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Best Shark Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors – Reviews & Guide in 2022

Shark steam mops are versatile cleaning mops compatible with a wide variety of flooring, including the carets and sealed hardwood floors. The following will introduce some of the best Shark steam mop for hardwood floors.

They feature large water tanks that provide a significant water supply so you can clean large areas. The shark steam mops also come with a long power cord to reduce many restrictions when cleaning large sections in the room. They have different cleaning pads that are reusable for efficiency and ensure multiple uses.

The shark steam mops are also light in weight for easy transportation to different areas. If you need a convenient shark steam mop or your hard wood floor, keep reading.

Top 5 Shark Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors


The 5 Best Shark Steam Mop on Hardwood Floors Reviews

#1. Best Sale – Shark Steam Pocket Mop for Hardwood Floor

Shark steam mop with xl water tank for hardwood floors


  • Light in weight
  • Cleans and sanitizes the floor
  • Releases the steam on demand
  • Has swivel steering for fast mopping results


  • Can only work in an area with an electrical connection

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If you live with your dog or cat indoors and you need a reliable mop to clean their messes, this is a reputable brand from Shark to consider buying. The steam mop is quite easy to operate with a button ignition equipped on the body.

It helps to eliminate all types of messes from the floor while sanitizing to keep your home free of germs. The statistic shows that it can eliminate up to 99.9 percent of viruses and other bacteria from the floor to create a safe and healthy living place for you and your family.

This mop is quite versatile since it cleans on both sides while sanitizing to save time and power. It weighs around 4.8 pounds, which is a reasonable weight for comfortable moving the mop to different areas.

This steam mop has a 220 ML water tank that provides enough water to clean a large room in the house and has 18 feet long cord to allow the user to mop a large area without any restrictions.

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#2. Runner up – Shark Genius Hardwood Floor Steam Mop

Shark steam mop for hardwood floors with 3 intelligent steam control


  • Comes with reusable cleaning pads
  • It has touchless control mechanisms
  • It is cordless for easy maneuvering around
  • The cleaning head has a direct steam channel for effective release of steams


  • It is cord powered

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It is suitable for all types of hard floors as it gets the cleaning done fast and efficiently by eliminating all stuck dirt and debris from the floors. This steam mop is suitable for homes with kids learning to crawl or walk as it cleans and sanitizes the floor and also helps clean any animal messes and hairs to eliminate allergens.

There are three intelligent cleaning settings on the mop which you get to choose depending on the level of dirt in your house floor. A reasonable water tank can hold around 220 milliliters of water.

It also comes with double-sided washable cleaning pads that work in the dual form to grip all the dirt from the floor to save your cleaning time. Weighing less than 6 pounds, it is convenient for transportation in various areas.

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#3. Best Cheap – Shark Hard Floor Steam Mop with XL Removable Water Tank

Shark lightweight steam mop for hardwood floors with removable water tanks


  • Light in weight
  • Cleans and sanitizes the floor
  • Has a removable water tank for easy refill


  • Its mop head is designed with one side

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If you are looking for a quality Shark steam mop that is affordable and still provide great cleaning results on hardwood floor, this amazing model is a reliable choice. The mop has high-quality cleaning features and power that suits all hard floors. It is also eco-friendly since you don’t need to use harsh chemicals to get the floor clean.

The steam mop sports a sanitizing effect essential for eliminating germs and other bacteria on the floor to ensure the health of your family.

It is easy to use, as it takes less than a minute to heat up. It has a great cleaning pad, and the mop head releases hot steam to eliminate different stains on the floor, including the most stubborn ones. Because of the lightweight, moving it up and down of stairs is quite easy, plus its compact size design does not take up much storage space in the house.

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#4. Best for Professional Clean – Shark Lift-away 2 in 1 Steam Mop with Handheld Steamer

2 in 1 Shark steam mop for hardwood floors and handheld unit


  • It helps to clean any mess off the floor
  • Comes with a dual dirt grip cleaning pad
  • There are three cleaning options to choose from
  • It is comfortable to move around due to its lightweight


  • The water tank in this steam mop is not too large; hence, you may need to keep on refilling it if you are cleaning a large room.

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This is a flexible steam mop that provides 2 in 1 cleaning results. The handle of the mop is removable for efficient cleaning on the above floors. It is quite light in weight for easy transportation to different rooms in the house. The mop head features the smart touch intel- mechanisms for easy control so you can focus on cleaning the floor.

This mop can clean any form of dirt, including the stubborn stains on the floor, thanks to the equipped steam blaster that gets the work done. The cleaning pad features dual dirt grip mechanisms to lessen the cleaning time.

There are three steam control options, which are the dust, mop, and scrub, to choose from depending on the level of dirt, and the type of floor you are cleaning.

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#5. Best for Tile and Hardwood Floor Clean – Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Shark vacuum hardwood floor cleaning system


  • Helps to eliminate all allergens
  • It fits both hard floors and carpet cleaning
  • It can also be used for upholstery services
  • The mop is easy to maintain as it has self-cleaning mechanisms


  • It can’t generate steam

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If you are looking for a steam mop that will leave your tiles sparkling clean at all times, then you need to consider this model. It is a versatile cleaning device that suits all homes since you can use it for other cleaning jobs such as upholstery.

The Shark vacuum features hypervelocity accelerated suction mechanisms that provide excellent and deep cleaning on all floors to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt stains.

The cleaning machine also fits homes with pets as it does a great job of cleaning off the pet messes, including picking the fur and hair on various surfaces such as the carpet and the couches.

The dual brush roll system provides deep cleaning results on the carpets. It is easy to maintain this mop, most especially the cleaning pad, as the brush roll has a self-cleaning mechanism that removes all stuck dirt and debris after every mopping.

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#1. What Floors Can You Use the Shark Steam Mop on?

The shark steam mops are suitable for cleaning the hard floors. These mops are fitted with durable and reusable cleaning pads that feature dual dirt grip for effective cleaning on all hard floors and eliminating any type of stains. They also have different cleaning options ranging from dusting to scrubbing to eliminate the stuck dirt on the floors.

The shark steam mops consist of large water tanks reservoirs that allow one to clean a large area without much refilling process.

These mops are also suitable for all floors as they don’t require harsh chemicals or bleaches to clean dirt; hence, ensuring the safety of the floor. The most recommendable floors that you can clean with the shark steam mop are ceramic, porcelain tile floors, vinyl, linoleum, and others.

Buy Shark Steam Mop for All Types of Floors

2 in 1 Shark steam mop for hardwood floors and handheld unit

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#2. Can I Use a Steam Mop to Clean Hardwood Floors?

You can clean your wood floor as long as it is sealed. Or the steam mops can easily damage your hardwood floorings.

The steam mops release high levels of steam that penetrates through the floor to eliminate all dirt and debris. Therefore, the high penetration of the steam on the unsealed hardwood floor may, in return, damage it by causing discoloration or rotting. The steam from the mop also converts to water when it hits the cleaning pad, thus making it unsafe to clean unsealed wood floors.

#3. Is Shark Steam Mop Safe for Hardwood Floors?

The answer to this depends on the type of hardwood floor you need to clean. The steam mops are not recommended for unsealed hardwood floors since they can easily damage such floors from the hot steam and the wetness that gets to the floor.

But, on the other hand, the hardwood floors that are sealed can be cleaned with steam mops. The sealed wood floors are safe to clean with any type of mop since the sealing coat prevents the hot steam and water from penetrating through to get to the wood material.

Shark steam mops come with different cleaning pads that provide a smooth cleaning effect to safeguard the sealing on the floors. They are also safe to use since the mops do not utilize harsh chemicals when cleaning to prevent the floors from damages.

Some models have cleaning settings to choose from depending on the level of dirt or the type of cleaning you require on the floor. This means that you can select the cleaning mechanisms that are safe for your sealed hardwood flooring.

Buy Shark Genius Steam Mop with 3 Intelligent Steam Control Settings

Shark steam mop for hardwood floors with 3 intelligent steam control

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#4. Can You Put Vinegar in Shark Steam Mop?

Adding vinegar to your steam mop when cleaning hard floors can do wonders. The most recommend vinegar to use when cleaning with a steam mop is the white vinegar. This is because this cleaning solution has fewer levels of chemical acidity, which makes it safe to use on the hard floor, considering some floors have high levels of acidity. Also, vinegar works magic in cleaning off dirt and germs on the floor.

The vinegar penetrates through to the floor to remove stains, even stubborn ones stuck on the floor. It is ideal for eliminating; soap scum, brines, or glues that may be left on the floor. Another benefit of using vinegar with a steam mop is that it helps eliminate bad odor in the house and sanitizes the flooring as well.

#5. What Is the Best Shark Hard Floor Cleanser Solution?

Shark Hard Floor Cleanser Solution

Shark Hard Floor Cleanser is one of the fastest mopping solutions that help to clean the floor by eliminating all debris and stuck stains. It leaves the floor looking clean and shiny after every clean. Also, it is compatible with all types of shark mops.

This shark cleaning solution is recommendable for all types of hard floors and sealed hardwood floors as it has less harsh chemicals to preserve the quality of the floor.

It is quite powerful when combined with the steam as it penetrates deep to the floor to loosen any form of dirt for easy cleaning. 

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#6. How Does the Shark Steam Mop Work?

The shark steam mops work by heating the water in the tank at high temperatures of around 120 to 130 degrees Celsius. Then the steam jets push the hot steam from the heated water to the cleaning pad fitted on the mop head to transfer it to the floor when cleaning. Note that there are some shark steam mops with one jet while others come with multiple jets.

#7. Do Steam Mops Hurt Hardwood Floors?

The steam mops are not suitable for hardwood floors that are not sealed as the steam and wetness affect the wood material, and it may cost one a considerable amount of money to replace the floor. These types of mops release extremely hot steams meant to loosen the dirt on the floor, which later converts to water when it gets to the floor.

So, exposing the hardwood floor on high heats and moist may do more harm than good. But, note that you can use steam mops on sealed hardwood floors since the sealing prevents the steam and water from getting to the hardwood floor.


They release high levels of steam that penetrates to the floor to remove dirt and stains. They are also ideal for any home as they help to kill germs on the floor while sanitizing it. They are fitted with large tanks that allow one to clean a large area without refilling the water tank often. The above five reviewed are the best shark steam mops to consider buying.