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How Does a Steam Cleaner Work?

You probably have a very dirty room or pieces of garments that would want to keep clean. There are many options to clean rooms, and among them, the steam cleaner stands out. But how does a steam cleaner work and how to steam clean your home? Keep reading to learn more.

After reading this article, you will get the following information:

  • Basic knowledge of steam cleaner
  • Benefits of the steam cleaner
  • How does a steam cleaner work?
  • Scenarios of steam cleaning
  • Things that can not be steam cleaned


What Is the Steam Cleaning & Steam Cleaner?

how does a carpet steamer work

Steam cleaning is the technique of using hot steam at high pressure to rid surfaces of all the dirt, germs, and debris.

It has the attendant advantage of being able also to sterilize the surfaces of all the germs as well as other contaminants that may pose health risks to the persons who use those items.

A steam cleaner is an appliance that is used to generate and discharge hot steam. It is the one also that straddles out and about a designated location to spread out the steam across the surfaces. Many of them are compact and automated to allow for seamless maneuverability.


Why Steam Cleaner is a Winner?

Below are the salient benefits of the steam cleaner and the steam cleaning technique:

  • Eliminates pet odors

If you have the goal of eliminating pet odors, you have the steam cleaner to set your eyes on. Its power is capable of stripping the surfaces of the foul stench.

This is a chore it pursues without the need to use deodorants or other substances that contain too many chemical contents.

  • Gets rid of allergens

The technique also kills all the allergens such as mold and pollen. This makes it a great one to set your eyes on if you have the dream or the goal to combat them on your surfaces.

For this reason, the technique is also handy when it comes to the mitigation of diseases.

  • Kills off mold, mildew, germs, and viruses

Perhaps no other cleaning technique is as effective in killing off the mold, mildew, germs, and viruses better than the steam cleaning technique.

Its high temperature does go a long way in killing these germs and preventing them from ever sprouting again at a later date.

  • Unclogs fabrics of pollen and debris

With use, some dirt get trapped inside the pores or fabrics of the blankets, clothes, and other textiles. Ordinary cleaning methods are incapable of tackling and eliminating this dirt.

Steam cleaning is powerful enough to eliminate all the clogs and make the fabrics breathable.

  • Remakes the looks of a home

Looking to remake the looks of your home? The steam cleaning technique is yet another one to leverage.

Its ability to peel off hardened dirt from off surfaces makes it a great one to use to remake the looks of a home. When appropriately used, it delivers some sparkle and shines.

  • Impacts many surfaces and household items

remove dust and germs on mattress with steam cleaner

With a steam cleaner, it is possible also for you to impact many surfaces and household items.

Common examples of these are the countertops, blankets, fabrics, utensils, duvets, and floors. This means you won’t have to spend too much to care for your home if you opt for it.

  • Friendly to the environment

Given that it does not entail the use of harsh chemicals, this technique is also friendly to the environment.

Additionally, steam does not have the ability to imperil the state and the nature of the environment as a whole. You have to prioritize it if you really care for yours.

  • Cleans faster to save some time

Its pace of cleaning, when compared to the many alternatives that be, is somewhat faster. It, as a matter of fact, takes only a couple of minutes to deliver the necessary outcomes.

Particularly, it takes a shorter duration of time to dry out compared to the other cleaning methods.

  • Cleans thoroughly

When you trigger the steam, you gain many benefits in one. These include the elimination of all the dirt, the sterilization of the surfaces, expulsion of the odor, and the sparkle of the surfaces.

You won’t have to purchase some disparate items to achieve the desired ends as a result of this.

  • Cheaper

We have already hinted that this technique does not require the use of chemicals. Further to that, it also expends a limited amount of water.

The combination of these twin ends makes the entire exercise somewhat cheaper to undertake and make good use of. Go for it if you are cash-strapped.


How Does a Steam Cleaner Work?

A typical steam cleaner comprises a machine that has a tank. In the tank is the water that is used to generate the steam. Upon being triggered, the water is heated and converts to steam. This steam travels through the hose to the end of it altogether.

You trigger the nozzle to release the steam output. Then you channel or direct the steam to the desired surfaces or places where the same may have to be used. Some cleaners also allow you to vary the strength and the intensity of the steam outputs on the whole.

When the steam hits the surfaces, they loosen the dirt to make the same easily eliminated by use of the mops at a later time. Then, it also kills off the germs and other contaminants that may exist on the said surfaces. Lastly, it also suppresses the odor that may arise from the surfaces.


Where Steamers Can Be Used?

You may use the steam cleaners on the following and indeed many more surfaces:

  • Car interiors

The car interiors are often prone to the risks of germs and other contaminants. They also come along with the added danger of being able to generate foul stench.

The steam cleaners come in handy to suppress the foul odor and leave behind some fresh sparkles.

  • Windows and mirrors

clean mirror and windows with a steam cleaner

Use the steamers on your windows and the mirrors to deliver the sparkles. When steam is channeled on these twin surfaces, it breaks the slime, saliva, and the stains that may have hardened on the said surfaces. In doing that, it makes the same to be quite transparent and sparkling.

  • Kitchen cutlery

Given the sensitivity of the kitchen cutlery, they are generally more susceptible to the risks of dirt and other contaminants.

You can never afford to let them have these germs as core parts and parcels of them. Why? They may imperil the health and the lives of those who eat from them. Use the steamers to rid them of dirt.

  • Home appliances

Besides the kitchen cutlery, some home appliances like cleaning utensils, basins, buckets, and many metalwork goods have to be cleaned from time to time.

They can never be tackled using ordinary cleaning items as these are less effective. Only the steamers can handle them as need be.

  • Sofa sets

Sofa sets do accumulate plenty of dirt and germs that have to be tackled and gotten rid of. If this dirt is left to settle there indefinitely, it may predispose the users to the risks of respiratory illnesses. Steam cleaning also goes ahead to open up the fabrics to make the same breathable.

  • Curtains and drapes

Curtains and drapes, just like sofa sets, also accumulate plenty of dirt and dust. These yet again endanger the respiratory health of those who come in close proximity to them.

The surest way of eliminating the dust is to make use of the steamers as steam has a potent penetrating power.

  • Carpets

Carpets are stepped on by both humans and pets, so you can choose a carpet steam cleaner for pet urine. They hence sustain a higher degree of dirt and dust.

Like the curtains and drapes above, they too may trigger allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. They subsequently have to be steamed to eliminate all the trapped and hidden dirt.

  • Entire homes and rooms

During the general cleanup of the entire homes, you inevitably have to employ the steamers extensively.

In such cases, the steamers go beyond the normal to kill all germs, sterilize the surfaces and breathe a new lease of life to the entire home. Their impacts are generally more enduring.

  • Towels, bedding, and sanitary items

Just as in ordinary homes, the towels, bedding, and sanitary items also require to be sterilized every now and then.

The use of the steamers is one sure way of achieving this awesome end. The hot steam does have the ability to kill off all germs and suppress the growth thereof at a later date.

  • Deep freezer

Intending to defrost the deep freezer or the freezer section of the normal fridges? The steamers will yet again come through for you.

They do produce the hot steam that does melt away the frozen items and the slime. In turn, they give off some fresh lease of sparkling life.


Things That Can Not Be Steam Cleaned

Not all things can be steam cleaned. Keep the following items away from steamers:

  • Electronics

When steam is channeled inside the electronics like cellphones, memory cards, battery chargers, and so on, it tends to pose some irreversible damages to the closed circuits.

That may even make the same prone to spikes in the voltage and even endanger the lives of those who use them all together.

  • Bamboo or wooden items

Bamboo and wood do soak the steam and any other water droplet. If and when the steam is channeled in them, it has the attendant impact of weakening the structures altogether. Prolonged usage of the same on the said item has the likelihood of damaging the same prematurely.

  • Delicate items

Never use the steam on delicate items like the velour upholstery, thin plastics, and silk. By being delicate, these items tend to wear out a bit too soon. You definitely want to preserve their lives. That is only achievable if you stay away from the use of the steam on them.

  • Brick

Brick, like bamboo or wood, also absorbs water extensively. If you choose to spew the steam on them, they will absorb the water and weaken in the process. What does that mean? You are better off trying out other cleaning techniques besides steaming if you must use them on those surfaces.

  • Walls

All walls, regardless of the materials that are used to make them up, also do get damaged easily by water and heat. Serving to use the steam on those walls is hence not a great idea at all. If you care for your walls, use other interventions besides the heat and the steam.

  • Paper products

Obviously, paper products are weak and great absorbers of water. Spewing them using hot steam is only a sure way of accelerating their destructions hence. That means you should never attempt to make use of steam to tackle the dirt on them. Try other interventions and structures.

  • Water-based paints

avoid using steam cleaner on painting

Water-based paints are delicate in the sense of easily peeling off whenever steam or hot substances are poured on them. We hence advise against the use of steam to eliminate dirt from off those surfaces. Instead, use some damp rug to gently eliminate dirt from those surfaces.

  • Jewelry and watches

Jewelry and watches are generally quite delicate. Then again, they also easily corrode whenever the strong waters are spewed on them. Because of these two, they are never really great candidates for the use of steam. Simply use a damp cloth and other non-invasive interventions to clean them.

  • Large industrial spaces

There is really nothing wrong with using steam to cleanse large industrial spaces like factories and other large scale installations. However, steaming is largely meant for indoors and every day home use. You might end up spending too much and taking too long if you dedicate it to these large spaces.



Many thanks for staying with us till the end. We believe we have answered the question, how does a steam cleaner work in the best way possible. In closing, we challenge you now to consider making a purchase of the steam cleaner for your own use and home engagements.