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How to fix or disassemble a Bissell carpet cleaner?

Most individuals spend a lot on their Bissell cleaner as they try to fix when they don’t work as intended. However, there is no need to worry since fixing it is relatively easy. You will be able to fix it and have your Bissell carpet cleaner working once again. In this article, we shall be discussing how to fix or disassemble a Bissell carpet cleaner.

how to fix and disassemble a bissell carpet cleaner

1. Brushes

When your brushes fail to turn, you should consider checking the pump belt. It is usually located on the right side of a Bissell.

To disassemble it, you will require a flat-head screwdriver and then push it in slots and check if your belt is in the best shape. If it is not in good shape, you should consider replacing it.

However, when your belt is in excellent condition, you should consider assessing the brush carefully. Small objects such as toys can be sucked, causing your brush to jam.

You should remove your brush from its housing completely. To disassemble, you will need to unscrew the two screws that are on each side. Once you fix the issue, you will assemble your Bissell carpet cleaner back.

2. Spraying problem

When you are experiencing spraying issue, you should consider taking all your hoses off from the heater and then clean them. Once that is done, check your nozzle for any clogging. Whenever there is grime or hair gummed in your nozzle, you can take a skewer with a cotton ball or tiny cotton swab and use it to clean the thin housing.

In addition to that, ensure you have sufficient water in the tank. Usually, the O-rings, which is detachable, aids in securing the straw, and it aids in leakage as well; therefore, ensure that they are tight and fit perfectly.

3. Sucking problem

When a Bissell carpet cleaner does not suck up water accordingly, ensure that you set the dial to the floor cleaning. You can as well consider jiggling your tank to assess if it is perfectly connected to your machine.

Moreover, you can check the filters and ensure that every door and latches have been appropriately closed to allow your machine to have a perfect suction ability.

Dirty filters are also associated with sucking problems; thus, you should always assess before cleaning your floor in a wet process.

As we conclude, you should note that you can consider repriming your Bissell cleaner as well. This is relatively easy, and it is highly essential for individuals who use their machines more often.

It would be best if you considered replacing your full tank in your cleaner and then hold the trigger for approximately 30 seconds when your machine is off.

Once done, you should consider checking the spraying by having your machine turned on. You don’t have to purchase a new Bissell carpet cleaner whenever it stops working. It is best to follow the above-mentioned tips on how to fix or disassemble a Bissell carpet cleaner.

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