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How to Steam Clean Oven by Yourself?

how to turn off steam clean on ge oven

Although there are multiple ways of cleaning ovens, the steam cleaning method is the best. But do you know the right ways to steam clean your oven?

The steam covers the entire interior surface to ensure all dirt and germs harboring on the corners of the oven are wiped out. It is not as difficult as you think. Here are some tips on how to steam clean the oven easily.


Should I Steam Clean or Self Clean My Oven?

how to turn off steam clean on ge oven

Both of these oven cleaning modes are quite effective, but steam cleaning is the best for your oven. Since it saves time and keeps your oven in a good state.

  • Steam cleaning

This method also uses high heat only that it works much faster, and you can use the steam cleaner option. The steam cleaning method may not involve a thorough cleaning job, but it does wonder in loosening dirt and residuals for easy removal.

It is a more natural cleaning method since it does not emit smoke or burning food odors. The process takes lesser time than the self-cleaning way.

The steam cleaning method is the best since it is an energy-efficient method that does not take too much time and does not utilize a lot of power.

  • Self-cleaning

When using this method, the oven heats up at high intervals such that the oven turns too hot to touch. The technique releases the burning smell of burning food, which is quite uncomfortable for many people.

However, this method involves a manual cleaning mode, which results in a better cleaning job since you can easily cover all parts of the oven. But it is a time-consuming process, uses a lot of power, and it is tiring too.


Things You Need to Know About Steam Cleaning Oven

how to steam clean samsung oven

Using a steam cleaner on the oven is a good option for cleaning it. However, there are both positive side and negative sides to steam cleaning your oven. Make sure you know these before you apply a steam cleaner.

Positive side

  • This method is way faster than the self-cleaning method.
  • This is a natural cleaning method; thus, it does not release any fumes or smoke when cleaning.
  • The steam cleaning method is energy efficient since it does not use a lot of heat to clean.
  • This is a much easier way to clean the oven as you use minimal body energy.
  • The steam helps to loosen the overstayed stains for easy cleaning.

Negative side

  • The steam cleaning consumes a lot of electricity and water.
  • This method leaves moisture in the oven. So, you have to wipe the water after every cleaning process.


How to Steam Clean Oven?

There are two steam cleaning methods for an oven, which are:

  • Cleaning with hot water

Ensure the oven is cool before cleaning for safety purposes. For the water to release enough steam to clean the oven, make sure to heat until it reaches the boiling point. Check the video out to learn more.

Specific instructions in words are also available for you:

  • Step 1. Wipe loose debris

This is something you can do while the water boils. Removing loose debris and dirt makes the cleaning process much easier, and the steam can easily reach different areas and deep the surface of the oven to clean stubborn dirt.

Note that you can use a vacuum to blow out the loose dirt or wipe it using a dry clean cloth.

  • Step 2. Pour the distilled water

If the oven has a clean steam setting, you need to pour the distilled water inside the oven, turn on, close the door and leave it to steam clean.

But if the oven does not have this setting, it is recommendable you use a bowl or pot. Add water to the bowl and place it inside the oven before closing.

Each oven model has a specific amount of water to use when steam cleaning. So, I would advise you to check out the manual instructions regarding the right amount of water to use in your oven.

  • Step 3. Set the cleaning time

how to self clean oven with hot water

For those whose oven does not have the steam cleaning setting, you can set the oven to heat at 450 degrees F, equivalent to 230 degrees C.

If the oven has a steam cleaning setting, press the button and let it clean. The cleaning process takes between 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the oven brand.

  • Step 4. Final touches

Once the cleaning time elapses, leave the oven to cool before you wipe it.

Get a clean cleaning cloth and wipe out all the dirt and moisture formed inside. Clean all parts, including the racks and the back walls of the oven

If there are still stubborn stains stuck on the oven walls, use non-abrasive clothe to scrub them off.

  • Cleaning with a steam cleaner

how to use samsung oven steam clean

  • Step 1. Fill the handheld steam cleaner with distilled water to the required level.

  • Step 2. Then attach the cleaning part at the end of the distiller.

  • Step 3. Set the heat interval at a high temperature for the water to heat up well.

  • Step 4. Once you see steam coming out of the cleaner, switch on the cleaning mode and begin to clean the oven.

  • Step 5.Focus on all parts, including behind the back.

  • Step 6. Then wipe off the dirt and water using a clean sponge after cleaning.

  • Step 7. If there are still some residuals left, clean them off using vinegar.


Things You Should Never Do when Steam Cleaning Your Oven

what can not be used when steaming the oven

Keep the following notes in mind when cleaning your oven:

  • Never use cleaning solutions when steam cleaning as the steam can break down the chemicals of the solutions that can result in food poisoning

  • Never clean the oven when it is still hot as it may cause accidents

  • Never wait for the spills to stay for long before cleaning as they may take longer to clean

  • Never leave moisture in the oven after cleaning, as this promotes mold growth or causes the walls and racks to rust.

  • Never use abrasive cleaning brushes when either steam cleaning or self-cleaning to prevent damaging the oven walls.



The steam cleaning method is the best method for keeping your oven clean since it utilizes less time and power.

Also, considering this is a natural cleaning method, it eliminates the emission of pollutants. It helps to get rid of all germs and bacteria that may be harboring on the oven walls.

The above discussed are two methods for steam cleaning oven to choose from. So, find the safest and comfortable process for your range.