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Best Steam Cleaner for Grout – Top Rated Grout Cleaners Reviews in 2022

Grout in many households usually lacks protective membranes, and since they are porous, failure to clean them frequently may result in the accumulation of slime. Cleaning and removal of these are usually quite difficult consistent with a lot of scrubbing. However, the best steam cleaner for grout can make the process much easier.

They come in numerous designs and below is a list of some of the best models that you should consider for your grout cleaning session.

Top 6 Best Grout Steam Cleaners for Effortless Cleaning

Reviews of the 6 Best Steam Cleaners for Grout

#1. Best Cheap – FFDDY Handheld Steam Cleaner for Grout

best sale handheld steam cleaner for grout


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Mobile covering wide areas
  • Produces powerful superheated steam


  • Quite small water holding capacity
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This is a great steam cleaner popular among many people due to its efficiency in cleaning of various materials and surfaces. This steam cleaner usually comes installed with a 350 ml capacity water reservoir. This is adequately large and enough to last you about five to seven minutes of constant cleaning without refilling.

The device also utilizes around 1050 watts of power which delivers powerful high-pressure steam. The design also has a trigger which is super soft and easy to press for delivering steam on demand and as required by the user.

It comes with a three-meter long power cord which gives the user ample movement space to cover a wide area without restriction. The nozzles also rotate at 360 degrees while releasing the powerful steam thus ensuring sufficient steam coverage.

Packaged with at least nine accessories is for convenience during the cleaning of many surfaces. For instance, the nylon brush, when attached to the device’s nozzle, will enable steaming and scrubbing all at the same time, and this could be convenient for cleaning grout.

It also has safety features such as the child lock which protects against accidental injuries by kids and the safety cap/cover further prevents accidental injuries.

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#2. Best for Tile Floors and Grout – Light ‘N’ Easy Multifunctional Steam Mop

est floor steamer for tile and grout


  • Fast heat-up time
  • Smart switch system
  • Adjustable steam settings


  • It doesn’t have vacuum functions
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The Light ‘N’ Easy suppliers thrive on manufacturing and providing high-quality steam cleaners as per the customers’ requests and recommendations. This device is a dual composite with a removable handheld steamer and a floor steam mop. Thus, you can use any of the two interchangeably at your convenience.

Just like many other steamers, it uses purely steaming water to clean with zero exposure to chemicals which could be harmful to people. Only 30 seconds from the time of plugging, it finishes its heating and you can begin to operate it on the stains and grouts.

The combo also comes with a control panel with buttons for switching the steamer on and adjusting steam settings. It can be set to three different levels as per the comfort of the user and the type of area being cleaned, high, medium and low.

The design also comes with an intuitive smart switch system which automatically steams when the steamer is tilted and Holts the steam release when positioned upright.

The steamer can also hold up to 340 ml of water at a time, thus able to continuously steam for about seven minutes non-stop. The handheld steamer is easily detachable and further comes packaged with various accessories guaranteeing multiple applications to even hard to reach areas.

The mop head with the microfiber pad can be used to clean grout effectively; however, for tougher and dirtier grout, the handheld steamer equipped with grout cleaning brush accessory will be sufficient in grout removal.

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#3. Best Portable – Bissell Grout Steam Cleaner

Bissell portable steam cleaner for grout


  • 9-piece attachments
  • Compact design, featuring 6.6 oz. water tank
  • Fast heating time, only consuming 30 seconds


  • You need to refill the tank when you clean wide areas
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Bissell products are usually high quality and are popular among many individuals since they help in puppy charity. The steamers usually emit high powered steams utilizing about 1000 watt ratings.

A built-in easy to use press trigger allows you to produce steam on demand. These devices also employ the use of natural cleaning means by utilizing pure water in the steam form to clean and disinfect which ensures that floors and cleaned surfaces do not retain some harmful fumes and residues; thus, this product is safe to use for cleaning.

It also comes with a 20 feet power cord which is quite long, thus enabling for wide coverable and easy mobility during cleaning. The device is also lightweight, thus further easily portable with a water tank capacity of about 6.6 ounces when full.

The package comes with a variety of about nine accessories for cleaning of different surfaces effectively such as a grout and detail brush for thoroughly cleaning grout.

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#4. Best for Bathroom – Wagner Home Grout Steam Cleaner

Wagner home steam cleaner for grout


  • Continuous steam
  • Fully mobile with wheels
  • Facilitates natural cleaning
  • Safe to use around the house


  • Relatively short power cord
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Wagner is a popular brand in the markets all over the world for its products. One of these is the 915 model which comes with a variety of features for efficiency. This device, like other steam cleaners, uses only steam from pure water for natural chemical-free cleaning.

The steam control mechanism is advanced with the locking trigger at the fingertips allowing for two steam power modes that release steam either continuously or intermittently for the perfect cleaning.

Furthermore, with the 1500 W input system, the steamer usually a powerful high pressured steam that can clean off tough debris such as those deposited in the grout.

The steamer also comes with a variety of accessories which ensures that each and every surface in your house is attached a suitable accessory for cleaning.

For instance, a squeegee is for windows and fabric, the brushes for scrubbing tiles and grout and wallpaper steam plate for wallpaper removal among other uses.

The device also has indicator lights for further straight forward use. These will show you when you start heating and when steaming starts. It also comes with a tank capacity of about 48 ounces which can hold water to steam clean continuously for about 45 minutes.

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#5. Best for Ceramic Tile and Grout – Dupray Heavy Duty Steam Mop

Dupray bathroom grout cleaner


  • Multifunctional
  • Long-running time
  • Chemical-free and safe
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Lacks indicators for simplified use
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It comes with advanced and unique features, some of which include the fact that it uses ordinary water to clean thus a very safe and natural cleaning steamer.

The device is lightweight with a retractable handle for easy portability from one point to another. It also comes with a long power cord of about five meters coupled with smooth-rolling wheels to facilitate for easy and efficient mobility over an extensive floor area.

A long two-meter steam hose also comes in handy is it increases the versatility of the steamer since it can reach all the areas and corners of the house, including walls and ceiling.

The steamer comes with a large capacity water tank capable of holding up to 54 ounces of water which steam clean continuously for about 50 minutes straight. Thus reducing the need for frequent refilling, which can be a great inconvenience.

The device further produces high pressure and low moisture superheated steam at 135 degrees Celsius which tackles almost any dirty surface. It comes with a built-in funnel for easy filling of the tank and a steam lock system for a continuous steam cleaning mode.

The packaging contains at least 18 pieces of accessories for further multiple functioning all over the house, such as nylon brushes of varying features for cleaning your bathroom.

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#6. Best with Handheld Steamer – Shark 2 in 1 Steam Mop for Tile and Grout

shark tile and grout steam cleaner


  • Easy to use
  • Very mobile
  • Highly portable
  • Intelligent systems incorporated


  • Relatively highly priced
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This is a great steam cleaning device with ultimately breathtaking features to give you an excellent cleaning session. For instance, it is a two in one design steam pocket mop with an installed removable handheld steam cleaner.

Incorporated in the device is an intelligent steam control system that facilitates a no touchpad operation. This entails an automated attach and release technology for the cleaning pads by a press of a button to drop them in a laundry without touching the dirty pad.

It also has a steam blaster technology installed for when the steamer mop gets stuck on dirty surfaces. The intelligent steam control system also enables the steamer to operate on three intelligent levels of dusting, mopping and scrubbing effortlessly.

The device is packaged with special dirt grips pads which are dual-sided for efficiency and prolonged use. It further comes with a 3 feet hose for cleaning areas above the floor in case you do not want to remove the handheld component.

It also comes with a tank capacity of about 17 ounces which can steam clean for a straight 30 minutes without depletion. The power cord also extends up to 18 feet to allow for mobility. Unlike the canister steamer, it is lightweight to facilitate easy portability from place to place.

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What Is the Best Thing to Clean Grout?

best thing to clean grout

It is the Black Diamond Ultimate Grout Cleaner. This is the best material so far in the market for removing all sorts of dirt from the grout. This ensures that your floors remain clean with a stylish new look. It therefore effortlessly cleans grease, soap, and oil, soap scum among other substances off of all grout, thus both white and colored equally.

This product is usually acid-free; thus, able to clean grout on the majority if not all the different tiles made from marble, ceramic, porcelain and even stone floors.

It is highly recommended because its chemical composition will effectively work on the embedded dirt while completely not etching the tiles and the grout.

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How to Choose the Best Grout Steam Cleaner?

Selecting the best steam cleaner model is usually not an easy task as it requires consideration and taking in to account certain factors and features. These include:

#1. Size

This touches on both the sizes of the areas to be cleaned and the size of the steamers. Before buying a steam cleaner, you should be conversant with the dimensions as you will need something properly sized for comfortable use and easy storage.

The size of the area to be cleaned also matters a lot. Thus, if you will just be cleaning, let’s say your shower alone, you will need a small-sized steamer; however, entire house grout cleaner will require a substantially canister steam cleaner with larger features.

Buy Bissell Small Sized Steam Cleaner for Home

Bissell portable steam cleaner for grout

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#2. Weight

The weight of a steam cleaner is usually proportional to the size but not always. You will, therefore, need also to check on the weight of the device to ensure that it is light enough for use. This will minimize frequent fatigue problems during use.

#3. Water Tank Size

This is also vital as it determines the time that your steamer will be able to operate without the need for refills continuously. Thus, large water tanks will last longer and serve an even wider area, while smaller ones will last shorter while serving small areas. This should, however, be determined by the size of the area you will be cleaning, but averagely, a large water tank is usually more preferred.

Buy Dupray Heavy Duty Steamer with 54 oz. Large Water Tank

Dupray bathroom grout cleaner

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#3. Attachments and Accessories

These are vital components of a steam cleaner. Thus, you should also check on the accessories the steamer comes packaged with and what types are they as these devices determine the versatility and the multifunctional nature of your steam cleaner. For example, grout cleaning steamers should not lack brush and mop accessories. The power cord should also be long enough and non-restrictive to movement.

Buy Wagner Steam Cleaner with A Variety of Steam Cleaner

Wagner home steam cleaner for grout

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#5. Control System

Steam control systems are also vital to consider as they will determine the ease of use of the steamer and the precision which it will be used. These features will also determine the different steam settings incorporated in a steamer for effective cleaning of grout or any other surfaces at the appropriate temperature and steam pressure.

How Do You Deep Clean Grout?

Grout is usually in at least every corner of the houses. That is in the bathrooms, sitting rooms, showers, among other places. Therefore all these areas usually get dirty a little differently with varying dirt components. Thus, below is how to deep clean grout in separate areas of your house effectively.

a) Bathroom Grout

This is usually majorly formed from soap scum, scales and maybe mould. All these can be effectively cleaned by a steam cleaner when properly used. For instance:

best way to clean bathroom grout

You will first need to clean the bathroom by just first either steam mopping lightly, damp-mopping or sponge cleaning. This will remove all the slightly loose dirt which would otherwise clog the steam cleaner brush slowing the cleaning process down.

Then, you will set up the steamer as per instructions. However, in the nozzle area, you will add an appropriate brush for your floor. You may first start with a nylon-bristle brush as the brass-bristle is on standby for much tougher to clean areas.

The next step is to steam spray while slowly and repeatedly scrubbing working on small areas at a time until properly clean.

Finally, you will rinse the surface of grout in the bathroom immediately with clean water and mop or steam mop the grout surface to clear out the dirt dislodged before they settle back into the grout. As the steam is depleted, you will continue the same process until the entire bathroom is cleaned.

b) Floor Grout

Floor grout composition is majorly greasy stains, food and beverage spills, pet messes, soil and mud from outside among others. Here too, you will need to follow similar steps as above. You will:

  • Clean the floor first to remove any loose dirt and debris
  • Then set up the steamer with accessories more so the brushes attached properly.
  • Start steaming the grout on the floor while consecutively scrubbing with the attached brush. Make sure to properly scrub until all the dirt is removed shifting in between brushes for different dirt stubbornness levels.
  • Afterwards, wash and rinse the floor immediately with clean water to clear off the dislodged dirt from the grout.

c) Grout in the Showers

Showers are filled up with soap scum, scales and slime which when not frequently cleaned, may deposit on the grout in the showers. The process for cleaning showers is just similar with:

  • First cleaning the entire shower surface to remove loose dirt.
  • Then setting up the steam cleaner and installing it with scrubbing brushes.
  • You will henceforth start steaming and scrubbing, focusing on small areas and cleaning them to perfection.
  • Finally, rinse off the steamed surface immediately with clean water, then move to the next adjacent area.

d) Grout on Tile Floors

Cleaning tile floors might be in the kitchen or living rooms or even bedrooms. The dirt here accumulates from grime, grease, food spills, pet messes among others eventually staining grout if not effectively cleared frequently. Process for deep cleaning is somewhat similar.

First, you will clean and clear the floor of any loose debris and dirt.

Then set up the steam cleaner with the mop head and brushes closely available for interchanging between grout stain differential tough levels.

Next is to steam the grout between the tiles while first mopping to minimize damages to the tiles. If this does not work, you may install nylon brushes which are tile friendly for scrubbing. When these also fail to clean effectively, you may then install brass-bristle brushes although not recommended by many tile manufacturers.

Finally, you may clean the entire floor by clean water rinsing it thoroughly to remove any dirt removed during steam cleaning before extending the cleaning margin.

Properly adhering to these straightforward steps will ensure that your grout is cleaned effectively and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1.  Will a Steam Mop Clean Grout?

A simple answer is yes. However, this is not always the case as it may be dependent on many cases. One, for example, is the quality and performance of the steam mop itself. A good and quality steam mop should be able to blast the dirt off from the grout thus deep cleaning them and restoring their original color whereas the cheap substandard steam mops may not be up to the task on grout cleaning.

The other issue might be the age of the grime, slime or soap scum on the grout. Much older dirt that has stayed for long without cleaning might not be effectively removed by a steam mop cleaning as they will be toughly embedded. Therefore a steam mop clean can also only effectively clean grout if it is usually cleaned frequently.

Buy Best Shark Steam Mop with Handheld Unit

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#2. Are Steam Cleaners Good for Cleaning Grout?

Yes. They come with tremendous benefits, and they do not damage grout in any way. They are thus one of the best methods of cleaning good condition grout. It is however highly advised that you do not use steam cleaners on already damaged grout or combine them with other chemicals as this would further deteriorate the condition of your grout.

Some of the benefits associated with steam cleaners cleaning grout include:

Steam cleaners use pure water at superheated and pressurized intensities. This cleans grout in the most natural possible way without leaving deposits of harmful chemicals on the ground. Thus, steam cleaners, when used, will leave your floor and walls safe for immediate use with zero chances of hazardous exposure.

Apart from cleaning grout, steam cleaners further sterilize the surfaces of grout by killing at least 99.9% of germs and bacteria on the specific cleaned surface due to the super high temperatures. Thus, they do restore not only the beauty of the grout but also sterilizes them.

what is the best grout steam cleaner

Steam cleaners also work faster and much efficient compared to other grout cleaning methods such as the traditional mopping, scrubbing or even application of grout cleaning chemicals.

Some of these exert pressure on the back while others consume a lot of energy. Others require much time to allow the chemicals to set thus time insensitive. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, work instantaneously without delays and with maximal ease.

#3. What Is the Best Steam Cleaner for Cleaning Grout?

Some of the best steam cleaners for cleaning grout should have the following features;

Free mobility – This is an essential feature in a steam cleaner more so for cleaning grout. Grout is usually extensive on all parts of the house; therefore, you will need a long power cord to allow you to maneuver in all directions in the house while covering a large area. Some steam cleaners with rolling wheels also make it easy to move from place to place, and this is vital.

Buy Dupray Steamer with Wheels

Dupray bathroom grout cleaner

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Portability – The best steam cleaners should be lightweight and easily portable. This will assist in cleaning of the grout in areas above ground for handheld steamers. Furthermore, moving the steam cleaner from one plugin point to the next will also be easier. Some of the steamers also come with handles for easy carrying.

Multifunctional – The best steam cleaner should be multifunction in all aspects more so due to the numerous accessories it comes with, in the package. These ensure that you can safely clean grout from any surface without damaging them. These also facilitate the cleaning of all different kinds of stains from smooth to hardest with ease.

Buy Best Cheap FFDDY Handheld Steam Cleaner for Multi Purpose

best sale handheld steam cleaner for grout

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Produce superheated and highly pressurized steam – Superheated steam above the boiling point of water can only be achieved by quality and best steamers. These ensure that dirt is easily and efficiently dislodged from the grout surface. This further sanitizes the surface of grout killing all bacterial.

Safe – Safety is also a vital priority when using steamers. Therefore your devices should not be damaging to grout and the floor or even leaving harmful chemical residues on the floor. Thus, the best steam cleaners clean naturally without any chemical additions.

Final Words

Grout cleanliness is important for a safe living environment and aesthetics of your home. Therefore you need the best and top-rated models in the market. This process of tedious research has been simplified for you with the above reviews containing some of the best steam cleaners for grout and other areas at fair prices.

Detailed above are also some vital information that you should know before deciding to buy a steam cleaner to clean your grout. You should therefore definitely read this article as it will save you abundant time and money.