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Best Small Carpet Steam Cleaner – Top Steamers Reviews

The purpose of this review is to present information about the best small carpet steam cleaners currently available to buy from Amazon. One of these cleaners was picked as one of the best small carpet steam cleaners whilst the other five are also recommended if buyers are seeking other qualities such as, which cleaner is best at stain removal or the best cordless model. All of the cleaners reviewed would allow you to thoroughly clean their carpets.

Top 6 Best Small Carpet Steam Cleaners in 2021

Reviews of the 6 Best Small Carpet Steam Cleaners

#1. Best Overall – Bissell Multi Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell small carpet cleaner
Bissell Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaner

Overall, this was rated as being the best small carpet steam cleaner in terms of its all-round cleaning performance and reliability. This little carpet steam cleaner packs a lot of steam despite its size.

It features a strong spraying action and suction too so that stains are removed and the excess dirty water is removed. This compact carpet steam cleaner is supplied with a trial pack of the spot and stain cleaning product. The powerful steam spray removes even the most stubborn stains from carpets and upholstery.

You can fill the water tank without effort and straightforward to clean. Besides, it also includes a 3 ” tool that assists with stain removal.

Brilliant Features
  • Cleans up the little and large carpet and upholstery stains
  • The cleaner is easy to fill with water, and just as easy to empty
  • Powerful spray action gets the steam in the right places to remove stains
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Need to completely empty the tank after each use

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#2. Best Cheap – PurSteam Small Handheld Steam Cleaner for Carpet and More

PurSteam cheap handheld steam cleaner for carpets
Multi Purpose Small Carpet Steam Cleaner

Low cost yet effective carpet steam cleaner that is highly portable and has extra attachments so that it is easier to clean in all of those hard to reach areas. This steam cleaner is supplied with a longer power cord so that it can clean throughout most rooms. It is designed to be easily carried around indoors or outdoors, and that is helped by how lightweight it is.

Due to the coming 9-piece attachments, it is not just a carpet steam cleaner. This machine is designed to be effective at cleaning multiple types of surfaces including garments, upholstery and tiles. This cleaner seems to work better on materials like carpets or upholstery than harder surfaces like tiles.

Brilliant Features
  • Thoroughly cleans carpets and upholstery
  • A long cord is useful for cleaning all parts of a carpet
  • The lightweight steam carpet cleaner that is highly portable
  • Multiple surface cleaner suitable for floors and tiles as well as for carpets
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Works well on carpets but not much use at cleaning floors.

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#3. Best for Carpet and Upholstery – Hoover Lightweight Cleaner for Deep Clean

Hoover small carpet cleaner machine
Portable Small Carpet Cleaner

This Hoover carpet cleaner is called the Spotless and that is the aim of the product, to steam clean carpets and upholstery until they are spotless. It is a lightweight cleaner that removes stains from carpets and furnishings.

It has a capacity of 32 oz meaning that it generates enough steam to thoroughly clean carpets. Clean more effectively by using the 5 ft hose to clean all parts of a carpet, a rug or upholstery.

This product comes on its own or with a sample of cleaning product, the buyer gets to choose between the general cleaning product or the one for cleaning up after pets. For buyers with pets, it is worth opting for the trial size pack of cleaning product.

Brilliant Features
  • It has dual tanks
  • Easy to clean hose and attachments
  • The hose is really useful for cleaning furnishings as well as carpets
  • Highly portable and powerful steam cleaner with useful attachments
  • The pet cleaning solution makes the carpet look great and cleans up after messy pets
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The only way for drying your carpet is air dry

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#4. Best Professional – Bissell SpotClean Pet-friendly Carpet Cleaner

Bissell small steam cleaner for professional steam clean carpets
Small Carpet Cleaner for Pets

This spot clean cleaner from Bissell is specifically designed to remove pet stains from carpets. Use this steam cleaner to prevent pet stains and odors ruining your carpet. It will thoroughly remove stains and odors so that carpets and furnishings will not have to be thrown into the trash.

Buy the ION version for an extra 30 minutes of battery life. Light and cordless so can go wherever pets have made a mess on the carpet or upholstery. There is no assembling requirement so it is very user-friendly. Besides, it is also easy to remove parts and to clean them.

Brilliant Features
  • Gets rid of unpleasant pet odors as well as stains
  • Designed to be the best cleaner of carpets messed up by pets
  • Take advantage of the longer battery life and use the cleaner for longer
  • Lightweight and portable cleaner to get to all the places that pets have messed up
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It is not a hands-free cleaning machine.

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#5. Best Cordless – Bissell Rechargeable Carpet Cleaner without Limitation

Bissell cordless carpet vacuum cleaner
Rechargeable Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

This product is designed to be a lightweight and portable steam carpet cleaner powered by a high capacity rechargeable battery. It is a powerful carpet cleaner that removes general stubborn stains and cleans up after pets as well.

As the cleaner is cordless, it means that this product can be used anywhere that carpets and upholstery need to be cleaned. Easy to put it together and just as easy to clean after it has been used.

Brilliant Features
  • It is a powerful spot cleaner that is also capable of removing stains as well
  • This cleaner is really easy to use and is also simple to clean, just remember to empty it after use
  • Portable, lightweight design, and it has a rechargeable battery so can reach places that would be unreachable if a corded cleaner was being used instead
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It doesn’t cover the steam function

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#6. Best for Stain – Bissell Small Carpet Cleaner with Removable Water

Bissell portable carpet steam cleaner
Portable Carpet Cleaner for Stains

Advertised as providing excellent stain removal results from carpets and upholstery when using this cleaner. It comes with a tool that is really useful for cleaning in all of the hard to reach places, meaning that things are thoroughly cleaned and no parts of any carpet remain dirty or stained.

The cleaner will not miss any dirt, grime, grease or stains. It is supplied with a self-cleaning tool that makes it really simple to clean, and that should mean the cleaner can be used for longer, and it should not put dirt on the surfaces that it is supposed to be cleaning. Easy to fill and refill as it has a removable tank. Plus, there is no problems storing away when it is not in use.

Brilliant Features
  • Great spot and stain removal performance – thoroughly cleaned by the steam it produces
  • It is so easy to fill and refill this small steam cleaner, can be used and stored away until the next time with no problems
  • Easy to clean cleaner partly due to being easy to put together and then pull apart if needed and because of the handy cleaning tool provided with it
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • The product comes with no batteries which means you need to use it near a power outlet

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Why You Need a Small Carpet Steamer?

People need a small carpet cleaner in order to make sure that their carpets are cleaner. A steam cleaner will remove more dirt, stains and bacteria from carpets than either a vacuum cleaner or a carpet shampooer can. While a vacuum cleaner can remove dust, it can’t remove germs in the same way that a small steam carpet cleaner can.

Furthermore, a small cleaner that uses steam will make a better job of thoroughly cleaning away any stains than a shampooer. A steam carpet cleaner is the best means of removing stains from carpets and also upholstery. Steam has treated power for removing stains from carpet than ever vacuum cleaners or carpet shampoos. The chemicals in carpet shampoos are more likely to damage the materials carpets are made from than steam from carpet cleaners.

steam clean small carpet

It is useful to have small steam carpet cleaners that are lightweight and portable.

Cordless cleaners or those with longer cords can be particularly useful. However, some of the cordless products do not have enough power, had limited battery life, or failed to generate enough steam to clean carpets effectively.

Cleaners that are easy to put together are useful as these are easier to use and save you time, Look out for the cleaners that have removable tanks and self-cleaning tools are more user friendly.

What to Look for in a Small Carpet Steam Cleaner?

There are various things to look for in a small carpet cleaner and these things make the difference between a good cleaner and a great cleaner.

  • Steam Power

To begin with, to be really effective, a small carpet cleaner needs to be able to produce enough steam. Carpet cleaners that lack steam are not worth considering if somebody needs to get a carpet selflessly and professionally clean.

Steam is the best thing that a carpet cleaner can have in order to remove stains and to make carpets look pristine after each time they have been cleaned. Stains on carpets need to be cleaned away quickly and a steam carpet cleaner is an effective piece of equipment for removing even the most stubborn of stains. Having the ability to produce steam to remove stains means that in the vast majority of cases a small carpet cleaner should have enough power to remove stains.

Buy Bissell Stain and Spot Remover

Bissell portable carpet steam cleaner

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  • Easy to Store

Another desirable feature of carpet cleaners brought for use in homes or apartments is that these are small so that not too much storage space is used, or that they need large quantities of both water and electricity to operate properly. Small carpet cleaners are handy to have in any home, especially if they can be stored easily with other cleaning gear such as brushes, mops and vacuum cleaners. In other words of is better for a carpet cleaner to be stored away neatly whenever it is not in use.

  • Quick Drying

Ideally, a small carpet cleaner should produce enough steam to thoroughly clean carpets without taking too long for them to dry. It is better when cleaners only need a small of steam to get the job done without making the carpet too wet so that it will dry sooner.

Quick drying carpet cleaning would be handy if there are pets or children in a home that are not likely to wait long for a carpet to dry before going back on it or walking over it. Dry steam cleaners and vapor steam cleaners are the most excellent in quick drying.

  • Portable

Another desirable feature of a small carpet cleaner is that it should be portable to allow for better cleaning. Confined spaces, and areas of carpet too far away from plug sockets. A cordless carpet cleaner is worth having to hand for cleaning carpet in harder to access areas, and could also be used to remove stains from upholstery as well.

Buy Bissell Cordless Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners

Bissell cordless carpet vacuum cleaner

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  • Easy to Use

A small steam carpet cleaner should be easy to use, for instance, placing a small amount of water inside it is quickly heated up enough to steam so that cleaning can be performed quickly as well as effectively. It is reassuring to know that the steam from a small cleaner is hot enough to hygienically clean all carpets in your home, or office.

Just steam clean your carpets on a regular basis, especially if there are pets that go on them. It is also worth steam cleaning carpets if children often sit or play on them.

What Is the Best Small Carpet Cleaning Machine?

After reviewing the 6 different small carpet steam cleaners, it was decided that the Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner was the best cleaner for getting carpets clean. This carpet cleaner was not only the most reliable, but it also provided the most consistent steam cleaning performance. Using its regular basis will leave carpets spotlessly clean, and stain free.

Buy Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell small carpet cleaner

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Furthermore, all of the small carpet steam cleaners leave carpets hygienically clean. They have a powerful steam spray that removes even the most stubborn stains from carpets.