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How to Clean Ceilings Easily? – Step By Step Guide

Stain ceilings do not only send a wrong impression but also signify hidden destruction beyond your ceilings’ surface. Many people like cleaning the ceiling, be it a painted, tiles, or popcorn ceiling, among many more.

However, it is essential to know which kind of stain you are dealing with; this will enable you to get rid of it forever. Furthermore, if you do not have any stain on your ceiling, general cleaning can do better.

In case you are worried about how to clean your ceilings easily, worry less since this article will guide you on how to clean different types of ceilings.

What are the tools for cleaning ceilings?

You must be wondering which tools are necessary for cleaning your ceiling, and you probably do not know where to start from in your house.

Therefore, before you commence working on your ceiling, it is appropriate that you gather some inexpensive tools and supplies. Ensure you have all the tools you require to not interfere with your cleaning because a particular device is missing.

There are numerous tools that you need to clean your ceiling. These are:

  • Goggles for a ceiling duties.
  • A steam machine. or a vacuum.
  • Protective gear, such as rubber gloves.
  • A stepladder if your ceiling is too high.
  • Toothbrush for cleaning crannies and nooks.
  • Two buckets, one for washing, and the other one for rinsing.
  • Use cleaning detergents that are not harmful to the ceiling.
  • Washing sponge that is natural and gentle not to cause any damage.
  • A maximum-ostrich feather mop to dust your ceiling before washing.
  • Enough towels for placing on your floor to hold running or dripping water.

Tips for steam cleaning ceilings

how to steam clean ceiling easily

Nothing can beat steam cleaning when it comes to cleaning your ceilings. Note that a steam cleaner can contact any given part of your ceilings that require effective cleaning.

Steam does cleaning, deodorize, and disinfects with absolutely no chemicals.

Below are several tips for steam cleaning your ceiling:

1. Ensure that you use the steam cleaner on minimal to medium heat, gather the attachments, such as the nylon brush, microfiber attachment, extension tubes, and the floor cleaning head, among many more accessories.

Note that the ceiling is sensitive to heat, so it is appropriate that you test on a small area to ensure that the steam cleaner does not cause damage to your ceiling.

2. After the heat test, use your floor head of the steam mop to clean with cloth steam plus the cotton cover.

3. Use the nylon brush to clean the corners of your ceiling and also in the removal of stains.

How to clean the popcorn ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings have been in existence since the 1950s to 1980s. Most people loved this type of ceiling since it is cheap and an easy way for ceiling finishing in apartment and tract homes building.

However, in the mid-century, a lot of homeowners did away with the popcorn ceiling. On the other hand, some homeowners still have it, and they need so clean now.

So how do you go about cleaning a popcorn ceiling? Below are several steps that will enable you to clean your popcorn ceiling effectively:

– Ensure that you cover the surrounding furniture and floor with tarps for protection against dirt and dust that are likely to come from the ceiling during the cleaning period.

– Place your brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner as you smoothly use it on your ceiling to remove cobwebs and dirt, you can also opt for a feather duster for ceiling cleaning, but the vacuum works better.

– To remove cigarette and cooking smoke stain from your popcorn ceiling, use a liquid cleaner. However, ensure that you test if water can react with your ceiling.

– In case it can stand water, mix your dish soap and warm water to produce a cleaning detergent.

– Deep the cleaning material in the solution wring it and use it on the stains on the ceiling. Ensure that you do not wet the ceiling excessively.

– If you cannot do away with the stains, paint your ceiling to give it a fresh impression using an oil primer and apply double coats of the flat ceiling paint.

How to clean textured ceilings?

Nothing is challenging, like cleaning a textured ceiling. However, it has an incredible impression, but not easy to maintain and clean. Therefore, below are several steps on how you should clean your textured ceiling:

Step 1- Ensure that you have all it takes to accomplish the job, such as the ladder, cleaning detergents, many rags, paint rollers, and spray bottles.

Note that the tools you use will impact your final results, so ensure that you have the best of them.

Step 2- Climb your ladder; ideally, you get someone to help you out. This person will help you to hold your ladder and pass the tools you require to accomplish your duty; it is considered to be more comfortable and safe.

You can opt to have the third person just in case something requires extra attention.

Step 3- Choose the appropriate solution that works best on the textured ceiling. You can also make your solution following the instructions online, instead of using any solution.

Step 4- Start cleaning your textured ceiling, separate your ceilings in perfect sizes, but not bigger than 2-3 feet. Tackle the entire thing is not ideal.

Spray your cleaning detergent on the textured ceiling and give it enough time to work adequately as the instructions suggest.

Step 5- This step entails washing and wiping, putting some water on your roller until it is efficiently damp, and using it to clean the ceiling when you are through, use a soft cloth to do away with too much water as well as any residual cleaning solution.

Step 6- If your textured area is not clean enough, repeat the steps mentioned above several times until you become satisfied that it is spotless.

How to clean painted ceilings?

best steam cleaners for painted ceilings

When you routinely clean your ceiling as well as walls, you are likely to maintain their freshness. Note that ceilings and walls are usually painted using either alkyd or latex paint, which is washable and durable.

You can clean your painted ceiling using an all-purpose cleaner. In case you want to clean your painted ceiling, do not worry, below are homemade steps for cleaning your painted ceiling:

  • Cover the items beneath your painted ceiling to prevent the debris from settling on your furniture.
  • Mix a cup of clear ammonia, quarter cup baking soda, a gallon of warm water and half a cup of vinegar if you don’t have a steam machine.
  • Ensure that you put on the protective gear.
  • Pour the detergent into your steamer water tank.
  • Use the cloth attachment to apply it to your ceiling.
  • In case your walls have a rough texture, it is appropriate to use socks or old nylon stockings instead of sponge since they will not split and leave hard to remove bits, especially on the ceiling surface.

How to clean smoke off the ceiling?

Nothing is irritating like having a smoke on your ceiling, especially in the kitchen, where it is sometimes unavoidable. This smoke needs to be cleaned off from the ceiling. Below are some steps for cleaning smoke off your ceiling:

Make sure you protect the area below the ceiling where you want to do the cleaning using a plastic drop material or even a painter cloth.

1. Use a stepladder to work in sections across your ceiling, such as 3 by 3 parts or two by two feet. You must work in sections since the stepladder will limit you from reaching the entire places.

2. Ideally, you get rid of smoke particles as well as ash from your ceiling.

3. Use a dry sponge to rub your ceiling and loosen particles with a hose attachment and brush.

4. When you are through, rinse your dry sponge using warm water to eliminate excess ash, debris, and smoke.

5. Put on your rubber gloves since prolonged exposure to trisodium phosphate has the potential to burn your skin.

6. Fill the bucket with hot water combine it with a tablespoon of trisodium phosphate, use your finger to swirl the water until it completely dissolves.

7. Soak your sponge in the solution, wring it so that it does not have an excess solution and use it to clean the ceiling on the entire sections.

8. Rinse the sponge in the running water, once you are through deep it in the bucket of clean water, use the sponge on the area you previously cleaned with a cleaning solution and clean it once more with your clean rinsed sponge.

9. In case it is not clean enough, repeat this severally till the debris from the smoke disappears.

How to clean grease off kitchen ceiling?

best steam cleaner for kitchen ceiling

You probably clean your kitchen daily, especially cleaning grease off your kitchen appliances, stove, walls, and counters. Note that the oil on your kitchen ceiling also needs to be removed.

Most of the time, ceilings are usually painted using flat paint. This requires smooth scrubbing and might showcase watermarks beyond glossier paints.

So how do you clean grease off your kitchen ceiling? There are several steps you should follow, such as:

– Cover the place you will be working on to protect it from an overhead cleaning.

– Fill the bucket with an appropriate cleaning detergent to avoid damaging the flat paint.

– Deep your cleaning sponge into a cleaning solution and squeeze out excess water.

Lift the steam mop overhead to do away with the grease on the kitchen ceiling, ensure you remove as much oil as possible.

– Do this repeatedly until there is no soapy residue on your ceiling.

How to clean the car ceiling?

The dust has no respect, and it has the potential to settle on the entire parts and components. So whether you are keeping your car in the garage or driving, note that dust will settle in your car.

Additionally, the cigarette is also likely to darken your headliner since it is fabric. So, how do you clean your car ceiling? There are several ways you have to follow in cleaning your auto efficiently. These are:

#1. Ensure you loosen the dirt

Ensure that you loosen up the dirt on your car ceiling and use a micro-fiber vacuum or towel to clean, use a dry and clean microfiber towel and wipe your car’s headliner smoothly.

It is ideal that you clean discoloration caused by cigarette smoke by wiping the headliner twice.

You can also use a vacuum, which cleans better compared to a microfiber cloth.

Car vacuums come with several brushes and attachments. It is appropriate that you use a gentle-bristle brush to clean a large car ceiling.

#2. Use a car steam cleaner

If your car ceiling has more dirt than discoloration or has tough stains, you can use an auto steam cleaner.

Spray the hot steam on the stained area and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth, which is soft immediately.

Do this repeatedly until nothing remains clean; this is the appropriate way to get off stains from your car.

How to clean ceiling tiles?

Nothing can get dirty quickly like a ceiling tile since it has plaster and an absorbent material resembling a popcorn finish.

Moreover, note that a tile ceiling can be warped and discolored. It also has the potential to absorb smells that can make your house filthy and dirty.

For you to get rid of these adverse effects, your ceiling needs regular cleaning.

Therefore, how do you clean a ceiling tile? Follow the steps below to clean your ceiling tiles effectively. These are:

best steam mop cleaner for tile ceilings

– Before you commence cleaning your ceiling tiles, ensure that you engulf the surface below the place you need to clean to hold the falling dirt and debris and to minimize work when you are through.

– In case you are working on either suspended or drop ceiling tiles, you need to remove them from the ceiling grid.

– If you are working on the permanent ceiling tiles, ensure that you use a static duster to get rid of loose dirt.

– Use a shop vacuum to contact the remote areas, such as the light fixtures, corners, and vent of your ceiling. If it is extra dirty, use a feather duster to make sure that the tile gets clean.

– When you are through, it is appropriate to clean your ceiling tiles, have a mixture of 10 parts plus one-part dishwashing detergent, and use a wet sweeper to swab your tile surfaces.

– On the other hand, do not use excess water on your tiles since you are likely to cause water and warping damage. This means you should wring up the sweeper before you apply it to your tiles to prevent excess mess and drips.

– When you are through, use a lint-free cloth to dry your ceiling tiles.

How to clean high walls and ceilings?

It is so challenging to reach the dust that you can barely see. Moreover, you need to note that dust mites and dust are likely to cause allergic reactions, leading to you contacting asthma.

If you also clean your house regularly, you are at a high risk of contracting asthma because of the dust that settles on your ceiling. Additionally, not forgetting the tops of your picture frames, fridge, and cabinets.

Therefore, you need to clean these places effectively, especially the ceiling, to boost your beautiful home impression and health. Make sure you have appropriate tools for cleaning high walls and ceilings.

Use a perfect duster, opt for a synthetic duster that is disposable. Furthermore, find a tremendous telescopic ladder and set to reach any cranny or nook.

Do not forget about a microfiber cloth to cover a wide area. In case you do not know how to clean high walls and ceiling, below are some steps to help you do your cleaning:

  • Clean your wall and ceiling in sections to minimize overlapping.
  • Work on the walls as you maintain a steady pattern of cleaning and wiping the dust using a microfiber pad or duster.
  • Remember to put on your protective gear, especially the dust mask, when working on high walls and ceilings.
  • To eliminate the entire dust from your ceilings and walls, do a thorough cleaning after two weeks.
  • Use appropriate detergents when cleaning your walls to avoid unnecessary damage.


From the above information, you now have a clear understanding of how to clean your ceiling easily.

Therefore, it calls upon you to clean your ceiling appropriately to give it a superb impression that is attractive.

I hope this article will keep you informed to better understand how to clean ceilings easily.