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Shark S3973 Lift Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop – Full Review

Minimize your cleaning time and save on your energy while cleaning with the versatile and efficient Shark S3973 lift away steam mop.

As you well know, a steam mop is affordable and pocket-friendly, and this model is no different. It’ll help you eliminate the hustle of kneeling to scrub your floors thoroughly. Likewise, its lightweight and compact design provide convenience when cleaning.

It also features modern technology and advancements, such as 3-level electronic control for easy and quick cleaning. Besides that, it uses an intelligent mop head for reliability and convenience.

It’s versatile and helps eliminate dust, stains and sanitize your granite, marble, ceramic tile, and hardwood floors effectively.

The article below shows more about what the Shark lift away pro steam pocket mop s3973 is all about.


Overview of Shark S3973 Lift-Away Pro Steam Mop Cleaner

shark lift away pro steam pocket mop s3973


  • Removable handheld steamer
  • Genius mop head, water fill flask
  • Dual-sided grip pads with microfiber
  • 3-levels of smart steam control
  • 3-feet above-floor accessory hose
  • Intelligent mop head


  • 500 ml water tank
  • 22-foot power cord

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Do you want to clean above-floors, sanitize sealed hard floors, or blast away tough stains? Well, it is high time you consider using shark lift away pro steam pocket mop. The 2-in-1 steam pocket mop has a removable handheld steamer for convenient above-floor cleaning.

Similarly, it comes with a genius mop head, water fill flask, and dirt grip pads. Moreover, the shark lift away steam pocket mop is lightweight and compact for easy carry and transportation when not in use.

It makes cleaning quick, easy and provides ultimate efficiency and versatility. The grip pads are machine washable for long-lasting use and easy maintenance. Besides, it uses less power hence saving on your electricity.

Besides that, the steam pocket mop has an intelligent mop head that features a touch-free pad release and attaches technology that provides convenience and reliability.

Likewise, it comes with a steam blaster that eliminates the stuck-on messes in your household or offices.

Additionally, it features dual-sided grip pads with microfiber that provides additional comfort when cleaning. Besides this, the steam pocket mop comes with 3-levels of intelligent steam control to easily scrub, mop and dust.

Lastly, it has a 3-feet above-floor accessory hose to ensure increased functionality and versatility, making it possible for cleaning hardwood floors, tiles, oven, granite, and marbles.

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Key Features of Shark S3973 Steam Mop and Handheld Steamer

shark steam mop s3973

For effective and efficient cleaning of your floors, steam mops come with several features that make them functional.

The steam mop uses powerful steam to clean every area it comes into contact with, and its high pressure helps dismantle grime efficiently hence eradicating dirt. The key features you should consider when purchasing a steam mop include:

  • Swivel head

A swivel head in the steam mop allows easy access to space such as behind poles, toilet bowls, and table legs that are difficult to reach in standard cases.

Similarly, it helps when disposing of your pets’ waste material while cleaning. The swivel head is ideal for use when doing a quick cleaning and the time for moving around every corner of your house is limited.

It is no doubt helps access the hard-to-reach floor areas in your homes. When purchasing a 2-in-1 steam mop, always consider one that incorporates a swivel head for convenience and reliability.

  • Water Reservoir

The most crucial feature also is a water reservoir. It is one of the most significant areas in your steam mop and takes most of the weight and space.

Likewise, it is found in the middle of the handle and comes with a secure opening for placing water.

The size of the water reservoir will determine the time you will take to clean before filling up. If the tank is more prominent, it will take you a long time to clean your floors thoroughly before you fill it up again.

What’s more, when the water reservoir is smaller, it takes a short time to fill up. If you have a bigger house, you should get a steam mop with a larger water tank as it provides convenience and ensures uninterrupted cleaning.

However, the bigger the water reservoir, the heavier the steam mop hence requiring more physical labor.

  • Type of mop pad

Pads play an essential role in contacting the floor to help remove stains, dust, and scrub the dirt.

Steam mops feature 3-kinds of mop pads, including sensitive microfiber pads, which are perfect for hardwood surfaces and those that are prone to scratches. Compared to other pads, the microfiber leaves less moisture hence making the floors dry faster.

Likewise, Shark S3973 has an all-purpose pad, which is the most common for cleaning various floor types, including hardwood floors and tile floors.

The all-purpose pads are neither too sensitive nor too hard, and they require a little scrubbing for effective cleaning.

Lastly is the heavy-duty grip pad for floors that tolerate long-lasting cleaning sessions. It is perfect for coated stones, metals floor, and ceramic tiles. Although they have a shorter life span, they are great for water absorption.

  • Heating time

If you are a frequent cleaning person, the steam mop’s heating time should be one of the critical considerations. Heating time is the time to take water to evaporate to steam to allow you to start mopping.

Several models have different heating times ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. You should be aware of the floor type, the mop’s water reservoir, and the water heating process throughout your cleaning.

Within several minutes, Shark S3973 will finish its heating and be prepared for your mopping.

  • Convenience

Also, 2-in-1 steam mops feature a compact and lightweight design for easy portability and storage when not in use. The lightweight design helps reduce the efforts required when cleaning and reduces fatigue.

The steam mop also features adjustable steam settings and 3-level electronic controls for effective cleaning, convenience, and reliability.

The microfiber pads should be machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance after washing your floor.

Besides that, it should come with a well-shaped mop head to help reach hard-to-get areas.

  • 2-in-1 steam pocket mop with Removable handheld steamer for above-floor cleaning.
  • Intelli-mop head with touch-free pad attach and release technology
  • Steam blaster blasts stuck-on messes
  • Dual-sided dirt grip pads
  • 3 levels of Intelligent steam control to easily dust, mop and scrub. Machine wash Dirt Grip pads separately with warm water and liquid detergent. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners
  • 3 feet. Above-Floor Accessory Hose


Where Can The Machine Be Used?

s3973d shark steamer

Shark S3973 features a dust intelligent steam control for eliminating dust, scrubbing, and mopping. Besides that, it comes with a removable handheld steamer that provides over-head cleaning.

Additionally, the 2-in-1 steam mops play a vital role in the efficient and ultimate cleaning of your home. It is suitable for cleaning hardwood floors, tiles, ceramic tiles, granite, and marbles.

Likewise, it best works for hard surfaces to help clean the accumulated dirt, and it becomes a powerful upright to power away dirt in hard-to-reach areas.

Additionally, the 2-in-1 steam mops feature microfiber cleaning pads for easy cleaning of your walls, floor, and the hard-to-reach hard surface.

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Shark S3973 steam mop is a perfect solution for people that need affordable and efficient mops in the market. The steam mops are super easy to clean and use.

Besides that, they have versatile applications, including cleaning hard floors, tiles, ceramic, granite, and marble. The 2-in-1 steam mops are great for removing stains, dust, and sanitize floors.

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