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Can You Use a Steam Cleaner on a Mattress?

  • Can you use a steam cleaner on a mattress?
  • How to steam clean your mattress?

Below are the concrete answers and specific steps to help you get a fresh and clean mattress.

Can Steam Cleaners Be Used on Mattresses?

Steam cleaners can be used on mattresses, and are very effective at cleaning and sanitizing them while removing odors. It is not particularly difficult to utilize a steam cleaner to clean and sanitize your mattress, and it will ensure that they stay fresh and clean longer.

While you can use a steam cleaner for your mattress, you will want to make sure to follow the steps listed below for the best benefit and make sure that adequate drying time is allowed.

This is because of the thickness of mattresses, and some moisture can get deep down. Allowing them to dry will make sure that no mold or mildew can develop.

Steam cleaners are very versatile tools that allow you to clean and sanitize your mattress without any need for detergents or chemicals. Additionally regularly cleaning your mattress will add to its overall longevity and allow it to last a lot longer.

The Pros and Cons of Steam Cleaning a Mattress

– Pros

(a) To Eradicates Pest Infections

One of the significant concerns for the steam cleaning mattress is removing dirt mites from them.

The dust mites are minute so that someone can spot them with naked eyes. There are harmless, but they cause allergic reactions.

(b) To Remove Tough Odors and Stains

Since the mattress might have tough stains caused by pet urine, blood, food particles, sweat, etc., then consistent cleaning at your home is not enough to eradicate those tough odors and stains.

(c) To Increase the Longevity of the Mattress

Once someone invests in any professional mattress washing services, then she/he probably extend the life of his mattress because the professional knows the right methods and techniques essential to perform the steam cleaning process.

(d) No-risks to Pets and Children

Some of these cleaners do not utilize the harsh chemicals that might be harmful to the pets and children, making them an appropriate tool to tidy up any mattress messes.

(e) Cleaning Products Can Be Utilized Effectively on Anything

Besides, the phenomenal produce can be used virtually anywhere regardless of someone have access to the water supply and power source.

Meaning it is safer to use on tile, vehicle, furniture, and more.

– Cons

(a) Long Desiccating Times for Mattress

In the steam cleaning, using steam for the Mattress, someone might have to wait 24 hours to dry up completely. And it can be inconvenient for some people who got personal issues like maybe they don’t have an alternative mattress to use instead.

However, the steam cleaning mattress does not require to be done exceedingly frequently; it only a prodigious way to provide deep clean and sanitize it.

How to Use Steam Cleaners to Clean a Mattress?

can you use a steam cleaner on a mattress

In the following section, we will be going over the necessary steps to clean a mattress with a steam cleaner. While not difficult, following these steps in order and taking some extra measures will help to allow the steam cleaner to better clean and sanitize your mattress.

1. Prep the Mattress

Before using the steam cleaner on your mattress, you must prepare the surface area. To do this, you will first want to remove all of the bedding on your mattress; including the top and fitted sheets.

After that, you will want to use the hose attachment on your vacuum to remove the surface dirt and grime.

2. Sprinkle Baking Soda on the Mattress (optional)

While this step is optional, sprinkling baking soda on your mattress and letting it sit for a brief period will help with the cleaning process.

Additionally, it will freshen up your mattress and help in deodorizing. To do this, you will simply take some baking soda and sprinkle it liberally on the surface of the mattress.

Once you have let it sit for 30-60 minutes, you can vacuum the surface of the mattress again.

3. Pre-Heat the Steamer

During the last few minutes of the baking soda deodorizing your mattress, you can begin to preheat the steamer. After you have vacuumed and prepped your mattress, you can start to use the steam cleaner to clean the mattress.

Using slow and uniform motions, go from the top of the mattress and work you way downward.

Make sure to cover the whole surface area of the mattress, and let dry completely before using.

4. Flip the Mattress and Repeat steps 2 and 3

Once you have completed the steps listed above, you can flip the mattress over and work on the other side. The reason for this is that even with high powered steam cleaners, they will have a difficult time penetrating the whole mattress.

This step is to ensure that the mattress is completely clean and sanitized. As with step 3, make sure that both sides of the mattresses are dry before use.

Considerations When Steam Clean Your Mattresses

Depending on the size of your mattress and the thickness, you may find that you will have to complete these steps more than once.

While steam cleaners will be able to clean and sanitize with relative ease, some mattresses are going to be thicker, or have more dirt and grime to clean through.

Additionally, during the cleaning process, it may be necessary to stop and refill your steam cleaner. This is normal, and nothing to worry about; just make sure that you are allowing the steam cleaner time to pre-heat the water before continuing with use.


The following are the top frequently asked questions on the steam cleaner’s process on mattresses and their relevant answers.

how to steam clean mattress

1. Can Someone Use a Carpet Cleaner on Mattresses?

The simple answer is yes. Someone should perform a thorough cleaning of Mattress twice a year, using a carpet cleaner to eradicate dirt, since unhealthy spores of mildew and mold can be collected in the Mattress due to temperature alterations in the room.

Also, many breeding creatures live in Mattress, nursing on dead human peel cells, therefore if bugs and dirt not eradicated, the effects can turn to be detrimental to social wellbeing, possibly causing breathing difficulties allergies.

Remember, while cleaning, don’t over wet the Mattress.

2. Can Someone Utilize the Garment Steamer to Clean a Mattress?

Probably yes, for someone to have a good and deep cleaning, it advisable to warm up the garment steam cleaner and strip the sheets then move on steam cleaning the Mattress.

A clothes steamer is a prodigious product for deodorizing, removing the old stains, and minimizing germs and bacteria. Wanting to disinfect the garment steamer, ensure it produces steam to reach a temperature minimum to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Can You Steam Clean a Memory Foam Mattress?

The answer can be yes, though utilizing steam cleaner on the memory foam is not useful for general usage, and not endorsed.

However, someone can take the risk, but please note that utilizing this steam cleaner for the memory foam can probably ruin it.

Even the manufacturers of these memory mattresses don’t endorse steam cleaning.

Since it is also possible, remember taking that step will be at your own risk, the messy accidents can happen that leave deep and significant stains on the mattresses.

However, if you have memory foam, therefore you can fell the much worry this can cause for someone.


With the help of this article, we hope that you can utilize the steps listed above to clean and sanitize your mattress. Doing so will keep it looking and feeling fresh for a long time, and with routine cleaning, you can add to the overall lifespan of your mattress.