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Is Steaming Floors Better than Mopping?

To clean your floors, you have two main options for your leverage. You may choose to mop it normally or employ a steamer to do the job. Of these two, is steaming floors better than mopping?

But just why is this the case? Read through to find out why…

Steam Cleaning Floors vs. Traditional Mopping

  • Disinfects the Floor

The most significant benefit that steaming brings about is the fact that it disinfects the floors. The hot steam has the ability to kill off germs and other harmful pathogens over and above merely ridding the surfaces of the dirt.

This definitely makes you safer and well taken good care of.

  • Eliminates Hard Stains

Compared to mopping, steaming has the ability to eliminate hard stains with absolute ease. You only require a single or in rare cases a double pass to do so.

With mopping, you have to soak the dirt first and foremost before proceeding to eliminate the same from your surface.

  • Dries Faster

A floor that is impacted by the use of the steamer tends to dry faster than those that are mopped. The steam itself supplies the heat that the moisture eventually uses to dry up after a cleansing ceremony.

Thus, you get to free yourself of the long waits that those who mop their floors have to endure.

  • Removes Allergens

Steaming also goes beyond merely disinfecting your floors. It also removes allergens that are more likely to cause allergic reactions.

Thus, it leaves behind an environment that is safe enough for your own pets and children alike. Chances of contracting respiratory illnesses are heavily suppressed.

  • Less Stressful to Use

Overall, the steaming machines are less stressful to use when compared to mops. They are for a large part simple, straightforward and easier to make do with.

You do not have to strain yourself excessively to be able to utilize and derive the benefits that come by.

How to Descale a Floor Steamer?

  • Unplug the machine

For you to descale your floor steamer, you have to make sure it is switched off and at the same unplugged from the electrical source of power.

Moreover, it helps you avoid accidents while undergoing the process of descaling.

  • Wipe down the exterior parts

Use a clean cloth or rather washrag to wipe the outer parts of your steamer. This is to remove the dirt that might have accumulated while you were using it, wash the rag after use.

In case it does not work for you, add some drops of white vinegar to your washcloth for more powerful cleaning.

  • Flush the hose attachment

It is appropriate you clean the hose attachments too. Flush the hose pipes as many times as possible till water finds its clear way out of it. Furthermore, clear out debris that has lodged the hosepipe.

  • Make a cleaning mixture

Purchase baking soda, take 1.5 ounces of baking soda mix with 950ml of water to form your cleaning solution, pour your solution in your machine carefully, let it settle for some good time in your steamer.

After a while, you should dump out the solution then immediately rinse it with clean water until it does not look dirty anymore. Additionally, store your machine correctly for future use.

These are the simple steps for cleaning and descaling your steam cleaner.

How to Naturally Shine Hardwood Floors?

is steam cleaning better than mopping

How shiny your house looks gives it an excellent impression to the eye. However, numerous wood cleaners usually contain harmful chemicals that are harmful to your flow.

On the other hand, when you use water to clean your wood floor, you are likely to destroy it since it absorbs moisture and commences to swell. Furthermore, water does not make the floor shine when you use it to clean your house.

There are several steps you should put into a combination to achieve shininess on your floor. These steps include:

  • Hygiene: Clean your wood floor daily, especially the most used areas. The cleaning usually helps to reduce dirt accumulation in the house and keep your home clean always. After ensuring your wood floor is thoroughly cleaned, the chances of it retaining its shininess are usually high. You should use a soft mop and at least mop your house one’s a week.
  • Use vinegar and vegetable oil: During your cleaning process, mix white vinegar and vegetable oil in your spray bottle. It is recommendable for you to mix it properly to prevent your mixture from separating and failing to achieve its purpose.
  • Spray the mixture on the wood floor: Use the solution to mop your floor. Vinegar helps in the removal of dirt while vegetable helps your floor not to dry out. Additional, it also keeps your wood floor shiny always.
  • Use a towel to wipe the residue: When you are done with the entire procedure, wipe your floor to remove all residue using a soft cloth or rag. Allow your floor to dry and experience a natural hardwood shine floor in your house.


#1. Do Floor Steamers Kill Bacteria?

YES, they do! As a matter of fact, they are primarily designed and intended to eliminate all germs from off your surfaces over and above merely getting rid of the dirt. Many modern steamers have the ability to eliminate 99.9% of all dust mites, germs, and bacteria.

#2. Does Steam Cleaning Damage Floors or Grout?

NO, it does not! Those people who have reported damages are those ones who had portions of the grout already damaged prior to the application of the steam cleaning.

Take care though that you do not use this method too often on your grout surfaces.

#3. Why Is My Steam Mop Not Steaming?

Several reasons may account for this. The clogged nozzles, pressure leakages, burst pipes, and excess mineral deposits are top examples of these.

Do spare some of your time to examine the steamer before using it to eliminate it from your floors.

#6. What Is the Best Thing to Clean Floors with?

The vinegar is by far the most suitable cleaning agent for your floors.

It does have the potency required to neutralize all harmful germs and substances. Moreover, it is also easier to apply when engaged.

#5. Do Steam Mops Leave Floor Wet?

NOT really! On the contrary, these cleaning equipment do hasten the pace of drying after the application of water.

It is hence unlikely that they are able to dampen your floors or make them too wet to dry off quickly.


Owning a floor steam cleaner is a step to the right direction as floor washing tasks are made easier and quicker.

Also, you avoid coming into contact with chemicals in most detergents as they use normal cleaning supplies. In essence, the level of cleanliness is breathtaking.