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Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Reviews

From the convenient handheld steam cleaner and the impressive steam mops to the incredible vapor cleaner, you can barely overlook the urgency of steam cleaners. Thanks to these steam cleaners, eliminating dust mites, bacteria, and stains or odors has become effortless. But above all, steam cleaners have proven to be friendlier to the environment. But what’s the best option?

Things can only get better once you embrace Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner. Its myriad of features and increased reliability will readily get you smitten. Perhaps, a few insights into what this product brings to the table will help in making logical decisions.

General Reviews of Dupray Neat Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

dupray neat steam cleaner for floors and carpets


  • Relatively high pressure and temperatures
  • Robust construction and enhanced durability
  • Impressive water tank capacity
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with 18 accessories


  • 2-year warranty

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From its modern and straightforward design to how reliable it is, Dupray Neat steam cleaner boasts of unmatched popularity in the market. Ideally, it is not only cube-shaped but also stylish. While it highlights a sense of simplicity, its array of features and accessories will give you the value for money that you so desire.

Beyond its cylindrical design, this item is capable of tackling a wide range of jobs. It boasts of a generous 1.6 l water tank capacity, which implies that you will not need to keep refilling it during the task.

Regardless of how tough your job could be, this capacity is likely to take you through it.

This steam cleaner does an excellent job of handling different surfaces, thanks to the high pressure released. Usually, you will find it reliable in removing limescale and grout from floors.

The steam produced is also enough to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, assuring you of a much safer environment. What is more, this steam cleaner leaves no surface wet.

Operating this item is relatively straightforward. Typically, it comes with one button, which you will push whenever you want to turn it on.

Once you press this button and the light turns green, you will be free to start cleaning. Remember, it uses a trigger switch to keep the steam in action, which ensures that the process is flawless.

Its sturdy construction can only assure you of reliability and longevity. It will suffice to mention that the materials used in making this item assure you of a high endurance score. Its steam drop off abilities is also incredible.

In brief, this is a product that you will use for many years to come. Above all, its various tools and attachments give you access to enhanced versatility.

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Critical Features of Dupray Neat Heavy Duty Steamer

Dupray neat heavy duty steamer reviews

As mentioned, Dupray Neat steam cleaner prides itself on an array of features that enhance efficiency. A look at these features could help you to make credible decisions about the same. They include the following.


  • Power

That this Dupray Neat steam cleaner is powerful is no secret. This product assures you of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit of steam. It is for this reason that it has become one of the best multipurpose cleaners in any home.

This temperature is sufficient to melt any grease or stain without any hassle. The steam pressure is about 46 Psi, which is relatively strong.

It will be fair to mention that its steam output is about 120g/min, which is moderately above what its rivals can offer. The heat generation within this steam cleaner is incredible, thanks to its high wattage (1500).

As long as heat generation is effortless, you will be sure of enough steam at all times.


  • Heavy Duty and Big Water Tank

You can hardly ignore how big its water tank capacity tends to be. With this 54 ounce tank, it will be much easier to carry out your job without necessarily refilling it.

Typically, this capacity allows you to steam your surfaces for up to 50 minutes before you can refill it.

Its heavy-duty construction is worth lauding. That it is capable of withstanding constant use and even abuse is no secret. Further to this, the structure makes it less susceptible to heat and moisture. All these come in handy in enhancing the longevity of your steam cleaner.


  • Retractable Handle

One of the things you will love about this steam cleaner is its easily accessible retractable handle. Besides comfortably fitting this cube design, this retractable handle assures you of a perfect grip.

This way, it will be much easier for you to move around and even reach those hard-to-access parts of the home. Did you know that this retractable handle is about 5 meters?


  • 2m Steam Hose

Nothing could be as breathtaking as the chance to enjoy convenience and flexibility. That is what you get from this steam cleaner, thanks to the 2m steam hose it has.

The tube is not only long and flexible but also designed in a way that can handle extreme temperatures. This extended length ensures that you reach every part of your house. Unfortunately, there is no suitable place to store this hose.


  • Portable

This product has proven to be relatively lightweight, allowing it to be reasonably portable. This portability ensures that you have a seamless time when working.

Typically, it will weigh approximately 5.6kg when its water tank is full. While it might not be the lightest option in the market, you will not have a difficult time carrying it around.

As if that is not enough, it boasts of a compact design, which makes its size ideal for carrying around too.


  • Steam Lock

Your safety matters a lot, and an auto steam lock will often come in handy for you. With it, you will find reliable during continuous steam cleaning action. Once you press the auto-lock steam feature, you will be good to go.


  • For All Surfaces

Whether you want to clean tiles, floors, grout, furniture, or even car interiors, this will be your ultimate steam cleaner. This steam cleaner will come in handy in removing stubborn stains from floors, mainly when used alongside its microfiber pads.

It will also be crucial in eliminating stains and odors from furniture and killing bugs and dust mites on mattresses.

It will also help in removing stains from car seats. Unfortunately, you cannot use it in ovens, as the pressure and temperature could be too high for it.


  • Short Heat-up Time

It will take about 8 minutes or 493 seconds for this steam to heat up and be ready for use. Ideally, once the power button turns green, it will be proof that the steam cleaner is ready for use. Compared to its rivals, this period is fair.

Further to this, it comes with a 20-minute cooling period, after which you can refill the tank.


Where Can Dupray Neat Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner Be Used?

Typically, you can use this powerful steam cleaner almost anywhere. Here are some of the common places you will find this product invaluable.

  • Floors and Tiles

Whether you have a hardwood or soft floor, this option is all that you can ever need. Usually, this product produces powerful steam that will effortlessly clean grout and remove any stubborn stains. This way, you will readily restore the sheen and shine of your floor.

  • Bathrooms

Taking the time to disinfect your bathroom assures you of healthy living. Thankfully, this item plays a critical role in not only eliminating limescale and mineral residue on the surfaces but also killing up to 99.9% of bacteria. What is more, you will hardly need soap or detergents.

  • Furniture and Mattresses

Do your furniture and upholstery have unwanted stains and odors? Dupray Neat steam cleaner will come in handy in removing these stains and odors.

What is more, it will help in eliminating any bugs that could be hiding in the furniture. While at it, you can rely on it to kill any bacteria, dust termite, and bed bugs on your mattress.

  • Kitchen Appliances

This product has proven to be reliable in not only sanitizing but also degreasing various kitchen appliances, including sinks, countertops, and even fridges. It will also help in removing any grout on the kitchen floors.

  • POWERFUL STEAM CLEANER: up to 275°F/135°C. Best multi purpose steamer for home, cars and more.
  • HEAVY-DUTY & LARGE CAPACITY: Up to 50 minutes of cleaning time per fill up.
  • PERFECT FOR FLOOR CLEANING: use any regular towel or cloth, no need for expensive special pads!
  • WARRANTY: 2 years limited/ Lifetime on stainless steel boiler



In conclusion, steam cleaning has proven to be the way to go. From maintaining the integrity of the environment to making sure that you have an easier time, you will hardly resist it.

The information provided here guides you on how to get the best steam cleaner and what features to consider. Above all, you have insights into the best steam cleaner, Dupray Neat! Get it today!

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