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How to Steam Clean Windows? – Step By Step Guide

As you may already realize, making a good find from the pool of so many window steam cleaners that are available is never really going to be a walk in the park. Similarly, how to steam clean windows with such a steamer is also a daunting task.

The following guide can give you insight into how to use it.

Can you use a steam cleaner to clean windows?

Yes, you may use a steam cleaner to clean windows. Steam cleaning your windows is a chemical-free process that is incredible for your indoor air quality, but some surfaces can’t take such warmth.

Precautions when using a steam cleaner

While steam cleaning your windows, follow these precautions.

You must avoid steam cleaning anything that can be harmed due to warm presentation, such as water-based paint and cardboard.

Using the steamer, avoid porous surfaces, such as concrete, marble, substantial industrial spaces, and food plants.

In case you own a floor covering, avoid cleaning vast areas of your rug using a steam cleaner.

It is likewise advisable to prevent fragile items, such as flimsy plastics, silks, and velour upholstery.

Why you can’t work on these surfaces?

You may have attempted steam cleaning these surfaces, and you may have been somewhat fruitful. But here is why it isn’t suggested:

Technically, a steam cleaner can clean enormous spaces, but it isn’t the best method to do.

Some silk items can likewise be steam used with care, but it may not be recommended because the warmth could destroy them.

Besides, steamers clean floors, but they most likely need more capacity to clean those just as different products.

But with windows, you are permitted to clean them and utilize the steam cleaning steamer that is intended for cleaning windows.

Is it safe to steam clean windows?

best way to steam clean windows

The answer to this is yes. Using a steam cleaner to clean your windows is the most effective, fast, and affordable cleaning window.

The main reason for that is steam clean is environmentally friendly. While doing the cleaning, no chemical compounds are added to the water. That makes the work safe for your pets, chemical sensitive adults, and children.

Apart from that, steam helps in grease and stubborn fingerprint marks that remain on the window when cleaning.

Steam is hot, which means it will kill germs and other organisms living on your windows. That implies that, apart from making your window clean, you will make you’re a home safe to stay with your family.

Steam window cleaning is the cheapest method that you can use and enjoy added advantages. When using a steam cleaner, you only need water, unlike other methods that need require additional chemicals like detergents.

Thus, if you need the quickest way to clean your windows and kill germs at the same time, using a steam cleaner is the best option.


What will professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Pro window cleaners mostly use a variety of tools that ordinary people do have. Some of them include;

– Scrubbing wand

One of the tools you will need to clean windows is the cleaning wand. The cleaning bar is sometimes referred to as a “T-handle” and is used to clean windows, as the name implies.

Made of lightweight plastic, the T-handle has a reusable stick cover over its top, held in place by clips.

It would help if you immersed the cleaning stick in the window cleaning solution before using it to clean your window.

– Bosun’s Chair

It is the latest introduction to the window cleaning business. The tool helps clean the most hard-to-reach places from your window.

Detergents also stay easy. If your window cleaning project is going to take a long time, this is the ideal choice for a professional window cleaner.

– Glass Cleaner

handheld window cleaner

Window cleaners are another essential tool for cleaning windows. There are different types of window cleaners available on the market that can make the entire buying process complicated and confusing.

However, it is advisable to purchase a cleaner specifically designed to clean windows, not all surfaces.

Cream Cleaner is also an excellent cleaning tool that will improve your home’s look and make it look cleaner and cleaner.

You can use the cream cleaner to clean windows and window frames. It removes all the accumulated dirt and grime, giving your window a shiny effect.

– Squeegees

The Squeegees are perhaps the most standard tool used by many professional window cleaning services today.

Steel has made steady knots and plastic blades that capture all dust compounds. Expert window cleaners transfer this device to the window panels while winding their edges.

Many wipers also have extendable hands that allow the user to make length adjustments.

– Brush with soft bristles

These types of brushes remove all of the bulk compounds from the window glass. After soaking, these brushes in a cleaning solution, expert cleaners will clean the windows.

Softer bristles prevent scratching the glasses.

Can you use Karcher steam cleaner on windows?

The Karcher steam cleaner altogether cleans glass surfaces using steam more clean. This convenient accessory empowers you to execute 99.99% of microscopic organisms on your windows without the use of unforgiving chemicals.

That applies all the steam power gave to remove oil, resolute soil or stains. Use a microfibre fabric afterward to detail the edges for streak-free professional outcomes.

Using Karcher steam cleaner takes the weight off nature and its resources – not exclusively are you not using chemicals.

At the same time, you’re avoiding the bundling and the resources that go into disposing of them.

As indicated by specialists, apart from glass, Karcher steam cleaner will work on most surfaces, including floors, dividers, and chrome work, and showers, rock tops, plastic, windows, stoves, and hobs, just as beddings carpets and upholstery.

The Karcher steam cleaners are simple, they can clean, and they are earth benevolent. With Karcher steam cleaner, you can use steam which gives you the most natural approach to clean, and a perfect alternative to synthetic cleaning methods.

Kärcher steam cleaners can be used from multiple points of view, from cleaning home surfaces and apparatuses to pressing and material consideration.

Using steam spares you time, and is excellent for regular surface cleaning or that yearly deep spotless.

Can you use a steam cleaner on the uPVC windows?

UPVC window is the most used type of windows due to their low maintenance cost. The only need to clean these windows is on a regular base.

The brilliant white color of these windows needs that you be there always to clean them. In most cases, uPVC windows need to be wiped using a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

Also, uPVC windows should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals like bleaching agents. That means if you do not know that, you will be killing the durability of uPVC windows slowly.

That is why resorting to the use of steam cleaners is the best option at all times.

With a steam cleaner, you will stay away from all the expenses need to buy uPVC friendly chemicals. Thus you will clean your windows and make the germ free with using any chemicals.

While cleaning your windows using a steam cleaner, the only thing you need to do is stay away from coming into contact with hot steam because it can cause burns.

Also, make sure that you use the right cleaning procedure to clean your uPVC windows.

When clean uPVC windows, use the right tools so that you can clean the windows comfortably.

Can I use a steam mop to clean windows?

steam clean windows with steam mops

Before we say if you can use a steam mop on your windows, it is good to know how the steam mop works and its effect on your windows.

Steam mops function by heating the water in a tank inside the mop to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit and sending a jet of steam to a mop pillow that covers the head.

The stems come from the pad and help reduce dirt and grime on the floor. That means that this machine is specially made to handle the floor.

It can also be applied to windows.

What is the best way to steam clean windows?

Steam cleaning includes going of the steam cleaner over the windows and a quick wipe dry using a cloth with some microfiber, and your windows will be clean; however, you have to follow this technique.


1. Put water in a steaming machine and make sure it is full by checking the level of the machine’s tank.

That is because the machines contrast by manufacturer, survey the instructions that accompanied your steam cleaner to guarantee you follow the right directions.

Power-ON the machine to permit water to turn into a vapor that you can use for cleaning.

2. With steam, a cleaning wand read on your hand. Put on the machine to initiate the steaming process.

3. Place the wand while it is producing steam and run it over the window’s width.

Work down the window until you have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized it with steam.

4. Wipe the window horizontally beginning at the top, working down with a microfiber cloth. On the off chance that your material turns out to be too wet, utilize another dry cloth and wipe the window dry.

Attaching squeegee to the steamer

1. You can repeat step one from the primary section when you have a steam cleaner with a squeegee joined to the handheld wand.

2. Apply the steam vapor to the window working vertically down the window, beginning at the top. Spread the whole window with steam vapor to guarantee it altogether sanitizes the window.

3. Start at the top of the window on the left. Hold the squeegee at a slight edge to the window and pull it down to expel the vapor that has gone to water.

Occasionally wipe the squeegee with a microfiber cloth to evacuate excess water.

4. Clean excess water from the window using a towel made of microfiber.

How would you clean windows without streaks?

how to steam clean windows

Streaks can occur for a couple of reasons if you don’t clean the dirt off if you utilize certain products to clean with, and on the off chance that you don’t completely clean the window.

With a steam cleaner, you will avoid streaks on your window since it deep cleans and evacuates earth and grime.


Hopefully, you were able to find some value in this article, and take away the necessary information to make an educated purchase on your next window steam cleaner and simple ways to clean your windows and mirrors and more.