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What Is the Best Commercial Steam Cleaner?

Flooring ensures the foundations of our homes and workplaces. Maintaining the cleanliness of our floor is essential for promoting others’ health and safety and creating a clean and presentable space. A commercial steam cleaner is effective at removing stains and deep cleaning surfaces compared to standard cleaners. Among so many steam machines available on the market, what is the best commercial steam cleaner?

What is a commercial steam cleaner?

Commercial steam cleaner is a machine that offers hygienic and economical cleaning without using chemicals, killing 99.99% of bacteria. The wide range of accessories makes this machine able to clean hard floors, tiled surfaces and glass.

They feature high operating comfort and effective cleaning performance on all the various hard surfaces.

Besides, they are designed to withstand heavy commercial and industrial use. Using hot water and vaporizing heat, they quickly clean and sanitize large and small surfaces without releasing harmful chemicals.


Who should buy a commercial steamer?

The commercial steamer will be beneficial to the various groups of people.

what is the best commercial steam cleaner

a. Hospitality workers

Hospitality workers may use the steam cleaner in cleaning mattresses, bed frames as well as bathroom surfaces.

Using it will ensure the various materials or shared private places such as bathrooms are clean for the second party to use, thus ensuring safety.

b. Restaurant workers

Restaurant workers use the steamer to degrease and sanitize kitchen appliances such as plates and cutlery, leaving them clean and free from bacteria.

A thorough cleaning can prevent the spread of diseases resulting from bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Besides, the restaurant workers can also use the steamer to clean countertops and floors, leaving the surfaces clean and sanitized.

c. Healthcare industry professionals

The healthcare professionals use these heavy-duty steam cleaners to disinfect medical equipment, wheelchairs, beds and exercise machines. Since the hospital equipment is usually on use by various people, the steam cleaner’s disinfection ensures safety while using them.


Benefits of using a commercial steam cleaning machine

Commercial steam cleaning machine comes with various benefits that will ensure you have the best cleaning method to enjoy these benefits.

1. It is Eco-friendly

Today, Eco-friendly devices are becoming essential. You should not use cleaning methods that might require harmful chemicals, for instance, ammonia, while you can go for non-toxic methods such as steam cleaning.

Steam cleaners will clean, sanitize as well as deodorize hard surfaces. Be ready for excellent results when you consider steam cleaner as your option.

2. Health beneficial

Steam cleaning machines ensure your health safety since they will not leave chemical residues on the cleaned surfaces.

They usually use water and heat for cleaning. As a result, you don’t have to worry about allergies that could arise from chemical solutions for cleaning purposes.

3. Steam cleaners are efficient and easy to use

As compared to traditional cleaning methods, steam cleaning is easy to use, and this feature makes it a suitable preference among individuals who may have any disability that limits them from getting to the ground to scrub the surfaces.

You can operate a steam cleaner from a standing position; thus, you can save your back from the stress that may lead to aching.

4. Saves your money

Traditional cleaning methods will require cleaning agents, which will require money while purchasing them regularly. By steam cleaning, you will not need such agents unless once after a very long period.

Additionally, by eliminating the occurrence of allergies, you also minimize attacks from diseases.

You will spend your money only when you plan for it. Be ready for more bucks to spare so that you can use them on something else.

5. Useful for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces

On certain occasions, while cleaning, you might come across some places that are not easy to reach; thus, cleaning them may be difficult. As a result, it leaves you at risk of leaving such sites unclean, and contaminants might continue building up in such locations.

Steam cleaning will enable you to reach corners, cracks and crevices, ensuring thorough cleaning on all the surfaces.

Besides, you can also get rid of hard-to-remove substances, such as chewing gums, glue and many others.

6. You can sanitize with these commercial steam cleaners

Steam cleaners often kill odor-causing bacteria that prefer being on soft surfaces such as pillows, cushions, carpets, curtains and many others. Be ready to enjoy the fresh scent most of the time, which will also last for long.


What is the best commercial steam cleaner?

The best commercial steam cleaner should have the following features.

benefits of using a commercial steamer

1. Perfect water tank capacity

The larger the water tank, the longer it will take to heat up before it is ready for use, but it will last for an extended period.

Cylinder models tend to have large water capacity; on the other hand, steam mops tend to have a capacity that ranges between 260ml-450ml.

You should also consider whether the tank is detachable and easy to fill up or if you need to fill it by using a jug.

2. Suitable time to heat a full tank

The best steam cleaner the shortest time possible to heat up before it starts pumping out steam when filled with cold water. The tank’s size largely determines the heating process.

The heat up may take 20 seconds for a steam mop and around two minutes for a cylinder. However, this can vary significantly between the various models.

3. Variable steam

The various steam cleaners have variable steam settings, such as adjustable control dial and or buttons for different settings.

When using the cleaner for quick and simple tasks, it should still get the job done.

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4. Steam pressure

Steam cleaners that feature high pressure and higher boiling temperature clean quicker and more effectively than lower-pressure models.

Consider steam cleaner with at least 3.5 bars/50 pounds per square inch.

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5. Weight

The cleaner’s weight goes in conjunction with the size of the steam cleaner’s water tank.

As much as a large tank lets you clean for longer, consider balancing this feature against the steam cleaner’s lightweight to ensure comfort while using the cleaner.

6. Cable length

A long cable will enable you to clean a large area without swapping plug sockets, thus saving your energy and time usage.

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7. Limescale filter

If you live in hard water are, consider a steam cleaner that features an anti-calc filter that will slow down the limescale build-up within the cleaning machine.

8. Cleaning cloths

Steam mops have microfiber cloths that generally fit over the mop head. You can wash and reuse this cloth; however, you will probably need to buy a new one at some point.

Consider the price as well as the availability of replacement of the fabric before choosing the model.

9. Attachments

Consider a steam cleaner with several attachments for use with a broader range of cleaning tasks.

Go for a cleaner with standard available attachments, such as grout brush for cleaning up tile and grout, carpet glider to use on floor carpets, Upholstery brush to use on fabric and scrubbing pads remove grease on ovens.

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10. Noise level

Steam cleaners are quieter than vacuum cleaners. Consider looking for models that advertise being more silent than usual and check what reviewers say about the noise levels.

Since the various steam cleaners have different decibel levels in their specs, go for the one that matches your noise level to ensure adequate performance under minimum noise level.


Final words

In conclusion, commercial steam cleaners feature powerful technical features that enable an efficient cleaning process.

All you have to do is get a steam cleaner from that reputable company and enjoy the various benefits that comes by using a steam cleaner.