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Best Carpet Steam Cleaner for Pet Urine: Top 5 in 2022

Do you have any of the following feelings? If yes, then you need to buy the best carpet steam cleaner for pet urine to solve it!

There is always some “strange odor” left in your carpet, or your carpet is always covered with pet hair, or occasionally, you will step on some “sticky things.”

That’s it, they all come from your pets! If you are looking for something to solve these problems, be sure to check out our best carpet steam cleaner for pet urine reviews!

Table of Contents

2020 Top 5 Best Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning Machine

Why Choose a Pet Urine Carpet Steam Remover?

Pet messes and allergens that hide in your carpet are not easy to remove. A pet urine carpet cleaner will be a wonderful helper for your family. Below are some reasons why you need a pet urine carpet remover.

dog urine on carpet

1. More Effective and Professional

It is a very effective and professional way to eliminate odors and urine. When an accident happens, do you want to clean your carpet slowly and laboriously just with a brush? It will take you much time and energy, even so, it may end with an unsatisfactory result. On the contrary, if your choice is a special carpet steam cleaner, you won’t need as much elbow grease.

2. Protect Your Carpet

Choosing this kind of cleaner can protect your carpet. If you do not clean or scrub it with a brush, it will quickly damage your carpet.

3. More Affordable

It is a more affordable way to clean your carpet. According to some data, if you hire the carpet cleaning service, you need to pay $25 to $75 per room or average $51 per room, with the cost varying depending on where you live. Some companies may also charge per square foot. With a carpet steam cleaner, you can clean more affordable, without any area and time limitation.

4. Keep Fresh Your Friendship

Also, it will protect the relationship between you and your pet. Instead of getting mad at your pet when an accident happens, choosing a dog urine steam cleaner to handle it.

5. Remove Bad Odor & Purify the Air

Steam Cleaners can remove the bad odor that comes from your pets. Some machines with a fragrance disc can also leave your carpet and your room a fresh smell.

Top 5 Best Carpet Steam Cleaner for Pet Urine Reviews

In order to help you to select the most suitable cleaner for your family, we read hundreds of consumer reports and select 5 popular cleaners. Below we made a product review. You can learn more details about the 5 best carpet machines for cleaning pet urine in 2020.

1. Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner – Best Lightweight for Pet Messes & Allergens

Hoover pet carpet steam cleaner


  • Weight: <13 lbs
  • Cleaning Path: 10″
  • Tank Size: 0.5 Gallons
  • Warranty: 2-Year

What Did People Say?

“It is so lightweight that I cleaned my 500 sq ft area without tired once I got it!”

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The first model was produced by Hoover and enjoyed many outstanding features.

It equipped with a lightweight design for ease of use. The powerful cleaning for high traffic areas and small spaces allows you to clean the particular area that your pets pee easily.

It has 2 tanks, which can separate clean water from dirty water. 0.5 gallons of clean water capacity and power spin brush delivers powerful cleaning with antimicrobial protection.

Besides, the magic thing has a small body, but it’s really mighty. So, it is a perfect product for a family with pets. No matter for the pet messes or allergens, it will not fail you.

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2. Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner – Best Deep & Quick Clean Mode

Hoover pet urine cleaner


  • Weight: 18.5 lbs
  • Cleaning Path: 12″
  • Tank Size: 1.25 Gallons
  • Warranty: 2-Year

What Did People Say?

“Makes your carpet a new one!”

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Produced by Hoover, this cleaner carries many evident superiorities.

First, the main draw here is it comes with deep cleaning mode and quick cleaning mode, which means you can remove the tough dirt and stains and can dry your carpet faster. (And soon your pet can play in your carpet again!)

Second, it equips with the spin scrub system, which allows you to clean the urine or stains on your carpet with mighty anti-microbial 360° brushes. Do not worry about the pet urine will leave stains in your carpet.

Third, it carries two large capacity tanks that enable you to clean more and refill less. Besides, buy it now you can get a bottle of pet solution sample and a  2-in-1 anti-microbial pet tool.

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3. Bissell Upright Pet Carpet Cleaner – Best for Embedded Dirt & Stains

Bissell Carpet Steam Cleaner


  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Tank Capacity: 0.75 Gallons
  • Cord Length: 20 ft
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited

What Did People Say?

“It works on cat vomit stains!”

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The third well-received model is an upright cleaner created by Bissell.

This carpet machine carries 4-row dual rotating DirtLifter PowerBrushes, which allow you to lift away dirt and stains that a vacuum can not get. (No matter where your pet pees)

Also, it equipped with a 2-in-1 water tank that can easy filling and easy emptying. It comes with a removable nozzle, lint screen, built-in measuring cup, and 8 oz. trial formula. Besides, you can enjoy a 1-Year warranty once you own it.

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4. Hoover Pet Carpet Cleaner – Best Portable & Upholstery Spot Remover

Hoover portable steam machine


  • Weight: <9 lbs
  • Cleaning Path: 4″
  • Tank Size: 0.4 Gallons
  • Warranty: 2-Year

What Did People Say?

“Perfect! I can use this machine to clean my carpet, also my upholstery! ”

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This model is a portable and spot cleaner, also the lightest steamer on the market today released by Hoover, with a weight of 16lb. (lol, maybe you can carry it when you play with your pet)

You can remove any stain and spill from pet messes to everyday mishaps. It is worth to mention that it carries a longer reach and self-cleaning hose, which enable you to extend 5ft further to remove stains from carpet and upholstery to stairs and more.

Besides, it adopts the dual tank technology to keep clean and dirty water separate for a more efficient clean. This model includes trial sizes of cleaning solution and pretreats gel, multipurpose tool.

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5. Bissell Carpet Cleaner for Pets – Best Professional & Big Green Machine


Bissell carpet steam cleaner


  • Cord Length: 25ft
  • Warranty:5-Year Warranty
  • Tank Capacity: Over 1 Gallon
  • Tools Included: 6″ Tough Stain Tool

What Did People Say?

“I have 3 kids, a dog and a cat in my home. They always made my carpet in a mess. Fortunately, I got the Bissell Big Green. You can’t imagine how great it works. ”

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It is often worth it to spend extra money to get a high-quality one that’s more effective. Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish here. If you have enough budget, this professional cleaning machine to remove stains and odors from your carpet, this model will not fail you. Produced by Bissell, this green machine enjoys great popularity among customers.

It is an extra-large DirtLifter that carries a heavy-duty suction power that aids in fast drying time. (No matter how much  your pets leave its hair,  you can believe this model)

Besides, it equipped with two large tanks and 25ft power cord for full-room cleaning. Also, it comes with a trial-size Bissell professional formula and 5-Year warranty.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Carpet Dog Urine Remover

Different families have various requirements. A customer needs to select one steam cleaner according to his special home situation. There are 8 things you should look at when choosing a suitable steam cleaner.

1. Identify Your Pet

When you need a carpet steam cleaner, it is advisable to ensure that you identify your pet type. We have some pet cleaners that are designed for specific pets.

In a situation where you have many dogs, you can consider going for Bissell Pet Cleaner. It is the right pet cleaner that can suit a carpet that is meant for dogs.

Buy Bissell Large Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Bissell professional steam cleaner with 2 large tanks for full room clean

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It is essential to note that some of the pets are gently and this means that most of them do not cause a lot of mess in your home. For those pets that are messy, it is advisable that you go for a powerful and large carpet cleaner.

On the same note, if you have a pet that is well-trained, this means that your cleaning needs are low and you need a small and the same time a less powerful carpet cleaner.

2. Brush Roll for Carpet Cleaners

It is advisable to go for a vacuum cleaning carpet with an on/off switch for brush roll. It is among the best options you need to consider because it can help you prevent damaging hard surface floors or the carpets you are cleaning. In other words, this option enhances the usability of the cleaner that you choose.

3. Accessories

sample of fragrance discAccessories are the necessary part to consider before buying a steam cleaner. Most carpet steam cleaners have basic accessories for various home use.

The attachments of carpet steam cleaner mainly include microfiber pads, triangular tool, nylon brush/ brass brush, extension tube, nozzle and so on. Sometimes it also comes with a fresh fragrance disc.


4. Cost

Budget maybe is the most important factor that can decide which product you will buy in the end. Therefore, you have to consider it when buying a carpet steamer. Generally speaking, the price of carpet steam cleaner can be divided into three levels:

5. Weight/Size

The weight and size of a carpet steam cleaner are decided by the space you want to clean. If you have a large room and your pet is free to roam, you’d better select a portable and large capacity one. And if you need to clean some areas that hard to reach, you’d better select a small cleaner or a handheld steam cleaning machine.

6. Motor & Noise

The motor of a steam cleaner is determined by the weight of your carpet. If you have a heavy rug, then you have to buy a steamer with a really powerful motor. At the same time, a powerful motor comes with noise.  If you can not stand the Decibel rating, you’d better use ear protection.

7. Storage

This is also an important factor to consider. If you have a small room or your carpet is not large, you’d better choose a small machine. Or, you can choose a large one.

8. Maintenance

First, before you check on the maintenance of the carpet cleaner that you want to buy, make sure that you learn how to use these machines.

Once you learn how to use them, they will last for an extended period without the need to maintain them.

How Do I Get the Old Dog Pee Smell Out of My Carpet?

Every pet owner out there understands how to deal with the occasional indoor accidents caused by their pets.

The following are some of the steps you need to consider if you want to get the old dog pee smell out of your carpet.

Dog urine on carpet

  • Soak It Up

It is crucial to note that urine smells can become overpowering depending on a pet’s health or diet. But it is essential to soak it.

During this process, you can consider using a dab and a paper towel. However, make sure that you do not smear it around.

If the stain or puddle is on the carpet, make sure that you use steady pressure to blot the area until it is dry.

  • Consider Professional Cleaning

When you consider professional cleaning, this means that you consider using quality and modern carpet cleaners.

Note that you can hire professional cleaners who can detect the smell or the stain and identify the right cleaning products that will get the old smell pee out of your carpet.

It is among the best options that you can consider using, especially if you need professional carpet cleaning services.

  • Keep It Dry

It is crucial to understand that any urine smells will be more reliable, especially when they are damp and fresh. On the same note, as a pet owner, you need to understand that the more extended fabrics remain moist, the more potent the smell will get.

Therefore, after you have cleaned up the carpet or rug, ensure that it is thoroughly dried. Once it is dry, make sure that you open windows and use a fan to enhance air circulation.

These are among the best three ways you need to consider using it if you want to get the old dog pee smell out of your rug.

You Need to Know About Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning Machine

1. Steaming

There are mainly 3 things you need to know about steaming:

First, how much steam pressure (PSI) of it can generate. The normal high-pressure steam cleaner can produce the superheated steam with a pressure of 58 psi.

Second, if there is a trigger to control the level of steam. Many steam cleaners have the trigger of three levels of steam control, while many do not have it.

Third, the durable time of steaming. Some models can generate steam about 45 minutes before the tank has to be refilled, and some even can produce steam for about 2 hours. The steaming time mainly depending on the steaming rate and the capacity of the tank.

2. Heating System

There are mainly two kinds of heat steam producing system in a steamer. The first one is that consumer has to put hot water into the tank himself, the other is the model can generate hot steam itself.  If you want an easier to use cleaner, you should keep this point in mind when buying.

3. Hose and Cord

Both hose and cord are the necessary parts in a steamer. What you need to notice is the length of hose and cord. The length of cords or hose of various models differs widely.

For example, some products have a 61 itch hose while others may have a 155-inch hose. The choice of them mainly depending on the areas you intend to clean.

4. Antimicrobial Technology

A steamer with antimicrobial technology means it can kill various kinds of germs.  If your family has pet, child or pregnant woman, such a model will be a better choice. Because your carpet may hide various germs.

No matter they come from your pets or other resources, it is necessary to remove them for the health of your family.

Buying a Carpet Cleaner for Pets vs. Hire a Pet Carpet Cleaning Services

hire carpet cleaning service vs buy carpet cleaner for pet urine

  • Buying a Carpet Cleaner

Are you planning on buying a carpet cleaner? Do you know the right features that you should consider for you to make the right decision? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before going out there to buy one.

Buying a carpet cleaner involves a lot of things, and if you are not careful, you might end up committing a lot of mistakes.

Easy to Use. With the best carpet cleaning machine, you will have a clean carpet because it is easy to use. It has simple features that make it an ideal choice for most homeowners.

Saves Time. It is advisable to note that owning a carpet cleaning machine can help you to save a lot of time and money. If you decide to do it by yourself, it will be time-consuming, especially if you do not know the cleaning methods to consider using.

Removes Bad Odor and Purifies the Air. Owning a carpet cleaning machine or tool can help you to have a presentable and clean room.

Once you understand some of the best ways to use your device, then it will be easy for you to get rid of bad odors from your carpet. In other words, it is the perfect way to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe.

Saves the Cost of Hiring a Professional Cleaner. Instead of looking for a reputable carpet cleaning company, owning this cleaning tool will save you the cost of hiring a professional cleaner since you will do it on your own.

  • Hire a Pet Carpet Cleaning Services

When you plan to hire a pet carpet cleaning services, there are many factors that you should consider. It can be challenging to identify the right pet carpet cleaning company to hire due to the many options available. But it is advisable to research and know some factors to consider.

On the other hand, if you do not know the available carpet cleaners in the market, it can also be hard to make the right choice. You can choose either of them, depending on your cleaning goals.

Who Makes the Best Carpet Steam Cleaner for Pets?

To select the most suitable steam cleaner for your home, brands should not be neglect. Below is a quick synopsis of some top brands.


Hoover Brand

Hoover is one of the most famous steamer brands and was started back in 1907, So they have been devoting to home cleaning for over 100 years.

The main products of Hoover include carpet cleaners, vacuum carpet cleaners, and hard floor cleaners. Maybe you have heard some of their famous slogans such as “just run the Hoover over” or “the cleaner that walks on air.” They also offer an affordable price and enjoy predominantly reviews.

>> Click here to view more Hoover products


Bissell Brand

Founded in the mid-1870s, Bissell has been trading over 100 years and enjoys an excellent reputation. There are two reasons why I recommend this brand.

First, it has a solid review from customer and offers a pretty affordable price.

Second, they put heavy emphasis on “green products,” which means they can provide you with a green and healthy air environment. This is also one of the most outstanding features of Bissell. If you are looking for some “green products,” it will not fail you.

>>Click here to view more Bissell products


Shark BrandShark is another major brand I recommend to you that enjoys great popularity. Taking the goal of making household cleaning chores more effective and easy, shark focus on the improvement of steam cleaning technology. If you want an advanced cleaner, Shark is the best choice.

>>Click here to view more Shark products

Rug Doctor

Rug Doctor BrandRug Doctor was created over 43 years ago. Though it did not enjoy such long history like other brands, Rug Doctor has its own superiorities. Take giving consumers the “professional quality cleaning” as their goal, they put great emphasis on the deep cleaning system. With the decade of development, Rug Doctor has grown as one of the most popular cleaning steamer brands. I believe it will be a worthwhile investment.

>>Click here to view more  Rug Doctor products

FAQs about the Carpet Cleaner for Pet Urine

#1. Can Steam Cleaning Remove Pet Urine from Carpets?

Yes, it is no doubt that a steam cleaner can help to remove pet urine from carpets.

Steam cleaning is the right option only when you have pre-treated the stain. Since pet urine contains proteins that lead to strong odors, it is crucial to use a steam cleaner since it breaks down dirt through blasting hot water to your rug or carpet.

#2. When Will My Carpet Be Dry Enough for My Pet to Walk on It?

Most experts will recommend the hot water extraction method after they have been cleaned if you want your pets to start walking on them, open windows, or use fans.

It is advisable to wait for up to 6 hours before using your pet carpet.

#3. Can I Use My Carpet Cleaner on Upholstery or Other Household Items Where there is Pet Urine?

Our modern carpet cleaners can be used for general carpet cleaning. In other words, these cleaning tools can be used in different specific household items.

A carpet cleaner can be an essential tool for this task if you have a house rug that needs to be washed. Once you notice a stain on various products, this is the right cleaning tool you should use. For those households with wine and coffee stains, these cleaners can help you out.

#4. If I Have Pets, How Often Should I Use My Carpet Cleaning Machine?

If you have pets, ensure that you know how to use your carpet cleaning machine. In doing this, it will help you to keep your pet carpet clean always. However, it would help if you understood that some accidents are uncontrolled.

Once you notice stains on your carpet, make sure that you clean them immediately. When you leave your carpet dirty, it will bring some infectious diseases.

It is also advisable to clean your carpet every half year.

#5. Can I Use My Carpet Cleaning Machine for Pets on Linoleum or Vinyl Floors?

Yes. These cleaning tools can work best in any form of flooring provided that you know how to use it. That is why most pet owners are recommended to use carpet cleaners.

>> Reviews and Guide for the Best Steam Cleaners on All Floors

Final Words

Today, pet urine steam cleaner has become more and more popular. It can save your time, ease you from elbow grease. After reading hundreds of customer reports, we believe all 5 of these options are excellent choices. Do not miss out!

If you are still not sure which one is the most suitable for your family, here is a top pick. Buy it now you can get a coupon and save a lot!

>>Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Pet Carpet Cleaner

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