Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean and disinfect surfaces, including bricks, concrete, fabric, drywall, and wood. Most individuals tend to forget about the walls and ceilings when performing routine cleaning; however, just like any other surface, walls and ceiling require to be cleaned regularly and get rid of germs, dirt, and dust.

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways you can clean your wall without the use of chemicals. Therefore, in this article, we shall be discussing how to steam clean walls and ceilings.

how do you steam clean walls and ceilings

When steam cleaning your walls and ceilings, you can follow the following essential steps:

#1. Get rid of loose dust and dirt

The first step you should do is remove all loose dirt and grime from your wall and ceiling before you commence the cleaning process.

To do this, you will wipe your wall and ceiling using a feather duster or a soft brush with a vacuum hose attached to it. Once that is done, you will fill your steam cleaner with water following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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#2. Plug in your steam cleaner

Once filled with water, plug in your steam cleaner and then turn it on. It would help if you then waited for the recommended amount of time before your machine heats up.

Once ready, you should take the most appropriate hose, pad, or wand and attach it to your steam cleaner to clean your walls and ceilings.

#3. Cleaning

When steam cleaning your walls and ceilings, you should consider working in sections. By doing so, you will ensure there are no missing parts. It is highly recommended to start working on your ceiling, then the top of your wall as you work your way down.

#4. Running the steam cleaner

It is best to run your steam cleaner slowly downwards in a vertical motion. When working on a tough spot on your ceiling or wall, you should consider running your steamer over the same spot more than once.

However, you should avoid letting the steam cleaner sitting on one area for an extended period; it is highly advisable for it to be less than 10 seconds.

#5. Continue with the cleaning process

It would be best if you continued with the cleaning process along with your entire ceiling and wall as you work from top to bottom. It would be best if you then overlapped all the cleaning strokes; this will help in ensuring that every part of your ceilings and walls are cleaned to perfection.

#6. Drying

Once you are done cleaning your ceilings and walls, you should allow it to dry. This might take a while.

Final verdict

When steam cleaning your walls and ceilings, it is highly advisable to do it during sunny days. This will give you ample time for your ceiling and walls to dry adequately.

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