

– Always turn the exhaust fan on.

The grease particles are the common causes of cabinet and kitchen staining. To prevent grease from accumulating, you can switch on your exhaust fan as soon as you begin cooking.

– Clean your shaker cabinet with baking soda and vinegar.

Using a cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda as well as two cups of warm water to clean your shaker cabinet will ensure it stays fresh and looks bright. Do this kind of cleaning at least once a month.

Can I steam laminate kitchen cupboard doors?

A steam cleaner will remove dirt, grease, and other food particles much easier due to the high temperatures produced by the steam. To add on that, these surfaces will be sanitized thus promoting a healthier lifestyle in your kitchen.

When cleaning your laminate kitchen cupboard doors using steam, you have to keep in mind that the high temperatures can damage these surfaces.

You should not do this cleaning intensively or prolonging the steam hitting the cupboard doors to avoid damaging the finish including the paints.

Before using steam, it is important to first consider the finish to access whether there is any chance of damaging it using the steam cleaner.

Final verdict

Steam cleaning is highly essential, particularly in your kitchen cabinet. Unlike other cleaning substances, steam cleaners do not use any chemicals during the cleaning process. This makes it highly safe for use in the kitchen area.

It is of great benefits when you use these steam cleaners:

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