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McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System Reviews

Cleaning tight places is never something you can easily and conveniently do just like that. It requires the employment of a suitable piece of equipment that of necessity has to be slimmer, compact, and highly maneuverable. We are glad that you have come to just the right place.

Our McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System Reviews below endeavors to showcase the suitability of this piece of equipment insofar as the attainment of that end is concerned.

We shall go ahead also to examine some pertinent topics. How about you taking the time to read through to find the necessary inspiration?

General Reviews of the McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System

mcculloch mc1385 deluxe canister steam system


  • Tackles a variety of surfaces
  • Good enough for mopping and cleaning
  • Sanitizes the surfaces over and above cleaning the same
  • 64 ounces water tank
  • Comes with 23 accessories
  • 120 mins continuous steam time
  • 18-foot power cord and 10 foot steam hose
  • 2-year warranty

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If you intend to impact a larger area in one swoop, you must choose and make use of a canister that has a larger tank like this one. Its tank capacity is a whopping 64 ounces and is sufficiently capable of impacting whole rooms without too many hassles.

  •  Large Capacity Tank

Its most outstanding trait is the large capacity tank that contains plenty of water for you. Other than holding a sufficiently large volume of water, the tank is also able to discharge water at a comfortable pressure output of about 58 pounds per square inch. It hence tackles a larger space at a time.

  • Greater Reach

A power cord that measures 18 feet long combines with a steam hose that measures 10 feet to allow for unbridled maneuverability and access to those areas that are ordinarily out of the reach of the ordinary canisters.

That also goes ahead to facilitate the tackling of those areas that are hidden from view.

  • Superior Backend Support

The McCulloch manufacturer maintains superior backend support to its clients and the buyers of its products.

Also coming this is the 2-year warranty that basically acts to safeguard the buyers of these commodities after some time. They jointly get the stress away from you and grant you the peace of mind.

  • Chemical-free Cleaning

Unlike many other gadgets that will usually require the use of chemicals, this one negates that requirement.

Instead, it eliminates all chuff without having you to incorporate any harsh chemical. It is also capable of eliminating all kinds of dirt like the mold, grime, stains, and grease to name but a few!

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Key Features of McCulloch Mc1385 Steam Machine

Having examined a couple of its outstanding features, we now feel we should go a step further and peek into all of its leading features and how they measure up to the expectations of the user.

#1. Variable Steam Controls

Its most outstanding trait is the variable steam control. As you may have already guessed, this is the part of the appliance that you use to vary the rate and the intensity of the flow of the steam output.

The feature hence lets you channel only the volume and the intensity of the steam of your liking.

In doing so, it also goes a long way in minimizing wastage that may render your operational expenses higher than would ordinarily be the case. That is besides seeing to it that you only gain the outcomes that are desirable to your very needs.

#2. Long Steam Hose and Power Cord

A long steam hose blends with a similarly long power cord. The due combine to enable you to reach those areas that are generally harder to access under normal circumstances.

If you are intent on cleaning spaces that are too cramped up, you will have this appliance to thank.

It is also easily maneuverable and will hardly compromise your free movements out and about a desired area of use. Given the tangle-free nature of its cord, the gadget is also less likely to trip and fall of you off balance as you go about your cleaning.

#3. 23 Accessories

mcculloch mc1385 deluxe

This gadget is able not to accept and accommodate a whopping 23 accessories. Among these are the squeegee, scraper, scrub pad, angled nozzle, brass brush, Nylon brush, mop pad, floor mop, and so on.

Together, they extend the functionality of the appliance overall while at the same time minimizing your hassles.

Also, the fact that it accepts these many accessories means you won’t have to purchase a new gadget every now and then. Only one is enough. You only have to buy other accessories thereafter to be able to keep enjoying the benefits that they bring about.

#4. Multi-surface Cleaner

Owing to its highly versatile nature, the appliance is similarly well able to tackle a variety of surfaces.

Some of these include the automobiles, grills, general kitchen appliances, laminate, sealed wood flooring, granite, grout, and the ceramic tiles, to name but a few! Many advantages accrue from that.

Chief among these are the relative ease of use, saved time and effort, and the fact that you can tackle just about every other task ‘under one roof.’

These combine also to grant you the peace of mind you badly need to do your thing and enjoy the benefits that potentially come by.

#5. 64-ounce Large Water Tank

At its core is a large water tank that has a capacity of 64 ounces. It is this tank that holds the water that is subsequently converted into steam.

Being of spacious and extremely large capacity gives you the leeway to impact an entire space without necessarily having you to refill it while in use.

Additionally, you also get to enjoy some unparalleled conveniences as you move along. Hardly will you have to pause the cleanliness process. That of course leads you to perform the task of cleanliness at a pace that is comparatively faster overall.

#6. Exceptional Maneuverability (Easy-to-move)

On the whole, the appliance is really easy to move. That is given its exceptional maneuverability stature and overall construction.

Many of its parts swivel and incline at various angles. In those ways, they enable you to impact just about every other corner of your rooms with relative ease.

While in the course of doing that, you will not have to expend too much of your time and effort to engage the item. For this reason, the entire task of cleaning your room is bound to be enjoyable and full of some fun indeed.

Have we noted its overall efficacy in tackling the cleaning tasks?

#7. Short Heat-up Time and Long Continuous Steam Work

mcculloch mc1385 deluxe canister steam cleaner

To be able to cleanse your rooms, these appliances will have to heat up the water contents first and foremost. Though this is a must, the appliance takes a relatively shorter duration of time to get this job done. On the whole, it takes under 12 minutes to get the work done.

This faster heating time blends with the highly maneuverable nature of the gadget to drive down the duration of time needed to conclude a given task or work at hand. Even if you have a large room to tackle, you won’t really take that long.

#8. 4-bar Pressure

Also existing as a vital component of the device is the ability to pressurize the water or steam to the 4 bars level. This creates some thrust that eventually pushes the water output into the external surroundings at a pace that is generally faster than normal.

Thanks to this trait, the gadget is also able to eliminate the hardened dirt and other stubborn stains that are generally beyond the reach of your ordinary canister cleaners.

This in fact makes it indeed great for those areas that demand an exceptionally high level of hygiene like hospitals and kitchens.

#9. Superior Support

The McCulloch brand has very robust and reliable backend support to its clients and customers at large. This support comes in the forms of customer service regime, generous warranty, money-back guarantee, and the special advisory and consultancy services. They jointly grant some peace of mind to the users.

If you choose to purchase and work with this line of products, you are certain to really reap big in terms of the comfort and the peace of mind you need to engage each component just fine. Have we also added that this support is almost unavailable elsewhere?


What Is It Used for?

mcculloch steam cleaner 1385

In a nutshell, this McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System is a multi-purpose cleaner in the sense that it eliminates many kinds of dirt while at the same time impacts a variety of surfaces.

However, there are some places and circumstances that tend to enjoy more of its use than others. These are:

– Steam Cleaning with Kitchen

Your kitchen sinks and the countertops generally badly want to make good use of it. Here, it is extensively used to eliminate the dirt and other hardened debris atop such surfaces with absolute efficacy. Also, it has the ability to sanitize surfaces to make them safer for use.

– Auto-detailing with steam

Want to thoroughly eliminate all dirt from your automobile? Choose to work with this system yet again.

It has the ability to channel the heat output precisely to where the same may be needed to be able to leave a thorough job. Since it allows you to vary the degree of the steam output, you will also find it great for your electronics.

– Steam Cleaning the Bathroom

Perhaps no other place is as awesome for the use of the steam cleaning than the bathrooms. What with the grout, mold, grime, and the scum.

If and when employed in this area, it works to sanitize the bathroom by eliminating all germs and other harmful substances that may reside there.


People Who Should Avoid 1385 Steamer

This cleaning system, inasmuch as it is awesome, is just not for everyone. There are indeed some cadres of persons who are not supposed to use it. It is important to know about these people for the sake of helping them to prepare appropriately just in case they might attempt to make the mistake. Among these are:

  • Small Condominium Residents

Owing to the sheer massive size of the appliance, a person who resides in a condominium will not find it really great to possess. It does have the ability to block and clog the tight spaces which in turn makes the free movements and operations therein quite hectic.

  • Disposable User

Even though anyone may purchase and use this appliance at the comfort of his own room conveniently, the do-it-yourselfers are strictly asked not to make use of it. The reason here is that the appliance is costly, a fact that makes it less profitable to use for non-commercial purposes.


McCulloch 1275 vs. 1375 vs. 1385 Steam Cleaner

Under this line of products, you have three main options to pick and choose from. These are the McCulloch 1275, McCulloch 1375, and the McCulloch 1385 respectively.

We now take a look at their differences and capabilities in the proceeding segment:

– Tank Capacity

All of them are fitted with tanks that contain the water that is subsequently used to form the steam that cleanses the surfaces. Their tank capacities nonetheless differ significantly owing to their diverse specializations. That of 1275 is 48 ounces, that of 1375 is also 48 ounces, while that of 1385 is 64 ounces.

– Pressure Output

To be able to cleanse surfaces and eliminate all dirt, these appliances pressurize the steam before ejection. Their pressure outputs and capabilities however differ significantly from one another.

That of 1275 stands at 43 pounds-per-square-inch, the one for 1375 is 58 pounds per square while that of 1385 is also 58 pounds-per-square.

– Heating Time

In order to generate the steam output, the appliance does heat the water in the tank. The time each of these appliances takes to do the job nonetheless differs significantly.

Generally, 1275 takes a paltry 8 minutes, the 1375 takes roughly 12 minutes whereas 1385 takes the same 12 minutes as well.

– Reach

The reach refers to the extent or amount of space that the appliances can impact or get to. Their reaches also vary from one appliance to another one.

On the whole, 1275 is able to reach 15.7 feet, 1375 is able to get to 18 feet while 1385 can manage a maximum of 18 feet also.

– Accessories

As part and parcel of their makeup, these gadgets are able to pair and work with many accessories. The number and kinds of accessories that they may accommodate also differ from one gadget to another one.

Generally, 1275 can handle 18 versatile accessories, 1375 handles 20 such accessories, while 1385 accommodates 23 accessories.

– Applicability

All of them do not use any chemicals in the course of eliminating dirt from off of the surfaces wherein they are deployed. They are also intended to impact a variety of surfaces and places of use.

This notwithstanding, 1275 is able to perform fewer purposes than the 1375 and 1385 respectively. On this basis, it is 1385 that stands out.

BOTTOM LINE: From the comparison above, it is the McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe canister steam system that is the most comprehensive and outstanding. Its only downside is the fact that it takes too long to heat up. If you are seeking a cleaner that is long-lasting and able to serve you better, do prioritize it.



Our peek into the McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System comes to and end there. Have not done all that we may have to be able to help you to start out well?

With this in mind, we expect you to do a great job of finding the best search and making the most of the gadget overall. Best of luck as you set out!

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