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Best Steam Cleaner for Walls and Ceilings – Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Steam cleaners are machines that are used to lift and remove all kinds of dirt, stains, and mites that may be present in the floor, walls, ceiling, windows, carpets, furniture, and other areas. The main purpose of using a steam cleaner for walls and ceilings is to restore the hygienic condition of the affected area.

Walls and ceiling steam cleaners produce heat that kills germs and all other necessary things not seen but presents on or in the surface. It simply involves running the steam cleaner over the surface to get rid of them.

Here is the quick rundown of the best steam cleaner for walls and ceilings and detailed guide.

Best Steam Cleaner for Walls and Ceilings – Top 7 List

Can You Steam Clean Walls and Ceilings?

The answer to this question is yes! You can steam clean the wall and ceiling as it is the most suitable way of achieving deep cleaning where a fine mist of steam produced together with detergent sprayed on tend to loosen and freeing up dirt that is then sucked up by the vacuum.

Defiantly, you can steam clean both walls and ceilings of your house as go restore the health and clean conditions.

This equipment removes any kind of stubborn stains, grease, oil, dirt, and fingerprints, and its steam does not involve harsh chemicals, but the use of steam for cleaning, which sanitizes and destroys any kind of germs present.

This is one of the best machines that cannot damage walls and ceilings after cleaning, and you will not have any worry looking at them.

However, there are some areas that you cannot use a steamer to do the cleaning that includes surfaces that can get damaged as a result of heat exposure, porous surfaces, and very delicate items of surfaces.

Benefits of Using Wall And Ceiling Steam Cleaners

One needs of a steam cleaner for walls and ceilings is because of its effectiveness, and the efficiency of this machine able to attend to any kind of stains are messes on any section of your walls and ceilings.

#1. Lightweight and Ease of Use

These machines are light in weight hence much flexible to provide cleaning to other surfaces that need cleaning.

#2. Safe for Pets and Kids

Steam is a natural disinfestation applied to it unlike using of chemicals that which is another cost to sanitizers for killing germs present.

Steam cleaners use ordinary water, which makes the environment friendly and safe for your loved ones and pets.

As well when you steam clean your walls and ceilings, there is an assurance of almost one hundred percent that germs present are killed, unlike when using other means where not all germs are killed.

The use of steam cleaner does not leave any chemical residues on the surfaces as hot water vapor is used for cleaning.

Other alternatives tend to leave chemical residues on surfaces applied for cleaning, and the water used can be recycled for watering flowers hence the appropriate way of utilizing resources.

Best for Pets and Kids – Bissell SteamShot Deluxe Handheld Steamer for Walls

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#3. Fast Work

It is better to steam clean your walls and ceilings than to shampoo or just to spray on them because it will take a very short period of time to dry up when you steam clean than when you choose other alternatives of cleaning.

#4. Thorough Clean

These equipment remove any kind of stubborn stains, grease, oil, dirt, and fingerprints, and its steam does not involve steam cleaning, which sanitizes and destroys any kind of germs present.

Can You Use a Steam Cleaner for All Types of Walls And Ceilings?

Steam cleaning is a secure way of disinfection in many types of surfaces ranging from popcorn ceiling, drywall to brick and concrete.

Many people easily forget to clean the walls in their homes in routine cleaning, not knowing that as all the other surfaces in the home are infected and need to be sanitized.

The use of a steam cleaner is a convenient way of cleaning, as it doesn’t include the use of chemicals.

Best for All Types of Walls and Ceilings – Vapamore Steamer with 2 Extension Tubes

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How to Steam Clean Walls and Ceilings?

The steps to steam cleaning constitute a few simple steps which include:

#1. Remove the Dirt and Dust

Firstly clear the loose dirt and dust from the wall or ceiling through wiping the surface using a soft brush vacuum hose attachment or a feather duster.

#2. Prepare the Cleaning Machine

Then adhering to the manufacturer’s instruction, fill the steam cleaner with water.

Turn it on when plugged in the socket. Leave the machine to heat up for some time that is recommended by the manufacturer’s instruction.

#3. Begin to Your Steam Work

Now use the appropriate attachment hose either wand or pads for either wall or ceiling cleaning. To be able to maximize efficiency while cleaning to ensure that no part is left out in the cleaning, work in sections.

Start from top to bottom in the walls, but for the ceiling, you can start from one side heading to the other to ensure that no section is left unclean.

Vertically run the steam cleaner slowly along with the ceiling or down the walls. If there happens to be a spot that is hard to terminate, then pass the steam cleaner again on the spot and make sure it has disappeared.

Ensure that the steam cleaner does not stand in one position for more than ten seconds.

Proceed with this process all through the wall or ceiling moving either side to side for the ceiling or from top to bottom for the walls.

You can join the areas that you have already cleaned with the one that you have not cleaned yet to ensure that all the surface is cleaned to the maximum and that you have not skipped any region.

#4. Leave It Dry

Finally, leave the wall to dry for some time in the air.

How to Steam Clean Shower Walls and Kitchen Walls?

Whenever you are using a steam cleaner to clean the bathroom and kitchen, you should get the right attachments to handle the entire cleaning process.

1. After loosening up all the dirt grime molds and lime scales, there is no need for using chemical solutions before getting into deep cleaning ensure that the steam cleaner is plugged in then give it time to produce the right steam that is needed for cleaning.

2. Place the angle attachment on the hose of the steam cleaner.

3. Then steam the walls and beneath the door and window trim with a high temperature to loosen every stain.

4. Direct more steam to the edges and hinges to loosen rusts on surfaces then introduce water from running hose for washing off the loosened dirt and rust.

5. Then after, wipe off the remaining water drops by steaming using a microfiber cloth. This will leave the entire wall clean.

With the help of a good steam cleaner, you will be in a position to get any dull surfaces shiny hence restoring the surfaces as clean as being new again.

Best for Shower Walls and Kitchen Walls – McCulloch Handheld Steamer with Great Reach

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How Can You Get Rid of the Mold in the Bathroom Ceiling?

It is quite a difficult job to clean around your bathroom ceiling. As a result, it always accumulates stains and dirt, making it looks ugly due to the formation of brown rings on it.

But by the use of a steam cleaner, the task of cleaning your bathroom can be very easy. The only important items needed is a portable steam cleaner that produces high pressure and a right brush attachment.

1. First, attach the scrubbing brush on the steam cleaner, then blast steam on the ceiling and scrub all over it using a steam cleaning brush.

2. Make sure that the jet of the steam is passing along all gaps between the fixtures and areas around the wall and the ceiling.

3. Scrub the ceiling well while paying attention to any molds stain in the ceiling for extra actions.

4. After doing all this, splash clean water on the ceiling as to wipe off loose grim stain and dirt, then run the steam cleaner once again with microfiber attachments as to get clean wipes.

5. Alternatively, you may spray little vinegar on the ceiling before running a steam mop.

Best for Mold – Dupray Portable Multi-Purpose Steamer with High Pressure

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How Do You Get Cigarette Smoke off the Walls and Ceilings?

Cleaning cigarette smoke on your walls is a very straining job as it is a hard hassle to remove wood resin and nicotine stains once it cakes on the wall. Consider using a steamer that works very well on walls or above the floor areas.

1. You need to scrape off the excess smoke of a lot of smoke residue that is stuck on the wall by use of a paper clip.

2. Sweep off the smoke residue as not to create more mess on your floor when you start steaming your wall.

3. Apply high pressure and temperature from the steam cleaner for loosening the cakes and to break down residues of smoke. This enables easier wiping it off the wall.

4. Use a microfiber cloth attachment to wipe off the smoke residue from the wall after you have run a steam mop on the entire wall.

You should ensure that the towel you use for wiping the smoke residues should be microfiber as using any other type of towel will definitely smudge the smoke soot all over the walls creating more messes.

Most steam mops cleaners come with this towel make, and if it is worn out, you have to go for a replacement that is recommended by the manufacturing company.

Best for Smoke Walls and Ceilings – McCulloch Steam Cleaner with 23 Accessories

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What Makes a Good Steam Cleaner for Cleaning Walls and Ceilings?

  • Ease of Use

Steam cleaners are beneficial for the provision of a sparkling and sanitized home as there is a wide variety easier like finger-tip control on its steam gun that enables easy adjustments on temperature and pressure delivered.

  • Safety

Another feature you should tell us its locking system and relevant attachments as they are important to prevent risks and accidents.

Using these steam-cleaning machines will make you experience effective achievement in cleaning without the use of chemicals and delivers a recommendable job.

Best with Child Lock and Safety Cover – FFDDY Handheld Steam Equipment with 9 Attachments

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  • Water Tank Capacity

Using steam cleaners that are applicable on many surfaces in your home due to its flexibility by changing the attachments.

Large machines feature a high capacity of boilers that can hold much water and generate high pressure, hence giving uninterrupted cleaning power for a long period of time.

  • Flexibility

When considering a steam cleaner for walls and ceilings, get to know how flexible it is in terms of moving or transportation, work-rate, suitability and effectiveness, adjustability, and attachments contained.

Also, consider machines that can easily be mounted and operated if changes in cleaning different areas arise; this helps to save the time of operation.

Best Ease of Use – Wagner Steam Machine with 2 Rolling Wheels for Home Walls and Ceilings Clean

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Needs for walls and ceiling steam cleaning is rising due to the work output, due to the effectiveness and efficiency of these steam cleaning machines that tend to make anyone going for it.

This equipment removes any kind of stubborn stains, grease, oil, dirt, and fingerprints, and it cleans, sanitizes, and destroys any kind of germs present on your walls and ceilings.

They are the best machines that cannot damage the surfaces cleaned and you will not have any worry looking and living in such a clean surrounding.