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How Do You Clean or Descale a Steamer?

Steam cleaners are great tools for restoring and enhancing cleanliness around your home. However, for your steamer to function appropriately, you have to handle it with care, do regular cleaning and maintenance.

Therefore, after using your steamer, especially the floor steam cleaner, wipe its exterior and make a routine of flashing it out with a baking soda and water solution, which is usually recommended for cleaning. Furthermore, you should also clean its accessories to increase its effectiveness and enable it to last much longer.

With use, some limescale is bound to be deposited on the steamer or any other appliance. For your own safety, you want to eliminate the limescale as soon as is practically possible. How do You remove limescale from a steamer? We dedicate this article to let you know what to do to eliminate them.

Tools and Materials Required

  • Vinegar
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Water
  • Towel

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Step I: Detach the steamer from the power source

Detach the steamer from the power source to prevent the risks of shocks and electrocution. Wait for the appliance to cool thereafter before proceeding to the next step. Perhaps this could be the best time to inspect the appliance for any impending damages.

  • Step II: Disassemble the components and wash them separately
Go on now to disassemble the components of the steamers. This is to allow you to wash them separately and thoroughly. Use a scrubbing brush and some harsh detergents to cleanse the bowls and drip tray. Rinse them with clean water thereafter and dry with a towel.

  • Step III: Disinfect the interior of the steamer

Having done with the accessories and attachments, it is now time to disinfect the interior of the steamer. To do this, pour a quart of vinegar into the base of the steamer. Add extra contents till the vinegar hits the fill mark. After you are done, plug the steamer back to the power outlet. Turn it on for around 20 minutes or so for thorough cleansing.

  • Step IV: Empty the contents and clean the heating element

You should now proceed to empty the contents of the steamer to be able to clean the heating element. To do this, turn off the steamer and disconnect the power. Pour out the vinegar contents. Then, using a soft brush, gently scrub the inside of the steamer more so the area around the heating element.

  • Step V: Wipe off to dry

Rinse the area and then wipe off with a clean towel to dry. Be sure to remove any excess vinegar residue to prevent any further issues from arising.

As you may see, the process of cleaning the steamer is not so complicated. Nonetheless, it is an undertaking that requires a fair degree of caution. The chemicals used are often too dangerous to handle with the naked hands. Moreover, any errors on your part may often attract dire repercussions.


With the above information, you now know how to descale your floor steamer. I hope that you will implement the above ways to enable your floor steamer function well and last for a long time. Cheers!

In case you are confused with the cleaning steps above, we also prepare a short video to help you out. Take a look: