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How to steam clean bathroom?

The last thing you would want in your bathroom is a stained toilet; this is often common in areas with hard waters. When it comes to cleaning your bathroom, it is essential to understand some of the crucial and most effective methods that will help you get rid of tough stains.

Using a steam cleaner will aid in getting rid of some of these toughest stains. Therefore, in this article, we shall be discussing how to steam clean bathroom. Most of these methods are not only effective but also relatively easy to implement.

specific steps for bathroom cleaning

Step by step for deep clean your bathrooms

How to get a sparkling bathroom? Follow these steps:

  • Dirty exhaust fan vent

Most individuals tend to forget about cleaning the exhaust fan vent while cleaning their bathrooms. You should note that cleaning your fan vent is as vital as cleaning your bathroom; this is because they aid in sucking up everything while showering.

how to steam clean bathroom exhaust fan vent

1. When it comes to cleaning a dirty exhaust fan vent, you will have to remove the vent cover.

2. To remove the exhaust fan vent cover, you will have to pull down the lid gently and expose the fan.

3. Once that is done, you will squeeze the wires used in metal mounting on both sides and then slide them out from their slots. By doing so, you will be able to have the cover removed completely from the housing.

4. By now, you will be able to visualize the amount of grime and dust you will be dealing with and then start working.

5. In cleaning your vent, soapy water is most recommended. Cleaning the exhaust fan vent is relatively easy. A handheld steamer or a canister equipped with an extension on the hose will be of help.

6. Use warm soapy water in soaking the fan vent cover for approximately two minutes. Once that is done, you can scrub the cover of your fan using a cloth to get rid of grime, dirt, and dust. Wipe dry the cover using towels as you proceed to the next step.

7. You should consider unplugging the two-prongs used in powering the fan before touching it. Always take extra caution during this process.

8. Once that is done, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust. With your exhaust fan vent now clean, you will reassemble it before powering it back.

  • Window blinds and glass

Steam cleaning your window is simple. Ensure that you have a canister or a handheld model attached with an extended hose. Using a steam cleaner equipped with a vacuum cleaner, the process will become more effective and much easier.

steam cleaning bathroom windows and glass

1. First and foremost, you will have to wipe off all the loose dirt on your glass. When dealing with smaller windows, you will have to attach a supplied squeegee on the nozzle.

2. Once that is done, you will have to spray on the surface while continuing with picking up stains using the squeegee.

3. You will then have to wipe off the remaining moisture using a cloth pad towards the bottom of your glass.

4. With a blind, you will have to dust off the surface first of all. Use a sponge to wipe off any grime that had remained, which had been loosened through a quick application of the hot steam within the slats’ length. However, if you have a steamer equipped with a vacuum cleaner, you will not have to wipe down your blinds after the process.

  • Mirrors and light fixtures

You can steam clean your mirrors and light fixtures in the same manner as any other wall fixtures. In this process, you will require a compact steamer or a canister equipped with an extension on a hose for convenience.

how to steam clean bathroom mirrors

1. When it comes to cleaning the mirrors, you will have to lift off dust using a clean cloth gently.

2. You should consider spraying the surface of your mirror while wiping off the discolorations using a clean cloth or sponge.

3. When it comes to light fixtures, you will first have to wipe off all the dust. This should then be followed with quick bursts of steam as you aim at the bases and bulbs.

4. Once that is done, you will carefully wipe off all the grimes along with other deposits that are loosed with your quick steaming process.

5. You should consider assessing if the lampshades along with their mounting have been constructed from a plastic, metal, or any other hard material and not a paperboard. This is to prevent them from getting damaged by excess moisture.

  • Shower curtains

Usually, a new curtain is ideal when it comes to updating your bathroom look inexpensively. However, most of them tend to show creases when taken from the package.

With a portable steam cleaner, you will be able to smooth your curtain accordingly. The best part is that it is highly effective for all curtains, whether your curtain is made from plastic or cloth.

A handheld steam cleaner will aid in speeding up the process. With such steam cleaners, you will be able to get rid of all soap scums that will build upon your curtains, leaving looking new once again.

how to steam clean shower curtain

1. To clean your shower curtains, you will have to hang them from a shower rod; meanwhile, you should warm up your steam cleaner.

2. You should let your drape over the edge of a tube; this will allow you to treat the whole surface evenly.

3. It is highly advisable to hold your steam cleaner approximately 6 inches above your curtain’s surface while applying steam to the exposed creases.

4. You should consider moving the steam cleaner slowly and continuously from top to bottom along your curtain’s length.

  • Showerhead and kit

When cleaning your shower head, you should avoid using abrasive agents that might damage the showerhead. However, you should consider using a soft and clean cloth or a mild detergent, for instance, citric based soaps.

You should avoid spraying agents into the shower directly since the mist can get into your shower, resulting in damage.

1. Thoroughly rinse your shower using clean water once you are done cleaning it with mild detergent.

2. Once that is done, flush your shower head suing water.

  • Glass shower doors and walls

There is no doubt that glass showers are fantastic; they tend to add a high-end look to one’s bathroom. However, they tend to display how long it has been since they were last cleaned.

Usually, soap scum and hard water tend to build up and then give your glass a hazy effect. By wiping down the shower after every use will aid in preventing that cloudy look; however, most individuals don’t have time for that.

Glass cleaners are said to be ineffective when it comes to cleaning soap scum. On the other hand, a steam cleaner will help in rectifying this issue. For a great result, you should consider picking an attachment used in cleaning the furniture.

how to clean shower doors and walls

1. Basically, go for a corner tool equipped with a cloth that covers it. When working on a lighter job, you should consider using a squeegee; however, they tend to be ineffective on tough stains.

2. Steam your glass shower doors and walls slowly with your highest steam while scrubbing it; you will then follow it with a dry microfiber towel.

3. You should then consider taking advantage of lighting and angles; ample light supply will let you know if you have more work to perform.

4. Furthermore, you might consider using a black trash bag as your background; set it at the other end as you steam. This will help in showing areas with soap scum available.

5. During the cleaning process, you might be forced to go over a particular area several times for perfect results.

  • Fiberglass shower stalls and bathtubs

When it comes to dissolving hard water stains and soap scum steam cleaners are the best. Moreover, the steam cleaner’s action works perfectly on your tiles, and it is best restoring the shining look to your faucet fixtures’ doors and screens.

You might consider using scrub brushes in tandem with a jet of forceful steam for a better and stronger cleaning process. It is highly advisable to use a canister model and a hose extension to help improve accessibility.

steam clean bathtubs and shower stalls

1. When cleaning a bathtub that is badly stained, you should consider using a nylon scrub brush to aid in getting rid of most junk. This is highly recommended prior to tackling some of the toughest stains as well as crusts.

2. You will then pass the nozzle slowly while the steam flow is at its maximum level. By doing so, you will be able to get rid of some of the encrusted scales, stains, and other troublesome spots.

3. Then, you should wash down all the muck that has resulted from the process down your drain using your shower hose.

  • Tiled shower and floors

Steam cleaners are essential in restoring grout lines that are between your tiles. Furthermore, they are highly critical for restoring your tile’s surface to its original condition.

You will be able to access to some of the parts that can be challenging to reach, including underneath and behind your toilet or within the sides of your counter’s vanity.

When dealing with tiled showers and floors, it is best to use a large steam cleaner for an ample supply of water.

tile walls and floors cleaning

1. Aim a considerable amount of hot vapor at the grout lines that are stained for some time.

2. You might consider using nylon bristle in cleaning some of the most stubborn gunk; in the worst scenario, you might consider using a metal brush and attach it to a head nozzle.

3. Using the first power in washing the tiles prior to scrubbing and steaming it vigorously will help reduce the effort.

4. Before you mount any attachment, you should blast the lines to aid in loosening some of the hardest dirt.

5. Then, you will steam from top to down of your wall and then start scrubbing using a nylon bristle brush since it will not cause any harm to your tiles.

6. Perform hose cleaning the area once in a while. This will help in getting rid of any sludge that will appear.

7. When you fail to do this, the sludge will solidify hence becoming complicated to get rid of as time progresses. You should consider supplementing steaming with hard scouring when dealing with some of the toughest stains and crusts.

  • Sinks and countertops

Hard water deposits such as limescale can be stressful when it comes to countertops and sinks. Using a steam cleaner can be essential when it comes to cleaning and getting rid of these deposits.

You might consider using a small steamer when performing small tasks; however, a more important job will require a bigger model to help in increasing water volume and handle the cleaning process even better.

steam clean bathroom sinks

1. When cleaning your sink and countertop, you should rinse off all the visible gunk or dirt using clean water.

2. Once that is done, you will slowly pass steam jets within the edges as well as in between fixtures and some of the exposed piping.

3. By doing so, all the slime will dissolve and then build up some loose sludge. Once this appears, you should wash them off immediately using a bucket or a hose.

  • Inside and outside toilets

Calcium, as well as lime scales, tend to build-up in toilets; urine waste that has been crystallized and trapped will form a brownish coat, which can be challenging to get rid of.

With an excellent steam cleaner, you will be able to render the crystalline structures while restoring your toilet back to its original look. You will be able to reach every corner of your bathroom while using a steam cleaner this includes the underside.

easy clean toilet bowl

1. To clean your toilet, you should consider using an angle nozzle for your steamer and blast it inside your bowl; you should focus more on the stains inside the rim.

2. You will then spray around the edges of your seat as well as hinges under the lid and use a bucket or hose to flush out all the loose debris into your toilet bowl.

3. Once this s done, you can flush your toilet to drain the waste.

  • Vinyl or linoleum floors

When steaming a vinyl or a linoleum floor, you should consider using a floor steamer with a cloth mop or any dedicated steam mop. You might consider using upright steam cleaners equipped with a mop brush are ideal for scrubbing linoleum or vinyl floors.

how to steam clean bathroom floors

1. To clean a linoleum or vinyl floor, you will first have to vacuum and wipe off all the debris present on the surface prior to applying the pad of your mop to get rid of all unnoticed dust.

2. When working on a grimy area, it is advisable to keep your mop head focused on a particular issue for a few seconds; this allows the hot vapor to get rid of all the stubborn dirt.

3. You will then rinse the pad after every cleaning to help prevent accidental transfers of calcium and other deposits.

Final verdict

Steam cleaners are highly essential when it comes to getting rid of some of the most stubborn stains in your bathroom. Therefore, by following this step by step steam cleaning bathroom tips, you will be able to get rid of all the stubborn looks leaving your bathroom sparkling clean.

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