If you are looking for a floor cleaner that can sanitize all types of floors than you need to get yourself a steam cleaner more specifically a Haan Steam Cleaner. The best Haan steam cleaners pride themselves on getting rid of 99.9% of germs on any kind of floor and removing all stubborn stains.

These steam cleaners do not require any chemicals for it to do the job. Just add a bit of water and the appliance will do the rest for you. These steam cleaners are environment-friendly and that makes them good for all floor types.

Top 4 Best Haan Steam Cleaner

Reviews of the 4 Best Haan Steam Mop Cleaners

#1. Best Handheld – Haan Allpro Steam Cleaner for Garment and Windows

Haan portable steam cleaner

Haan Handheld Steam Cleaner

This tool wins the price of the best handheld device. It is a steamer that can be used to clean all surfaces. Not too big nor is too small, a perfect size for any hand fit. This makes it perfect for any hand size, big or small.

The steamer comes with accessories that include a window cleaning tool which makes it easy for you to keep your window clean. It also works as a garment steamer that removes dirt from clothes as well as makes it look fresh and irons it.

The steamer works with any kind of water. Most people use regular old tap water. This water is heated in minutes to a maximum of 212 degrees which is way past the boiling point of water. This means that no form or amount of bacteria can survive in the steam because all of them were killed at 100 degrees.

It not only kills bacteria but germs and dust as well. The water heats up at around 3 minutes and the steam can last up to 15 minutes without cooling down.

Brilliant Features
  • Water heats up fast
  • It has the perfect size
  • Comes with accessories
  • No bacteria can survive in the heat
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The user manual does not give a lot of information

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#2. Best for Floor Clean – Haan FS-50-Plus Sanitizing Steam Mop

Haan FS-50 plus floor steamer

Haan S-shaped Floor Steam Mop

This is a mop that is engineered with a lot of love for the user. The handle is designed in a way to ease any back problems if any and prevent any if there are not.

The mop can clean any floor surface be it hardwood or softer floors without the use of soap or chemicals. You just need to add water which is heated to 212 degrees. This level of heat does not allow any form of bacteria or germs to exist.

Apart from those it also kills E.coli which is a bacteria that is tied to many of the common infections. The water boils for at most 3 minutes. which assures of your convenience since you get all that heat in a little amount of time and it saves you a lot of cleaning time.

The UltraFibre cleaning pads help to reduce friction on floors. Also, they dry your floors almost immediately meaning they are cleaned then dried instantly. The mop is super light so you will not struggle to light it from room to room.

Brilliant Features
  • Lightweight mop
  • Cleans all floor types
  • No need for chemicals
  • Cleans and dries instantly
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Can only steam clean floors

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#3. Best for Multi Purpose – Haan SI-70 Steam Mop with Handheld Unit

Haan SI-70 Floor Steamer

Haan SI-70 Multi-Purpose Steamer

This is an appliance that is both a mop and a handheld steamer therefore is very versatile. You can clean wall and counters as well as the floor with one compact mop all with just a button press.

This device allows you to clean all floor types perfectly sanitizing them and then converting the mop to a steamer by unscrewing it. When using it on floors, it kills 99.9% of all common germs and bacteria. The mop part of it is fitted with an Ultra-MicroFibre pads that reduce any friction and the floors dry up instantly. They give you two of these pads to make your work easier. Such a mop pad can fit in tiny spaces where other devices cannot reach.

The steamer can also completely sanitize carpets and other heavy material. The two tools can get rid of any stubborn stains and messes. The device is also very easy to use and install. The detachment is pretty easy to achieve.

Brilliant Features
  • Very versatile
  • Easy to install
  • Removes stubborn stains
  • Sanitizes and cleans any surface
  • Save on cost since the main appliance can clean floors and the handheld unit will serve for multi place in your home
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • A bit heavy to carry

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#4. Best with Swivel Head – Haan SI-40 Floor Steamer

Haan SI-40 steam mop

Haan Steamer with Swivel Head

The swivel head allows you to make your way through hard to reach places. The mop can clean any item on the floor with ease and without damaging them. Be it a glass table or any other normal table as well.

The mop is very light as well so you will not get tired when carrying it from room to room. It is fitted with UltraFibre pads that make it easy when cleaning. You do not have to worry about any friction. The pads allow cleaning to be completely effortless since they make the floors dry up instantly.

The water container heats up the water to around 212 degrees which is past the boiling point meaning no bacteria or germs can survive at this point. The steam can last up to 25 minutes of cleaning. The pads are given on two making your cleaning experience a whole lot enjoyable.

Brilliant Features
  • Easy to use
  • Saves on time
  • Dries instantly
  • Reduces friction
  • It kills 99.9% of germs
  • Cleans all surfaces on the floor
  • Kills all forms of bacteria and germs
  • The swivel can clean carpets and other soft material
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Pads get dirty very fast

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Comparison Between Haan and Shark Steam Mops

Both of these mops clean through steam technology. They have containers that you are required to add water to. The water is heater passed the boiling point in order to kill any bacteria or germs. They both have fibers that absorb dirt on the floors and reduce friction. Both of these mops do not use any chemicals or soap to clean, you just need ordinary water. However, there is one that outweighs the other.

#1. Haan steam mops

Haan mop is a steam mop that is made in a way to help anyone with a back problem. Water is boiled at 212 degrees killing all bacteria and germs including E.coli, which is the most common bacteria that make people sick. Once boiled the steam can stay up to 12 minutes without refilling.

It can be used to clean both hardwood floors and softer surfaces like carpets and mats. Though efficient in cleaning, this steam mop is a bit pricy and the water container is small only giving people 15 minutes or 10 minutes of cleaning.

#2. Shark steam mops

This mop uses steam technology to clean. Water is boiled to 110 degrees, killing most of the bacteria. It is very light when operating. The mops also have fibers that aid in the cleaning. These fibers are passed over floors to collect any dirt leaving the floor clean as well.

The Shark steam mops are very affordable and are quite effective in floor sanitizing. These mops are however limited to the hardwood floor, they do not clean carpets. The boiling point is still low because some bacteria and germs can still thrive at that heat level.

What Is the Best Haan Steam Cleaner Parts?

Can You Use Haan Steam Hardwood Floors?

best Haan steam cleanersThe answer is yes. Haan can be used on the hardwood floor. Haan does not require any soap or chemicals to work so there will be no distraction on these kinds of floors. You do not need to worry about this when cleaning.

Haan mops are fitted with ultra fiber padding. These fibers prevent friction which is the leading destroyer of floors. Because of that, the Haan mops do not destroy floors. The ultra fiber pads also dry floors after cleaning.

How Do You Use a Haan Steam Cleaner on Carpet?

Haan steam cleaners are placed on the carpet where they soak up all the dirt and messes leaving your carpet very clean. The steam is at 212 degrees. This temperature kills any germs and bacteria or dirt that may be on the carpet.

The steam penetrates through the carpet fibers leaving it fresh and smelling nice. The steam gets into the carpet fibers and removes all imperfections while the ultra fiber of the mob soak up all the moisture leaving your carpet dry which is a question many people ask. The ultrafibres ensure that the carpet is dry after all, steam is just water in gas form.

With a Haan steam cleaner, you do not have to take it to the dry cleaners to get cleaned. You can achieve it better using the Haan.

Does Haan Still Make Steam Mops?

The answer is that they do make the steam mops. They make the steam mops using hardwood, laminate, tile or even stone. The steam mops being easy to carry ones and last longer floor sanitizer.


In conclusion, it is easy to see that Haan is one of the leading steam mop out there. They help to completely sanitize the floors and carpets of a home. They kill off germs and bacteria leaving a home completely clean and disinfected. They are affordable and do their job perfectly.