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Best Electric Steam Mop Reviews and Guide in 2022

The steam mops are not like the standard mops when it comes to functionality and use. The best electric steam mop is quite versatile and more reliable as it does the job of the standard mop in a more advanced manner. This kind of mops work fast for cleaning stains and dirt and they are also ideal for disinfecting the floors.

Besides, the electric steam mops are friendly to the environment and humans because they don’t utilize harsh chemicals when cleaning. This article features the top 5 best electric steam mops on the market, and the buying guide to follow when choosing the right electric steam mop.

Top 5 Best Electric Steam Mop


Reviews of the 5 Best Electric Steam Mop

#1. Hot Sale – Bissell Steam Mop for Hard Wood Floor

Bissell electric steam mop for tile and hard floor

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Being one of the top-selling electric mops in the market, you are guaranteed excellent cleaning results on your floor. Other than cleaning the floor, this mop also ensures to disinfect it by killing up to 99.9peecent of germs leaving your floor free from germs, bacteria and other disinfectants.

It is also a great choice for people who are allergic to harsh cleaning chemicals because this model does not require fragrance when cleaning with it. This mop is suitable for floors with a high level of stains because it comes with a boost brush that works magic in loosening the hash spots and stains on the floor for easy cleaning.

This electric mop has low power consumption thus no need to worry about the electric bills going high on utilizing it for cleaning. The equipped tank is easy to fill as it comes with a filling cup. The power cord measures around 25 meters, which is a reasonable size that reduces restrictions when cleaning around the room. Note that this steam cleaner has two settings ranging from low to high depending on your cleaning needs.

Brilliant Features
  • The mop helps disinfect the floors as well
  • There are different settings to choose from
  • This electric mop takes little time to heat up
  • It cleans a wide range of stains, including the most stubborn ones
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The cord may cause restrictions for people cleaning large floor areas.

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#2. Best Price – Shark Steam Mop with Swivel Steering

Shark electric steam mop without harsh chemicals

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly steam mop for floor cleaning, then consider this model. This mop is 18 feet long thus, moving it to different areas in your home is quite easy and fast.

The mop helps to clean the floor and at the same time disinfect. Controlling the amount of steam to clean with is easy since it comes with a control button. It releases high levels of steam that is extremely hot so that you don’t need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning the floor.

It is easy to use this mop and it also features a lightweight structure for comfortable carrying around. The mop head swivels around the floor to ensure total cleaning and removal of all stains on the floor.

Brilliant Features
  • The mop also disinfects the floors
  • This mop retails at an affordable price
  • It is cordless for easy moving around when cleaning
  • It is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery that takes little time to recharge
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It is not really good for grout

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#3. Best Multi Purpose – PurSteam 10 in 1 Steam Mop with Detachable Handheld Unit

electric steam mop with handheld unit

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This electric mop gives fast and effective cleaning services, making it a great option for large cleaning needs. The water tank takes up to 340ml ideal for cleaning a large room area. This handheld mop is compatible with most of the floors since you can easily control the steam release when using it on various floors.

If you have small kids or pets in the house, this is the perfect mop to buy because it helps clean and disinfect the room leaving it 99.9 percent clean. There is no need to use harsh chemicals when cleaning with this mop since it releases hot steam for effective cleaning of the floor. The mop is super light in weight for easy maneuvering around the house.

Other excellent features you will love on this mop is the adjustability mode where you can choose from low to high steam release essential for cleaning different stain and floors. This mop only takes about 25 to 30 seconds to heat up.

Brilliant Features
  • The mop is light in weight
  • This steam mop comes with reusable cleaning pads
  • It eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals when cleaning
  • Moving around when cleaning is easy thanks to the cordless design
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • This electric mop cannot be used when there is an electric outage

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#4. Best for Tight Space Clean – Dirt Devil Steam Mop with Handheld Steamer

Dirt Devil electric steam mop with triangle mop

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If you are looking for an electric mop ranging from as low as 50 dollars then this is one of the best models to buy. It is quite convenient in terms of cleaning and affordable as it costs less than 50 dollars. This mop is easy to use and comes with a detachable handheld for easy control of the steam release.

The mop head swivels to different angles for easy maneuvering on the floor. It is made with a corner edge design that ensures to clean even the edges of the walls for excellent cleaning results. The cleaning pad is washable for long use of the mop. It is versatile and compatible with the majority of floors, including carpets.

Brilliant Features
  • The microfibre cleaning cloths are washable
  • It is super easy to use when cleaning the floors
  • This mop provides both dry and wet cleaning results
  • The mop ensures complete cleaning even on the wall edges
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Tall people may find this mop uncomfortable to clean with since the handle is not long enough or adjustable

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#5. Best Lightweight – Shark Double Sided Electric Steam Mop

Shark Genius Pocket Electric Steam Mop

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You can never go wrong with Shark electric mops as it cleans and leaves your floor free from the germ and other bacteria. This Shark mop is recommended for people with large rooms since it comes with a large water reservoir.

The cleaning pad has a double-sided cleaning design for large coverage without necessarily changing the cleaning pad. The cleaning microfibre cloths are reusable since all you need doing is to clean the pad after every use. The mop has steam blaster mechanisms for efficient cleaning even the toughest stains on the floor.

It is super easy to use as it comes with touchless technology; this also makes it easy to control the steam and solution release when cleaning different floors. A direct steam release channel makes sure you apply the right amount of cleaning solution on the floor.

Brilliant Features
  • Using this mop is super easy
  • The mop is quite light for easy carrying
  • There are three steam release settings to choose from
  • The tank is large to accommodate large quantities of water
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It can not be used for older laminates

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Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Steam Mop

  • Cord vs Cordless

The electric steam mops are designed in two different categories, which are the corded and cordless designs. If you are looking for a mop that does not restrict your movements, especially when cleaning in different rooms, a cordless steam mop is the right option to choose from.

The cordless mops are powered by batteries which do not take a long time to recharge after the water runs out. They are recommended for light cleaning because you may need to keep on recharging the battery when cleaning large areas.

On the other hand, even if the corded steam cleaners restrict movements when cleaning large areas, the constant power supply ensures convenience in cleaning. This also saves time since you don’t need to keep on recharging the mop. Also, note that the corded mops are not functional in the cases of an electric outage.

  Buy the Bissell Steam Mop with 25 ft Power Cord

Bissell electric steam mop for tile and hard floor

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  • Compatibility

The steam-electric mops are made to be used on different floors. Considering they provide dry/wet or wet and dry cleaning options, you need to check the kind of floors the mop can clean to avoid damaging your house flooring.

Some sensitive floors like waxed and finished floors require gentle cleaning to avoid damaging the coating on the top. Hard floors together with carpets may require dry cleaning options.

There are other models of mops that fit floors like laminate, tiled, hardwood floors among others. So, check the compatibility, which is indicated on the sales tag or the mop packaging.

  • The Water Tank

The electric mops are designed with different sizes of water reservoirs. The size of the tank determines the size of the area you will be able to clean at a go. The tank sizes also determine the amount of water the steam mop can accommodate at ones.

So, if you are looking for a mop that can clean large areas without constant refilling, check out the amount of water it can accommodate. The water levels are measures in gallons or milliliters.

Buy the Shark Electric Steamer with 450 ml Tank

Shark electric steam mop without harsh chemicals

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  • The Handle Size

Some mops are designed with adjustable handles that work perfectly for all heights since you can adjust the height to fit you, while others come with standard heights, which cannot be adjusted.

So, if your mop will be used by different people at home, consider getting a mop with adjustable heights. You can also try out the mop while at the shop just to make sure the handle is of the convenient height for easy reach when cleaning.

  • Cleaning Accessories

The mops come with different cleaning accessories where some feature more than one cleaning pad, while others come with reusable cleaning accessories.

Smooth floors require being cleaned with soft materials, while hard floors may require abrasive cleaning pads such as scrubbing brush to remove stains and other dirt on the floor. If you need a mop that you can utilize for cleaning different surfaces in your house, make sure it has all the cleaning accessories ideal for cleaning the floors.

Buy the Multi Purpose Electric Steam Mop with Handheld Unit

electric steam mop with handheld unit

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Why Buy an Electric Steam Mop?

– Fast in cleaning. The steam mops are quite reliable when it comes to saving cleaning time. First off, the mop heats up pretty fast and is equipped with powerful motors that facilitate the release of steam for efficient cleaning of different floors around the house. The electric-powered mops work twice faster in loosening the stuck stains and dirt on the floor ensuring you take lesser time to clean the stains.

– Disinfects the floor. The steam cleaning mops release high levels of steam that are super-hot to not only loosen the dirt and stains on the floor but also helps to eliminate germs and the bacteria on the floor. The steam mops are highly recommendable for homes with small kids since they help to keep the floor clean and free from germs and other disease-causing bacteria.

Buy Cheap Electric Steam Mop for Deep Clean

Dirt Devil electric steam mop with triangle mop

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– No chemicals. The steam mop cleaners are the best option for people who are allergic to harsh chemicals. This is because the steam helps loosen the dirt on the floor quite fast; hence, eliminating the need to use the harsh chemicals. The steam penetrates to the stains for easy removal with just one swivel. All you need is water and the normal cleaning solutions to get the work done.

– Easy to control. The steam cleaning mops are equipped with control knobs for steam and cleaning solution release. There are different settings where you can choose from low cleaning to high cleaning setup. This makes it easy to clean up different floors, including the sensitive floors that require low heats.

Buy Shark Steamer with Touch Free Technology

Shark Genius Pocket Electric Steam Mop

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– Saves the storage space. Steam mops do not require large storage spaces, unlike the traditional mops. All you need is a space to either hang or just lean the mop to store.

– Eliminates the mould. Mould is bound to grow in areas with moist such as the bathroom or even on the walls of the house. The steam mop can help eliminate and stop the growth of the mould because it bleaches the walls and completely removes the growing moulds.



The electric steam mops are the real deal when it comes to cleaning different floors. The steam mops work perfectly for homes with small kids and pets as well. This is because the mops remove all the dirt and at the same time disinfect the floor to remove germs and bacteria.

Note that the steam mops are designed for use on different floors. Therefore, you must check out the compatibility to ensure the mop you choose can clean your floors.