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McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner – In-Depth Reviews

If you are searching for a steam cleaner, maybe your hardwood floors have reached a point where they need a replacement or a great rebirth. Well, you are in luck because the McCulloch MC1375 canister steam cleaner is the device for you. It will help you get the fabulous makeover you need so that you can avoid a complete renovation.

The McCulloch 1375 steam cleaner can clean your cast iron furniture, outdoor wicker, wood flooring, tools, and even your lawnmower and motorcycle.

Therefore if you own a garage, I am sure there are several things you are already thinking about cleaning.

Specifications of the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner

mcculloch mc1375 canister steam system review

Accessories: 20

Steam Hose: 10 feet

Power Cord: 18 feet

Heatup Time: 12 mins

Working Time: 90 mins

Water Tank: 48-ounce

Steam Pressure: 58 PSI

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Overview Review of McCulloch MC1375

The McCulloch steam cleaner weighs 13 pounds in total; it is a bit lighter when you compare it to other heavy duty steam cleaners out there. That is because it is designed to versatile and mobile.

On the front side of the steamer, some dials control the amount of steam pressure. You can access up to 58 PSI of steam pressure.

The steam pressure is the main reason the McCullouch works well. It makes it very easy to remove gunk, grime, and dirt from different types of floors.

mcculloch steamer 1375


  • Works excellent for detailing cars
  • Excellent for mold removal in showers
  • Large water tank that decreases the refilling times
  • Comes with 20 attachments for multi purpose cleaning


  • May need 12 mins to heat the whole tank water up

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The steam cleaner has a 48-ounce water tank when the tank is filled up completely; you have 90 minutes of steam usage.

It only takes you twelve minutes to fully heat the tank; after that, just adjust the pressure and amount of steam you want to use, and you are good to go.

Mostly you are going to use the 10-foot hose for steaming when you want to clean your house, the length gives you great flexibility, and it is very lightweight.

You can add more tools and accessories for a more natural cleaning process.

You can also attach a detachable brush to scrub off grease, dirt easily, and even grime. The brush also uses steam and can help clean things such as fences, ovens, porches, patios, and many others.

There are two types of brushes: smaller, for steam use, and a big bristled one to remove grime and gunk.

When steaming a carpet, please ensure you vacuum it first because when the rug has less dirt, it will be cleaned better.

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Standout Features of McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System

Below are the features of McCullouch 1375 canister steam cleaner, we are going to discuss the steam cleaners standout features so that it can be easier to determine whether it is a significant investment.

#1. Chemical-free Cleaning

This steam cleaner is very environmentally safe and a great alternative to chemical cleaning.

If you own a pet, you should be happy about this because most pets stay on the floor and carpets, and with steam cleaning, you won’t have to worry about them inhaling the cleaning chemicals.

Steaming sealed grout helps remove odors and also to restore the original floors look. That is very important because eliminating odors and restoring surfaces shine any other way can be pretty expensive and harmful to the environment.

1375 gives you a cheap and safe way to do both.

It is mighty that it can eliminate all types of dirt from different surfaces, including patios, BBQ grills, ATVs, and different floors.

#2. 4 Bars Variable Steam

mcculloch 1375 steam cleaner review

The MC1375 is not just any type of steamer that shoots steam anyhow; the steamer has 4 bar dial that gives you four different types of steam levels.

You can choose how much or how little steam you want on the dirty spot. The machine has a lot of power that is housed very compactly.

There are many reasons why variable power is significant.

One of the most important is that not all surfaces can handle direct steam; an example is carpet cleaning. They can melt or even wrinkle if shot directly with high-pressure steam.

On the other hand, concrete cannot be clean by low pressure; you have to apply more pressure for all dirt to come off.

As you can see, the 1375 4 variable steam is essential because, with the control knobs, you can get the amount of vapor that you want for cleaning your floors or other things.

The steam can go as high as 200f, the steamer may be meant for personal use, but with these features, you can even use it professionally.

#3. 48-ounce Large Water Tank

One of the main benefits of this 1375 steamer is its water tank. The tank can fill up to 48 0z, which means that you don’t have to think about refilling it all the time.

What’s even better is that after the water is full, it only takes you like 12 minutes to fill boil up all that water, which is very time-saving.

The tank has a measuring cup, which is very convenient because it ensures that you are filling the right amount of water to the boiler.

What’s best is that the 48-ounce tank gives you 90 minutes of continuous cleaning, this means you can clean several things without having to refill and even have some steam left.

#4. 10-foot Insulated Hose

mcculloch steam cleaner mc1375

Having a long enough hose is very important because it gives you enough move around.

The insulated hose is 10 feet long, and when it is combined with the power cord that is 18 ft. long, you get so much move around space.

The hose is insulated so that it does not crack or melt from the inside. It is also very flexible to allow you to turn, twist, and move around all those hidden spots that are hard to reach.

#5. 18-foot Power Cord

The power cord that is 18-foot long stretches to your garage from the utility closet. That is mostly where your dirty items are sitting, waiting to be thoroughly cleaned.

The accessories and the 18 ft. Cord store very well in the frames cleaner.

That makes it easier because you won’t have to move around a lot looking for them. After all, they are in the same place, it becomes very convenient for you and also really time-saving.

Depending on how much space you want to cover, if you feel like the cord is limiting to you, you can add an extra one to fit your needs.

#6. 20 Accessories

mcculloch mc1375 canister steam cleaner

Mostly, you only use the large mop provided to steam clean the floors and surfaces, but you can explore the many other accessories that 1375 from McCulloch brand provides.

The package includes a lot of accessories, and here is a list of some of them. They are not in any particular order.

  • Extension wand
  • Nozzle jet
  • Large brush
  • Scrapper tool
  • Triangle brush
  • Nylon brush
  • Utility brush (brass)
  • Round scrub brush
  • Bristle brush
  • Mesh net
  • Fill cup
  • Microfiber mop pad
  • Storage bag

The machine comes with a manual that has a list of all their accessories together with corresponding numbers. The numbers help know the kind of parts you want to replace.

#7. 90 Minutes of Continuous Steam

Many steam cleaners do the same type of job, but where 1375 beats them all is the 90 minutes continuous cleaning and the fact that it takes only 12 minutes to heat all the 48 ounces amount of water.

That gives you more than enough time to clean before you decide to take a break.

The added accessories also make it easier for you to clean anything efficiently. Combine with the quick heating time; then, you got yourself an excellent steamer for your cleaning needs.

McCulloch 1275 vs. 1375

Both the 1375 and 1275 are of the same size and shape. It is a few features that make them a little bit different, but both are black and yellow. 1375 is an upgrade from 1275.

– Performance

Both the steamers perform very well. They come with a 48-ounce water tank, which gives you enough steam for your cleaning needs.

The difference is that 1275 gives you 45 minutes of steam cleaning, while 1375 gives you 90 minutes of steam cleaning.

The other big difference is that 1375 has a dial that controls the steam flow while 1275 does not.

Both machine have front wheels that allow you to move them from one place to another.

The other difference is that 1275 takes only 8 minutes to heat the water, while 1375 takes 10 to 12 minutes. The water in both is hot enough to kill bed bugs and other bugs and their eggs.

– Accessories

Both machines come with several accessories. The MC1275 has 18 accessories or attachments while the MC1375 has 20 attachments.

– Power

There are many ways to determine the power of a steam cleaner. You can either use the amount of steam produced, g/min, and even the wattage.

1275 has an average of 1500w. It also has between 33 to 37 g/min and a psi of 44. The machine’s water gets heated up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and its electric cord is 15.7 ft.

On the other hand, 1375 also produces 1500w. The steam produced is 15 to 31 g/ min and has a psi of 53.

The 1375 water gets heated to 299 degrees F. and has a longer cord of 18 ft.

McCulloch 1375 vs. MC1385

1375 and 1385 are very similar machines. They even have the same shape and weight; the only slight difference is that 1385 is more versatile and mobile compared to 1375 in terms of movement.

– Attachments

Although the MC1385 is less mobile, it offers more attachments than the MC1375, together with a longer cord and even a larger water tank.

The mc 1385 has 23 accessories while 1375 has 20, one of the attachments missing in 1385 that loses in 1375 is a squeegee for intense scrubbing needs.

Don’t need to worry about that because both the systems offer great versatile accessories for your cleaning needs.

– Power Cord

For the power cord, they both have an 18-foot long power cord, which gives you excellent mobility compared to other machines that constrain your movement.

– Tank

But when it comes to the water tank, 1385 has a larger tank than 1375. The 1375 tank measures 48 ounces while the MC1385 measures 64 ounces.

That means 1385 uses more time to heat up, but the plus side is that it gives you two hours of steam time.

As you can see, both these steam cleaners are a good investment because they perform the same tasks and do an excellent job. But in terms of features and capacity, you can go for 1385 because it is a slight upgrade.

No matter the steam cleaner you choose, be sure to get an effective steam cleaner that will deal well with your cleaning needs.

Ensure that you handle both systems with care for your safety and for the machines to last longer.

What Does 1375 Clean?

mcculloch mc1375 canister steam system

The McCulloch 1375 is a multipurpose steam cleaner for both mopping and cleaning. It uses ordinary water, which gets heated up to 200F to naturally and effectively sanitize and clean different types of surfaces.

The steam cleaner is not a regular carpet cleaner because it does not provide excess moisture suction. But it is mostly used to loosen dirt from the carpet, which can then be dried using a towel.

If you are cleaning hardwood floors, marble, or concrete, then use the mop attachment. This attachment cleans well these types of floors because it quickly removes grime and gunk.

The steam cleaner can also clean your mattresses and can make even bar mats with bad smells to smell nice again. The great thing is that if your mattress has bedbugs, the machine can kill them because of the very hot steam.

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#1. How Do You Use McCulloch 1375?

Below are tips and recommendations on how to use the MC1375:

– Make sure you wait until the gauge reaches 60 psi, which is 4 bar pressure, which shows that it is thoroughly heated and ready to be used. The unit can also be used with lower pressure.

– Pressure will drop as the steam continues to be used; this is normal, so don’t worry. Pressure will increase when the steam flow stops.

– If you want normal pressure with the continuous steam flow, you should use 2 bar, which is 29 PSI.

– As steam is released, the pressure will drop. That is a normal condition. When the steam flow is stopped, the pressure will begin to increase. Normal-pressure with the continuous steam flow is approximately 2 bar (29 PSI).

– Hold the steam trigger and then push, then lock it down for a continuous flow or manually hold down the steam trigger.

– Use the knob to adjust the steam to your preferred setting.

– Make sure you vacuum or sweep first.

– After you are done, the floor may be a little wet, just let it air dry, or you can direct a fan for quick drying.

#2. How to properly store your system after use?

Preparing your steam system for storing is a quick and easy job. If you have finished cleaning then follow the following steps:

– Turn it off, and then unplug the cord.

– Let the unit cool off entirely for at least 30 minutes.

– Press and then hold the steam knob so that you may release any steam left

– Un-attach all the accessories.

– Remove the boiler cap carefully.

– Ensure you drain any remaining water from the tank so that you avoid overfilling during your next cleaning session and also to avoid mineral buildup. Loosely replace the boiler cap.

– Store the accessories in the storage bag.

– Store your MC system in a dry and cool place.

If you follow all these instructions, you will not have any significant problems with your MC1375. The guidelines will ensure that you get the full benefits of a steamer, and keeping it the right way will ensure your steamer lasts for a very long time.


We can safely conclude that McCulloch MC1375 canister steam cleaner is a great steam machine.

We have also compared it to others to give you an easier time deciding if you will invest in it. The systems longer cord, hose, and even large tank make it a perfect cleaning system.

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